STS9 is gearing up for the release of a new album and the band keeps dropping new tracks in their live performances. The kiddos down in Gulf Shores, Alabama for Hangout Festival were treated to the debut of ‘Totem‘ – a jazzy funk jam that has the potential to become a monstrous live staple. Watch the above video of World Go Round (very end) > Totem > Click Lang Echo

The new track is highlighted by samples taken from the famed philosopher Alan Watts including this gem,

“There is no way you are supposed to be, and there is nothing you are supposed to do. There is no where you are supposed to go.”

Taken from his lecture “The Philosophies of Asia”.

5/16/2014 – Hangout Music Festival – Gulf Shores, AL

Set: Be Nice, March, Rent > Moonsocket > Rent, When the Dust Settles, Vapors, The Rabble, Gobnugget, Instantly, World Go Round> Totem*, Click Lang Echo, Inspire Strikes Back, Evasive, Kamuy, Awesome (Cool Kids STS9 Remix) > Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature