Phish bassist Mike Gordon has released an official music video for his popular solo track ‘Yarmouth Road’ and there are so many product placement’s it’s distracting!

The video shows Gordo building a house in hopes that his love will come live with him. He makes a trip around town and eats some “Tiny World Honey” and starts to hallucinate. When his arctic-explorer dressed lover arrives she is not impressed with his unorthodox design and drives away… in her Toyota.

The lyrics can be tough to make it so we suggest following along here.

The video is fun, the song is super catchy but the product placements are over-the-top. Why so many blatant brands? Here is my crazy conspiracy theory: The video is presented by Vevo & I think I now understand their business model…. They watch traffic stats and know that this song is hot so they offer to make a video and in doing so, they bring sponsors onboard. Is Vevo whoring Mike Gordon out to sell outdoor gear to hippies? Leave a comment with your thoughts…