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Fender Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele, Lake Placid Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele - Cherry reviewed by TreeThugger
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Fender Billie Eilish Concert Ukulele, Natural reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Zuma Concert Uke, Walnut Fingerboard
Fender Grace VanderWaal "Moonlight" Soprano Uke
Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele, Cherry
Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele
Fender Billie Eilish Signature Acoustic-Electric Ukulele
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Fender Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele, Lake Placid Blue reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Zuma Concert Uke, Walnut Fingerboard
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Fender Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Grace VanderWaal "Moonlight" Soprano Uke
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Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele - Cherry reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele, Cherry
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Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele, Natural, with Gig Bag reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele
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Fender Billie Eilish Concert Ukulele, Natural reviewed by TreeThugger
Fender Billie Eilish Signature Acoustic-Electric Ukulele
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Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele

all right guys Henry just brought me
this box to unbox you can see it’s got
the fender lug on there
what do you think is in this Henry you
think you see ukulele because it’s not
the size of a guitar yeah it’s not the
size of a pedal you think it could be a
little guitar yeah well you brought it
in did it feel like it was as heavy as a
little guitar
yeah a little bit heavy all right you
want to you want to pull it out well
there’s more boxes in the box
okay looks like a ukulele all right are
we ready to open it oh my goodness well
you’re about to see you have to take it
out of this out of this foam bag
wait wait it’s a ukulele and it’s the
color that I wanted to I wanted this
ivory white color fender has a new line
of ukuleles out Hobden post this and so
I wrote my guys like hey I do ukulele
videos every now and then could I get
one of those and that’s exactly what
happened so what do you think of this
Henry do you like the way it looks
like fire it looks like fire yeah it’s
got a tortoise pit guard on there yeah
what do you think of the shape of the
it’s nice do you know what it’s supposed
to be it’s supposed to be the same shape
as this guitar yeah see that see how
it’s got the same shape it’s just a
different size they made this one to be
the same shape as this one pretty cool
all right everyone I’m back I mean you
didn’t know that I left but I decided to
cut my unboxing short yesterday to some
family time stuff obviously so anyways I
put this thing down I haven’t checked it
out since then so let’s get those first
impressions let’s go through this thing
and check out all the ins and outs and
the nitty-gritty of this ukulele alright
let’s take a look at this thing it’s a
lil check time and it has uh has a
unique scent to it I can’t tell if
that’s the glue or the wood or something
in between it’s probably the glue and
the wood it’s kind of sweet like on the
edge of like a vinegar cell smell almost
that is interesting hmm
got some electronics up here built-in
tuner that’s good it turns on I’ll bring
this thing up to tune later yeah it’s
you know this shift out of tune they’re
not new instruments aren’t supposed to
be in tune when you receive them after a
shipping they’re supposed to slack the
strings a little bit so I’m not
surprised by that at all an interesting
choice going with actual Fender guitar
style tuners on this I wonder if those
are no they’ve got to be ukulele
specific they can’t just be Fender
guitar tuners can name
I think those are ukulele tuners that
are just styled the right way what kinds
of stuff hang tags here tell me about
the strings like my son pointed out it’s
got a pick guard that looks like fire is
kind of like an attempt at like a
tortoise II sort of thing well not an
attempt it is a tortoise II style fit
guard but it’s slightly different
looking than you would find on an
electric guitar it’s that thin acoustic
pickguard cell material beefy beefy neck
joint on this thing look at that it’s a
guitar style in that joint it’s not a
ukulele style neck joint well I’ll come
right back alright I’ve got a regular
ukulele here you can see it’s got like
that acoustic guitar style slim neck
joint where this is beefy like a set
neck electric guitar that is an
interesting choice I mean they could
have slimmed it down to be a point I
think it definitely fills your hand like
a guitar versus a ukulele cutaway here
that’s not too uncommon with the ukulele
there are cutaway ukuleles but it’s not
as common as on a guitar I mean
typically I mean I certainly don’t I
don’t think most ukulele players play up
past the twelfth fret your are pretty
pretty high up in the notes with these
things I really like to finish this kind
of like ivory white cream I like the
detail of that semi translucent ivory
binding on the edge the binding
continues up the neck normal fret work
for a ukulele nothing incredible or
different there it’s just the standard a
finger style nut on there
versus the more like acoustic style net
on this ukulele that’s interesting
they’re making a lot of decisions with
this thing they didn’t just phone it in
like let’s make a Fender guitar style
ukulele and they did it nothing on it is
is jumping out at me as a finishing flaw
or a weird element that needs to be
addressed let’s play this thing let’s
get it tuned up Matt tuned up
lickety-split that was really an easy
tuning job there the tuners are nice and
smooth they don’t feel cheap or jumpy or
anything like that straight into tune no
problem we’ll see if it holds tuned I
mean it just brought the strings up to
tension for maybe the first time on this
instrument I’m used to kind of fighting
ukuleles into tune when you first get
them the strings need to stretch out
quite a bit usually maybe they did have
it tuned up maybe this was a demo unit
that someone was using or something
that’s kind of wild all right let’s do
since I’ve got the other ukulele here
let’s do a quick like sound comparison
you want to hear this thing acoustically
anyway so I’ll bring my mic down in a
position that makes more sense
here’s the Fender uke obviously you can
you’re looking at it
I’m wondering how this will compare
volume-wise to the regular you here they
are the same scale length they’re a
concert length ukulele bridge to nut
scale length matches up just fine but
this has the much more traditional
ukulele construction it feels lighter
I think the would use is just all-around
thinner I’m guessing this is gonna be
louder I don’t know how much louder that
sounds like it needs a tune
not bad I mean this thing is slightly
louder it has a much like brighter tonal
character to it a lot more high-end
going on
more of a traditional acoustic sound to
it probably thanks to that super thin
finish on it
the thinner wood the more traditional
construction where this thing is a
painted finish non-traditional
construction but it still sounds really
good to me it’s a slightly darker more
mid focused kind of acoustic response
there’s a lot of variation from ukulele
to ukulele to so I mean it all comes
down to what you want scale length the
kind of tonality you’re looking for
you know features what’s that let’s plug
this thing in I want to hear it plugged
in i have got my guitar pedal board on
the floor everything is off let’s get
this mic up in a more traditional
position that makes more sense
start with the volume and the tone at
noon I’m running through my normal two
amps my Princeton Reverb and the Rev D
20 turn this up there we go well it
works how does it sound I mean I’m
hearing it mixing with the acoustic
qualities of this that is dark turn all
the way bright
yep very bright put it back down
just north of noon
let’s throw on a time-based effect
simple reverb from the milkman f-stop
I know I was gonna mess up at some point
I was playing too good was the problem
how about some delay I need a pick
shimmery stuff from the chase list dark
the mix was pretty low
all three of those pedals on now
I mean you’re gonna have some fun with
you want to hear I want to do it here’s
a photo I was slamming my recorder it’s
not the worst throw some time-based
reverb on there
tremolo got a phaser
yeah I could see myself having a really
great time with this I kind of want to
use it in a live setting I get Church or
something like that use it with a bunch
of stack delays and octave pedals and
everything until it doesn’t sound like a
ukelele anymore I wanted to have a you
quit you know electrics in it for a long
time there so I am pretty dang excited
about this and also I mean it fits my
right it looks like something I would
want to play I’m already a fender boy
you know I love fender stuff you know I
love offsets and so this is there this
is doing that thing alright I’m going to
lay down a loop and jam my way out of
here thanks for watching please like
subscribe just like leave me your rude
nasty comments a personal patreon oh you
know what you know I don’t even know
what this thing costs let’s talk about
some of the practical details before I
sign off before I play out of here
that’s worth looking up I’m gonna guess
what does fender want for this thing
based on kind of construction and
this guy was like 150 120 and he came
with a case I haven’t looked it up yet
this didn’t come with a case but it’s
got electrics in it it’s built really
pretty great has a pretty unique thing
going on its name brand this is like
just some import brand that no one’s
ever really heard of before I mean it’s
a fine ukulele I really like this
ukulele but it’s a it’s off-brand buy a
you know loosed up definition of the
all right Fender ukulele I didn’t guess
all right come in to Ryan what are you
doing I’m gonna say 275 I think they
want 275 for this fender ukulele
where are you oh it’s 200 199 that is
interesting from Sweetwater to and
Guitar Center and I’m sure every
retailer $1.99 that ain’t bad it’s lower
than I thought it was gonna be
for 200 bucks I think it’s a good buy
especially if like you’re looking at it
like yeah like that style I want to I
want a ukulele with electronics in it I
wanna have something that looks good on
the wall without looking you know
typically ukulele which is not bad
Calise are pretty in their natural form
of ax men but man if you’re here on this
channel you probably already like the
looks of this thing all right now I’ll
sign off officially thanks for watching
please like subscribe dislike leave me
you rude nasty comments a personal
patreon you know the whole deal buy a
shirt yeah and stay grounded
alright I’m gonna find a little loop to
play out with

Fender Ukuleles

Fender UKulele Strings is among the most sought after musical instruments in the entire world. It is considered to be one of the best ukuleles due to its unique and classy design, sound, and appearance. Fender has been the top name when it comes to producing quality musical instruments since its beginning in 1941. The company has a long history of producing both nylon string and steel string ukuleles.

With many fenders being used today, many older model guitars are still available for those that want an upgrade. There are many styles and models of the Fender UKulele from which to choose. One of the most popular styles is the Fender Stratocaster. This guitar has the classic Stratocaster body style and it sports two single-coil pickups and one humbucker at the bridge. Due to its single coil pickups, the Fender UKulele can produce a very strong tone even if it is played through an electric guitar amplifier without an amp simulator.

Fender has also created the Fender Stratocaster acoustic/electric guitar. These ukuleles have the same body style as the Stratocaster, but they have a hollowbody design and do not contain any electronics. Instead, they are fitted with a pickguard and a neck plate made of black spruce. They look like guitars with a Fender tremolo bridge. Some versions even feature nickel rosin bars.

Fender’s most popular model for a guitar player who wants a powerful but affordable acoustic tone is the Fender Stratocaster featuring the Alu metal laminate on the fingerboard as well as laminated chrome tuning keys and an aluminum neck. Many owners find that the Alu laminates easy to care for, as they do not need oiling. You simply wipe the Alu with a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt. To maintain the original dark brown color of the Stratocaster, owners also clean or oil the humbucker and preamp valves with electrical grade oil. The Fender UKulele also utilizes the same Alu metal laminate and aluminum pickup system that are found in the regular Stratocaster.

The neck of the Fender UKulele is straight with no-tie bridge included. It also features two rounded cutaway holes that allow the strings to move freely. Another distinctive characteristic of the Fender UKulele is its unusual gold tone which some guitarists find to be metallic rather than mahogany. Most ukuleles have a dark gold tone, but the Fender has a richer, chocolate tinted tone that some guitarists love.

The entire body of the Fender UKulele is made of laminated aluminum and the fingerboard is covered with fingerboard material. The ukulele’s neck does not attach to the body but snaps at the joints where the two halves connect to one another. The adjustable locking nut that controls the length of the neck allows you to change the length as you wish. The fretboard of the Fender UKulele is made of laminated plywood and has medium size bumps along the top for comfortable placement of the finger. Some of the common Fender model ukulele parts are the bridge, the whammy bar, the pickup switch, tremolo, and the tone control knobs.

Fender Ukulele Buyer’s Guide

Fender tenor ukulele

The Fender Tenor ukulele has a lot going for it – specifically, its unusually light weight. The standard model weighs 7 pounds and looks about two pounds overweight. This gives the guitar player a great deal of versatility in using their hands to play many kinds of music with the correct tone for the instrument. It’s a lighter instrument than the standard models so it can be used with more expensive acoustic equipment without any problems.

The Nohea is a medium sized tenor ukulele-nohea, just slightly larger than the standard model. This means that tenors have good volume even though not being overly heavy (again by ukulele standards, meaning about the same size as your average guitar pick). Also, the body is laminated Koa, which makes it much smoother than the wooden models. The uke head is also larger than the Fender models, giving the player a wider range of tuning slides to choose from.

When it comes time to actually use the guitar, the tone of the tenor strings is great, with a clear tone that is rich and melodic. But that’s not all that the nohea does justice on. It’s the quality of construction and care that make them such an outstanding choice for players of all ages. If you buy a quality tenor guitar and even use it regularly, the Fender tenor ukulele-nohea will prove invaluable as it gives the player versatility and quality for years to come.

Fender electric ukulele

The Fender Electric Ukulele is a beautiful instrument. It has a deep and heavy timbre that will set the mood for any collection. You can get this instrument in many different styles and models from the simple models to the more complex ones. Even though it was designed as a contemporary musical instrument, it was actually around for over 50 years when it was first introduced to the world.

There are many versions of the Fender Electric Ukulele and they all sound amazing. They all have their own unique sound. Some of them have a tighter tone while others have a mellow sound. And finally, some are made with a steel string action which gives the nylon a warmer and fuller sound. Each version of the Fender Electric Ukulele has its own unique features. This means that even though they all use the same body shape and design, the sound may be totally different when played together.

Because these instruments are so popular, you can find lots of models online. Some of the Fender Electric Ukulele models include the following: ES-wired, SGB, Warlock, Blackbird, Renaissance, Elite, and others. Some are acoustic as well as electronic. The prices range from low to mid-range. You can easily choose an instrument that suits your budget and provides you with a great sound.

Fender concert ukulele

The Fender concert ukulele was named after six string bass player and singer Billy Lee Riley. The Fender model name has been a popular model since its inception and is still offered by many of the famous musical groups. Some of the performers who have been known to use the Fender model are: Paul Taylor, Don Williams, Dusty Lewis and Mickey Hart. Billy Lee Riley had a unique style of playing on the fender that was distinctive and his innovative use of the double cutaway body style made it very easy for him to stay in tune with the ever-changing music style.

The first of the twelve-string basses was designed by a Billie Eilish who believed that each note should be played in a different place. The Eilish’s innovative use of the tuning slide and other elements were responsible for the popularity of the Fender concert ukulele. One particular characteristic of the first model of Fender that he decided to include on his instrument was the maple top. This was also something that he felt was very important and contributed to the sound qualities.

In addition, his design also included the trademark single coil pickup. Although we now know this was a mistake, nevertheless, the first model of Fender did not include this at all. Other than that, many believe that the original model of Fender was the best it has ever been.

Fender tenor ukulele

The Fender Tenor Ukulele is a model of a very popular, American made acoustic guitar. The first models of these instruments were made in the early nineteen eighties by Fender, who at that time had not yet become one of the world’s most well known guitar makers. Tenor guitars are generally made for strumming rather than single note playing but due to their popularity many guitar companies have now made them available as an option on their electric models. The most common model is the model with a neck made of ebony, but some models use ash or walnut as well. The quality of the neck should be very important to the player as it can affect the sound that the instrument makes.

The body of the tenor is made mainly from rosewood but sometimes walnut or mahogany are used. Ebony is usually the preferred wood for the fret board and the tenor singer often opts for either nylon strings or regular electric guitar strings as they are easier to hold and control. The standard model will come with frets which are of medium hardness from medium to medium-rare but some models may come with even harder frets. Another decision to make is whether to choose a pearl or nohea fingerboard which can be found in different widths.

The tuning of the Fender tenor ukulele-nohea is done using a tuning fork that has a tapered tip on one end and a slightly curved point on the other to provide a comfortable and uniform resistance when tuning. If you are looking for a tenor guitar that sounds good as a solo instrument or as a back up for the lead guitarist then the Fender tenor-nohea is the right choice. You can get this type of guitar from most music stores and online. Prices for the models vary but can range from two hundred and fifty dollars to over a thousand dollars.

Fender baritone ukulele

The Fender Baritone UKulele is a five stringed instrument. It is made out of wood and has a deep bass sound that some guitar players love. Although the Fender does not make the entire body of the instrument from one piece of wood, they do make a wide range of sounds including the neck, fretboard, and headstock. It can also have effects such as a cutaway body or humbucker pickups in the bridge which allows more sound to be brought out from the other pickups on the headstock. Some of the most famous musicians who have the Fender baritone include: Eddie Van Halen, Chet Atkins, Jack Bruce, and Neil Pert.

The Fender UKulele is quite popular because it is able to produce high quality sound and the instrument has a rich, warm sound that some guitarists love. Most of the people that buy a Fender are quite serious guitar players that want something better than the stock baritone that comes with their instrument. If you are looking for an outstanding, professional sounding Fender baritone then you should seriously consider making the investment into a Fender. It may cost a bit more than you originally thought but you will end up being glad that you did.

As with all musical instruments there are many different brands of the Fender Baritone and the one that you end up choosing will ultimately be based upon your personal preference. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget as well. There are many different styles of the Fender baritone and you will want to consider which style you are most comfortable with before you purchase. You will also want to spend the necessary time trying to figure out which model has all the features that you need.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I’m a new player with a Kala KA-15 that I gave away. I was going to replace it with the same, but then I noticed that Fender made ukes. I’ve always been a fan of Fender guitars, so I went for a Fender ukulele. I’m not expecting anything spectacular from this beginner uke. I’m just a beginning ukulele player. However, as others have pointed out, the tuners aren’t very fine, and the strings don’t stay in tune very well (particularly the G and A). I’ll try replacing the strings to see if that makes any difference. I’m wondering if I should have just gotten the Kala again…

  2. This is a fantastic instrument. The specifications on this uke are what you’d expect to see on a far more expensive instrument. The mother of pearl purfling and ivory bindings are stunning. The strong koa wood top is bookended beautifully, and the frets are bound to the fingerboard. This instrument has near-perfect tone and intonation. The top nut length is 1.375″, but it fingers much better than my Kala acacia uke due to more “meat” on the neck for my big hands to wrap around. I’ve read some negative feedback about the tele headstock, which is not normal. It’s fantastic! In my opinion, the fact that I can play a diminished chord in the first fret position without jamming my hand against the “A” tuner is fantastic. Fender has often been chastised for making subpar acoustic instruments, but take a look at the video I posted and decide for yourself.

  3. I’ve been playing ukulele for about 5 years now, and I’ve owned a lot of them in that period, in all price ranges, and I can tell you that this is the best one I’ve ever owned. Every strum and note is pure perfection, the craftsmanship is nothing short of astounding, and the style is cool as hell. Objectively, the body is slightly wider than that of a regular soprano ukulele, allowing it to be a little louder and produce a fuller, richer tone. In terms of efficiency, it’s on par with what one would expect from a Fender instrument, namely strong. It has a rather distinct appearance. You don’t see a ukulele with this kind of head, gold hardware, or paint color that fits so well. The color, by the way, has a mat finish, so it won’t shine much. This is a truly amazing instrument. Having said that, it’s not cheap. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who isn’t completely smitten by the looks, since you can get the same quality sound and construction from any other Fender ukulele.

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