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Vorson FLPUK-2 LP-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Black reviewed by TreeThugger
Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version reviewed by TreeThugger
Aileen SG style Electric Ukulele , Black Electric Ukulele reviewed by TreeThugger
Bluetooth EleUke Peanut PE-BK2020 Soprano Electric Ukulele(Soprano Black) reviewed by TreeThugger
Caramel CB500 30 Inch All Rosewood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele With Truss Rod with D-G-B-E Strings reviewed by TreeThugger
Vorson FLPUK-2 LP-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag
Mahalo EUK-200 Electric Ukulele International Version
Aileen SG Style Electric Ukulele
EleUke 22SPEBK Smart Bluetooth Connectable Electric Ukulele
Caramel CB500 30 Inch All Rosewood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele With Truss Rod
Aileen Music
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Vorson FLPUK-2 LP-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Black reviewed by TreeThugger
Vorson FLPUK-2 LP-Style Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag
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Electric ukulele MAHALO EUK-200 electronic musical instrument International Version reviewed by TreeThugger
Mahalo EUK-200 Electric Ukulele International Version
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Aileen SG style Electric Ukulele , Black Electric Ukulele reviewed by TreeThugger
Aileen SG Style Electric Ukulele
Aileen Music
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Bluetooth EleUke Peanut PE-BK2020 Soprano Electric Ukulele(Soprano Black) reviewed by TreeThugger
EleUke 22SPEBK Smart Bluetooth Connectable Electric Ukulele
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Caramel CB500 30 Inch All Rosewood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele With Truss Rod with D-G-B-E Strings reviewed by TreeThugger
Caramel CB500 30 Inch All Rosewood Baritone Acoustic Electric Ukulele With Truss Rod
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Risa LP Tenor Electric Ukulele Demo Video

good day to you it is review day and
I’ve wanted to feature this on go-to
ukulele for years now finally got around
to getting hold of one on loan from
stones music the distributor this is the
Risa LP tenor electric ukulele and it is
stunning to look at I think you’ll agree
sorry about the focus going out though
it’s very shiny it’s an electric tenor
built in the Les Paul style I’m not
calling it the Les Paul it’s the LP it’s
built on the Les Paul style so double
bat shape with that cutaway it looks
like a Les Paul now before we get into
it I’ve said before I’m not a huge fan
of ukuleles that are built to look like
guitars but that’s usually when they’re
built a lot like guitars for the sake of
it either they’re built badly or the
belt along looks but don’t sound good as
ukuleles reser or a German brand who do
the unusual and have not let me down
with instruments that they’ve made
before the very high quality and this is
renowned to be high-quality but let’s
take a further look at it so as a sake
Les Paul shape all mahogany body two
pieces on that top which is dropped on
to an old solid mahogany body that holds
the chambers which contains the pickups
and the electrics all finished on a Goss
and this is the cherry sunburst they
also do it let’s back out sunburst this
is the tenor they also do it in a
longneck soprano as well and it looks
like a Les Paul curved top it’s
absolutely beautiful the dose is
wonderful I like everything about it
okay there’s one or two little knock
marks in the wood which irritate but
they don’t really change anything about
it and that’s it it doesn’t really need
much more decoration other than that
creme edge binding around the top and
it’s it’s a lovely beast it’s a really
lovely Beast and on the back it’s just
deep red with the control cavities to
get at the wiring here right okay let’s
get into it because not going to run
like a normal ukulele review this one so
we’ve got micro saddles here which I
like those on Fender guitars would like
to have seen that be a tuner Matic
bridge which is more like the Gibson Les
Paul but as
that space was the issue there because
they’re quite fiddly and you need extra
tailpiece controlled controlling these
two humbucker pickups which are made for
research or not I don’t believe just off
the shelf
Chinese rubbish in black surrounds which
are adjustable for height on treble and
bass like an electric guitar and
controlling those you’ve got volume and
tone controls for both and a selector
switch allowing you to use the neck
pickup or the bridge pickup or indeed
both as a pair if you know your electric
that’s a nice setup and it’s really good
it’s really good I can’t stop looking at
it up to the neck this is made of
mahogany stain in the same red cherry
it’s a set neck so it’s not bolted on
like things like the epithermal as paul
were a couple of strap buttons as well
obviously which you’ll need because this
is a substantial beast on weight
although nicely balanced yeah so
mahogany neck it’s rounded in profile on
the back and it’s very narrow at 34 mil
at the nut but that doesn’t actually
bother me because these are steel
strings and a much thinner than nylon
strings and you’re still getting 27
between G and a really comfortable
that’s top topped in an unspecified dark
hardwood with cream edge binding you get
a bit of an excessive number of these
parallelogram or whatever called trapeze
ordinal inlay squaring lies in purl
because there’s one at the first the
third the fifth the seventh the 10th to
12th and so on
I found them quite distracting when
playing because I couldn’t really
remember where it was
you do get black side dots though as
well which is nice to see it’s a nice
neck the frets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 to the body 16 17 18 19 in
total you also get a zero fret up here
just after the nut which sets the height
right that’s good to see because often I
find with steel strung electrics is that
unless you’ve got it absolutely set up
right at that nut they just play out a
tune because you bend the strings too
easily that’s a good touch beyond that
black nut and all that’s made of it’s a
esque shaped headstock with a bit of a
scrollwork up at the top holding the
recent logo it’s based in black gloss
and it’s got a truss rod adjustment
cover there which is nice to see cuz
this is steel strong tension so truss
rod is probably quite important for
setting the neck relief which on this is
you know I like that I like it much more
than the last pull Epiphone headstock
because it’s not as narrow and it
doesn’t look skinny and weird tuners
excellent quality Grover
brand sealed chrome gears with kidney
shaped buttons it comes with the middle
four strings of an electric guitar set
of tens go and have a look at the
written review below all the details in
there I’m not going to bore you with
that there tens in the middle and it’s
set up for low G they’re still strong
and that G is wearing away on string but
they’re all steel so we’re not using
normal regular ukulele conventions yeah
there we are
I’d actually prefer Elevens and find
these a little bit skinny on the fingers
but that’s personal preference it comes
with a padded gig bag that’s turbid we
are you can get an optional hardcase
with it and the price of these is about
five hundred and fifty five hundred and
sixty pounds so it’s a serious bit of
money but anyone who knows electric
guitars knows that if you go really
cheap and this is where this review
people will say well I’ve got a voice on
or things like that and it’s just as
good you know it is enough played them
they’re not as good because it’s not
just about the looks and the build and
this is really nice all over it really
is nice all over but it’s about the
quality of this bit and what’s going on
down here and that’s often where solid
steel electrics can be a real letdown I
do like the build there’s one or two
design cues I don’t like I think I think
the fret markers are excessive I don’t
like that the selector switch is here
because it’s where I tend to strum and
I’m finding myself catching it again
that’s just a personal minor niggle I’m
gonna plug it in I’m not actually going
to do a lot of playing of it because
it’s built really well and I’ll tell you
this it’s extremely nice and like to
play on the sing aboard that zero frets
really helping with
intonation it doesn’t squeeze out the
tomb when you play it it’s a very fast
the reason I’m not gonna plug it in and
do a lot by I’m gonna plug it in but I’m
not gonna do a lot of play is because it
depends what you’re plugging it into now
this is a serious instrument you could
plug this into a big Marshall stack
which I don’t have here used to own one
it’s being plugged into a Yamaha thr
blues ukulele blues portable amp they’re
very good
this is not an instrument that you’re
going to get really much out of if you
plug it into a little honey tone nine
volt that’s not the point of it so what
you hear here is just basically what
that Yamaha is doing it depends what you
plug it into and the sky’s the limit
that’s that that’s the nice thing about
it pick it’s cool so it makes very
little noise unplugged obviously sounds
like an unplugged electric guitar into
the jack socket and I’ve got this on a
completely flat setting no a clean
Channel and it sounds like a clean
you can play it’s a jazz
you know I’m sounding like underwhelmed
but that’s not what this is about
one thing I will say about it the tome
has a really nice sweet
well doesn’t have a really nice sweet to
it is the volume which is kind of off
and then ramps up really quickly and
then doesn’t really do much
I wish there was a lot more on that it’s
a minor growth though you can control it
on the amp or you can run it through a
volume but that’s not what this is about
what this is about is you’re going to
put it into you know add some game
that’s what and that is where it’s fun
it’s it’s it’s it’s a nice clean
I can have hours and hours and hours of
fun with this it’s really really well
made I mean you can style
so study
sustained sustained sounds like spinal
tap still going still going that’s what
you’d expect from steel strands look I’m
not gonna give you as I say it’s not
going to be about the play this is just
really well-made take it from me it gets
a very high score and deservedly so the
reset LP tenor electric ukulele
available from rhesus stockists I think
it’s absolutely stellar I think you
could really have fun with this through
a set of pedals and a decent stack and
pure fire equally with a little
amplifier you can have a lot of fun with
it as well I love it I really love it
it gets a highly recommended it’s really
well built
I currently so much more there we are
reset LP Turner by next week check the
rent review below that’s where all the
detail knows better pictures more detail
or go into some of the history of it
like kind of thing and do consider the
patreon because it really helps me out I
will see you again very soon

Electric Ukulele Review

An electric ukulele is basically an acoustic ukulele that is electrically amplified by a battery. When not plugged into the wall, it can play acoustically as well. Invented by Edmund Rafalko, Sr., it was patented by Edmund Rafalko, Jr., on September 27, 1992, patent number USD 67,592 S. Its term life is fourteen years.

For electric guitar players, this is a very convenient way to make use of their amplifiers and guitars. It also helps preserve your amplifiers since you can just leave it on during shows and other occasions. It’s also great for those who live in small places or in other remote places where they cannot plug in and have to rely on their microphones and amplifiers. You can easily carry it anywhere you go. This makes your portable performances even more enjoyable. It is also great for the acoustic guitarist because it enables him to perform at a larger venue since the amplifiers are so much louder than the acoustic guitar.

Ukuleles are also great instruments for beginners. The most important thing to know about an electric guitar is that it’s easy to play. As you become more familiar with playing, you’ll realize how much better you get. And since it doesn’t require batteries, you can do your practice wherever you happen to be. Most people use them as an accompaniment while listening to their favorite songs. You can also perform a solo on stage with an electric guitar if you’re using a pick-up stand.

When buying an electric ukuleles, you have to know some tips that will help you determine whether a certain model is suitable for you. Some models are designed with the same quality standards as other models. To find out which ones are the best, you need to check their prices. It is advisable that you ask questions to the salespeople when purchasing them. They might also be able to answer your questions about the best models.

You can also buy them from online stores. Online stores usually provide cheaper rates compared to brick and mortar stores since their overhead costs are lower. They can give you discounts on shipping charges and other services.

You can also learn more about electric ukuleles and purchase one online. You can find lots of information on the Internet about the different models that you can choose from. There are also reviews posted by other users of the product. It will be helpful to check these sites for more information before you make your purchase.

Electric Ukuleles Buyer’s Guide

Electric bass ukulele

If you want to play an instrument that has a great tone as well as good control, you should look into purchasing an electric bass ukulele. Electric bass ukuleles are, in essence, smaller versions of traditional solid-body bass instruments. They are easier to play, they have a nice tone, and they are usually cheaper. Nowadays, there are a number of differences between electric bass ukuleles and standard solid-body basses, but even there are some similarities. What you will ultimately end up with is an instrument that you will love to play and have fun learning to play.

You may think that an electric koa player is going to be left out because he cannot play an acoustic-electric bass ukulele. That is not the case though, especially if you really want to be a good electric bass player. There are even online lessons that will help you learn how to play both the acoustic and electric versions of the same instrument. It can be confusing to try to learn the differences when you first start out, but once you understand how each works, you will be able to appreciate one or the other better. This is because each type of instrument produces sound in different ways.

Acoustic bass ukuleles produce warm, mellow tones while electric bass ukuleles produce hot, thunderous tones. The distinction is made mainly through the strings’ construction. Bass ukuleles have hollow bodies with strings made of nylon or other flexible material, whereas electric basses have steel rods instead. Even if you do not think that you will become a bass guitarist, learning how to play both styles of this popular instrument will be beneficial.

Electric soprano ukulele

The advantage of these acoustic soprano ukuleles is the versatility they offer. For one thing, they can be taken anywhere you go: whether you’re going on vacation, to a concert, to a recital, or even to the office. Also, if you buy the right models, then you can use them in conjunction with a standard guitar for both the acoustic and electric models. It all depends on the quality of the sound coming off of the strings and the quality of the connection. If you put the right kind of system together, then you can get a very satisfying experience no matter where you end up playing.

Electric tenor ukulele

Although only master ukuleleists usually resort to classical concert uksules for casual play, you will always notice the sound of the tenor uksules on stage. After initially being inspired to play the tenor uke, found out that their sound quality is on the higher side when compared to the regular bass-and-treble-laden baritone uksules and the other concert baritone uksules. Maybe that is why you’re here today, wanting to step-up your playing level of sound and technique; a tenor banjo will help you do just that! The tenor banjo (also called the “tenor brush” or “tenor flute”) is a smaller version of the baritone banjo but it can produce a similar kind of sound.

The ukulele strings are usually tuned to either B flat or G flat, which are the standard sizes for musical instruments in North America. The strings are tuned so that you can freely move from note to note without worrying about hitting a string perfectly. The strings are not tuned as deep as those used for a string guitar. This is important because it allows the player to be able to go from one note to another with ease.

Electric tenor guitars and related instruments and devices are available with three-position and five-position intonation. The three-position version uses a set of strings that can be easily tuned (not using flat notes) at different places on the fret board. The five-position model features deeper tuning which is better for players who are used to playing without intonation. The best tenor Ukulele will have a fretted bridge which allows the player to restring the instrument for changes in intonation. If your tenor instructor does not mention how to tune the instrument, ask him for some advice.

Electric concert ukulele

If you’re looking for a solid ukulele with some nice high end features, then look no further than the popular Acoustic Electric Ukulele. For many people, an electric concert ukulele is an excellent way to start off their repertoire of musical instruments as they are easier to learn and play than an acoustic. The guitars and other stringed instruments can be difficult to learn to play if you’re not used to them, with an electric, all you need to know how to play is press a button. This is especially useful if you are learning electric guitar, as most beginners are. Although an electric ukulele is easier to learn than an acoustic, the price difference might put some people off.

However, for guitar players, the obvious choice would be the acoustic-electric ukuleles. They are very comfortable to play, easy to learn and will allow you to explore different styles of music. Having said this, I think that the best electric-outlet for beginning guitarists is the Luna Tattoo EFX Acoustic-electric Guitar. Looking at the vast amount of positive reviews on Amazon, having purchased the guitar myself, have also decided to add the Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic-electric Uke onto my list as my first product.

Compared to an ordinary ukulele, the EFX packs a lot more into its relatively small and compact body. It has a solid wood body, a deep cutaway body for the headstock and a solid rosewood center. With its larger sized sound hole and a tuning post located at the heel of the instrument, the EFX delivers powerful sound projection from the instruments warm sounding hollow body. The tuning keys located on both sides of the sound hole help in making fine adjustments to the tonewood and fine tuning the sustain pedal.

Solid body electric uke

The Solid Body Electric Uke is one of the newest models to enter the marketplace and it is taking the guitar player by storm. The Electric Uke is a great tool for the beginning guitar player to learn to play electric with tone and pizzazz. The Solid Body Electric Uke is a single-headed electric guitar that provides a tight and reliable tone. Compared to the Solid Body acoustic, the Solid Body Electric Uke is much lighter in weight and takes up less space. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to start playing electric guitar and takes advantage of all that electric uke has to offer.

The sound produced by the Solid Body Electric Uke is amazing and it’s a great introduction to electric uke. There are so many advantages to learning to play electric guitar, the tone can be really cool and rockin’ when the right amp is used. The sound produced is clean and crisp and there is a low pitch, which is perfect for lead guitar players and other types of heavy metal music. The sound of the solid body is more refined and mellow than the hollow plastic guitar bodies that were popular a few years ago. The solid body produces a deeper sound, which is also perfect for the sound quality needed for screaming hard rock songs.

Although the sound of an electric guitar might not be for everyone, for those people who want to play loud rock songs and create a lot of volume, the solid body is the way to go. Some Electric Uke players even use the electronic tuner, which enables them to change the pitches of the strings, for additional tonal variation. So, for the heavy metal guitar player looking to create a really fast and aggressive tone, the Solid Body Electric Uke is an excellent choice. For those who just want a good guitar to play classic rock songs, the Solid Body Electric Uke is a great guitar.

Acoustic electric ukulele

If you are looking for a great beginners ukulele, you may want to consider the Martin D-35 acoustic electric. It has all the pliability and versatility that a student expect from an affordable starter ukulele. I have been using mine for over two years now and have fallen in love with it. This may just be the perfect acoustic electric ukulele for you to buy, especially under $ 200. It’s pretty much understated, lacking some of the fancy finishes, shiny covers, or complex designs that many of the other uks reviewed have.

One of my most honorable mentions is the L Luna Koa. This is one of my favorite beginner or models. It’s small, but super light, and a beautiful guitar with a rich warm tone. You also get a super nice ear board with a depth that are extremely impressive, as well as the ability to go into jazz guitar mode with the flick of your wrist. And for the price, I think it’s a steal, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid acoustic electric model for a low cost.

My honorable mentions go out to the Yamaha CTS Solid Control Series, which is my personal fave. It’s lightweight and looks great, and you can get it in any standard tuning type as well as jazz. The only downside to this instrument is the thinness in the middle, and the fact that it tends to sound tinny at times. It’s also fairly short sounding when it’s not played at an appropriate volume. These are definitely two solid performers when it comes to acoustic electric ukuleles, but you do have to keep your ears open for any drawbacks.

Risa electric ukulele

The Risa electric guitar strings are thin, so they easily fly out of your fingers. The Risa is one of the most famous brands in the ukulele industry. Condition: New. NEW Risa solid wood (walnut) Tenor ukulele with gig bag, The gig bag contains a padded shoulder strap which is specially designed to double as an adjustable strap for the guitar. This German made Solid Body Tenor Ukulele is constructed of one solid piece of American walnut, the entire body, neck and board.

All over the Risa electric ukuleles are hand cut and sandblasted to give them the unique Risa sound. The sound is warm and melodic with a rich, deep tone that is extremely useful when playing. Some people refer to Risa tenor ukuleles as “Tenors” (tenor is the Spanish word for “dark”) which gives the sound of a bass instrument. The tenor tone controls on the left hand side are split knobs with two separate volume controls. The tone control knobs at the right are also split, but this time there is a middle knuckle which is volume and tone adjusted separately.

On the rear of the ukulele, between the tuning pegs, there are three rubber pads that allow you to depress the brass attachments on the bridge and tremolo. This enables you to change the tone controls from treble to bass without changing your strings. Most of the models have the following components: an aluminum plate that houses the pickup in the back, a rubber sleeve that surrounds the pickup in the ukulele, a thin cutout on the top, and a thin piece of brushed metal on the bottom. It’s possible to upgrade the components of the Risa electric ukulele by purchasing other accessory pieces, or by changing the pickup and/or the ukulele itself.

Epiphone electric ukulele

When it comes to electric guitars, there is no doubt that the Epiphone Electric Ukulele is the most sought after. This is due to the fact that they are quite user-friendly and they are quite durable for all those guitar lovers who love to take their instruments everywhere they go. This type of ukulele does not only come in a single tone, but in fact it comes with nine different tones. The user can choose which one among these will be best suited for the particular song or the particular ambience he wishes to create.

Apart from its durability and its wonderful tones, it is also a very convenient instrument as it can be carried around easily. It weighs about two pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around. Moreover, the size is such that even kids will find it suitable to play with it.

There are various advantages of the Epiphone ukulele and all these are listed below. Firstly, this ukulele is quite cost effective. This is because it costs much lesser than all those fancy guitars which can be bought only by people who have lots of money in their pockets. Also, this electronic gadget is much easier to handle and to operate than the traditional ukulele which requires mastery of finger dexterity and finger muscle co-ordination.

Last update on 2024-04-19 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. My standards were surpassed by the Mahalo EUK-200 electric ukulele. This ukulele is well-made. The Aquila strings took a few days to settle in, but they’re staying in tune with just a minor change before playing. With the volume turned all the way up, the electronic pre-amp is hiss-free when monitored through my headphones. It’s easy to play along with your favorite music and songbook practice audio files using the aux input. The intonation is good, but the saddle on the one I got is a little too high. When testing the intonation one octave higher on the 12th fret, all four strings play around 1 to 2 centimeters sharp; lowering the saddle height should correct this.

  2. A total and complete blast.

    It’s basically a miniature electric guitar. I can play any guitar riff that uses the bottom four strings of a guitar, and it’s amazing. I would have earned it five stars if it hadn’t been for a few minor flaws.

    It did have a lot of buzzing, but I was planning on replacing the strings with low-G strings anyway, so I had to do some bridge work to reduce the buzzing as much as possible. You’ll also need to do some bridge work on the stock strings to reduce buzz.

    Not to mention the bag. The bag it came in is utter and complete garbage. It’s paper-thin, and mine arrived with rips and scuffs all over the inside. It doesn’t matter to me because I’m going to get a hard-case for it, but it’s a shame how poor the bag-quality is in comparison to how utterly awesome the ukulele itself is.

    All works well, even the knobs.

    The A-string is SLIGHTLY quieter than the other strings, which seems to be a theme in some of the lower reviews here; however, you can still hear the string perfectly on my uke, however you can tell it is somewhat quiet.

    Overall, this is a very solid ukulele. If you’re going to get it, I’d recommend only having the “Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Wound Set.009 -.042” and putting the bottom four strings on for a low-g tuning, as well as a new uke case. Getting both of those would cost you an additional $25 – $30, but considering the price of this ukulele is just $120, the extra $25 – $30 tacked onto the $120 is still an absolute steal when you consider the quality of the ukulele itself.

  3. Hello, four-stringers! This is a useful practice ukulele that performs exactly as advertised. Charge it, plug in headphones (audio jack or regular ‘phone earbud jack), and begin playing! You can quickly customize as gCEA/GCEA or D tuning without any difficulty. Sound is audible through the headphones, but those around you hear only the faintest of sounds. It comes with a carry case, an Eleuke, a charging cable, and a neck strap. If you have any more questions? AMA! I’m a happy owner who lives in an area where I can’t really make a lot of noise.

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