Thorens TD 158 Turntable Demo

hello there youtubers I hope you’re fine
there I have a confession to make
I’ve bought the turntable yeah I know
why haven’t we seen plenty of turntables
in your videos we’ve seen that little
crappy Newmark turntable we’ve seen at
the end at the beginning of every video
intro and outro we see the project
turntable and we’ve seen torrance
turntables and in the past we’ve seen
Lenko turntables we have seen garage
turntables we’ve seen Riga turntables
we’ve seen other more less crappy
Newmark turntables what can I say I like
turntables well this is the Torrens TD
158 that I bought spring last year and I
was just curious do you have the forints
turntable even if I really didn’t really
need any turntable but I was interested
in them because I’m going to be good
turntable with automatic functions and
there aren’t that many of those around
so I bought this model TD 158 it has the
cartridge start/stop lever
45:33 changer and a lever for the toner
and it works it doesn’t have 78 rpm
though and works fine as you can see
when it comes to sound it can’t really
compete with with the project turntable
mostly for many different reasons for
many different reasons one is that that
has a better cartridge Auto for home of
the four to M with the auto 4 to M blue
stylus this is a much simpler thing and
it has a bit of a hum when connected the
grounds not something that really annoys
you but if you turn up the volume you
can hear the hum which you can’t really
do on the auto form or the heavily in
project right turntable so but I thought
after a while that I had been a bit
sheep because the model that I really
wanted was one of the higher-end models
from Torrance and well I would say
high-end but I would say higher and the
list because this is a fairly simple
turntable after all despite these well
this is the Torrance T de 240 – – and
what’s different from the other previous
well first of all it has a somewhat
better cartridge it says Torrance audit
what it’s a it is audio technica
cartridge that is you can switch to
another one part of my arm you can
switch to another one if you want to
play 78 rpms because this has also seven
or p.m. as an option you can switch when
you we have the automatic start/stop
lever of course and you have a lever
that decides whether the record player
shall start playing at 7-inch position
the single position or the 30 inch the
position was 17 centimeters or 30
centimeters of the other tolerance it
was decided that if you played 45 rpm
and you had started with automatic then
it went out to the 7 7-inch position
that record player hadn’t heard about
12-inch singles if wanted to play those
to start them manually also lever
adjustable counter weight for stylus
pressure and anti skating and this is a
very this is very lean on the records
because the stylus pressure is 1.5 grams
so it won’t damage your records I’m not
sure what the what the stylus pressure
was on the on the other torrents but I
can’t imagine that it was that high
there either anyway when I ordered this
record player
I ordered with matte finish but yeah
I’ve got one piano finish so it’s well
you know what that means lots of dust
and fingerprints a well has a protective
cover but I haven’t put it on yet but
later whatever you like let’s put on the
record this is 33 rpm 30
30 centimeters or 12 inches we just
pulled the start lever this is a top
pick of the pops volume 7 so I don’t
expect any superb sound on this LP
anyway if he I should compare the
cartridge with the with the cartridge to
their project recap a that I told you I
once said it was an auto form 2m
cartridge in that one and that’s a
better one of course but in this case we
have the option to switch this to use
cartridge for 78 rpm records and that is
of course well the thing to consider and
this for the playing of records where
you really have to sink deep into the
wonderful solder vinyl I might still use
the project record player but that has
its bad sites as well this is more
convenient to use for for everyday use
so and for all of those of you who have
never seen how to use a turntable before
if we want to play one of these 7-inch
Engels eNOS
singles first it has a big hole so we
put on this adapter will you change to
45 you put on that one
yeah we switch to 17 here it says 17 and
30 it could say 7-inch or 12 English as
well and we stop let’s hope let’s hope
it doesn’t miss the target I’m always a
bit too nervous when it comes to auto
starting see how it’s not always perfect
then if we want to play 78 rpm first we
change into this stylus I’m not going to
do that now because I’m going to play
vinyl Santa ate here Charlie burner trio
the train kept a-rollin switched to this
but we can’t use the auto start because
we don’t have a 10 inch 10 inch option
sounds cool and if you want to stop it
do it yes which stop and it stops we
have an issue though it would be good if
you could like it switch on the
automatics but you can’t unless you do
it some sort of permanent solution and I
don’t want that but if I want to play
one of these tiny cute cemetary utopians
notice the very very small label and I’m
not going to blow the needle but have a
look now when I try to move the stylus
or the arm towards the center let’s see
when the automatic sets it oh there you
go yeah I think well the record would
have played maybe two thirds then the
the automatics would have set in so
that’s a bit of a weakness but you can’t
have everything can you yeah yeah that’s
it so I haven’t set up here with my
speakers and Yamaha amplifier I got two
pre arms for the turntables for the
project and for the torrents and I also
have a CD player and tuner of the
tangent makers I haven’t made any videos
about them I might in the future I’m not
sure yet yet really but that’s how my
setup looks and sounds right now I don’t
quite how’d you know a hi-fi set up a
stereo setup it’s like a living organism
you never know how it can change from
one day to
another but right now I got my torrents
I’m happy with it and it looks beautiful
and it plays beautiful so that’s how it
is so hope somebody out there in YouTube
land found this slightly teeny bit
interesting and I wish you all the best
for now and hope to see you soon again
bye for now
to switch the stylus you just grab and
gently pull it downwards until the whole
thing breaks

Thorens TD 158 Turntable Specs

Speeds33 1/3, 45 rpm
Drive MethodInternal Flat Belt-Drive
MotorElectronically Controlled DC Motor
Wow and FlutterDIN: ±0.1%
WRMS: 0.04%
Signal to Noise RatioDIN 45 500, Rumble Unweighted: 42 dB
DIN 45 500, Rumble Weighted: 65 dB
Platter Diameter11.97″ / 304 mm
Turntable PlatterWeight: 14.11 oz / 400 g
Material: Aluminum, Non-Magnetic
Output1 x Stereo RCA Pair
Tonearm TypeTHORENS TP 17
Effective Arm Length8.31″ / 211 mm
Offset Angle26°
Tracking Angle ErrorTangential: 0.15°/cm Radius
Overhang0.77″ / 19.5 mm
Tracking Force22.5 to 27.5 mN
Cartridge TypeTHORENS TAS 257
Frequency Range20 Hz to 18 kHz
Output Voltage4 mV / 5 cms-1 / 1 kHz
CapacitanceTonearm Leads and Audio Cables: 160 pF
Stylus TypeConical, DMS 251 S, 15 µm
ComplianceHorizontal: 16 µm / mN
Vertical: 18 µm / mN
Weight5 g
Power Requirements115 to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption1.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)16.54 x 4.69 x 14.17″ / 420 x 119 x 360 mm (Approximate)
Weight9.92 lb / 4.5 kg

Thorens TD 158 Turntables

The Thorens TD 158 turntable is a comfortable and fully automated record player with many new innovative features. Fully automatic, plug-n-play. It goes without saying it has an electronic speed control, a smooth tone-sculpting tonearm and last but not least an extremely high-quality vinyl covered tonearm. All these features combine to give the best performance on the market.

This player is designed to stand up to heavy use by any professional DJ. It will handle all your professional mixes and other jobs perfectly and leave you free to do what you like the most – scratch, loop or mix. It will also save you hours of work if you need to re-create a specific sound effect or a specific portion of a song. You don’t need to worry about getting it dirty while you are working.

The Thorens has always prided itself on producing the absolute best products in the industry and the TD 158 is no exception. Built to perform, this player is extremely sturdy. There are no worries about dropping it or breaking it as it comes with a rigid rubber feet and a steel shaft that can withstand dropping it from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. The rigid rubber feet make it very stable so it will be safe to leave it out doors.

The tonearm is manufactured using a high-end tonearm made from diamond. This gives precision and accuracy for every sound it records. No other high-end tonearm can be so accurate at such a low cost. The result is a perfect product that has the ability to reproduce every note accurately and cleanly.

The Thorens TD 158 is designed to record at high speeds. It also boasts a fast spinning speed, so even the slowest of music fans will be able to enjoy this player. Even the loudest of pop songs can be recorded with ease thanks to its large playing area. There is also an audio pause function so you can easily change tracks while your record.

If there’s one thing that really impresses me about the Thorens TD 158 turntable is the amount of memory it stores. At over two gigabytes it is the largest player on the market. By recording over forty hours of music, including many live performances, it stores all of the listener’s favorite songs and albums. If you’ve ever been in a position to witness a concert or performance with no access to the lyrics or audience banter, then you know what I’m talking about. This player is the best option for those who want a way to collect all of their music’s finest moments.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I just purchased a TD 158 and have been listening to it for about ten days. I’m astounded by the sound and elegant design, particularly coming from a “plug and play” turntable with such ease of setup and operation. Rutherford Audio is currently offering this unit for “299.00 & FREE Shipping”; that’s the price I paid. For $150, I immediately upgraded the stylus from OM 10 to OM 20. (from LP Gear). I’m hearing a lot of information that I didn’t hear on my recently retired Dual CS 5000 with the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge/stylus combo (roughly comparable cartridge/stylus combo to the OM 20). The CS 5000 “ought” to be a better turntable than the 158 since it was the classic one-time top entry in the Dual line and was more expensive ($500) even back in 1989 than the 158 is today (usually $400). (and may well feature stronger build quality). However, the 158’s effervescent overall sound holds its own against the 5000 in my opinion. What a surprise!

  2. I’ve had this turntable for two years and I’m very happy with it. When I replaced my receiver and speakers, I purchased it to replace my old top-of-the-line 25-year-old direct drive Dual. I had intended to use the Dual, but the tonearm had failed. I didn’t want to pay the big bucks on a high-end turntable, but I also didn’t want a cheap $100 one. I was initially disappointed by the light platter and the fact that you can’t change the tonearm, but my old albums in good condition and the new albums I’ve purchased sound perfect. (Actually, I was blown away by how amazing the first new album I purchased, Jack Johnson’s second album, sounded.) It’s right next to a speaker in my entertainment room, and there’s no input except at really loud levels. In reality, I’m listening to vinyl a lot more now than I would have thought two years ago. If you’re looking for a high-end audiophile turntable, this isn’t it. If you want a good automatic to replace your old worn out turntable that won’t break the bank and isn’t a cheap $100 piece of junk, I believe the TD 158 suits the bill.

  3. Forget the audiophile jargon. Forget all you’ve read about antique tables on the Hoffman and AudioKarma forums. Do you want an automatic table? Best wishes. Look for antique Thorens or Dual tables at estate sales. If you have the opportunity.

    If you have the means, you might also buy something on Ebay for $800 to $1000. Or, if it comes up on Google, go to Vinyl Nirvana.
    It’s a bluff, I’m sorry. He’s not trying to sell you anything. This 2015 Thorens is a rebadged Dual manufactured in the company’s Black Forest assembly plant that will serve you well if you are able to deal with the Dual cartridge that comes with it.

    Wasn’t that a piece of cake? You can now drink your Old World in your easy chair without having to go over and pick up the tone arm when your 17 1/2 minute side has timed out. It doesn’t have to be that tough, vinyl revivalists.

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