Teac LP-R550USB Turntable Demo

this video covers the technical aspects
of the Teac all-in-one stereo systems
including the lpar 450 our 500 our 550
USB and our 660 USB most of this video
may also apply to other similar Teac
systems including the lpar 400 MCD 800
and LP – P 1000 for a more general
review of these systems see the video on
my main youtube channel which will be
linked in the description in some parts
of this video you may see me use one of
these exumai so-called premium diamond
stylus clean this one i painted silver
to make it look fancier but would not
recommend using one of these this would
only be an upgrade if you have something
like a Crosley that came with one of
those cheap knockoff Chinese styling on
it because they don’t use very good
quality diamond in these styluses and in
this case a poor quality diamond stylus
is actually going to sound worse and be
harder on your records than a good
quality sapphire stylus and besides
these eggs ooby’s styli you’re paying 20
bucks for a pack of three when they’re
really the same thing as the ones you
can get for a little over a buck each
shipped directly to you from China on
eBay only difference is they paint them
gold and put them in a fancy package so
if you want to upgrade to a diamond
stylist don’t get one of these instead
get one of these I don’t have the
packaging for it but this is a fan steel
793 – d7m is cost about seven or eight
bucks on ebay and these use a good
quality diamond stylus much better than
these cheapo ones and for an even
greater sound quality improvement you
can get the LP gear Sarah preen blue
stylus it’s the highest quality styles
available for these ceramic cartridges
now normally for something like a
Crosley I would not recommend this
because you’ll never be able to hear the
improvement of those tiny little
speakers but for this system it
definitely is worth it
you want the best sound quality
as for the tracking force is 5.2 grams
which was within the recommended range
for the cartridge and stylus it’s
recommended at 5 grams so this is very
close and as I mentioned this is a
counterweighted 2-tone arm so it’s okay
to put the scale on top of those platter
does not affect the reading and as I
explained in my video but the Crosley
Cruiser stereo LP records were
originally designed for a tracking force
of 6 grams so a turntable like this is
tracking at around 5 grams will not ruin
your records yes a lighter tracking
force will make your records last longer
but the difference is not nearly as
great as you may be led to believe
unless you’re playing your records over
and over again hundreds of times you
probably won’t notice the difference and
it’s far more important for your records
longevity to take care of them properly
to keep them clean to handle them
properly to store them properly and of
course to replace your stylus before it
gets worn out as for the tonearm
alignment I don’t know how it looks on
camera but to my eyes that looks pretty
much dead on at this point at the outer
edge of the record and there it is at
the inner alignment point on this
Baerwald arc protractor I’ve added this
rubber platter mat it doesn’t come with
one it’s a plastic platter under there
the platter comes off these four rubber
bumpers which is what your record
actually rests on so it’s not gonna be
scratched by the plastic it’s actually
resting on rubber even if you don’t have
a platter mat but obviously I think it’s
much better to have a complete rubber
platter mat underneath your record
instead of just these little things and
you can just pull these out very easily
I got the platter mat on eBay and
unfortunately the seller only had one
however this appears to be identical to
the platter met that Teac included on
the LP – p1000 system so you should be
able to order this directly from Teac as
a spare part however my attempt to ask
them the part number and price of this
was unsuccessful they said they will get
back to me in a couple days but they
never did you
and use a standard platter mat however
it will hang off the edge a little bit
because the TX platter is a little bit
smaller than the typical size this is a
standard player mat from one of my old
turntables it’s 11 inches in diameter
while this one has 10 and a quarter
inches in diameter of course you could
just take one slightly larger once and
just cut it down to size and then it
would fit just fine one of the common
complaints with these TX systems is that
the turntable tends to play a little bit
too fast and there is a way to adjust
the speed does not require any special
tools although it does take a little bit
of dexterity the only tool you’ll need
is a small flat blade jeweler’s
screwdriver like this also you should
put your Stiles guard in place and lock
the tonearm down now you do not need to
remove the platter or the belt to remove
this whole mechanism you can get in most
little way out just by pulling up on it
you pull up on the tonearm part of it
first and then you can pull up on this
side it’s our hooks on then he can tilt
it up but you can’t take it out all the
way because there’s a clip holding it in
place which you have to release while
holding up the mechanism you can reach
in here you can see this clip you’ll
need to flip it vertical like that now
if you pull up on the entire thing you
can take it out now here’s the entire
turntable mechanism flipped up and if we
look here you can see the motor and a
circuit board next to it you can see
adjustment holes marked L&H low is 33
and 1/3 RPM high is 45 RPM and then this
separate adjustment here is 478 rpm now
you can stick in your small screwdriver
you’ll need to get through a rubber
gasket so there will be some resistance
but once you get through that you’ll be
able to reach the adjustment trimmer
inside the motor and there’s a slot in
it to let you adjust it so you need to
twist your screwdriver until you feel it
into that slot and then you can twist it
left or right to adjust the speed now if
you want to slow it down you twist it
left or counterclockwise or to speed it
up you twist it right or clockwise now
most of these seem to come from the
factory playing slightly fast on all
three speeds I don’t know why but that’s
the way it is with many of these record
players so what you do is you stick it
in you find that slot and then you twist
it slightly to the left about this much
see how much I’m moving it that should
be enough to get it lowered to exactly
the right speed for this one it may help
to have a little Phillips screwdriver
but you won’t need to worry about this
unless you’re playing 78 for 78 rpm the
adjustment works in the opposite
direction for example you turn it
counterclockwise to speed up the
turntable and turn it clockwise to slow
it down and that’s it hardest part is
releasing this clip now you can put your
turntable back in place just drop it
down about that far like that and then
you can reach in and flip that clip back
horizontal you know I just got to reach
back in with it partially reinstalled
and flip that clip there we go
don’t know if I caught that on camera
but when I flipped it horizontal again
before we fully reinstall the turntable
we can take a look inside the cassette
player mechanism there’s four screws on
the four corners you need to remove I
need to have this popped up because the
otherwise ill hit and then you pull up
you gotta kind of tilt it like that and
then you can pull it out and then you
have full access to your cassette player
mechanism there’s the same kind of speed
trimmer for the cassette motor so if you
find it’s playing slightly
a slightly too slow you can make the
same kind of adjustment on it or if you
ever need to replace the belts they look
fairly easy to get to there’s only two
belts it has a plastic flywheel so it’s
not exactly high quality you just gotta
handle it the same way to get back in
like that and that pops back into place
now it can reinstall the turntable all
the way this side you can hook under and
then it just basically drops into place
and you can feel it resting on its
Springs it is possible to remove the
back cover although there’s really no
reason to because access to the
turntable and cassette belts and speed
adjustments is done through the top but
if we peek inside you can see the
heatsink on the amplifier and as a
pretty decent size to power transformer
and if that looks like a standard power
connector and SATA cable on the CD drive
that’s because it is it really is just a
standard CD burner drive that you would
put in your computer has the same kind
of connections on it
one thing I discovered is that there is
actually a knockoff of these Teac
systems from encore technology they call
it the 7 in one CD recording home system
it looks very similar but it’s not an
exact copy
for example the controls and display are
different and cassette player is just a
slot-loading cheapo car mechanism stuck
on the side like you see on those very
cheap all-in-one systems and on the
other side is a second CD player
allowing you to make CD 2 CD copies
which is rather unusual but I don’t
think the quality of this system is
anywhere near as good as the TX systems

Teac LP-R550USB Turntable Specs

Turtable Section3-speed Turntable (33-1/3, 45, 78rpm)
Auto Return
Tape SectionCassette Tape Player
High/Normal Tape Positions
Play, Pause, FWD, REW Operation
USB SectionUSB Audio Out from Phono, CD, Tape, Tuner, AUX to PC
MP3/WMA/PCM* Recording on PC/Mac
CD Recorder SectionCD-R/RW Recording from Phono, Tape, Tuner, AUX
Drawer-type CD Recorder
Auto/Manual Track Increment
Rec Level Control for Analogue Source Recording
Repeat (1/ALL), Shuffle, 32-track Program Play
Output Power3.5W + 3.5W
Speakers2″-3/4 Full Range Cone x 2
Audio Inputx 1 (RCA)
Audio Outputx 1 (RCA)
USB Portx 1
Headphonex 1 (Stereo Mini)
Operation120V AC, 60Hz
Dimension (W x H x D)18-1/2″ x 9-1/16″ x 15-3/8″ ( 470 x 230 x 390 mm)
Weight24.3 lbs. (11.0 kg)

Teac LP-R550USB Turntables

Teac LP-R550USB Turntable is a great addition to any home studio. With an industry standard of CD quality, the Teac LP-R550USB can be used as a stand-alone record player, or with other audio equipment like mixers, speakers or headphones. This versatile, CD-quality turntable can also be used as a USB MIDI keyboard controller, a virtual console for popular computer games like Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy and Psychonauts. And because it has built-in sound processing abilities, this machine can play all sorts of music files including MP3s and Compact Discs. In other words, this is a machine that does it all!

Like many modern day CD recorders, the Teac LP-R550USB could also be used in the midst of a stand-up comedy performance, allowing audience members to use the headphones to listen to the jokes being delivered by the comedian. Of course, the benefits would lie in recording the show, not listening to it. However, for those who do want to hear the joke again, there is no problem. Because the Teac LP-R550USB digital record player comes with a built-in memory, there is no need for rewinding or recovering discs. That means no missed laughs!

The Teac LP-R550USB is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery, which can be changed out with a rechargeable alkaline battery. The alkaline batteries are quite a bit cheaper than the alkaline ones, but there is a disadvantage – you need to have an electrical outlet nearby, which means you may have to place the turntables on a flat surface or floor. However, there is no issue with connecting the audio input and output devices, and the fact that the audio input and output jacks are internally attached to the recording equipment means the cables are hidden from view. In addition, because the unit is small, it’s also easy to transport to and from shows without having to disassemble the entire unit.

The Teac LP-R550USB can also be used as a regular CD/DVD recorder because it is compatible with most standard home and car audio CDs, including most of the currently popular mainstream formats. When used this way, the Teac LP-R550USB is essentially a cheap version of the ubiquitous GarageBand software used to create digital music recordings. The Recording Control section allows you to make adjustments to the speed and balance of your recording. The front panel features a shortcut to the main menu, and a shortcut to the “Recording” option.

In addition to its basic functionality as a simple CD/DVD player, the Teac LP-R550USB also has a tonal arm. This tonal arm is what produces the sound used to play the recorded tracks on the Teac’s LCD screen. The tone arm also controls the volume level through the equalizer section. An adjustable tone control allows you to experiment with different sound effects.

Overall, the Teac LP-R550USB is an excellent compact recording studio that is perfect for those on the go. Since it can be used as a portable recording studio as well as a standalone tape recorder, theLP-R can be used as a versatile little all in one unit. For those who want to be able to record high quality audio recordings without having to spend a lot of time with their recording equipment, the Teac LP-R550USB is a great little piece of kit. The affordability of the Teac is also a major selling point; the cost of the recordable media is so affordable, you can buy more than one unit for use in your home. For those looking to take their recording to the next level, the Teac LP-R550USB is an excellent choice.

Teac LP-R550USB Turntable FAQ

Teac Bluetooth turntable

For those who seek to enjoy the best of hi-tech, Teac Bluetooth turntables are your best options. They will deliver superior performance for a long time without facing any kind of problems and are also very easy to operate. If you are looking to buy a high-end unit, it is advisable to get one from a renowned brand such as Teac.

Made in Japan, the Teac Bluetooth turntable comes with a built-in two-speaker unit with hi-fidelity audio capabilities. These are compatible with iPods and can be used with shuffle or CD playing capacity. The built-in Bluetooth receiver enables you to play MP3 songs and listen to your own music. In addition, the unit has a built-in radio which offers various control methods including talk-through, random play and repeat. The built-in phono cartridge and mono, mono, Line, and Bluetooth inputs provide hi-fi sound quality.

The built-in digital audio processor enables the unit to play all music files at high-fidelity with very low distortion. It also has excellent sonic clarity. When using the built-in speakers, the device exhibits lifelike audio quality with extended bass and audible clarity. The unit also utilizes Class A stereo amps for high power output, thereby providing you with maximum power for your money. It is also equipped with a software programmable equalizer for precise sound enhancement.

Teac turntable shelf system

The Teac Turntable Shelf System is a fantastic product for anyone who wants to be able to mix and match music. In addition to being able to listen to several types of music without having to go through the hassle of transferring CDs, each song can be heard clearly with clarity and accuracy on the unit. This is much more than just a standard turntable. A true audiophile sound is produced on this unit and you will not find another product that even comes close. In fact, some of the best sounding music is on units like this that are designed for professional use.

Many people who choose the teac turntable shelf system do so because they want to be able to afford an entire music collection in one location. Instead of haphazardly thumbing through multiple pieces of CD’s trying to locate the exact song they would like to hear, the system allows you to know exactly where to find each song. The shelf is sturdy and durable enough to hold heavy weight records without any risk of damage. The large storage space allows you to have more than two turntables in one convenient location.

The cost of the Teac Turntable Shelf System makes it a great investment for anyone who loves to listen to their music. Not only does it provide you with an entire library of music in one convenient location, but it also plays any type of CD you have and has a built in headphone so that you can listen to the music while you are away from home. The cost of this unit is low enough that you will not have any worries when it comes to making a sound judgment regarding its performance. It will play any piece of CD that you have and any style of CD that you have. You simply need to make sure that you have it on hand when you need it.

Teac USB turntable

For the individual who is looking for a high-quality, reliable digital audio recording device, without all of the bling that other brands present, the Teac USB Turntable is an excellent choice. Many audiophiles are relying on the USB capabilities of today’s technological market to record and playback audio wherever they are – whether it’s at home in the office, or even on the go. The fact that it is a stand-alone device makes it easy to use for those situations when you have to travel and are unable to keep your sound device with you at all times. The following is more information about this remarkable new product.

Teac is a stand-alone digital audio player that connects via a USB port to your home audio system. The convenience of plugging it into any compatible computer provides a hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite songs and audio files wherever you may be. This is the perfect way to make sure you always have some good old fashioned vinyl to play whenever the urge hits you!

As you can see, there are many positive aspects about the Teac USB turntable. However, there are also some negative things about it as well. The primary problem seems to be with poor quality components, which can be fixed by some careful shopping. Another problem seems to be compatibility with computers and laptops. In order to truly enjoy this piece of equipment, you will need a properly formatted computer to operate it in the best of conditions. It is a true winner when used with proper equipment, but not everyone can afford it!

Teac TN-550 turntable

Teac TN-550 Turntable provides users with a quality tonearm with dual-axis operation and true-to-life reproduction. It is designed to stand up to heavy use in recording studios and mastering studios. The tonearm utilizes heavy-duty spring engineering for heavy duty performance and supreme reliability. The tonearm features a high-definition digital control that is capable of fine-tuning high frequencies for ultimate performance, along with a variable-speed throttling control.

This tonearm is offered with built in controls for variable record speed and anti-skid operations. One unique feature of the Teac TN-550 turntable is that it can be configured for either direct or parallel operation. This versatility allows for true hi-fidelity performance wherever you are. The tonearm utilizes a heavy-duty dual-layered high-density maple glass with a tight diamond surround. The factory packaging is made of heavy-duty polystyrene and features an attractive aluminum outer skin.

With features such as high-density precision engineered maple glass, rugged dual-layering high-performance dual-axis operation, and variable speeds and automatic shutoff, the Teac TN-550 turntable is a great investment for your home music studio or recording studio. Purchasing high quality audio equipment is an important investment, and the Teac tonearm is one step above the rest. These record players offer professional sound at an affordable price. In addition, they are built to last. So if you want the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Teac TN-300 analog turntable

For the discriminating buyer looking for an affordable unit, the Teac TN-300 analog turntable can be perfect. The stylish matte black unit features high-resolution imaging and is loaded with features geared towards those who demand it. If you are looking for a unit that can rip vinyl record covers or rip CDs, the Teac brand is one of your best options. The price is right for an ATR (analogue thermo-transistor controlled) unit and you can expect quality performance from a unit that costs less than one hundred dollars.

The Teac TN-300 analog turntable comes with two tonearm slots (one mono), a deck that supports both Phonosimetry and MPS (mother board direct). The tonearm adjustments are smooth and user-friendly and the included MM phono preamp makes connecting the audio system simple. The built-in line out is perfect for connecting to the speakers as is the front panel LCD screen. Transfer records from your favorite vinyl records to a computer or CD with the included USB digital input.

Some of the best turntables on the market today combine state-of-the-art technology with affordability, making them desirable for every serious audio enthusiast. For the best value in a belt-drive turntable, choose the Teac TN-300 analog turntable. These machines offer precision sound reproduction for all types of consumers looking to build a collection of records. With a large variety of models to choose from (including some that aren’t belt-drive) you are certain to find the right machine that will work with your budget.

Teac TN-200 turntable

Teac TN-200 Turntables has a ton of great features and benefits that you can use to make your vinyl record collection even better. If you are looking for a really good turntable with excellent build quality, reliable operation, high levels of reliability, and a lot of great features, then you need to check out the Teac Turntables. There are some really cool features that this unit has that other brands do not have. Some of them that you should look for include:

One cool feature that this unit also has that others do not have is the ability to connect your computer up to your home sound system through it. If you love to listen to your music player while you are at home, but you hate the earbud headphones, and do not want to be confined by those wires either, then you will love the ability to use your turntables through your home sound system. I know how annoying it can be when you have to take those Bluetooth headphones out in order to listen to your music. But, with the Teac tn-200 turntable, you can enjoy all the great functions that it has, without the hassle of having to deal with those wires.

The best way to see how a unit like this performs is to read a Teac TN-200 turntable review. There are several different reviews on this particular unit, and each review will tell you much better information about this turntable than what you can find from just the product description. It is very important that you check out a ton of different reviews before you make any decision whatsoever. You want to end up with the perfect unit for your home, and with the high quality sound that this unit provides, you will definitely want to do just that.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This is incredible! For years, I’ve been trying to find out how to digitize my 50-year-old vinyl collection without using a machine, and this suits the bill perfectly. It took me a few blank discs to figure out the order of the steps (because the directions are terrible), but it’s all good now. I also like the input volume/record level control because some of those 60s tunes were recorded at such high volumes that they distort. It’s also convenient to have an integrated cassette player so I can move my cassette singles to my MP3 album. I highly recommend it! There are a number of minor annoyances to mention: 1) the device is all plastic, so it absorbs a lot of dust/lint (a rayon dust cover and canned air help), and 2) the weighted end of the arm is right next to the cue control, and it’s all too easy to accidentally hit the position of the needle if you’re not careful).

  2. Really good for recording from vinyl to CD. Before I purchased it, I inquired about auto-tracking and received conflicting responses. I’m replacing an old recorder that required you to hover over the phono at the end of a song, stop the recorder, reset the needle at the end of the previous song, and restart the recording for the next track. This one lets you use your remote to end a track and start the next one. This worked well with most tracks, but I recorded one album with a shorter silent period between songs, and there wasn’t enough time to pause and restart, so the next song was missing the first note. This was vital to me, so I stopped, pushed the needle back a few seconds, and restarted it, just like I used to do with my old one. However, using the remote is even more convenient.

    The one significant disadvantage is that there is no CD to CD record setting, like my old one had, but you can record from an external CD Through to auxiliary setting. That is something I have yet to do.

    Someone else commented that the arm seemed flimsy, but that it played well, and I agree. My only issue with the arm was a slightly distorted record. With a distorted record, the arm did not have enough weight to remain securely in the groove, so I used a rubber band to tie a small weight to the arm, which worked perfectly. I removed it after finishing the warped set.

  3. Since receiving my Teac LP-R550USB CD recorder, I’ve played the LPs, cassette tapes, CDs, and radio to ensure that everything was in working order. Then I transferred one of my LP vinyl records to a CD and was very happy with the outcome. My next move was to convert a cassette tape to a CD, and I was once again satisfied with the results. The instructions are simple to follow, and I am pleased with my purchase, which allows me to record some of my records and tapes to CDs.

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