Stanton T92 Turntable Demo

hey what’s up everyone’s DJ Zeus I am
doing a video review of the Staunton t92
USB or T dot ninety two USB turntable
have this turntable now since February
it is now about to be August so I’ve had
it for a few months I love it
I love the price on it is only leave us
to $99.99 something like that so around
three hundred dollar price range pretty
good turntable I was a little skeptical
about it at first only because I hadn’t
used this one you know that’s kind of
like one of those cheapy direct-drive
turntable x’ but it’s actually really
good and it is comparable to the
technics 1200 turntables and I do say
that because with experience form using
techniques I’ve also previously owned
the nieuwmarkt TT 500 and the Newmark TT
x USB my friend one of my friends
actually has Stanton T 50 turntables
so obviously the bigger brother of this
one which has more torque more power so
unlike that but um I have the play off
for a reason because I wanted to show
you kind of what it looks like on the
inside this is the little spindle and I
don’t know if you’d be able to see it
actually spinning but that’s basically
what moves the platter only gripe that I
have about this turntable is that
sometimes you can hear the motor a
little bit but not while you’re playing
music obviously because that’ll cancel
any sounds that are coming from this but
if you’re in a really really quiet
setting I do hear the motor motor a
little bit
it hasn’t reflected on any of the
recordings that I’ve made as far as my
mixes go so that’s fine like you know a
little bit of sound from here never hurt
so anyways how it looks with the platter
on it’s got that technics look to it not
really trying to compare this to the
techniques but we can review turntables
I mean that’s the one that you have to
prepare too so right here we have a
motor on/off switch and this actually
just controls whether or not the motor
is you know is on or off when you hit
the start/stop button it’s also really
good for power downs the actual power
switch is right here on the back which
is cool but it kind of sucks because if
you have these in cases that means you
have to lift the case the turntable out
of the case you turn off the power
switch or if you have everything
connected to one thing like a power
strip such as this you can always just
turn off the power from there it’s not
really that big of an issue so coming
back to the back here they have the
removable RCA cable input phono inline
switch a USB import
I mean input and it comes with a cd-rom
software so you can digitally record
your vinyls onto you know either into
mp3 file or WAV file or whatever I
haven’t used the program so I really
don’t know what kind of formats you can
format in music to only because most of
my records were already digitally
recorded when I got my TTX I mean my TT
500 and that was several years ago also
has a digital output so and then of
course your air we have the power switch
coming to the bottom and the of the
turntable itself just to kind of give
you an idea of what it looks like it’s
kind of like than an aluminum bottom
which is okay I’d rather choose a
rubberized bottom just like the TT 500
and TTX heads just so it absorbs a
little more of the sound our base but if
you’re using Serato that’s not really
going to matter anyways it’ll just go
into how well your needle picks up the
vibrations and reads the waveform in
throttle so we have the legs which are
kind of you know they could adjust to
different heights and stuff like that
that was good
so this turntable does come with its own
slip mat to stansson slip mat which i
recommend you replace but it’s kind of
thick and of course nothing beats butter
rug but that’s just my opinion
so turning on the turntable put make
sure the motors on if start/stop switch
on both left and right hand sides
so we also have the 33 45 RPM and if you
press both of them 78 rpm we also have
the adapter for your 45s and a little
holder things it all sounds a little
hole for an additional cartridge does
come with this stacked in head shell
which I had attached the sugar M 44 7
needle I was set up in battle or not
battle but scratch style I guess you can
say I have it at an angle to reflect
that straight tone arm type of feel so
if you set it up this way you know also
have the counterweight right here this
is just your normal count counterweight
if you set it up the way that sure tells
you to set it up for scratching you know
make sure it’s flush with the post right
here and then set it up at the thirty
thirty degree angle or pressure is 33
degree then it’s pretty much flawless
with scratching you won’t get any bumps
or skips or anything like that even if
you have it in absolute mode within
cerrado and I’m running Serato DJ just
switched over from scratch live only
because I feel that the responsiveness
is a lot better but I’ll get into that
in another review
so just to play something to kind of
give you an idea of the pickup of this
turntable so quick stop
pickup’s okay it’s not bad it’s not as
good as a you know Newmark TTX or
stanton t-150 but it’s it’s it’s fairly
decent this is comparable to a
techniques also the platter for those of
you who are wondering if this has enough
torque to you know to work with
scratching and stuff like that it does
it is very comparable to a techniques
1200 like I said I have friends who have
the techniques 1200 some of them have
used this turntable and say that they’re
fairly comparable so also I have over
burst but button there’s kind of a
little bit of a lag when you press it so
just give you an example
and that’s mostly because you know the
the torque on this more is like 1.6
kilogram something like that so here’s
the pitch control we have a plus and
negative 8% and you have a pitch
selector right here we also have a 12%
selection so back to the eight we have a
pitch lock press that you’ll be at zero
no matter if you’re plus or negative it
will stay at zero there is no click from
the negative to the positive but as you
can see the LED lights up when you are
in the zero position it also has a key
lock another thing that I kind of
dislike about this turntable is there’s
no pop-up light and no option to add a
pop-up light just like some of the other
turntables where it’s kind of like an
RCA input pop-up light with it I mean it
doesn’t pop up but you know at least
have the option to put a light in what
this one does not have one here’s the
tonearm it’s an S shaped tone arm made
of aluminum it does not have high
adjustment or it’s kind of sucked but as
you can see it’s it’s you know fairly
decent pretty straight with the
turntable anti-skate up to seven grams
obviously if you’re scratching you want
to set it to zero but yeah that’s oh
yeah and then also another thing that I
like is the sides got that rubberized
feel kind of like the back of the
BlackBerry phones
I don’t know what else what other phones
have this type of feeling but if you’ve
ever owned a blackberry and you had that
black rubberized feel to it that’s kind
of what this thing feels like so it’s
pretty solid turntable not very heavy I
want to say it’s about 20 pounds
soon about twenty twenty-five pounds or
so so it’s not very heavy
I mean it’s heavy for what it is but for
the price range this is a really good
turntable I want to say it’s probably
the best mid-range turntable that’s out
there especially for its price point
like I said it is comparable to the
technics 1200 so if you’re looking to
pick one of these up you know hit up you
know your local DJ sales places or
whatever so yeah anyways enough with the
rambling that’s that’s my take on it
really good turntable pliers is um it’s
really good isn’t like as you can see
I’m resting my hand on it there’s no
drag obviously if you press down on it
it will stop it but that’s only because
it doesn’t have the torque like it’s all
like it’s bigger better the t-150 or you
know the Newmark TTX or anything like
that so or some of the other turntables
with the four point five kilograms of
torque so anyways that’s my review and I
hope you enjoyed it
our next review is going to be on this
little thing here
the DNX Denon DX 120 and I’ll get into
that later

Stanton T92 Turntable Specs

Output ConnectorsUSB, Phono/Line, and SPDIF
MotorDirect Drive/8-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor
Turntable Platter13″ / 332 mm aluminum die-cast
Tone ArmStatic balanced S-Shape tonearm
TorqueStarting Torque: More than 1.6
Tracking Force0 to 0.1 oz / 0 to 3 g
Speeds33.3, 45, 78 rpm
Pitch Control Range±8%, ±12%
Wow and FlutterLess than 0.15% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33.3 rpm
Signal-to-Noise RatioLine <-65 dB
Digital Output(SPDIF) 0.5 V p-p (Load: 75 Ohms)
DimensionsEffective Arm Length: 9″ / 230.5 mm
WeightApplicable Cartridge Weight: 0.1 to 0.14 oz / 3 to 4 g

Stanton T92 Turntables

The Stanton T92 turntable is a high-quality, professional model with high-torque, direct drive motor and an audio interface, combining both the latest technology with a timeless style that cannot be found elsewhere. The Stanton T92 USB is designed for maximum performance with the inclusion of Key Lock technology, a new feature which allows DJs to manually adjust the rate of a record whilst keeping tabs on how the rhythm of the song changes. This gives the DJ the ability to mix the song to a tempo most suitable for the song. Using Key Lock, the DJ can also increase or decrease the level of bass and other attack frequencies, allowing for an organic feel to the sound, as opposed to a strict, rigid hi-hat drum beat. Using both audio interfaces and the all-important Key Lock, this unit provides a true professional performance, featuring all the benefits of an iPod, yet at half the cost!

This is Stanton T92 MP3 USB keyboard and headphone combo offers hi-hat triggering of sound via compatible headphones, and is compatible with the St Stanton THX certified sound systems. Equally at home on the dance floor or in the office, the T92 gives you the ability to perform wherever you are, and at whatever time, allowing you to practice and hone your skills at home and in the clubs. The included VST software program and controller enable the user to combine different styles of mixing and scratching, allowing for complete control over sound parameters. This versatility means that the T92 can be used in place of a large mixer, enabling the DJ to change tracks without worrying about connecting and disconnecting multiple cables. In addition, the included media storage and onboard gig bag add further functionality to this stuttering equipment.

DJs who are looking for the best turntables for the job can consider the Stanton T92 February 21st Edition. It is a modern design that incorporates state-of-the-art technology. This stuttering keyboard by all means meets the demands of modern DJs. It features a high density polycarbonate tonearm for maximum durability and reliability, as well as velocity sensitive scratching controls. This edition also features velocity gating on both the left and right channels, whilst also featuring a wide range of effects, scratching abilities and bass sounds.

For top-notch sound reproduction and professional quality performance, consider the Stanton T92 Heavy Duty VST Interface. This interface is a direct result of years of extensive research, as it incorporates the best of traditional vinyl record players with the latest technology. With this stuttering equipment, you can enjoy better performance from your DJ mixes, as well as a greater compatibility between one another. This version of the T 92 features both phasing options and scratching mechanisms.

In terms of the Stanton T92’s tonal capabilities, a number of professional djs have expressed their satisfaction over the years. According to them, it has an incredible ability to reproduce high quality vinyl records while at the same time producing a clearer and louder sound. They further expressed their delight over the higher torque this stuttering console offers. With a higher torque motor, the T92 will also be able to handle tough hits that would usually destroy lesser-priced turntables.

The Stanton T92 is the best turntables available in the market that every pro DJ should consider. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, ensure that you check out the review section and forums online. Find out about the different features, pros and cons of each model. Compare prices and take advantage of promotions so that you can save some money.

Stanton T92 Turntable FAQ

Stanton USB turntable

A Stanton USB turntable review will show you that I was not impressed with this record player. The build quality felt flimsy and the finish disintegrated after only a few weeks of use. The warranty for this product was only for one year and even then it was limited to normal operation only. I decided to return it in that time period because I found out how easy it is to find replacement parts online.

Aftermarket audio equipment is often a rip off, but this device was no different. The tonearm quickly loses support and the electronic readout on the LCD screen was difficult to read at times. This is especially embarrassing when you are recording a high quality demo as the sound will come through too loud and will require some adjusting. With the help of a follow guide you can adjust the volume while recording and this helped me focus more on the tones rather than the speed.

The Stanton USB turntable lacks a function to change the pitch of the CD which makes it quite useless for people who like to vary the sound of their music. If you are looking for a USB turntable with several turntables incorporated into it you may want to think twice about this option. If you want the convenience of a built in preamp as well as the ability to connect via a USB or MIDI cable the St Stanton USB turntable is an excellent option. However, if you have several computers in your household you may be better off getting a USB interface with a MIDI input so that each computer can connect to it on its own. This way you can change the pitch of the CD in each computer while the other is still recording.

Stanton DJ turntable

The Stanton DJ turntables are designed by Charles “Mask” Stanton, who is one of the leading manufacturers of professional DJ equipment. The company produces both deck and console type DJs for home, school and corporate entertainment. One of the more popular models is the Stanton DJ deck and mixers. It is relatively easy to see why it is so popular with professionals. Here we will take a look at how the Stanton DJ deck can be used to enhance your personal DJ collection.

The Stanton DJ deck is built around two high-quality components which are designed to give you the smoothest tracking and sound effects. Its slick urethane finish combined with rugged construction make it a great choice for venue duty or recording applications, where live backstage backing and cueing are needed. The anti-skid surface that it is offered with also makes it very comfortable to play and slide on for hours at a time. In addition, this style of turntable also features a front loading system, so all you need is a standard CD player for your DJ setup. This means that all of your mixes, whether they are done through vinyl or CD will be stored safely inside your Stanton DJ deck.

As for the quality of the sound, the Stanton decks feature two separate high-frequency channels along with a wide range of low-frequency channels. This ensures that you can get the best possible sound for any type of music, whether you are spinning club hits or smooth jazz tracks. The anti-skid surface of the deck also helps you maneuver quickly, accurately and effectively through all types of surfaces. All of these features combined mean that you are getting the ultimate in equipment for your turntables.

Stanton direct drive turntable

The Stanton direct drive turntable has been around for a long time. It was very popular with artists and even Jazz musicians during the early nineteen eighties. When I saw the Tremolo/tone on the front of the unit, I knew this would be a good purchase. Since that time the product has continued to grow in popularity and is still very popular with musical enthusiasts and those that like to groove to hard-driving beats.

One thing about this unit that makes it so popular is the ease of use. Even if you are not a professional or a music lover, you can easily maneuver this unit and take it wherever you go. Even if you are traveling from place to place, you can take your record, plug it into this unit, turn it on, and begin to record your next great beat. It’s a simple process that takes all day to complete if you are a professional but it can be completed in a matter of minutes with this unit. When it comes down to it, if you have a great beat, you should have no problem finding someone to record it for you.

If you are looking for a unit that will last for years to come, the Stanton direct drive turntables are a great choice. There are a lot of other types on the market today, but this is still one of the best on the market for consumers. If you have been looking for a product that will allow you to get the sound you want, take that little black CD sound and add it to some live performances, the next step is to find the right unit to do it all. With the Stanton direct drive turntables, you won’t have to worry about that at all.

Stanton T80 turntable

If you are looking for a reliable tool to use in your music production, then the Stanton T80 Turntable is what you need. With its ruggedly designed construction and powerful capabilities, the T80 is definitely one machine that will give you all the convenience and value that you would want. The machine comes with a standard size deck that is capable of storing two to four records at a time. This makes it easier for you to perform complex record procedures such as scratching, adding scratches and mix balancing without worrying about losing your work. You can also choose from a wide array of sounds that are pre-recorded on the disc, including rock, rap, jazz and many more genres that you can feel confident in playing since they are almost identical to the original recorded tracks.

The built-in sound card enables you to plug-in your favorite instrument or even make use of the latest virtual instruments that are available for use with the T80. All of these features and more are possible thanks to the various programs and software that are incorporated into the unit. There is a wide range of options that you can access, so that you can customize your T80 to suit your own needs. Also, because this is an electronic device, it makes it easy for you to clean it up after usage in case some dust finds its way on the unit.

Stanton T62 turntable

The Stanton Tindal turntable is a direct drive turntable that is very impressive, both in terms of sound and performance. This direct drive system allows the user to control the speed of the machine from a button, making it easy to get the perfect tone every time. The user also has the option to vary the pitch of his or her voice, which is an ideal way for beginners to ease into the world of turntables without having to use a lot of force or training equipment. The direct drive system is also designed with a foot-pedal design, allowing users to turn up the volume at will, and this feature is especially useful when DJing as there is no need to worry about striking the right note.

When looking for a new piece of equipment, it is important to ensure that it offers all the features that you are looking for in both sound quality and value. Although the T Malone is modern and offers a wide range of features, some of its features are more advanced than others. This means that it is important to consider the type of material that the dust cover is made from, as this will determine the longevity of the unit. All of the djs that use Stanton T62 turntables have been designed to use the RCA cables, which provide high quality sound and allow the DJ to easily change tracks without affecting any cables that may be on the decks.

One of the best selling points of the Tival T62 turntable is the fact that it is designed to run on a low duty but powerful motor. This means that the system should last for many years and that in the long run, it will perform just as well as many of the units that are much more expensive. It is important to note that the St Stanton T62/ORTI combo model is one of the cheapest mixers that is available in the direct drive range of turntables. This is especially good news for consumers who need the sound quality but do not want to spend too much money on a sound system.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. First and foremost, I should state that I am not using this for scratching or DJ work, so I cannot comment on its capabilities in those capacities. However, I used to sell audiophile equipment, so I’m familiar with high-end turntables and their output.

    This turntable is absolutely perfect for listening to vinyl. I assume that certain negative reviews are the result of a faulty unit or a failure to understand proper setups.

    The sound:
    My unit was simple to set up, and the sound is fantastic. I’m using it in conjunction with a Stanton M203 DJ Mixer, and I’m using the turntable preamp in that machine rather than the turntable’s internal one. Since the sound is amazing, this seems to be the match the vendor used for engineering and testing. The bass is vivid even without any EQ, and the overall sound is balanced and crystal clear.

    The tracking:
    The monitoring is extremely accurate. Stanton suggests 2-5 grams. The stylus, which is 3 g in weight and anti-skate, rides the grooves perfectly at every section of the song. I have friends that have low-end turntables that have issues with skipping and noise isolation; this has none. You can easily turn up the volume and stomp around the room. Despite the fact that it is direct drive, there are no motor sounds in the mix, so it is as quiet as a belt drive.

    The cartridge:
    I’m going to stick with the included Stanton 500.v3. The sound and tracking are as good as I’ve heard, and I don’t want to mess with the manufacturer’s design because they seem to have matched things nicely.

    The software:
    On my first attempt, I used Audacity to record a song from an old record, then used iZotope to clean it up and delete the pops (using a Mac). The cleanup performed as well as or better than any other program I’ve used for this purpose.

    Technical issues:
    I discovered a few issues that I quickly got around, but which could trigger concern or return from other buyers. After the initial setup, the observed cutting out of one channel was present in my device. The issue was solved by firmly removing and reseating the headshell. It was just regular storage glaze on the contacts. In addition, when I tried to connect the USB output to my monitor, which has an audio output to the same sound system, I got a nasty hum from a ground loop I made. It’s a simple fix; just don’t do it.

    In conclusion:
    Connect the device correctly, reseat the headshell a few times, and you’ll have an experience that would usually cost twice or three times as much. Again, I’m not a DJ, but for the average listener, this is easily on par with the old Technics turntables we all battled over.

  2. I chose this machine as a replacement for my 40-year-old Dual. The sound quality is excellent, equivalent to that of the Dual. The USB port is also a plus. It just couldn’t be beat at $199. I see the price has now risen to nearly $300. At that price, I’m not sure I’d buy it.

    The positive:
    * Contains a good cartridge and stylus (worth around $40 in and of itself)
    * There’s a lot of mass on the turntable platter.
    * The counterweight and anti-skating controls both work properly.
    * The USB output functions properly.
    * The built-in preamplifier can be switched on or off. If your pre-amp or receiver has or does not have a phono input, this is a useful function.
    * Pitch control and strobe seem to work properly.
    * Three different speeds (lots of turntables only have two)
    * Relatively simple to set up, particularly if you’ve worked with turntables before.
    * The controls are nicely laid out.
    * Peace and quiet
    * Excellent audio quality
    * The whole unit has a lovely industrial look to it.

    Not so great:
    * There are no scaling controls, which is a slight inconvenience.
    * Although the cloth dust cover is useful, I’d prefer to have the option of purchasing a hard acrylic cover or something similar. Stanton does not produce one; maybe a third-party vendor will do so soon.
    * The included program isn’t great, but I didn’t expect it to be.
    * If you download the owner’s manual from Stanton’s website, you’ll see in one of the illustrations that the machine has a tone-arm raising lever. That is incorrect; this unit does not have one. (This isn’t a big deal for me, but it’s a little misleading.)
    * The included USB cable is very short; I believe most people will need something at least a couple of feet longer.

  3. I hooked up the T92 to my Yamaha and have already begun to enjoy an excellent sound! My old Kenwood turntable has been replaced, and my house now sounds like a true Disco.

    Excellent sound response in the bass and treble ranges. This turntable is sturdy and well-made.

    One thing that should be improved is the AC outlet, as it is very possible to unintentionally detach the ac cable.

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