Sony PS-LX300USB Turntable Demo

hey everyone out there I’m gonna do a
quick review of this PS Alex 300 USB
Sony turntable that allows you to
convert to your albums to mp3s or some
other format
Terk table right here it’s pretty
lightweight you have a couple of
settings in the back you have a photo
online if you have a photo connection on
your receiver you’d use that connection
if you don’t use lines you use the phone
out when you are trying to when you are
converting your your albums or 45s to
your computer for mp3s core power cord
USB this is how you connect with the
computer the inside this only plays 45s
and 33 speed albums
it doesn’t play 78 it has the adapter
for your 45 speed records and then you
need to change your speed and your size
there’s a few things missing on this
there’s no tone arm balance on a higher
in turntable there’s no anti skating
adjustment and this is not missing you
can’t change the stylus and supposedly
you can change it with something else
it’s better but done I think I would
recommend changing it to the factory
stylus again when you go
the stylist I’ve heard different reviews
some with great styluses even better
sound but they they don’t last as long
as the factory replacement stylist but
now we’re just gonna get into the
software so now we’re just going to try
to convert one of these 45s to a mp3
using the included software which it
sounds Forge I know and there are newer
versions of that anyone on the back of
this so you’ll have your USB connection
and you’ll just plug in the US included
USB cable and then the other side of
this goes to your computer into one u.s.
and just be slots you’ll have your your
45 with the adapter right here you can
take that off if you’re going to do 33
speed record and then you just have to
make sure you have the right size
selected here and the right speed
selected over here we’re just going to
do a cert clip we have our start/stop
but I’m not going to start stop and here
I just want to do a little clip so I’m
going to let it go down so this is the
sound for software and you get the
record and then you get this and here
and I’m using all default settings and
so it’s recording now when I’m ready to
stop I’ll just say I can either hit stop
and then I can close this dialogue again
and here’s Jeff and and we can play this
back and play this back one thing you’ll
want to make sure you do is bring up
your sound settings and make sure you
select as your inferred device this USB
audio codec which represents your
and last but not least so connecting it
to your receiver if you have one I’m
just doing it to a line in
but that’s it
unfortunately the other side of this
line that goes to the turntable isn’t
removable it’s permanent so if anything
happens to this cable you’re kind of
closed so that’s it for this Sony yes
Alex 300 USB turn devil review hope you
enjoyed the review
if you did thumbs up and subscribe to my
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videos like this and see you next time

Sony PS-LX300USB Turntable Specs

Speeds33 1/3 and 45 RPM
Output ConnectorsL/R RCA Phono
USB Output
Wow and Flutter0.25% (WRMS)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio50dB
CompatibilityIBM PC/AT or Compatible Computers
Windows Vista: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 or Higher
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or Higher
Power Requirements110VAC, 60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)15.7 x 3.9 x 13.5″ (420 x 100 x 342mm)
Weight6 lbs (2.7kg)

Sony PS-LX300USB Turntables

Sony PS-LX300USB Turntable is the latest addition to the ever growing list of Sony electronic devices. This powerful little unit can be used in your home, at work or even on the go. This is an excellent choice for people who love music and enjoy listening to it at high volumes. The built in stereo headphones make for a comfortable listening experience while you enjoy your favorite tunes. There is no need to worry about the sound quality either.

Sony PS-LX300USB Turntable is powerful equipment designed to play all your favorite songs. You can use this unit with the revolutionary controller, which is included in the package. A built in digital equalizer offers you excellent sound clarity. The built in speakers allow you to enjoy music from a wide variety of sources including your personal computer system and home sound systems.

If you are shopping for a car audio system then the Sony PS-LX300USB is a perfect choice for you. It is a very powerful unit that features state of the art technology. Some of the features include an auto turn-on feature, record and play function, record and playback function, tone control, bass boost, treble boost, subwoofer output, left and right speaker controls, rear speaker output, mono output and front speaker outputs. There is also a dock connector for the use with the portable audio device like your MP3 player.

This unit has been designed to cater to all your audio and multimedia needs. Sony has spent considerable time to incorporate all the latest technologies in this product. This means you will get the very best in terms of sound quality. With such a large number of functions that are packed into one small beautiful looking unit, you will surely find this a superior car audio system. You can enjoy hands-free operation of this unit thanks to the touch screen interface that is also incorporated into it.

Sony PS-LX300USB comes with a surround sound speaker designed to perfection. You can expect extremely clear and crisp audio from these speakers. You will also get a built-in subwoofer, so you can enjoy even more superior sounding car audio. If you are looking for a unit with all the functionality and style to match your taste, then take a look at this.

When it comes to Sony PS-LX300USB audio systems, you are definitely going to find something that is just perfect for you. This is a brand that knows what it wants and goes for it. Therefore, you do not have to worry about choosing a system for your car. You will receive excellent quality and you will be happy with the final result.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The standard for the price was pleasantly surprising! Many other labels cost two to three times as much. The USB interface for recording to a PC that comes with Sony SoundForge works extremely well and has even restored a few damaged recordings. Simple to use and well-designed. It may not be the most visually appealing, but it is a reliable record player.

  2. The best thing about this record player is that it is easy to use and of decent quality for what I need it to do. I like that there is a built-in pre-amp, because someone who is just getting into this and isn’t quite ready to drop a large sum of money on a higher grade device can get this and a pair of speakers and it’s ready to play.

    One disadvantage of this particular setup is that, although the stylus can be modified, the cartridge cannot, unless any soldering is done. In addition, instead of having a set built in, I would have preferred to use my own RCA cables.

    It’s a fantastic record player, and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  3. It works well and has brought new life to my old record collection. Just make sure you choose “line” rather than “phono” to get a strong enough signal to hear with your newer receiver technology. It’s perfect for my Bose Lifestyle V35 setup. This was revised because I never read manuals or directions. I’ve been having problems with a phono pre-amp I purchased. I get feedback in between songs. I tried everything to get rid of it and eventually started asking questions in Phono forums and other places. Someone suggested connecting directly to my Bose system via “panel.” That’s it! The sound quality has improved, and there is no humming feedback between songs. The good news is that this turntable comes equipped with its own preamp! That is something I wish I had known a year ago. For me, the importance of this device increased. Great purchase, great sound, don’t forget to set the performance to “LINE” and have fun!

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