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Rega Planar 1 vs Rega Planar 2 Features and Differences

hello YouTube this is Mike from Hudson
Valley hi-fi back with another short
video little information on Riga planar
one and Riga planar two and the
differences between these two tables
they are very popular and probably
because of their price points planar one
in planar two there’s about a 200 dollar
difference between these two turntables
and they sort of share a lot of the same
traits with each other
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questions so let’s get into it here so
planar one planar two planar two is a
model that came back in 2016 previously
the line from Riga was the RP series RP
1 RP 3 and there was this little void
there something in the middle that you
know Riga didn’t offer so they had
upgrade kits for planar one which at the
time was the RP one where you could sort
of get the table almost to what planar 2
now is but in 2016 planar 2 came out
when the new planar one plane or two
planar three all the way up to six eight
ten when that was models were you know
brought out and debuted planar two
became a model again and it had been a
model in the past so it sort of made
sense so what are the differences
right off the bat these two are
obviously two different colors but they
are both offered in black or white
planar two also has quite attractive red
it’s like a fire engine red that it’s
offered in really sharp but it’s some of
the little less obvious things that make
planar two better than planar one planar
one is a phenomenal beginner turntable
if you’re getting into vinyl you’re
starting out you want
something that’s high quality made in
no no real you know compromises in terms
of quality anywhere this tables built
very well both of these come with felt
mats same thickness as well
planar three is a thicker wool mat this
planar one you have a they call it a
composite or phenolic platter it’s a
plastic material that makes the platter
very very simple and it uses the rb1 ten
arm so this is the army 110 arm from
Riga you can see they all have cueing
levers if I can get into focus there for
you yep
they all come with cueing levers that’s
built into the arm now the RB 110 is an
aluminum tube and there’s a little
segmentation at the end it’s not a
removable head shell Riga does not make
a removable head shell and it comes with
a pre mounted Riga carbon cartridge
which I believe if I’m wrong I will
correct in the video I believe is a
rebranded audio technica cartridge it’s
one of the only Riga carts that Riga
does not actually produce in their you
know Factory in Essex England so both
tables whether it’s a planer one plane
or two both come with that same Riga
carbon cartridge to get you started out
I mean that’s that’s really the starting
point you know four cartridges many many
of my customers for planar one and two
they upgrade the cartridge that’s the
number one upgrade no doubt so like I
said it does have the plastic platter
remove that for a second and it has the
plastic sub platter underneath so that
is your planer one and both tables also
come with the same RCA cables very
simple interconnect
one meter both tables have that same
interconnect and just as a reminder with
rega turntables they are not easily
replaced that is one thing that they’ve
always done the arm the continuous
wiring from the arm right into the RCA
interconnect is all one solid piece
no segmentations no Jack’s no plugs
which is pretty smart engineering to
more segmentations the more contacts you
know the more chance of signal failure
so that is planar one kind of in a
move on the plane or to take the the mat
off here so you can get a view of that
first thing that pops out obviously
planar two comes with the 10 millimeter
glass platter as opposed to the plastic
platter platters in turntables make kind
of a tremendous tremendous difference
you know some guys will say it’s you
know oh well you know they if you put a
mat on it does it really matter yes yes
it absolutely does different platters
will resonate differently and Regas sort
of their mantra is to use a lightweight
plinth with sort of a heavier platter
and different materials that reduce
vibration so the glasses actually does
have pretty big purpose in reducing you
know vibration up to the arm same sub
platter same belt this has the basic
black belt as you move up planar three
up into planar six you start to see the
white reference level belt it’s a little
softer of a material same motor both of
these share the 24 volt motor and they
utilize the 24 volt wall wart from Riga
and we do have some upgrade options they
are aftermarket
you know for the power supply to get
away from the wall work so obviously the
glass platter is the big thing that you
see when you look at these two tables
but one of the biggest upgrades from
planar one it’s a plane or two and it’s
one thing that you really can’t add on
to a planer one since the platter is 95
dollars you can buy that as
an aftermarket part or as a factory OEM
part from Riga so you can add that
so why $200 difference between planar
one planer – the big answer is the arm
the arm on the planer – is the RB – 20
series arm which is a solid arm there is
no segmentation the arm tube is one
continuous piece all the way down and
this does have cueing lever just like
our v110 does it also has an auto
biasing system so the RB 220 there is no
way of setting bias or anti-skate it is
intended for you know Regas cartridges
however we have found you can there’s a
plethora of cartridges you can mount on
a plane or two and you will not have any
issues with bias and that again is
probably the biggest upgrade on planer
to going to a better cart from the riga
carbon cartridge which does get you
started it does sound great
it will get you spinning vinyl and
enjoying it but of course with you know
most things you want to go better go to
a better cartridge but the RB 220 arm is
the same our tube a same arm tube sorry
as the planer 3 which is the RB 330 arm
the difference is the bearing and the
bias adjustment on a planer 3 with the
330 arm you do have an adjustable bias
which opens the door to even more
cartridges that you could switch to in
the future but this is really where the
big difference is this arm alone if you
were to purchase it as a an aftermarket
part or sorry an OEM part in this case
our be 220 would run three hundred and
ninety five dollars so when you look at
the two different price tags here you
know planar one this is May of 2020
planar one is retailing in the US for
475 and planer to 675 almost 400 dollars
of that is the arm which is the thing
that Riga is well known for they do make
one of the best arms in the turntable
world and it’s one of the biggest
reasons I would purchase a return table
the arm is proven and it’s been around
for a long time so that is sort of our
quick overview of these two turntables
we didn’t really go to too in-depth on
them I don’t see a reason really to play
them for you over here your computer
speakers but I’m sure your local
retailer for Riga could do that for you
and if you have any questions about rego
or if you have interest in purchasing a
Riga turntable we are always happy to
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for you in the future

Rega Turntables

The Rega Turntable is a well-built model of high quality CD platters that have been designed to cater for the needs of the recording industry. This company has made sure that the high standard of its products are able to stand up to the needs of the consumer. The Rega Turntable is known for its clean and refined lines, making it look very professional while at the same time being very sleek in design. In addition to the clean lines, the platter is designed in such a way as to also produce a deep, rich sound.

The Rega turntable uses a very innovative engineering technique called phase lock tracking. It works by employing high stability fins to ensure that the phase of the digital signal does not change when the platter is under increasing pressure. This technique makes use of two separate signals that have been introduced onto the platter at different times, with one signal running continuously through whilst the other is being swept away by the air. This ensures that no single point changes, allowing all sounds to be evenly recorded. The high stability fins ensure that no sound is ever dropped out of the digital signal.

The Rega turntable includes an innovative tonearm, which also incorporates an electronic balance on the inner bearing. The tonearm includes two positions: a low profile style that are ideal for positioning on the tabletop, and a high performance style that is ideal for mounting on the wall. The low profile tonearm includes an inner acrylic cartridge bearing, and a spring loaded balancing weight. This balances the tonearm so that it remains tightly focussed on the tonearm.

The Rega Turntable incorporates a high speed digital filter that uses a 24v low noise voltage to reduce any unwanted noise that may enter the audio circuitry. A special low vibration motor draws power from the unit’s battery and adjusts the speed of the platter allowing for a consistent and smooth recording. With the precision built in tonearm and high speed filter, the Rega can handle any type of format imaginable. In order to optimise the recording quality, the Rega Turntable includes an optimised Directure Control system that enables the user to adjust the levels of the tracking curve.

The Rega Turntable incorporates a revolutionary design, with a new bi-directional turntable. Unlike traditional single or double sided platters, where the turntable would have to rotate either side, the Rega Turntable incorporates a planar 1/4″ synchronous motor. This means that the tonearm and the engine do not need to rotate individually, and as a result the entire recording can be realised in one complete revolution. The synchronous motor also ensures that the tonearm is not affected by vibrations produced by the vinyl, ensuring that each note is delivered cleanly and accurately.

The Rega turntable incorporates a skeletal plinth, which holds the records in place. These plinths are extremely lightweight and simple to use, with the included quick release mechanism allowing the user to quickly remove the vinyl records from the turntable, and place them into their desired bag or storage container. The entire system requires very little maintenance and can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth. A simple precaution is to ensure that the plinth is always slightly higher than the deck, otherwise the tonearm can be damaged by the crevices between the records.

Rega Turntable Buyer’s Guide

Rega USB turntable

Rega USB turntable is a great investment for the beginner. It is one of the first decent products that comes in a wide range of prices to choose from, and it is an ideal platform to start off with if you are a beginner. It comes with five easy to use features, all of which are self-explanatory, and can be adjusted individually to get the best sound out of your recording. The first feature to take on board is the “Auto Play” feature. This simply means that the unit will play all the tracks that are loaded up without you having to do anything by pushing a button.

Next on the list is the “EQ Boost” feature. It helps to balance the overall tone of the recording, and this is done by raising or lowering the frequencies of the audio tracks. This feature also has a very useful feature where it allows you to set the levels for low and high frequencies separately. One final function worth noting is the “volume blend”. This helps you to get the right sound when you are mixing a track by adjusting the levels of both the bass and the treble frequencies at the same time.

These are just some of the Rega USB Turntables that is available for purchase. You can find a product that will suit you no matter what budget you have. They are also available in a range of different formats, with many of them available in CD, DVD and even Blu-ray. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that the quality is excellent.

Rega Planar 3 turntable

It’s official – the Rega Planar 3 turntable is here, and it’s got a lot of cool new features that take it beyond the excellent original Planar series. Replacing the previously five-time acclaimed and multi-award-winning Hi-Fi is not going to be an easy feat. In fact, it took the team of audio designers headed up by Rega`s Roy Gandy two years to develop this high-performance, stylish, hi-tech product. But it doesn`t really matter; if you have an old-fashioned turntable, it will still perform like it did when it was new. Aesthetically, it looks good, but the real selling point of the Planar series is its sound quality, and the Planar 3 is no exception.

The tonearm of the Rega Planar 3 is particularly interesting. While most turntables use an aluminum tonearm with a steel shaft to counter act the rocking movement created by the records, the Planar’s tonearm is a totally aluminum, which makes for a sleeker, more refined look. This eliminates a few problems associated with some other types of tonearm; though, you will find, if you do some research, that some steel tonearms are far too light to suit the heavy platter/wheel combo of even some of the more expensive and sophisticated hi fi equipment. Of course, the silver-plated tonearm of the Rega Planar 3 also comes with a steel shaft. The result is that the tonearm and the entire body of the tonearm are light and solid, which permits the tonearm to move easily while maintaining good sonic clarity. This is an extremely important factor, because you don’t want a cheap tonearm that makes your music sound muffled and muddy.

Finally, on top of all of this you have the high quality built in speakers of the Rega Planar 3 turntable. These speakers have been specifically designed to fit into the tonearm and into the bearing housing of the turntable. As you can imagine, the quality of these speakers is absolutely fantastic and cannot be beat. You can burn through any type of record and have maximum sound clarity.

Rega RP6 turntable

The Rega RP6 Turntable has been designed to give a truly professional look at a rock concert or any other kind of performance. This is because the solid state device contains a built in sound system consisting of two speakers, a sub woofer and a large clear glass platter. If you are thinking of purchasing one then you will not have to worry about the cost because it is relatively cheap. In fact it has become so popular that the manufacturer does not accept returns. It is always recommended to try a Rega before you buy it and ensure that you are satisfied with the quality before you decide to make the purchase.

The Rega RP6 turntable is manufactured by the world famous Rega Company, which is based in Sweden. The company has been in this industry for more than thirty years and has always made sure that they provide the best quality products to their clients. Most people prefer the use of an electronic display because it provides clear details of the performance of the product as well as its speed and other specifications. The Rega RP6 turntable can be used on any phonographic record player including CD players.

When you go to buy your own turntable then you can also choose from a wide range of models, which are designed to suit every taste and preference. There are models that have a precision main bearing which is made out of solid cast aluminum. There are also models which are designed using a precision Mural Bearing. You can also choose to use an electronically adjustable tonearm, which can be adjusted according to what you desire. With these features and various other options you can now ensure that you get the best value for your money as the Rega RP6 turntable will ensure you the ultimate experience while listening to your favorite music.

Rega turntable belt

Rega turntable belt can be your best friend when it comes to mixing, matching and enjoying your vinyl records. This simple yet affordable product can make the distinction between boring, old albums and fun, upbeat vinyl recordings. They are very easy to use and clean, making them a great way to create your ideal listening experience in record player form. You can choose from three main models, each offering different features.

The Rega V-Pro models are probably the most popular and offer a clear and crisp sound quality coupled with smooth playback control. The Rega V-SB model on the other hand offers a slightly more refined sound with increased dynamics. While the price difference between the three models is substantial, you can see for yourself that the differences are minor and so if you are on a strict budget, then the Rega white belt or red belt versions will be more than enough for your needs.

When deciding on what you would like to listen to, you will have to consider how you want your album to sound. If you are planning on adding some additional tracks, say for a Jazz Record, then you will be looking at whether the Rega’s V-Pro model offers this feature and whether or not you would like a built in phat sound deck rubbers. If your main concern lies in the quality of the sound and the cleanliness of the platters, then you will want to invest in a Rega V SB model. If you do not have any preference as to which deck you prefer, but you are concerned about the overall design, then the Rega V-SB model is the best bet. All three models of the Rega turntables all come with a warranty of one year.

Last update on 2024-02-27 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. In an oddly shaped space, I’ve been putting together a small system. on stands with Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers Audio Sprout 100, if you’re wondering. Sony’s five-disc DVD player (repurposed as the Denon 600 was DOA). It sounded really good using Bluetooth over the Sprout 100 / Elacs, with only a touch of sound stage. It even sounded good when playing CDs, but I didn’t turn it up because I had business. The REGA, on the other hand, arrived last night, and my first LP, The Very Best Of Diana Krall, arrived today. When the clouds parted and the angels sang and Pick Yourself Up began to play, I raised the volume just a tad from where it was. Diana’s voice emerged in the middle and behind the microphones, and the entire sound stage expanded. This was achieved using the regular Carbon cartridge. In the future, I want to replace it with a Nagaoka MP-110. I am very pleased with the TT and believe that as I update the speakers, amp, streamers, and CD player later. The Rega will be able to keep its own for quite some time.

    I’m back with more. when the Rega, Sprout, Elacs, and new sub amp broke in WOW, on a well-mastered and pressed LP, this TT will really draw you in. Wish you were here by Pink Floyd Gilmore’s four notes ring out on Shine on you crazy diamond with a precision and musicality that I have not heard (save for a multi-ten thousand dollar system), and the intro to Have a cigar made the room pulse, and sounded like a tug boat was running on my sidewalk, as I explained to a friend.

    Not all LPs will entice you in this way, and I still intend to upgrade to the Nagaoka MP-110, but the Rega Planar 2 can sing even with my mousey little machine and jacked up listening room. Purchase it; you will enjoy it.

  2. After trying out two other brands and models, I decided to stick with the Rega Planar1. An Audio Technica LP120 and a Project Debut Espirit SB Beatles Edition were also contenders.

    My amplifier is a Rotel 1062A with an MM phono stage, and my speakers are Elac FS77 with Silverback banana connector cables. I’ve added a photo of my audio setup.

    Now for some fast comparisons.

    The Audio Technica LP120 appeared high-tech, and I was impressed by its features. It sounded fine, but it needed any low-end support. It went backwards. (I used the Amp’s higher-quality phono stage rather than the LP120’s built-in phono stage.)

    Then I purchased the Project Debut SB. Its quality components (cool carbon tonearm, fantastic platter, and speed box) impressed me, and it came with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. It’s fine. It sounded much more polished than the LP120 and had a more pleasant tone. However, it lacked dynamism, assault, and excitement in my opinion. As a result, it had to return as well.

    I almost gave up on trying some other turntables after that. I had an Audio Technica LP60 at the time (which in my opinion had a decent sound quality when played through a Rotel 1062A and Elac FS77 speakers though your mileage might vary with other components).

    Finally, in my search for more sophistication, I decided to give the Rega Planar 1 a shot. After seeing some YouTube videos comparing it to a Project Debut SB, I made the decision.

    For the first time, I tried out the Rega P1 and was pleasantly surprised. Its acoustic signature appealed to me. It had a lot of low-end grunt, dynamism, and a lot of assault and excitement. It also had a detailed sound and an airy, silky treble. All of this from a low-cost turntable, but an overpriced low-cost turntable.

    I felt right at home and breathed a sigh of relief as I realized the search was done.

    After about 30 minutes, I heard a faint motor pattern noise, but it went away completely after about 6 hours of running the platter (a google search fix, recommending 48 hours of run-in on the P1).

    In retrospect, the Rega was the one I should have tried first, but local stores didn’t carry them and I was hesitant to buy in case I wanted to return it (due to restocking and shipping fees). However, it is the one that I ended up loving and holding.

  3. Overall, I’m impressed with the build quality and how simple it was to set up right away. It took me less than 20 minutes to get all up and running and sounding great. Since the tonearm weight has no labels, adjusting the tracking force is a little difficult, but the manual shows the correct amount of weight that it applies when you spin the weight 1/2 and 1 full turn. I already had a tracking force scale, so I was able to set my tracking force to 2g and it played perfectly.

    For those upgrading from a lower grade cartridge on an older turntable, the Carbon MM cartridge sounds fantastic. After my ears have grown tired of the Carbon MM, I intend to upgrade the cartridge to an Ortofon 2M Red.

    For the price, this turntable should have provided a little more. Rega should have included stronger interconnects since they are directly connected to the tonearm. The interconnect has a cheap feel to it.

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