Pioneer PLX-500 Turntable Demo

all right welcome to backs music and
welcome to something that has never died
as a DJ if we go back 10 years maybe
even more than that everyone thought
that vinyl was dead and CDs and laptops
were the future will they’ll always be
the future in a way but vinyl has never
died vinyl has always been around and
I’d like to introduce you to this the
plx 500 from Pioneer this is a vinyl
turntable it’s a direct-drive vinyl
turntable which means it doesn’t have a
belt in there which also means that the
speed adjustment is a lot more
responsive so let’s have a look at some
of the very simple features on the 500
start and stop very simple you start and
you stop you can set the speed thirty
three and a third so what that means is
for every minute the turntable will spin
thirty-three and a third revolutions per
minute 33 rpm you can switch to 45 45
rpm but guess what you press the two
together and now you can go to 78 rpm
now that’s damn fast but there are not
many records that go 78 at the moment if
you want to do a bit of a DJ feature
which is called a wind down while the
turntable is spinning just turn it off
and all that will happen now is it will
slowly wind down giving you that
sound which is really cool it is an
effect in itself
now the plx 500 will come with its own
cartridge how’d you fit that in it’s
very simple to fit in but always be
careful we place the cartridge in to the
tonearm and we twist and now that is
good to go if you’re new to using vinyl
turntables and you’re not too sure about
how to put the needle on the record
follow this you take the armrest off
lift here move the tone arm above the
beginning of the record and then this
little lever move that down and the
needle will slowly drop to the beginning
of the record if you want to take the
arm the needle off the record reverse
the process move this lever up and then
with your hand on the cartridge your
fingers move it over and then replace by
pushing the lever down now you can lock
the arm in place as well this is the
counterweight you set this according to
the cartridge you have you have a dial
here that you can set the height of the
complete tone arm housing we have a
button here we press that and we can
have the little cue light on so we can
see a bit of the record but also it just
looks good
alright so being a vinyl DJ you playing
one track you bring in another track and
you want to make the other track faster
or slower well of course this turntable
wouldn’t be a turntable without our
pitch control we can have plus or minus
8 on here so in other words if your
is a hundred BPM you can lower the speed
by 8% or speed it up by 8% okay
at the back we have a USB connectivity
we have RCA and also our power that is
pretty much it
okay so if you’re a vinyl turntable list
you’ll understand about the plx 500 but
maybe you’re a DJ and you would like to
start using vinyl then check out the plx
500 because it could be the turntable
for you and if you want any more
information on this check out Beck’s
music thanks for watching
all right so if we look at the turntable
you can see it’s open to the elements
now we’re not happy with that because we
could get dust and debris in there but
don’t worry because the plx 500 comes
with its own lid and that’s placed in
very simply like so he says there we go
there you go

Pioneer PLX-500 Turntable Specs

Drive MethodServo type direct drive
Motor3-phase brushless DC motor
BrakeElectronic brake
Maximum Rotation Speed33⅓, 45, 78 rpm
Adjustment Range±8%
Wow and Flutter0.15% or less WRMS
S/N Ratio50 dB or higher
TurntableAluminum Die-Casting Diameter: 13.1″ / 332.0 mm
TorqueStarting Torque: 3.5 lb / 1.6 kgf-cm or more
Start TimeWithin 1 sec (at 33⅓ rpm)
Arm TypeUniversal type S-shape tone arm, gimbal-supported type bearing structure, static balance type
Effective Arm Length9.1″ / 230.5 mm
Overhang0.6″ / 16.0 mm
Tracking Error AngleWithin 3°
Height Adjustment0.2″ / 6.0 mm
StylusStylus Pressure Variable Range: 0 to 0.1 oz / 0 to 4.0 g (1 scale 0.1 g)
Cartridge WeightSingle Cartridge: 0.34 oz / 9.50 g or less
Output VoltagePhono: 1.5 mV/1 kHz
Line: 150 mV/1 kHz
Audio Connector2 x RCA (left and right stereo pair)
USB1 x USB type-B
Power Requirements110 to 120 VAC or 220 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption11 W
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.7 x 6.3 x 14.5″ / 450.1 x 159.0 x 368.0 mm
Weight23.6 lb / 10.7 kg

Pioneer PLX-500 Turntables

If you are in the market for a new turntable, you might want to consider the Pioneer PLX-500. This model of the turntable is built on the same company’s solid record, making history as the PLX series. The quality of this model means that it will perform like the best equipment made by this manufacturer. If you are new to the world of hi fi equipment, you should give the PLX-500 a try. You will be happy you did.

The Pioneer PLX-500 makes clean, accurate, high volume sound system sound. The solid-state PLX-500 record player is perfect for scratching and comes complete with all you need such as a record cartridge, stylus, and insert, and its small, double-sided USB flash drive means that you can easily create high quality digital recordings of your favourite vinyl album in just minutes. The Pioneer PLX-500 works with any computer or laptop with a USB cable. You do not need a lot of space to install this great recordable audio interface.

In addition to recording your favourite music, you can also mix and edit your personal music library with the old 500. There is a large, fully touch-sensitive screen that makes it easy to navigate through your music library. The built-in metronome helps keep you on the beat as you adjust the levels on your mixing desk. The built-in virtual rack offers thousands of song styles that enable you to mix and edit your own songs without worrying about some of the restrictions of the traditional DJ equipment. You can also export your recorded music in one of two ways: via Firewire or USB.

If you have a lot of recorded music that needs to be stored on your hard drive, you’ll appreciate the Pioneer PLX-500 ability to expand storage space. It comes equipped with both 4GB and 2GB of expandable storage that is housed in a slim and sleek design that fits easily in your notebook bag or backpack. The built-in network router automatically detects the size of the hard drive and automatically adjusts the size of the drive based on the demand of the files being played back. You can even connect the device to your home network so that you have access to your music even when you are on the road.

One of the best features of the Pioneer PLX-500 is that it also features a built-in Bluetooth interface that allows you to connect it to other Bluetooth enabled devices. This way you have full-range sound system coverage wherever you go. The device also features a front panel volume control that makes adjustments very easy to make. There is also a three-position mute switch that enables you to position the sound system to your liking. It also has an audio out port for connecting external speakers or headphones.

If you want to take the convenience of plugging in your iPod/iPhone while you’re recording, this model also has a convenient dock connector that makes it compatible with most portable devices including the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to this, the Pioneer PLX-500 is also compatible with most major brands of computer hardware including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The final plus point about this product is that it can serve as a great studio recording tool. With the USB interface, it is also possible to transfer music from the computer to an MP3 player. When you purchase this product, it is advisable that you obtain the Software CD that comes along as well to make the most of its functions.

Pioneer PLX-500 Turntable FAQ

Pioneer direct drive turntable

While it is true that you can buy a more expensive high end unit from a reputable manufacturer’s such as Pioneer, it is also true that you can get a great low cost unit from lesser known manufacturer’s such as Kohler. These lesser known brands tend to offer much lower pricing on their direct drive turntables than the name brands offer, and they usually have better customer service, as well. When comparing the direct drive turntables from Kohler or Pioneer I would compare not only the price but also the features of each machine. The fact is that some of the newer machines, especially the phat machines, come with so many great features that it can be overwhelming sometimes trying to decide which one to get. There are so many brands and styles on the market today that it is easy to become confused and overspend on a turntable that you may regret later.

So what is a direct drive turntable? This is basically a unit that uses an FM radio receiver to transmit the audio from the CD or DVD that is played in the unit, and then it plays the audio back in the same unit. If you have ever seen a unit that had this setup, then you would know that it was using some sort of “dynamic system” that processed the audio that was transmitted and then played it back in the same way that it was played on the radio station.

However, today there are a couple different options when deciding between a direct drive turntable, and what some consider to be the better ones. Basically, the difference is that there are now high definition audio systems that can be purchased for much less than you will find at your local record store, even online. The next difference between the two is that there are now hi fi systems that can play your music through, as well. So if your main goal is to get music that sounds like it was recorded directly from the artist or studio, then the direct drive turntable is going to be what you are looking for. In addition, if you like to listen to music that sounds more professional, or you just like to do tricks with music, then the hi fi version is what you will want to look for.

Pioneer vintage record player

The very first thing that would come to mind in thinking about a new vinyl record player would be that you have to choose between a black and white version. While this may seem like an easy decision, the truth is that choosing between these two versions can be a little more complicated than that. The difference between the two tones on a record is referred to as a “Pitch Control.” When you are looking at a record, you will notice that the left hand side has a red arrow and a “zero” on the right side. This signifies that the pitch can be controlled from left to right. However, the turntable that is used for this function on a record does not actually allow you to control the pitch – it only controls the speed that the needle moves when the needle is placed on the record.

To change this functionality, manufacturers began to use what are called “drive belts.” Drive belts allow you to alter the pitch by rotating the belt from one side to the other. The advantage of using this method is that it can be done without having to do anything other than remove the needle from the record. The disadvantage of using a drive belt is that if the belt gets too worn or even worse, damaged, it can permanently damage the records that are stored in the turntables. As a result, if you decide to purchase a new record player, you might want to consider replacing the old model with a more modern drive belt model. These models are typically more reliable because they don’t need to be made from the same material as the originals.

A final option that is available on the market is what is commonly referred to as “muffin boxes.” These are simply elongated drums that store records without the need for a tonearm (a drum that sits under the turntable to help keep the needle from striking the record). Muffin boxes can be used with or without tonearms and are an option that many people find very desirable. In addition, these come in a variety of sizes so that you can find one that will fit your specific record player turntable. You should be aware that these records are more delicate than other models, but they do provide a level of flexibility that you just can’t find in any other model.

Pioneer digital turntable

The Pioneer DJX4 digital turntables features five individual players and a built-in phaser. It might seem simple and compact, but this unit packs a punch. It also features USB connectivity, Optical audio input/output, clock/power alarm, built-in phaser, USB connect-through, headphone output, and the popular DJX Connect feature. The cross fader feature allows you to mix two different signal sources using one deck.

Perhaps the most popular model from the line of this brand is the DJX4. This particular model comes with nine-track recordable widescreen audio tracks, an audio mixer with send/receive buttons for sending different mixes to individual players, an audio interface with ground lift switch for DJing, and built-in effects. There are also several other features that allow you to mix and master your music or recordings. The built-in virtual DJ allows you to explore various options and locate songs that you want to play during a live show. When looking for a digital turntable that you can use while traveling to clubs or performing in clubs, the DJX4 is highly recommended.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I’ve only had the Pioneer PLX-500-K turntable for a week, but I’m very pleased with it. Sounds fantastic, was simple to set up, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and looks great! The spindle motor is also extremely quiet (in comparison to the Audio Technica AT-LP-120XUSB, which created a minor “grinding” noise when spinning). I would strongly recommend this turntable to newcomers as well as long-time vinyl enthusiasts like myself.

  2. I’ve been waiting for Pioneer to release a new higher-end turntable with all of the features I want at an affordable price for years, and this is it! This thing is extremely well-made. It has pitch control, counterweight, anti-skate, a removable cartridge and headshell, a built-in preamp (which you can turn on or off), direct drive, gold tipped audio cables, a gold wire connection on the cartridge, a USB cable for converting vinyl to mp3 and a site to download software from, a slipmat, and a dust cover that has a stand inside it so that when it is open you can display your album cover while you listen. Stylus, cartridge, and 45 adapter are all included, and it plays 45s, 33s, and 78s… This turntable has a fantastic sound. Bass and treble sound fantastic and really consistent on my newer albums, and it even makes some of my worn old records sound fine! Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a Pioneer dj model. This is also an excellent option for a casual vinyl listener looking for a fresh, well-built turntable. I highly recommend it!

  3. I adore Pioneer DJ equipment and decided to keep it that way after my previous player died. I’ve been playing on this one pretty consistently for the last three months. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in static and scratchy sounds from my albums. Of course, I assumed it was either the record or the stylus. That was strange to me because I keep both my records and my stylus clean. To cut a long story short, I am replacing this device with another brand that is roughly the same price.

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