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Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntable Demo

Hi I’m Bret from Huppin’s and I’d like to talk to you about the Music Hall MMF-5.1
belt drive turntable. It plays back 33 and 45 rpm records and is designed for superior
audio performance. Its unique dual plinth design provides and extra level of isolation.
The motor, electrical parts and wiring are located on one platform, while the critical
sound reproducing components, the tone arm and cartridge are located on the top platform.
The dynamically balanced alloy platter sits on a high quality stainless steel bearing,
sheathed in Teflon, delivering fluid noise free operation. A metal screw on record clamp
and spirit level are standard equipment. Tone arm effective length is 9.5-inches allowing
for a shallow tracking, reducing distortion. The Music Hall MMF-5.1 turntable includes
a Goldring moving magnet cartridge. Some assembly is required, to ensure the best performance
be sure to follow the detailed assembly instructions in the owner’s manual. This is the standard
felt platter mat that comes with the music hall 5.1 turntable. Music Hall also offers
an excellent decoupling cork turntable platter mat to further reduce vibration and static.
And of course I recommend record care products such as Music Hall’s own Hunt EDA Mark 6
record cleaning brush. Its carbon fiber bristles sweep the groves while its metal body discharges
static. I’d recommend the MMF-5.1 turntable to anybody looking for a truly audiophile
quality turntable at a very reasonable price. This is Bret from Huppin’s if you have any
questions or would like a live demo of the Music Hall MMF-5.1 turntable come downtown
to our store at 421 W Main St. or to our north Spokane store at 8016 N. Division. You can
follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get an alerts each
time we add a new video. Thanks for watching.

Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntable Specs

Speeds33⅓ (manual change to 45 rpm)
Speed Deviation: +/-0.9%
Motor2-speed DC synchronous
Drive MechanismBelt
Effective Arm Length9.5″ (241 mm)
Overhang: 0.71″ (18 mm)
Tracking Force10 to 30 mN
Platter Diameter11.8″ (300 mm)
Weight: 6 lb (2.7 kg)
Wow and Flutter+/-0.15%
Rumble Max> -70 dB
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz, +2/-1.0 dB
Channel Balance2 dB @ 1 kHz
Channel Separation25 dB @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity6.5mV +1.5 dB, 1 kHz @ 5 cm/sec
Static Compliance24 mm/N lateral
16 mm/N vertical
Equivalent Tip Mass0.45 mg
Vertical Tracking Angle24°
Stylus RadiusGyger II
Stylus TypeReplaceable
Load ResistanceRecommended: 47 kΩ
Load CapacitanceRecommended: 150 to 200 pF
Internal Inductance570 mH
Internal Impedance660Ω
WeightCartridge: 0.2 oz (6.3 g)
Playing: 1.5 to 2.5 g (1.7 g nominal)
Fixing Center0.5″ (12.7 mm)
Connectors2 x RCA
Power Requirements115V, 60 Hz or 230V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption2 VA
Dimensions (WxHxD)18.25 x 13.25 x 5.5″ (464 x 337 x 140 mm) with dust cover closed

Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntables

The Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntable represents the latest technological advances in high end hi fi equipment. Unlike any other Hi Fi Turntables available on the market, this hi fi unit uses a revolutionary two stage design and utilizes the state of the art Dual-Plinth base. With the use of this two-stage design, Music Hall has been able to incorporate many hi fi features such as true frequency modulation for true tonal reproduction, phase shifting tonal adjustments, and variable Bass Extension that allow the user to increase or decrease the amount of bass effect from their selection of models. This allows the Music Hall MMF-5.1 to be used in any configuration, from a small room setup to an outdoor wedding.

Unlike many other hi fi units of similar price, the Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntable contains two separate audio components unlike most other Hi Fi Turntables that utilizes a single phono cartridge and a standard tuning slide. The two components include a precision engineered dual-sided tonearm with rubber padding for optimum comfort and excellent tracking. The two tonearms are connected via a precision engineered cable with an assigned place for each phono cartridge. There is also an assignable mid-level control for both speakers. In addition, a three-band graphic equalizer is also included.

The Music Hall MMF-5.1 features a precision engineering dual-sided tonearm with a rubber padded tonearm for optimum comfort and tracking. The tonearm is constructed with a precision engineered aluminum bearing sheath that is also controlled via an assignable Tune-up Control. This allows the user to fine-tune the sound of their recordings, eliminating unnecessary overtones from occurring during heavy bass or other booming sounds. The Music Hall MMF-5.1 utilizes a standard tuning slide for each channel, but can also be manually wound for use in alternate tunings. A locking bridge is also included for high fidelity operation.

An optional audio component that is available with the Music Hall MMF-5 is the DVD stereo interface. With this add-on accessory, you are able to record up to six audio tracks at one time. The MMF-6-DVD is compatible with all Audio Turntables manufactured by Music Hall. The audio interface provides two stereo inputs with individual level controls for each input. An optical digital output port is also available, which allows you to connect your Audio Turntables to a personal computer. In addition, the Music Hall MMF-5.1 comes with a convenient carrying case and is a recommended home addition to any collection.

Unlike many other brands of tonearm style, the Music Hall MMF-5.1 features an innovative construction originating from its aluminum alloy frame and tonearm design. With this innovation, the distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components, allowing the separate tone circuits to be isolated from each other. This prevents interference between the tonal circuits resulting in superior tonal consistency and extended shelf life. In addition, the innovative construction of the Music Hall MMF-5.1 eliminates the need for an extra bridge, ensuring that the tonearm will stand up to daily wear and tear.

In addition to the patented and innovative construction, the Music Hall MMF-5.1 incorporates a lightweight, flexible tonearm wire drawn from a polypropylene die-cast material. This allows the tonearm to be extremely lightweight yet still maintain a high stiffness for excellent stability and long playing time. All of the components are supported by a sturdy steel bearing and a heavy duty spring system. To ensure that all of these components are working together in unison, the Music Hall MMF-5.1 features a locking mechanism that keeps the tonearm in place and provides unparalleled stability for an impressive lifetime.

Music Hall MMF-5.1 Turntable FAQ

Music Hall USB turntable

Music Hall USB turntables are known for their renowned quality and long life. They have been manufactured for many years now and still carry the same high standard set by the company that started them back in 1977. The first Music Hall turntables were the result of a collaboration between an electronic music DJ and a Music Hall Record Company executive, and their innovative new design was met with mass acceptance. Today, more advanced and affordable models have been developed, and all are known to deliver high quality sound.

A USB turntable is a state-of-the-art model for anyone interested in both audio enthusiasts and a hi-fi system. The latest designs from Music Hall to introduce state-of-the-art technology into their range of equipment. The main features of any good USB Turntable include: state-of-the-art technology, high-quality sound reproduction, comprehensive input selection, and variable speed drive capability. In addition to this, each model will also be loaded with a large database of professionally recorded sounds and music, making it possible to plug in almost any sort of audio device. Finally, all models from Music Hall to use a patented technology called the “LDAP” (lexi-tone alignment).

As a hi fi turntable, the Music Hall USB retains all the advantages of the more contemporary hi fi stereos. It incorporates a large database of professional sounds like jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, classic rock, hip hop, and much more, giving you endless hours of musical entertainment. Some models even incorporate sounds like the Music Hall’s famed “Margaritavirus”, and “My Little Rose”, along with many others. When listening to vinyl records, you get the same high definition audio files as you would from your phonograph or from a regular CD player – except your vinyl records are also available in hi fi format! This enables you to listen to your records over again, without having to make another transfer or copy of the records.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I just have a few words for you. There is a discrepancy between what is listed and what is actually in the box.

    To begin, the item I got is MMF 5.3, not 5.1, and the cartridge included is an Ortofon 2m blue rather than the one advertised. After all, it is a really nice product, but I believe it should have more definition when sold. Aside from these few observations, it is a very well-built TT, particularly for the price. The platter is very sturdy and strong, and the ground wire makes a significant difference. I’m using it as both an amp and a preamp with a Dynaco tube. The sound is excellent. There is no hum, and the engine is completely silent. I returned a few other TTs due to a motor buzz. So far, it looks and performs admirably.

  2. I got my device yesterday and used it to play a record I’ve owned on tape, CD, MP3, and now an original vinyl copy as the first disc (“Chase the Kangaroo” by The Choir). Despite some slight imperfections (which come with being 24 years old), I heard elements of the music that I had never seen on any other medium, despite literally hundreds of listens – absolutely stunning clarity.

    If this is your first audiophile table, setup is a little more involved. Music Hall, on the other hand, alleviates a lot of the anxiety by pre-installing and calibrating the cartridge and tone arm. The most perplexing part for me was zeroing out and then setting the counterweight, but after a few minutes, I had it down. Similarly, the anti-skating weight is initially difficult to use. However, once in place, all is fine and the rest is easy.

    Despite the fact that I have only had it for a short time, I can already tell that I am a fan of Music Hall. The improvement in construction quality and results over mass-market consumer turntables is simply astounding, and it is obvious that this product is built to last for several years due to its solid construction.

  3. This turntable was purchased for my son, who is a huge fan of vinyl rock from the 1960s and early 1970s. It’s linked to an old Harman Kardon AVR-20 receiver, which is powered by Klipsch Epic-3 speakers. Assembly was a breeze, thanks to the YouTube video. We started by listening to The Allman Brothers’ Live at The Fillmore East. The sound was rich and full, with a deep bass. I was completely taken aback. I used to listen to this album on a top-of-the-line Thorens. It sounded exactly as I remembered. There is a beauty to analogue that some of the recent remastered CDs lack.

    It is not an automated turntable (you must play one LP at a time), which might be an issue for certain listeners. However, at a very fair price, this is a high-quality turntable with a decent cartridge. Furthermore, I couldn’t see myself spending more than $300 on Ebay for a 40-year-old Thorens. This is one of the best turntables I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

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