Jensen JTA-460 Turntable Demo

this is the Jenson GTA – 463 speed
stereo turntable system with mp3
encoding capabilities for dubbing your
vinyl to digital mp3 files this is a
three speed turntable so not only will
you be able to play your 33 and 1/3 LPS
and 45s but also your 78 rpm records
although you’d be best served swapping
out the LP and 45 stylus for one which
is suited for 78 3 millimeter stylus
belt-driven of course mp3 compatible SD
MMC card slot runs on 120 volts 60 hertz
25 watts and it’s for wireless remote
control uses one cr2025 lithium battery
the remote control is used for nothing
more than controlling the mp3 recording
and playback functionality by way of
using a USB flash drive or an SD card it
is not used for tuning the radio or
adjusting the volume and unlike the JTA
230 that I would call a direct
competitor though it’s from the same
brand to this model this one bears a
copyright date of 2015 over the JTA –
230 date of 2013 so this is only
approximately a year old at this point
with the turntable removed it’s clear to
see that efforts were taken to ensure
its safe arrival there is the remote
control and the instruction manual as
well as if you can believe it an order
form an order form for replacement style
I you can buy one straight from spectra
merchandising for $8.00
you just send this form to them using a
check or money order and then probably
in two to three weeks you’ll have a new
stylist on your doorstep and forgotten
over time just how narrow the field of
view of this mini DV camcorder is I’d
say I’m probably a foot to a foot and a
quarter away from this turntable right
now and I’m still struggling to
accommodate it in the limited view of
this camcorders lens lift the dust cover
there’s a piece of foam that is attached
to the center spindle of the turntable
platter in an effort I suppose to
prevent the dust cover from flexing such
that it actually breaks or fractures or
cracks there is also a piece of adhesive
protective plastic which is actually
affixed to a window used for viewing the
vinyl playing below it just came to my
attention that the plastic hinge
assembly actually has broken and
fractured off not the hinge itself but
the piece of plastic that it slides into
and I haven’t a clue where that plastic
got had gotten off to as you saw this
was secured and fastened down with tape
and I’ve taken a look just about
everywhere I can think of and I don’t
see any broken plastic anywhere it would
be a wise move to be careful as you can
very very easily break something it’s
not even looking like it’s going to be
an easy task to do this right now try
this again there we go
I could certainly see these plastic tabs
breaking off with great ease if care and
attention is not paid to them there’s an
eighth inch headphone jack stereo USB
2.0 port and SD high-capacity card slot
volume and tuning knobs although the
volume control has a pleasant degree of
resistance which gives one the illusion
of using a better piece of audio
equipment it’s unlike some of the very
cheap audio components circulating
online you just breeze on it and it
turns all the way there’s no resistance
at all and this one feels fairly robust
and sturdy but this one is significantly
loose and it feels warped like it’s
about to break off in my hand
if I’m not careful with it and it is
pushed down firmly it’s not a matter of
coming off it’s
from the volume control slider they used
two different knobs yeah they probably
did this is a potentiometer and it stops
and this feels like a rotary control in
case you needed any more indication of
when this turntable is powered on
whatever reason there is a power LED
light and infrared receiver for the
remote control which again is used for
nothing more than recording and playing
back mp3s maybe even WAV files there are
two buttons for skipping backwards and
forwards a button used for engaging the
recording capabilities as well as a bass
boost button which suffice it to say
will be near permanently engaged to
compensate for the deficiencies inherent
with such small speakers which are full
range other nafta is not a separate
tweeter and full range or anything like
that it’s just a full range driver and
that’s it – pleasant change from very
cheap integrated tuners on audio
equipment that give you no ability to
disengage FM stereo if you’re listening
to a very noisy or weak reception full
of hiss and multipath interference
function switch for alternating between
the tuner the USB and SD card slot
playback and/or recording phone oh and
the off position there’s a mention here
of holding the stop USB SD button for
three seconds
I suppose that disregarding that message
wouldn’t end well probably wouldn’t the
button wouldn’t respond to fit a needle
guard this is a ceramic cartridge with
the strangest-looking needle or stylus
as its properly referred to on a
turntable that I’ve ever seen and I’m
unsure of just how well this camcorder
will be able to focus on this it may not
even be able to this is going to take
some effort the stylus looks to be
plastic not metal which it should be
it’s already problematic that the
is plastic it isn’t metal but the stylus
itself also looks transparent and
federal-style I are certainly not too
transparent the nature at all so there
must be using a plastic stylus complete
with a plastic cantilever so this is a
very cheap stylus cartridge that’s used
and if I’m not mistaken you can buy a
replacement stylus with not only a metal
camp believer but also a metal stylus
but that is enough to be considered a
flaw in my book to come out of the box
with a cheap stylus like this so we’ll
see how well that actually performs but
I’m not waiting with bated breath it is
nice to see that the tonearm is metal at
least even if the stylus and cantilever
are not so it shouldn’t flex all that
much but sure sign of cross-cutting here
is no tracking weight adjustment it’s
just a permanently attached and molded
piece of plastic this is all one piece
the state of a speed and auto stop
functionality is altered by using these
two switches adjacent to the tonearm
there is a cue lever here and I noticed
though that it isn’t dampened in any way
shape or form
if you lift it up it bounces up rapidly
which isn’t that large of an issue
because it’s not coming into contact
with anything where it shouldn’t but if
you drop it just slams down there’s not
a damping lowering action which is not
only recommended but almost a necessity
to avoid damaging not only your vinyl
records but the stylus it’s not
advisable in the slightest to just drop
the tone Harmon stylus on your priceless
vinyl collection permanently attached FM
wire antenna so short of jury-rigging
some sort of external antenna to this
you’re pretty much stuck with the sort
of reception it’s able to manage just
with this antenna out of the box
there are stereo line output jacks
RCA and an internal speaker on an off
switch because again as being an
all-in-one system there are integrated
speakers however mediocre they may be
this will definitely go down the book is
one of the cheapest 45rpm adapters i’ve
ever encountered and now to power it up
put it on tuner and it’s receiving a
radio station
FM reception is about what you’d expect
from an integrated tuner that was added
merely as an afterthought it’s certainly
not its major claim to fame but it does
well it’s not the best as you probably
expect capable of FM stereo and again
you can’t switch it over to FM mono if
desired and shifting when switching at
the FM stereo there’s no appreciable
difference in stereo stereo image
because the speakers are so close to one
another and they’re pointing away from
you instead of at you but it’s not the
worst I’ve heard these are just full
range speakers probably two inches two
and a half inches not at all that large
but they aren’t the worst I’ve heard and
the bass boost button does help even if
just a little the AM tuner is another
story entirely I’m tuned to a radio
station or a frequency where a radio
station should be calling home 1250
kilohertz and there’s nothing there you
can hear the faint splatter and bleed
over from the station and if I tune this
off tune it to twelve fifty five or
we received the station with a greater
degree of clarity not much effort was
put into calibrating the AM tuner in
relation to what’s actually displayed so
even though this would lead one to
believe that you’re off tuned to 12:55
kill Arts in the United States 5
kilohertz increments for AM stations
aren’t used 10 kilohertz but this would
pick to differ at least basing upon what
the screen tells us because tuning it to
what should be the correct frequency
going off of the display we just barely
hear it they am tuners agility and
success with tuning in difficult to
listen to radio stations that surprised
me to say the least this station is very
difficult to tune in and receive a
decent signal and this turntable is
probably just using a small loop stick
antenna and it does help to relocate the
position of the turntable to no loud
interference and aim the antenna for the
best positioning audio levels for both
AM and FM are more than acceptable for
most scenarios
however when playing vinyl records the
level of volume is reduced severely
after venturing elsewhere I have
returned this time with vinyl records in
tow the following selection was decided
upon to showcase the capabilities of
this turntable or lack thereof lovely
looks like it’s having trouble making up
which frequency it’s on these are all
fairly well known songs and the reason
for that is because after playing with
us briefly using another record I
noticed it was playing at speed faster
than what it should be
while the deviation is slight it is
enough for many to notice and pick up on
that when listening to well-known songs
and also the grand finale a time series
2000 demonstration record the time label
produced records of the utmost quality
and really to full advance
of what the stereo audio format has to
offer okay we’ll take the 45rpm adapter
and I will pick a 45-year code blues
faced face and we will choose stereo
version change this to phone oh and
we’ll go ahead and play our first record
and you’ll notice something that’s uh
that can only be summed up and described
in one word and that word is anomalous
you hear that strange buzzing
momentarily that is heard every time you
go to cue a record I don’t know what
that is if it’s just some interference
that’s being picked up from the motor
starting up and engaging and it’s
possibly being picked up by unshielded
audio cables because I’m sure with a
turntable of this price range company
that actually manufactured this is not
going to the trouble of shielding the
audio cables and components from outside
sources of noise and interference
there’s also a great degree of needle
talk taking place I have another
turntable to to be exact and they track
at a much lesser weight than this
turntable does and that’s going off of
the amount of needle talk I’m hearing
because usually if it’s at a lesser
tracking force you shouldn’t be hearing
the audio this clearly so I don’t know
what the tracking weight actually is I
don’t have a scale capable of reading
such minut measurements the closest I
have to that is postage scale which I’m
pretty sure this is not going to be
tracking anywhere in the realm of towns
announced because if it is there is
something seriously wrong mp3 recording
to a USB flash drive or SD high-capacity
we’re just a regular SD memory card for
that matter is easily enough
accomplished simply insert it as such
and after giving in a moment to
initialize we should be good to go and
the recording is actuated just by
pressing the button it’s indicated on
the display by record USB the flashing
indicates that it is currently recording
what I’ll do now is cue the 45 allowed
to play through about halfway
approximately and then I will play back
for you the recorded mp3 file and
prepare to be sorely disappointed
the jensen turntable creates a folder
titled record followed by lining and
then the mp3 files themselves are
located in that folder and you’ll notice
a major problem for anyone looking to
transfer their vinyl collection to
digital with great ease when using this
turntable everything looks at first to
be ok 44.1 killer its sampling rate to
channel stereo audio and peg 3 would
have been better if they gave you an
option to record lossless WAV files but
I digress 128 kilobits per second and
the mp3 is encoded with the jensen
turntable don’t even sound like 128
kilobits per second mp3s
they sound like something reminiscent of
an internet radio stations of the early
2000s sounds more like 64 kilobits per
second versus 128
as I’m sure you were no doubt able to
hear with your own two ears and sounded
absolutely dreadful
and the situation doesn’t improve much
when playing audio through the RCA line
level outputs either because at first I
was thinking that perhaps there was an
impedance mismatch when I was attempting
to monitor the audio using headphones
and I chalked it up just possibly being
the headphone jack being wired either
out of phase or it being an impedance
mismatched and it wasn’t because much to
my chagrin the audiophile recorded on
the computer sounds just as bad if not
worse now you have to deal with low
compression artifact ting but because
I’m sure everyone has ready and willing
to hear what the quality is of the RCA
line level outputs using this eighth
inch stereo two stereo RCA or phono
composite cables to give you a direct or
cup of the audio of this turntable and I
will be playing several 45s
there you have it captured live on video
why you always double-check the 45s and
don’t believe the sleeves that they’re
in Barrett was thinking I was going to
hear some Huey Lewis and the news and I
pull out a Don Williams 45 still great
music but not what I was expecting so
unexpected change of genre you are
probably wondering in that first audio
test where’s the bass in trouble
there’s no bass in trouble whatsoever
it’s very mid-range heavy it’s not an
impedance mismatch it just sounds that
I’m questioning whether or not to even
play this 45 I really don’t want to
destroy it
and it is just dreadful it’s nearly
torturous listening to records on this
thing using a line level output or
headphones the mention of disabling auto
stop when playing 45 rpm records isn’t
without merit as you see it stops
prematurely so when using the cue lever
it would be prudent to carefully and
patiently place it on the record to
avoid excessive wear and damage
I’m definitely hearing well and flutter
on that track very prominent when there
are long vocals or sections of
instrumentation that carries a
consistent note
well that’s enough of that out it really
would like to keep this 45 in the best
of shape possibly being and like several
other all-in-one audio systems complete
with a turntable and am/fm tuner and USB
recording functionality the recording
abilities are not extended to the AM and
FM tuner foolishly
it would be very convenient to report
audio to flash drive even if only in
stunning 128 kilobits per second mp3
files that sound like 32 K mp3s and went
up for an LP I am
who needs speakers when you can just
listen to the audio through the stylus
aside from very easily breaking the
brittle plastic of the dust cover if you
aren’t careful
what’s it stuck on well that’s right
it’s not snapped into place see these
plastic pegs need to snap into okay that
just sounds like things are breaking but
believe me they aren’t as I was just
mentioning if you were in the midst of
playing a final record and you go to
lower the dust cover and remove your
hand from it that ends up happening as
fate would have it the a.m tuner is
exceptional not only is it sensitive
it’s also wideband
my girl and my girl just pulled up to
the W went to our classic oldies diner
in my little deuce coupe next time the
price today
let’s a feature that most people are
going to be purchasing this for the
turntable is severely lackluster so if
you’re just buying this to use as an
all-in-one system
well it’s plenty capable it isn’t going
to give you exceptional audio quality
but it isn’t that bad and the bass boost
functionality does assist with that but
if you want to use headphones or connect
this to an external amplifier and stereo
system and/or record to mp3 files using
the built-in capabilities for that
you’ll have to judge for yourself
whether or not to pick up this turntable
there really isn’t much that could be
asked of it for a turntable below $40
but well and it could have been improved
upon and the mystery plastic stylus
certainly isn’t helping matters at all
so that’ll be my review of the jensen
JTA dash 460 turntable

Jensen JTA-460 Turntable Specs

Output Connections3.5mm (1/8″) Mini Headphone Jack
RCA Composite
Drive MotorBelt-Drive
Built-In SpeakersYes
Speeds3-Speed: 33/45/78 RPM
iPod DockableYes (Connection via USB)
Power RequirementAC 120V~60Hz
Primary ColorBlack

Jensen JTA-460 Turntables

Enjoy the great music in your record collection with the Jensen JTA-460 turntable. Features such as the front loading turntables, needle bearings that are located above the tonearm, direct bearing inter-locking tuning, dual action tonearms, and gold plated tonearms help ensure a high quality performance with each record. RCA connections provide an easy connection for your turntable’s and there is a headphone jack to keep private listening to your favorite records. An old fashioned look lends modern decor to your room when this home turntable comes with three speeds for you to select from, allowing you the freedom to change according to what your musical taste may be. The dust cover provides protection for your records while they play thus maintaining their beauty.

The Jensen JTA-460 Turntable comes with a built in remote control. With this sleek design, it’s possible to quickly and easily navigate between record levels, which is ideal for those new to music or recording. There is no need to manually flip through individual records with this unit as it features a built in tracker. This allows you to effortlessly move between songs without having to leave the play list. The built in sound card provides excellent audio quality for listening to and recording your tracks. There is also a built in headphone jack for private headphone listening.

In addition to the front-loading turntables, there is also the Jensen JTA-460TBA with LCD display. The LCD screen is large and easy to read. It also includes an adjustable volume control. This unit is compatible with most major high-resolution media such as DVD, CD, and MP3. There is also a function to instantly play back music that has been recorded onto the SD card.

One of the best features on the jta 460 turntable is the built in stereo speakers. With rear speakers powered by powerful Speakers with a nominal wattage, the sound produced by these speakers is amazing. If you are looking for a system that offers high-end performance at a price that won’t break the bank, the full jta 460 review is definitely worth your time.

Other great features on the Jensen JTA-460 turntable include the precision engineered aluminum tonearm, which are lightweight and flexible enough to provide a proper balance between the tonearm and the deck, the LCD screen which is fully touch responsive allowing you quick access to the functions, the jog wheels that let you effortlessly change the speed of the tonearm, and the three-position slide control for precision scratching. The LCD screen allows you to easily navigate through the menus and make adjustments without needing any assistance. It also includes built-in speakers and headphones for listening to your favorite music while it is being controlled. All of these features make the JTA 460 one of the best value options available. In this full jta 460 review we will take a closer look at this great sounding system.

With a sleek and stylish design, the Jensen JTA 460 turntable comes in two basic versions. One model is built with a high-powered dual-zone amplified speakers and the other with a low-powered single-zone. There is also a version with a USB connection for use with a computer. Each version comes with a detachable tonearm, an eight-page music record book, a belt clip, a twelve-volt DC adapter, and an owner’s manual. You can choose to listen to your favorite songs on the stereo or enjoy the audio from your personal digital music player such as the iPod, or plug your DVD or CD player into the unit for even more enjoyment.

Jensen JTA-460 Turntable FAQ

Jensen stereo turntable with CD

The Jensen stereo turntable with CD is the latest addition to the company’s product range. It is designed especially for the hi-fi enthusiasts. It contains all the features that one needs to make the best use of his or her music collections. The built-in DJ functions permit the user to preview the song, and also controls the volume. In this way, the user can listen to the song without having to leave the headphones. It also incorporates a slide function, which enables the transition from one track to the other without changing the needle position.

Since the Jensen has a built-in phaser, it produces a sound that is similar to that produced by a small hand-held model. The difference is that the sound produced is much finer, with a depth that is more realistic. This feature is particularly useful when you are listening to a recording of a live performance, as the sound tends to be louder and more intense than an acoustic recording. The built-in compressor permits the lower sounds to be compressed without using additional hardware.

One of the main features of the Jensen Triton series is the shock absorption capability. This means that even if the machine is accidentally dropped on the floor, the sound will not be impacted. In fact, it will remain untouched. There is a built-in safety switch that will automatically shut off the machine once it hits the floor. The built-in flash drive enables the user to store extensive collections of records. It also comes with two decks, with each deck capable of storing two recordable formats.

Jensen USB turntable

The Jensen USB turntable offers a very nice and affordable way to enjoy your vinyl collection, especially if you have several of them. If you are thinking about replacing or upgrading your existing unit, then you should definitely take a look at the Soundman JX turntable. This review aims to provide an unbiased comparison between the two, including comparing the features, advantages and disadvantages of the two, as well as a comparison of the two prices, including the basic models.

While it might not be the same as the Jensen Tribute 2.0, the built-in speakers on the new model are also very similar to the previous model. They both come with two-way humbucker cartridges, similar to the ones found in the Jensen Tribute series. They both also come with nickel/silver plated aluminum woofer cones. The difference is that in the case of the new model, the woofer cones can be replaced by much lighter (and more expensive) aluminum cones. While this may sound like a good thing, it has some significant drawbacks. To start with, the thinner speakers produce less bass; and while this doesn’t make a very big difference during normal listening, it does produce a certain amount of audio distortion at high volumes, especially if you’re listening to rap or other high-pitched music.

A big advantage of the Jensen USB turntable compared to the earlier models is that it allows you to use an iPod connection to record your own audio tracks. If you’re used to using your home stereo via an RCA cable, then this is an ideal solution for you. You won’t need to carry around a bunch of cables anymore, which can be bulky and can get in the way of movement. Also, if you use an iPod through an audio device, you won’t need to worry about running an additional cable back to the home stereo. With the new models, you simply place the iPod between the rear speakers and voila, you have an audio recording complete with surround sound.

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