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Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers, Aux in, Vinyl to MP3 Converting/Encoding
  • Belt Driven 3-Speed Stereo Turntable 33/45/78 RPM with Stereo Speaker System
  • USB Port with Cable included for Converting Vinyl Records to Digital Format, with Software Included for Recording, Editing and Converting Your Audio Content to MP3 Format
  • Auxiliary Input Jack for Connecting Your iPod, MP3 or other Digital Audio Players. Includes RCA Line-out Jacks and Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Pitch Control for Adjusting the Record Speed; Volume Control, Tone Control
  • Power Indicator, Auto Stop Switch, Dust Cover. Power: AC 120V 60Hz. If you are purchasing and shipping to an international country, product may be damaged if you do not have have the correct voltage requirements.

Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Demo

hello everyone welcome to Tigers I just
wanted to share my review on Jensen tone
table that I bought recently from Amazon
well I got it at a very reasonable price
it costed me about just forty seven
dollars and for forty seven dollars I
think it’s a pretty decent set that you
can get well in the market in India it
ranges from ten thousand rupees to
fourteen thousand rupees in various
ecommerce sites but in case if we had
anybody abroad you can get it through
them and you can order it through one of
the e-commerce sites which is there in
US and then probably have it order to
your friend’s place and get it through
them as and when they are back to India
so this is how I got it for forty seven
dollars I ordered through and
there was some sale going on there and
it just costed me about forty seven
dollars well the system is pretty decent
the turntable is pretty decent then it
comes with various functionalities like
volume control tone control it has auto
stop button power on and off it has also
pitch adjustment control along with you
know inbuilt speakers which is pretty
decent in terms of the sound quality
that it has well also it comes with a
3.5 mm jack whereand
you can plug in your speakers and then
think you know played out loud as and
when you want to play you know you need
more volume so this is a pretty decent
set and I think all of people who love
LPS can buy one of these and they can
start enjoying their allmusic’s that
they have in store at home so let me
take it through one of the CDs you know
let me play one of the CDs for you this
is I don’t know if all of you will like
it well I have plugged in now to the
I’m plugged into the power source
already so that it doesn’t take much
time interviewing this this is the power
on and off you just need to switch it on
and then well the pin stand also comes
with a protection or you know button
wherein you can just lock it as and when
you don’t play it because you know it
tends to you know destroyed the pin as
and when it falls down so basically you
can just take this off when you want to
play it
just play it just lift this and then put
the pin on your desk and that’s how you
get your music I think you will love it
so the volume controller this is the
maximum and yes it has a pretty decent
volume the in bills because itself has a
pretty decent you know sound
well there’s not much of a difference in
terms of the tone control then you have
in this but it does help in some extent
Lee so I guess you will like it and let
me show you how it plays in the speaker
if I have to connect it in the speaker
well this is my speakers guys
very nice turntable I hope you guys like
it crazy it also comes with three speed
adjustment basically it plays all the
three LPS of 33 78 and 45 rpm let me
play the 45 rpm disc for you so that you
get a hang of the sound quality again so
it’s pretty good and I think you guys
will definitely like this let me also
show you the pitches adjustment which is
there in the system so accordingly you
can adjust your pitch it helps a lot
guys the pitch has adjustment according
to the you know just that you’re playing
it does help you know play the music
more better so this is the turntable
that I got recently from Maison and I’m
liking it hope you guys will also like
it before I wind up my review let me
show you around this is the inbuilt
speaker on one side and the other one on
the other side and your speed control
speed had just been basically 33 78 and
45 rpm speed control those are the
buttons in front of the turntable which
is pretty simple also guys let me tell
you that it comes with a you know
software wherein you can convert your
LPS into mp3 well I’m not showing it
right now but I think people who have
old LPs
at their home they can convert their old
music into mp3 format and then get it
stored on your you know mp3 devices
which is they’re available in the market
and you can carry it wherever you will
go if you like my video please subscribe
to my channel
and put down little comments below till
the next review see you all thank you so
much and God bless see

Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Specs

Output Connections3.5mm (1/8″) Mini Headphone Jack
RCA Composite
Drive MotorBelt-Drive
Built-In SpeakersYes
Power Requirement120V AC
Primary ColorBlack
Cartridge IncludedYes
Additional & Replacement CartridgesUniversal

Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Review

When you want to listen to top quality vinyl at home, you need a Jensen JTA-230 turntable. This is one of the best selling Turntables that you will find in the market today. It has all the features that a true DJ would love to have. It will allow you to enjoy all your vinyl records in the best way possible.

Play your favorite vinyl on this high quality, three-speed turntable. Use your headphones or the built in stereo speakers for even more privacy. Also with RCA connections, you can easily add your other speakers or even connect your sound system to your computer via the USB port. The built in high definition audio processing will give you a perfect result every time. The built in audio mixing and equalizer control allows you to tweak the levels so that you are able to get the absolute best sound from your record.

The built in noise filter will eliminate unwanted sounds from your record player so that only the most important parts of the song will be heard. You can adjust the Pitch Control knob for the type of sound that you want to hear. If you are into rock, then you will enjoy the fine tone that this jogger offers. If you are into pop, then you will surely enjoy the clear high pitch sound quality that this jogger provides.

The jogger included with this unit is made of all-anodized aluminum. This component is durable and has a long life span. It is designed to work with any digital record player in order to give you the sound quality that you are looking for. With its high-speed rotation ability, it ensures that you are getting the highest quality sound. What’s great about the Jensen JTA-230 turntable is that it comes in two formats, a vinyl and a digital format.

One of the greatest things about the Jensen JTA-230 turntables is that they have two ways to connect with your computer. You can use the USB interface to transfer your music directly to your computer or use the Optical Audio Interface for transferring your records to a CD player. Both these formats are compatible with all major operating systems including XP, MAC, and UNIX. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the high-quality audio that vinyl records provide, but you do not want to purchase a new turntable, then you should consider using an electronic file converter. There are many electronic converters that you can choose from depending on which format you want your records to be converted to.

Some of the advantages of a high end electronic product is that you do not need to manually control the speed of the belt. When you are listening to a record, there is plenty of movement on the belt that can cause unintended speed changes. This can be very frustrating when you are listening to a great album and then the recording begins to play at a different speed than the album was originally played. A belt driven turntable is a much better option for a professional mix than a variable speed USB device because it will maintain the correct speed of the belt.

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