Jensen JTA-222 Turntable Demo

how’s it going everybody
penny Christofias I didn’t see you there
let me just put that away anyway today
I’m going to do a pretty neat unboxing
now and as you’ve probably already
guessed the fact that I’m doing an
unboxing means I am really short on time
because that’s the only time I do
unboxing it’s like last time I did an
unboxing I’m pretty sure it was an MBO
unboxing yeah this one to be specific
anyway what I got tailored today is a
record player I have not ever had a
record player so I got one off of Amazon
I just cut it open dang it I was gonna
ruin one of my jokes anyway you know
it’s from Amazon and it’s never been
opened it has the official Amazon sealed
tape it says Amazon anyway I’m gonna
leave a link in the description for this
this is like prime users only so I had
to steal my friends prime I don’t have
prime so I shout out to the lake it
comes in a box now also I think I
mention the box is pretty darn dented so
get your stuff together Amazon when I
close this yeah
this kid said there’s a lot to figure
than stop there we go just gotta figure
how to open up the box looks like I’m
gonna need this back got a manual that’s
always pretty good
no it comes with two things a styrofoam
like I said I’ve never had a record
player before so I really don’t know
what to expect here like how to get this
tour okay here’s the cable but don’t
leave it like that there’s a scratch on
the phone that wasn’t for me thanks
Amazon so that’s our deducting this to a
four-star review let’s see if it works
all I need to figure it out okay so this
this gets plugged into a power source
some form merci
does not have like so much stuff into it
this too big help note that works there
we go
does it turn on and they get the power I
don’t how does it power
oh I’m thinking that’s a ball you got a
little bit of excess tape holding things
down I don’t know why this was probably
from China but I don’t know okay that
opens that’s nice just gonna stay right
away this looks uneven and odd but I
don’t know about that we’re gonna find
out though but I don’t know what that’s
supposed to come out I don’t know what
that’s for
I don’t know anything about this I
should really find this out just a lot
of tape oh gosh I mean like what does
that say
pitch oh gosh it’s sophisticated I feel
like I should read the manual and then
you don’t want to break this is actually
one of those things I’m Pat I’m unboxing
that I actually kind of care about
there’s a twisty tie it so that that
comes off you lift this up there’s a
slides off okay there’s no needle that’s
for sure
couldn’t let me see something phone does
it count the aux cord no cuz of plugs
but not with an aux cord
come a little bottle speaker hookups I’d
show you but I don’t know what any of
them mean okay that’s kind of neat
now what happens if I is that such
okay I have this here I’ve never played
a record before so I got a text I got
this out of a dumpster it’s probably
copy written so this video is probably
just gonna get screwed I don’t know one
thing what’s the size on this what do
they say I’ll just mess with it until I
figure that out I should I should move
there’s something nice let me read
directions really quick
oh ho a record brush clean this thing
off this thing essentially looks new is
this too big okay now my real question
is is that what this did probably maybe
that’s for a smaller one I feel like
that’s for small ones I mean I mean look
I don’t know no no something 45rpm
adapter this is probably going to need
seventy-eight rotations per minute let’s
just try it
but it came out it was just way too fast
thirty three rotations from it
well that’s some of the worst music I’ve
ever heard I guess is choir boy stuff
quartet but there’s six of them well and
I guess that’s about it I can’t really
test this for a long time but I think
that’s so interesting
I don’t think you’re supposed to drop
this anywhere like on the record either
you just supposed to start the edge and
it’s gonna work its way in
they said okay so I guess these are the
videos officially flagged on YouTube I
don’t know if you’re supposed to put
that back when you’re done but might as
well I see no reason not to
yeah well anyway sorry this video was
rushed and awful but I’m gonna have more
good stuff I’m recording this Friday for
next week I’ve been swamped with school
as I always say and this regular player
will definitely make another appearance
so thanks for watching if you liked this
make sure to leave a like you know is
checked out links in the description
especially if you want purchase this
it’s like 42 dollars have really good
reviews so yeah if you have any
questions I’ll leave them down below and
I’ll see you in the next video I kind of
hiccup alright thanks
oh gosh I did it

Jensen JTA-222 Turntable Specs

Nominal VoltageAC 120 V
Frequency Required60 Hz
Speeds Supported33.3 rps, 45 rps, 78 rps
Featurespitch control
Output Power / Channel3 Watt
Output Impedance / Channel4 Ohm
Channel Typemain
Channel Qty2
Tuner BandsAM/FM
Tuning Displaytuning scale
Width12.5 in
Depth11.1 in
Height4.9 in

Jensen JTA-222 Turntables

The Jensen JTA-222 Turntable has a lot to recommend it, especially considering that it’s a USB connectivity designed to provide you with the ultimate in high-end performance. For starters, the built-in speakers on these mixers are fantastic. In fact, if you really think about it, the JTA-222 has been designed with the audiophile in mind. You’ll discover that it’s incredibly smooth and responsive, which is what we expect from an upper-quality interface for mixers.

Speaking of the internal speaker shut-off switch, that’s another reason why this unit will fly off the shelves. There’s a built-in spring system called the shock absorber that provides excellent bass definition and power. When we reviewed the Jensen JTA-222, we found that this was actually one of the best sounding mixers on the market. The detailed sonic texture and powerful bass were the only drawbacks on this unit. That said, you can expect quality performance out of this mixer, even though its price might put some off. We also recommend a sturdy case to protect your investment.

Of course, you’re going to need a quality tonearm to enjoy the detailed sonic terrain of these mixers. For that reason, the Jensen JTA-222 comes with a precision-tuned aluminum tonearm which is practically indestructible. The built-in spring system lets you adjust the pressure of the arm along with the cartridge weight. The elliptical rotation range offers precise reproduction of low frequencies. We recommend this particular model for people who work in the recording business.

Speaking of the built-in speakers, they’re simply phenomenal! In fact, we wouldn’t use anything else, especially those made by other companies. They’re the best we’ve ever used, period. You can expect amazing sound quality from this unit. It’s definitely one of the best sounding compact units on the market, period.

The built-in plinth is designed to be stable under heavy use. The JTA-222 features a rugged and reliable lithium-ion battery. It boasts an impressive list of features, including a record player with auto-stop function, hi-hat controller, tone control, phase control, variable-spring bridge, and more. The built-in phono preamp also ensures you get the best quality sound from your speakers. Finally, the slim, light jogwheel simplifies dialing and operation.

There are some minor issues we notice with the Jensen JTA-222, but nothing that can’t be worked around with an exchange or a simple return. For example, the built-in rechargeable battery may not be as long as we need it. Some users report that there’s a slight hiss when using the headphones. Another issue that could come up is if you try to use the auto-stop function while the record player is engaged. This might make you have to rewind a bit to stop at the right spot.

Jensen JTA-222 Turntable FAQ

Jensen stereo turntable

If you are looking for a quality, yet affordable high-end stereo system with all the features that are demanded of today’s performers, you should look no further than the Jensen stereo turntables. As compared to other companies, who charge outrageous prices for their products, the Jansens do not compromise on the quality of their components. When you get a good turntable, there will be no need for another stereo system. A good set of Jensen stereo speakers will enhance your music listening experience to new heights. This company has many models to choose from, so you are certain to find one to suit your needs and budget. Here are some of the best selling models of the Jansens:

The Jensen Turntable Pro Jansuit is a very versatile model that is both a top-of-the-line model and also a great value. It comes with a very sturdy, but lightweight black aluminum toned unit. With a shock absorber built in, it is incredibly easy to maneuver this model around without the risk of damaging it. The front of the Jansuit is designed to accommodate both USB cords and headphone jacks, so plugging in your portable devices is just as easy as plugging them into any USB port on a computer or laptop. The front of the Jansuit also includes a three-way ground/forward throw switch that makes controlling the unit much easier, and a large LCD screen is built into the handgrip for easy viewing of the controls.

The Jensen Triplimum is a versatile model that takes up slightly less space and is an excellent choice for a novice DJ. The two CD player speeds on this unit are all controlled by a standard RCA line-out jack that is included along with the turntable. The built-in monitor display is large and includes a large round RCA screen for visual instructions. One of the unique features on this model is that it incorporates a jog wheel, which helps to keep the decking and needles spinning at all times, preventing skipping between tracks. The built-in headphone jacks, built into the handgrip, are also well designed and the included RCA cables allow you to connect the unit to your personal computer or laptop for monitoring purposes.

Jensen record player needle

With the Jensen record player, it is possible to experience the joys of playing classic vinyl music from albums that were pressed many years ago. These instruments are known to be very accurate and can create some of the best sounds available on the market today. For example, if you are looking to play your favorite Michael Jackson songs, then it is possible to download his entire discography onto your computer so that you can enjoy playing them on your home theater system. There are some other notable talents that these instruments have been used for as well. For example, the Jensen record player is compatible with a wide variety of different high definition audio formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS, along with several thousand songs.

If you are looking for something that is very unique, then you should take a look at the Jensen record player needle. This is a new model that features the innovative design that allows you to use it in the most popular method available. That method is known as “listening to your music” because you can determine exactly where every beat is located on the record and then use the included software to change the track that you are listening to from one that has a lot of silence to one that is rich with a sense of sound and emotion. The most common version of this device will only be able to hold about two thousand tracks, but the most powerful version will be capable of holding up to ten or even twenty-five thousands tracks. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you get your full creative potential out of the sounds of your favorite records.

If you are interested in owning one of the most advanced musical instruments available, but you are not sure whether it would be worthwhile to spend that kind of money on something that could only be used for a certain amount of time before having to be replaced, you should take a look at the Jensen audio system. It has all of the cutting edge features that the company is known for and it comes with an audio package that will make your records sound like they were recorded live at the exact gig where they were first performed. This package is known as the Jensen Ata 190 US’s Patch Panel. This powerful addition makes it possible to enjoy the sounds and emotions of your favorite records even when you are not at the mercy of the stage lights.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The record player/AM/FM radio’s consistency pleasantly amazed me. I assumed that for the price I paid, it will be of poorer quality on all fronts. That is NOT true. I gave it to my mother, who is now in her mid-seventies and enjoys listening to old LPs, 45s, and 78s. She was still still moaning about not having a radio to listen to at night. The Jenson Record Player/Radio was ideal. As Mom played some songs for me, I listened to the record player’s quality. It sounded fantastic. Keep in mind that some of her records are over 50 years old. Stereo sound was not as prevalent back then as it is today. The radio reception is excellent. If you want the sound to come from a different place, you can add more speakers to it. However, if you want to use your won, you must switch off the internal speakers. This is the only aspect of the player that I dislike. The switches and buttons for rearranging stuff are tiny. Changing the pace of a record player, for example. If you have fingers that don’t go where you’re aiming, the button is a little difficult to press. Aside from that, I like it just fine.

  2. I had a Crosley record player that was 6 years old and needed to be replaced. I came across this Jensen record player with excellent reviews during my hunt for the best record player at the best price. The record player has a sleek retro style, is simple to set up and use, and performs admirably. If you want better sound, use the headphone jack to attach to external speakers, as I did, and the record player now sounds even better! The sound from the record player is also very nice. This is an excellent product at a very fair price. I was so pleased with this item that I purchased a second one as a gift for a friend who is enjoying it as much as I am.

  3. This tiny record player is completely misunderstood. I read a lot of complaints about the poor sound quality, cheap design, and skip issues. I can obviously only speak from my own experience, but I disagree. I initially agreed, but after a little fiddling, I realized that when properly configured, it really is a nice little player.

    Now comes the fussing part: if you buy this unit and read on, you may be able to save some time.

    1. The headphone jack is only for headphones; it does not support external speakers. If you connect this to your sound system, the speaker out wire-pinch style outputs in the back will provide much better sound.
    2. Use the RCA input on your sound system if it is available. RCA cables usually have better insulation, resulting in less hum through the speakers.
    3. Shipping is a bumpy ride. Check the needle head assembly if the record skips. The screw on the needle head assembly was not as tight as it should have been, and if the needle is sitting at an odd angle to the record, it will trigger skipping. Before returning the device, gently rock the head at the end of the arm, the portion that contains the needle but not the needle itself, back and forth to reset it on the arm. Check that yours is straight down and not angled. That worked for me, and I haven’t had a skip since.

    I may have been a little long winded above, but when you remember that this unit costs less than $50, those things are minor; in reality, they are the reason you are getting it for $50. That is something I am capable of handling. Obviously, if I were looking for a high-end tool, I would not want this one, but I wanted something small enough to fit on a shelf while producing good sound, and that’s exactly what I got.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.