Fluance RT82 Turntable Demo

hey how’s it going this is Joe and tell
today I’m gonna be unboxing the new
turntable from fluence
the Artie 82 T let’s go ahead and do it
as of right now I am using an audio
technica LP 120 that I’ve modified and
what I’ve done is I’ve taken out the
preamp in there some people have said
that the preamp isn’t very good so I’ve
taken it out and I’m using an external
preamp hopefully this is a step up from
that pluots has come out with a new line
of turntables and there’s a few
variations and from what I’ve seen the
main differences are the cartridges that
they’re using so the higher up you go
the better the cartridge as well as a
different model where they’re using a
heavier platter open this up open that
up first thing I see here is the slip
mat there’s a slip mat rubber yep the
one that I currently have on my Audio
is a felt slip mat so I’m not DJing I
don’t really need that some nice RCA
cables there’s a power adapter the
ground wire and there seems to be two of
them I don’t know why they’d have to
this is the cover here so there is the
cover okay let me do this then some
white gloves to finish on this is glosso
let me go official Michael Jackson style
you wear white gloves I don’t know it
seems like he did okay cool and updated
brochure from blue wants they have subs
too I haven’t tried out their subs yet
willing to try those out one day here we
have the user manual but will likely
need that thanks pretty heavy
and on the bottom you’ll see it has
three feet rubber and it looks to be
adjustable very nice I believe this is
called a plinth or some I’ve ever said
that what do we see here different
here’s the tonearm and all right gloves
are coming off
I can’t do anything with these all right
buy gloves and this tone arm looks to be
metal okay so these are to hold the
cover in place
we have the counterweight this is the
cartridge in the head shell and this is
using the order Fon om 10 all right nice
so from what I understand different
cartridges give you different qualities
of sound and so we’ll see how this one
compares to the one that comes with my
Audio Technica and the other other clip
for the cover
alright let’s read the instructions here
let me show you some of this stuff real
quick anti skating blue wants on the
front and on the back you have your
audio output now this does not have a
built-in preamp so you’re gonna need a
preamp with this auto stop on and off
and then the DC input alright looks like
a band here alright that’s the belt
there you are
motor pulley cap oh I see so there’s a
little notch here to let you know that
this is locked into place and then
there’s an arrow here there it is
so that’s not moving it doesn’t spin
lift the rubber belt place it around now
this is belt driven the audio technica
that I have is direct drive and so from
my understanding this is better for
isolation the fact that they’re separate
like this rotate the platter several
types ensure that the rubber belt is
secured and not twisted okay alright
it’s not twisted place the chart table
mat on top of the platter make sure the
logo sight is fake
suck okay make sure the logo side is
face-up logo side who almost put it up
upside down that’s the logo slide the
counterweight on to the end of the
with the numbers facing forward until it
clicks on haha there we go got to hear
that click step three installing the
head shell tighten there it is
use the table below with the included
bubble level to adjust the feet does
this install anywhere or does it just
like you just sit it on top
well this table is not adjusted but I
will adjust it when I put it on the on
the table over there where it’s gonna go
balancing the tonearm
so remove the stylus protector that’s
this protect the stylus from touching
the platter do not allow the stylus to
touch the platter and this thing is
nerve-racking what I’m trying to do is
I’m trying to balance this because the
feet come to a point it’s really easy to
turn it bring this in a little bit more
okay that looks about balance so now I’m
supposed to zero this out RT 82 using
the super om 10 the tracking force
should be at 1.5 and I should be putting
the anti skating also to 1.5 so I’m
gonna go ahead and turn this 21.5 an
anti skating it’s already set to about
1.5 right there failure to connect both
ground cables can result in unwanted
noise or home auto stop function the
auto stop function is designed to extend
the life of your stylus at the end of
the record the platter will
automatically stop spinning if auto stop
is enabled let me try it with on just
because it sounds like a cool feature so
that was a quick unboxing of the fluence
RT 82 so we see how it works why not

Fluance RT82 Turntable Specs

Cabinet MaterialMDF
FinishHigh Gloss Walnut Real Wood Veneer
Dust CoverYes – Tinted
Drive SystemBelt Drive
MotorDC Motor with Servo Controller Analyzes motor speed 500 times/sec
Motor IsolationUnder-mounted 7-point silicone isolation with decoupling isolation ring
Speed33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM (78 RPM – No)
Speed Variation0.13%
Wow And Flutter0.07%
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (Weighted)76 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (Unweighted)65 dB
Diameter Of Platter12 inches (30 cm)
Weight Of Platter1.22 lbs (553 g)
Height Of Platter0.62 inches (16 mm)
Turntable MatRubber
Tonearm TypeStatic Balanced, S-Type
Supported Cartridge Weight0.12 – 0.25 oz (3.5 – 7.5 g)
CounterweightYes – 3.60 oz (102 g) – Adjustable
Anti-Skating AdjustmentYes – Adjustable
Pivot BearingYes
Cueing LeverYes
Tonearm MaterialAluminum
Tonearm Wire36 AWG Litz Cable / 7 Strand
Effective Tonearm Mass0.77 oz (21.78 g)
Overhang0.76 inches (19.2 mm)
Effective Tonearm Length8.82 inches (224 mm)
Headshell MountH-4 Bayonet Mount
Cartridge TypeMoving Magnet (MM)
Cartridge ModelOrtofon OM 10
Replacement StylusStylus 10
Stylus0.3 x 0.7 mil
Frequency Response20 – 20,000 Hz (+3/-1 dB)
Frequency Range20 – 22,000 Hz
Channel Separation22 dB at 1 kHz
Channel Balance< 1.5 dB @ 1 kHz
Load Impedance/Capacitance47k Ohms/200 – 500 pF
Output Voltage4.0 mV
Cartridge Weight0.18 oz (5 g)
Headshell Weight0.35 oz (9 g)
Cartridge Height0.71 inches (18 mm)
Recommended Tracking Force0.05 oz (1.5 g)
Vertical Tracking Angle20°
Rubber Belt DesignContinuous loop (joint-less)
Width0.17 inches (4.5 mm)
Length36.02 inches (915 mm)
Thickness0.02 inches (0.6 mm)
ConnectorRCA (Gold-plated)
PreampNo – Separate Phono Preamp Required
Phono Output4.0 mV
Ground TerminalYes
Input100 – 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Output12 V / 500 mA
Consumption1.5 W
Dimensions5.5 x 16.5 x 13.75 inches / 14.0 x 41.9 x 34.9 cm (HxWxD)
Unit Weight14.99 lb (6.8 kg)
Operating Temperature41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)

Fluance RT82 Turntables

Experience unparalleled vinyl record playback with the Fluance RT82 turntable. Handcrafted from the finest materials by a world-class company in the United States, the Fluance RT82 turntable is engineered to perform better than its counterparts. Meticulously crafted by the world renown company in the United States, this hand-built turntable has been designed to reproduce sound like the original musicians intended. The exclusive Supersonic headphone amp onboard ensures that you get the sound you pay for when listening to your favorite records.

The Fluance RT82 Turntable comes equipped with two headphones that are extremely comfortable and fit snugly around your ears. The built in noise reduction feature ensures that you enjoy the utmost in surround sound accuracy. The RT82 also includes a front loading phaser which helps to eliminate squeaks and makes for an enhanced sonic taste. Included in the package is a diecast model of the Fluance RT82 Turntable, a CD featuring the best of albums released by the band such as Pink Floyd, King Curtis and others.

With a built-in phaser, the Fruity Tones Podcaster allows you to effortlessly switch between three rubber feet for perfect tone control. This innovative preamp allows you to plug in your guitar, wireless drum kit, and even your ukulele! The Fruity Tones Podcaster is made to give you maximum sonic clarity.

The Fluance RT82 is fitted with a precision engineered, high performance direct box that incorporates a high performance high frequency amplifier and mid-range potentiometer. This precise circuitry enables you to connect directly to your source if you are using an amp or connect via the optional USB interface for an appropriate signal level. The built-in phono preamp and hi-fidelity phono preamp with built-in battery allow you to make great sounding, truly professional sounding recordings.

The built in phono preamp incorporated on this ultra-affordable, hi-fi priced turntable is ideal for adding a built in phono head to help you obtain professional sounding recordings. You can also easily connect your device via the USB interface for direct recording or playback. Another platter designed for the Fruity Tones RT82 is the RTA-PT (RTA compatible) Platter.

The built-in preamp and phono preamp of this excellent turntable are rated as one of the best available on the market today. The innovative on-board computer system provides you with super-fast tracking speeds and exceptional high fidelity reproduction of sound. With the precision engineered tonearm on the Fluance RT82, you can count on consistent sonic quality throughout its entire range of LP albums, Hi Fi Turntables, and other audio products. The built-in phono section allows you to input your own audio signal allowing you to mix your record once and then mix it again. The Fluance RT82 will keep you satisfied for many years to come.

Fluance RT82 Turntable FAQ

Fluance vinyl turntable record player

The Fluance Vinyl Turntable Player is one of the latest and most exciting products from Fluance, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. This high-tech unit allows you to enjoy high quality audio from your favorite CDs, even if you have an old or broken record player. With its state-of-the-art technology and unique design, this player can play back hundreds of tracks in one sitting, while not consuming much of your valuable storage space. If you do not know too much about this product, continue reading this article. We will discuss some of the pros and cons of this product, as well as a direct comparison between it and some other leading brands.

One of the great things about the Fluance Vinyl Turntable Player is that it does not use traditional stereos. This is a great advantage for the many individuals who need to enjoy their music, but cannot run out and buy expensive stereo speakers just yet. Another of the pros about this product is that it comes with two built in speakers, allowing you to enjoy better sound quality, especially if you have more than one stereo system at home. Many people agree that it is a great value for money, and that it works perfectly for them.

One of the major cons about the Fluance Vinyl Turntable Player, which has been shared by many experts, is that it does not work with record cartridges that have a built-in Tone Arm. However, this is not a problem for most users, since most users can easily upgrade the unit to support record cartridges with Tone Arm included. Some users also mention that this unit tends to produce distorted sound quality, although many other consumers have noted that their only complaints are related to the lack of bass and volume adjustment on some songs.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. My system is simple, with an Onkyo 8140 receiver feeding music into a pair of Paradigm Mini Monitors (from the 1990s). Anything on this table is derived from the vinyl. I purchased a second headshell to install an Ortophon 2M Red that I recently purchased in an attempt to upgrade my old Philips 677 table. This will allow me to keep the OM10’s “factory” setup if I don’t like the sound. I just put on Little Feat’s “Salin’ Shoes” (yep, I’m an old man) and the album sings! The only warning is that there is a significant amount of setup and assembly needed. The instructions, on the other hand, are very simple. In addition, the auto-stop feature is special and extremely useful. Don’t be hesitant.

  2. I spent much too much time looking for a replacement for a 15-year-old Stanton direct drive that didn’t sound half bad. I just had a brief fascination and spent hours poring over feedback and audiophile forums, ranging from vintage Denon, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Dual to modern versions from Audio Technica, U-Turn, Fluance, Rega, and Pro-Ject. The antique tables seemed like the obvious option, but they either required a lot of TLC or had been repaired and were priced a little higher than I wanted to pay. I wanted to concentrate on new tables and reduce my budget to $300. Following that, the Rega Planar 1 and Pro-Ject Debut were eliminated. Both seemed to be good choices, but not without flaws, and if I’m going to buy a Rega, I want to go all in, glass platter and all. In terms of platter, cartridge, engine, and aesthetics, Audio Technica couldn’t compete with U-Turn and Fluance for $300. The final option was between the Fluance RT82 and the U-Turn Orbit Plus. If you’re searching for a new turntable for under $300, these should be the only two options. You will get an acrylic platter and an Ortofon 0M5E cartridge with the Orbit. They’re made in the United States by a small business, which I appreciate. The Fluance RT82 comes with a significantly improved cartridge but an arguably inferior aluminum platter. The cue button, auto stop, S-shaped tone arm, removable headshell (easier to swap cartridges), 33/45 rpm knob, and lower wow/flutter percent are where it outperforms the Orbit in my opinion. I’ve had it for about a week and have probably listened to 40 hours of music on it. I wasn’t overly impressed at first, and I read that the stylus could need some break-in time. It now sounds fantastic, and I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase.

  3. A pair of white gloves, a water level, and turntable Matt are all included with the order.

    One of the best features of this model is its adjustable feet, which enable you to level the record player. Two in the front and one in the mid-back, allowing for ultimate music-playing ambitions.

    I live in a space that isn’t flat and has furniture that leans forward while stationary. This type of item is important in my collection. What you pay for is what you get, and in this case, you get far more important items in this purchase.

    When assembling the unit, you will have one of the most incredible and educational experiences.

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