Denon VL12 Turntable Demo

today we’re looking at the Denon DJ BL
this is a Denon DJ prime piece it goes
alongside the SC 5000 media player and
the X 1800 prime mixer and it completes
the Denon D Joe pro DJ gear range
immediately out of the box an impressive
turntable it’s very heavy overall layout
features there’s nothing surprising
everything’s exactly where you would
expect because let’s face it the
turntable hasn’t changed in 40 years
it’d be a brave company who would change
it now
but that said it’s got a few nice little
twists that literally allow you to turn
it 90 degrees I have it functioning
better than a technic turntable turn 90
degrees we’re going to get onto that
stuff in just a little while because
we’re going to set it up with the rest
of the prime gear so we can show you the
permutations but for now let me just
give you a very quick talk around of the
turntable okay so here is the direct
drive platter it comes with a slip mat
it doesn’t come with that big rubber top
which you do get on the technics
turntable of course and everyone just
throws away it comes down with a slip
map this is the platter the platter
underneath has got a rubberized base
which makes it a lot more I’m just going
to try and click this back on in
rehearsal I did this first time but you
do have to line it up perfect the base
is a lot more stable because of that
rubber there and there’s a lot of
stability features built into this as I
said it’s very heavy
also the feet are kind of they’re like
those mounting bike from Forks that have
got the built-in suspension so that is a
there is our slip mat down here at the
start-stop 33 45 33 45 when you press
them together do not switch to 78 rpm
like a technics one for the gigs there
the on/off button is recessed which has
been one of the ways that turntable
manufacturers have improved on the
original technics because it means you
can’t accidentally turn it off when you
do turn it off it means the platter will
flow down of course and your music will
stop so that’s been recessed there there
was a strobe light in here a little bit
more about that later on another light
here which is interchangeable with this
light here so these are to put the light
across the surface of your of your tune
in order for you to see where the brakes
are coming up and the loud bits and so
and strangely there were two versions of
this light here’s no way you’d ever see
this in the studio but let’s just call
them the silver one and the black one
one of them is like a bright white LED
and the other one is more the kind of
warm tungsten light feel no idea where
you get two of those but you do okay
so let’s move over to this side of the
turntable the tonearm is pretty basic
pretty standard it reminds me of the
tone arms on old Gemini turntables back
in the 90s frankly that said it does the
job but I would have thought maybe a
straight tone on version of this after
all this battle DJ’s who are going to be
buying this primarily everyone else he’s
going to be using a media player right
it comes with the counterweight it comes
with an extra little weight for the back
of here just in case you’re running a
very so tarik heavy cartridge that said
the head shell they provide very very
standard this is actually technics one
we’ve got on here because it’s got our
cartridge on because there’s no card
food supply with this turntable that’s
pretty normal but it would be nice to
see cartridges with turntables the cost
this much right you know save you having
to go and buy one separately down here
is the pitch control this is a digital
pitch which has pluses and minuses again
talk a bit more about that when we’ve
got this set up around the back here are
our power in and out and our in and out
for our foe no cable which has no line
switch a lot of turntables nowadays have
a line switch so you can plug this
straight into for instance your computer
to rip vinyl but that’s not there so you
will need a phone or preamp they’re
built into mixers but do if you want to
plug this straight in and use it to rip
you’re going to need a phone or pre amp
for back there because they haven’t
built that in and interestingly as well
we have an old fashioned earth pin here
and this is as found on technics and not
normally found on most turntables
nowadays but this is for just earthing
the back of your the metal parts of your
turns over should you detect any hum
when you are listening to this as it’s
all plugged in finally round this side
of the turntable are some controls that
let you do some clever stuff which I’m
going to show you we’re going to dim the
lights now turn our workbench into a DJ
booth bring the rest of the SC 5,000
gear out and put this through the paces
so here it is the full prime system X
1800 there’s one SC 5,000 on the end and
both turntables that’s what we’re
talking about here right this is the the
traditional orientation and this one’s
in battle orientation we’ll talk a bit
more about the orientation in a second
but let’s go over to the battle
turntable I just want to show you a few
features of it it’s get something
playing on here then so
first feature I want to show you is the
on/off power button
so normally you turn this off everything
turns off and you have to turn it on
again press Start again everyone notices
not so with this one
firstly it’s recessed which we talked
about so you’re unlikely to accidentally
turn it off but if you do off on see
that nothing happened I’ll show you
again oh oh and nothing happens which is
really really cool if you leave it too
long it will go off and then you have to
turn it on and press Start again in
order to get back to what you’re doing
but that’s a nice little feature there
which we only discovered through playing
about with it of course it’s our job so
another thing that we’ve discovered to
playing about with it it’s the way the
pitch controls works which is really
quite nice it’s a little feature spoon
because it’s a digital pitch control
they can build some features in here
which you don’t normally get on record X
so let me show you so this is a pitch
control to start with we’ve got a
plus/minus 8% nothing unusual there you
can switch it to 16% and you can switch
it to 50 for those extremes but this is
a nice bit this button here resets the
pitch no matter where you’ve got it back
to naught so you can get some quite nice
and faced with it like this
and you back in order and now not doing
anything so you press that button again
about the middle press the button again
and you’re back to doing doing that with
it so you should have some fun with that
in your in your battle mix season in
your performance mixing also wanted to
point out the fact that even though
there’s no click in the middle here the
middle area actually is it’s pretty big
the amount of space here whether the
faders of nothing is quite big and you
can tell that by looking at this part
here where I’m pointing my finger here
this strobe so there’s some lines here
that are still at the moment so anyone
who’s used to using turntables are know
what I’m talking about now I’ll just
send it back to 8% there if you move
this to slow the track down these little
lines start to move anti-clockwise left
to right and if I speed the track up
they move right to left or clockwise and
the further away you go the more they
move it’s called a strobe light in here
and that shows you visually whether
you’re Chuck is playing slower or faster
so this just big chunk in the middle
there’s a big chunk in the middle I’m
moving my hand quite a lot on the main
control now if we take our roving cam
back to the strobe you’ll see that
actually it’s not moving at all so what
Denon deejay has done is give you a big
chunk in the middle of pitch fader where
you know you just know that if you throw
that back to somewhere like that it’s
gonna be true and I actually think
that’s quite nice and it’s a nice way of
setting this up that said the light
doesn’t come on because the light is
used for this kind of pitch lock
function and having the light on in the
middle would be another way of showing
you that you’re actually got it set
right there okay so there’s a couple of
features of this one feature of this
which we haven’t looked at yet which is
pretty cool is on the front and that is
the ability to change the LED now you’ve
got a intensity off dim or bright and
you’ve also got the control that I’m
going to turn now and this is now moving
through all kinds of colors and you can
set the color of your deck to work
nicely with whatever your branding
whatever the branding of your club or
wherever your particular needs let’s set
that one to purple and now I’m going to
move over to the other half of this
up I’m going to talk a little bit more
about how we would get alter alter work
together now this deck is in traditional
setup now that means that the wires
which at the back of this deck are
coming out the back in battle mode are
down here at the edge now the cool thing
about that is that on the back of here
is a kettle lead that’s applied which
has got a right angle on it as have the
phono leads so that means that on this
deck we rotated all the leaves are down
here top funded by the mixer but because
they’ve got those little right angles it
all fits together nicely and it’s not a
problem they just come out the back
right normal what’s harder to get to are
the controls for the platter which are
now tucked kind of in here because on
this deck they’re down here at the back
but that’s alright you set and forget
those so let’s get let’s move that out
of the way and we’ll set this to the
same color as that deck there there we
go now my two decks are both nice and
pinky purple all we have to do now is
set the SC 5,000 to that pinky purple
color and I can get into the settings
here dive in there and now my whole
denim prime setup is that lovely digital
DJ tips pinky purple color that’s the
technical zone by the way that we all
know and love so are they for you what
do we like about them well look if
you’re assembling a prime set up they’re
going to be for you because they’re part
of your setup and you’re going to want
them badly right but for everyone else
it’s going to be a harder decision
they’re quite expensive there’s a few
things on them you might expect to see
at this price point that you don’t get
for instance as I mentioned a couple of
times the tone arms great it all works
but there’s no real innovation there
apart from that little click thing I
just showed you again at this price
maybe straight tone arm would be nice
especially for the battle DJ’s there’s
no lying phone no switch which I also
pointed out and it really nice to see
some kind of digital features like the
ability to lock the pitch when you’re
moving the tempo that’s available on the
turntables as well that don’t cost quite
as much as this you might want to look
at the NTX 1000 if you you’re not
worried about the Newmark sticker on it
because there’s a lot of the same
features on that for less money what we
did really really like and I’m not going
to make any bones about this was the
fact that you can change the color of
the platter
they look absolutely awesome and
especially if you’ve got the SC 5000 and
you can match the whole lot but these
things matter and it does
really really cool so on the plus side
they’re well built they sound great
they’re they they look cool on the minus
side they’re a bit expensive and they
haven’t got cutting edge digital
features they just a turntable at the
end of the day if you want a prime set
up and you want to complete your set up
no-brainer everyone else take a closer
look at the market before taking the
plunge that’s our review of the Denon VL
12 turntables

Denon VL12 Turntable Specs

DriveQuartz direct-drive
High Torque5 kgf/cm (instant); 3.4 kgf/cm (stable)
Low Torque3.2 kgf/cm (instant); 1.4 kgf/cm (stable)
Starting Time0.3 seconds
Braking SystemElectronic
Input Voltage100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Consumption65 W
Connections(2) RCA outputs (1 stereo pair)
(1) IEC power input
OutputPhono-level via stereo RCA cable
SpeedsRPM: 33⅓, 45
Wow & Flutter: < 0.05%
PlatterMaterial: Aluminum die-cast
Diameter: 13.1” / 332 mm
Weight: 4.9 lbs. / 2.2 g
TonearmEffective Length: 9.4” / 238 mm
Overhang: 1.0” / 25 mm
Offset Angle: 20.5°
Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height)17.8″ x 14.0″ x 5.9″
Weight27.4 lbs.

Denon VL12 Turntables

The Denon VL12 turntable is designed to deliver the ultimate performance in performance and value for money. Able to run all major label record labels and the best sound equipment available on the market, the Denon VL12 turntable is the centre piece of your DJ kit. Producing the highest quality vinyls available in the world, Denon are at the forefront of digital audio technology, using state-of-the-art digital technologies and top-of-the-range materials to produce the best vinyls in the industry. Able to withstand heavy load and high-performance requirements for years of flawless performance, the Denon vinyl continues to gain rave reviews from music enthusiasts the world over.

The Denon VL12 turntable features two-level stereo isolation feet which allow each channel to be isolated from other channels when the deck is engaged. The two-level isolation Feet allows for greater sonic clarity when the signal levels are low. This is particularly useful when using headphones, as you can adjust the level without hearing any unwanted noise. Another key feature of the VL12 is its high-resolution tone control. Utilising a precision timing mechanism, this enables you to precisely match the attack / release timing of each record, ensuring that every recording is made exactly as it should be. This feature also allows each individual record to have a distinctly unique sound.

The Denon VL12 turntables come with a range of features designed to make your mixing and mastering process as easy as possible. Integrated with industry-leading MIDI capability, the VL12 allows you to control all your instruments from a single interface. Each instrument has a foot switch which allows you to operate them individually or synchronously. You can use the MIDI controls to trigger effects like reverb and chorus and use them whilst the mixer is transmitting via MIDI.

The Denon vl 12s are known for their light weight and supreme durability. With an all aluminium construction, the VL 12’s are built to last. One of the major benefits of the vl 12s is that they are extremely reliable, being able to stand up to high volume play without skipping. The heavy duty construction and the fact that there are no mechanical moving parts means that the Denon vinyl is completely unaffected by scratching, scuffing or breaking, making it an incredibly dependable piece of equipment.

When looking at the Denon VL12 turntable it is important to take into account the warranty. The warranty on the VL12 turntable comes with one year of unlimited usage, a two year warranty on the tonearm, and a full one year warranty on the main drum. This provides peace of mind that if there are any faults with the equipment within a year of purchase, Denon will replace them free of charge. This is something that you cannot get from many other manufacturers.

The Denon vinyl that is used in these mixers has a brand reputation built on innovation, style, reliability and excellent build quality. Mixing this type of equipment is not as simple as you would imagine. They have done an excellent job of integrating some very innovative tactile features into a comprehensive tonearm design and have improved the standard of operation over the years. You can quickly move onto other models if you feel that the VL12 is not providing you with what you are looking for but after you have had a chance to experience the Denon VL12 turntable you may wish to consider upgrading to a different model.

Denon VL12 Turntable FAQ

Denon direct drive turntable

The Denon direct drive turntable is one of the top selling models that has been introduced in the market. It offers high-end performance for your budget. This is the best product that you can use to make the best mix of sounds from your favorite hip hop, jazz, and rhythm and blues records. There is no other similar product that can provide the same powerful performance as the Denon direct drive unit. The Denon direct drive recorders come with an interface cable to connect your sound system to the main board of the unit.

These are specially designed record players and record heads so that you will be able to play the records with the help of a CD player. All the features of a Denon direct drive unit are built into one neat and sophisticated unit. You get the ability to alter the speed of the deck along with the pitch thus you can play the music according to your choice. If you want to change the sound of the music then there are also several other options like eliminating the center speaker and placing the tweeters to the left or right of the sound board. There are many other advanced functions available in these decks like variable balance control, phase shift control, manual EQ, tone control, Noise reduction, Noise filter, bass control, and insert option, which help to store the songs in the player.

If you have some old records that you do not need anymore then you can remove them and transfer them to the new CD-RW or DVD-RW. You can also transfer the old records with the help of optical disk Writer. Another feature of this model is that it comes with a built-in battery. The Denon direct drive turntables are designed in such a way that they are easy to handle and operate. It comes with a comprehensive warranty.

Denon CD turntable

If you’re in the market for a new DJ mix or simple audio equipment, a Denon CD turntable is a great place to start. While many DJs choose to stick with standard CD turntables, they can be missing out on some great options. DJs who are starting out and need to build up a reputation may need to invest in a higher end sub, like one from Brands and Musics. While the cost will be more than a typical Denon CD turntable, the quality and performance should be well worth the price. While you may need to replace the speakers several times throughout the course of a set, the cost of buying higher end audio equipment like this one is well worth it.

The Denon CDWRT subwoofers are known for being great performers. They are also well-known for having excellent build quality, a solid design, and a reputation for high quality sound reproduction. Because of the consistent quality of sound that is produced, they are used to mix many different styles of music, whether they be rap rock or traditional. Mixing music is not the only use for a Denon CDWRT turntable. Many DJs choose to use them for lead audio when they play live shows, and they also make a good addition to a DJ setup as a means of recording ambient sounds.

When looking for a DJ mix, you want the best quality possible. The Denon CDWRT series offers quality at an affordable price, and you’ll find that they are particularly well suited to home users, due to their compact size. Many consumers prefer to buy a Denon CDWRT unit because they have great punch and powerful bass. If you’d like a DJ mix that produces great quality without a huge price tag, or if you’d prefer to go with a name brand subwoofer and mixer, you might want to consider the Denon line of products.

Denon digital turntable

Many people have not heard about it but this is a very famous music system that is in use all over the world today. It is also one of the leading brands and it is used in almost every place that sells music even though other brands are also available in the market. If you are looking for a good record player that will cater all your needs of listening to records and playing your favorite songs then it is time that you got one of these Denon digital turntables.

With built-in phono preamp, Denon digital turntable can be connected recording records to your personal computer via the USB port very fast. There exist an immense UK demand for RCA phono preamps as record players that enables you to listen to the record levels while working on your daily task without disturbing others. These types of RCA preamp are used to record records and there are few RCA phono preamps that are used to convert record levels into audio using headphones. There are also some other models that can be connected to computer through USB, but they are not so efficient as the Denon digital turntable.

You can find many types of Denon digital turntable models that are provided by the company. If you want to listen to the record directly then there are models which come with RCA output jacks, there are some models that have built-in phono preamp as well as the main stereo audio input. There are also some models that come with a dust cover. Dust covers are also known as RCA sleeves. Dust covers are used to protect the records from any kind of moisture and dust. Dust covers help in protecting your RCA phono amp from moisture and dust that may damage the equipment.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. For the most part, this is a good-sounding TT. I just listen to this at home, so this isn’t a study of its ability to work for a DJ. I’m a talented DJ, and to be honest, this is probably best suited for that if that’s what you do.

    The platter had a slight wobble, which was my first concern. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else, but for a $900 TT, it appears to be pretty shoddy. You may be able to mitigate it if you work VERY hard to seat the platter securely. I had to go through two of them before I got it down to a manageable amount. I tried to get Denon to fix this problem under warranty, but they refused.

    The second problem was that the LED ring made a lot of noise when it was set to certain colors or, strangely, when it was switched off. I prefer it in red, but that was the most audible atmosphere. This occurred for both systems in the very same way and with multiple cartridges. The bluish white seems to be the most peaceful. In case you were wondering, my system is perfectly grounded, and I conducted thorough troubleshooting, including the discovery of a faulty main ground in my house, which has now been corrected.

    The tone arm isn’t very good, either, but if you can get past the rest of this, you can get decent performance out of one of these.

    Finally, what irritates me the most is Denon’s complete inability to discuss the consistency issues. I’ll be replacing this in the not-too-distant future, and I won’t be getting another Denon TT.

  2. The sound quality is excellent, and the turntable looks great. My old scratched records now sound crystal clear. I think someone described the sound as punchy in a review, and I completely agree that it has a bold sound.

    The LED ring is a good addition. My only minor complaint is that, for the price, a cartridge or preamp would have been useful. However, I can see how it is justified by the build quality, tone, and lighting.

  3. I’ve had about 14 hours of listening time since I received it, and I’m always amazed at how amazing the VL12 sounds! I recognize that my preference for direct-drive puts me in the “audiophile” minority. However, I’ve always preferred direct-drive turntables for their precision, reliability, simplicity, and “punchy” dynamics. I’ve been “tableless” for over two decades, with my last table being the venerable Technics 1200 MK2, which I sold as I became more dedicated to CDs and digital files. “If only I knew then what I know now,” as the saying goes.

    So, about two months ago, I started looking for a new table to play on for my vinyl collection. I was considering purchasing Technics’ new 1200G-series tables, but I couldn’t get comfortable playing in the $3K-$5K range that dealers were asking for. So I chose Pioneer’s PLX-1000 because it had recently earned a “Recommended” rating from Stereophile, which is a high honor for any piece of audio equipment. The PLX-1000 received very positive feedback, and it was set up at my local music shop, ready for an audition. I was all set…until I discovered multiple online videos comparing the PLX-1000 to the recently released VL12. After watching those, it was clear that the VL12 was superior in every way.

    Indeed, it appears that Denon set its sights on the PLX-1000 square and set out to outperform it in every way. Denon’s VL12 is a whole new concept from the ground up. It easily outperforms the Pioneer (and other Hanpin-clones) not only in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of build and feature set. I had no reservations about calling it a “DJ” table; after all, the 1200-series began as a “audiophile” direct-drive table before becoming the norm for DJs. True, many of the features are aimed at the club/broadcasting user: Low/High Torque settings, Selectable +/- Tempo Ranges (8, 16, 50), Tempo Slider with Instant Reset, RGB halo-lighting for the platter with three intensity settings (Off, Low, High), and so on. The VL12, on the other hand, has some serious features that an audiophile might appreciate. The high-torque motor assembly is fully isolated, which eliminates rumble and vibrations. It has a quartz-lock speed controller for pinpoint accuracy. The entire tonearm assembly is made of metal and reminds me of the glory days of the 1200. The tonearm is really easy to set up and tracks with that smooth, almost weightless motion that you enjoy watching when spinning your favorite records. The platter weighs 13 pounds and has a completely rubber-damped underside. All of this consistency is housed in a steel and aluminum frame weighing 27 lbs. and resting on suspended, auto-leveling feet. The entire package exudes consistency, attention to detail, and professional intent.

    My Vl12 is set up on 1.5″ of end-grain maple butcher block suspended on rubber and cork isolation blocks. The turntable is assisted by Vibrapod 4 isolators. I’m beginning with Shure’s superb M97xE cartridge. Initial listening impressions: the sound is fantastic…something I wasn’t anticipating! Listening to a variety of genres and vinyl qualities, the VL12 delivers the punch and pace I’ve come to expect from the best direct-drive turntables I’ve heard. The sound has a fullness to it that gives vinyl its characteristic “warmth.” I figured it would take a while to get it to sound “nice,” but I’m a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, happy listening person right now! Isn’t that what it all boils down to?

    Will the VL12 be regarded as Denon’s heir apparent to the legendary DP-6xL series turntables? Definitely, maybe. At the very least, the VL12 strikes me as a great choice for the vinyl-listening enthusiast looking for a new, modern direct-drive table that is a step above the usual suspects in the crowded $800-$1200 price range. Denon, you have done an excellent job!

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