Denon DP-29F Turntable Demo

the Denon DP 29 F I recently picked up
this turntable for fifty dollars
Canadian normally I gotta say I don’t
think this thing is worth the normal
price but if you can find it on sale it
might be worth checking out when I was
looking at this turntable I did a quick
search on YouTube and I couldn’t find
any reviews for this particular low-end
Denon model so that’s the main reason I
want to do this review I am NOT an
expert in turntables I’m not gonna be
measuring the tracking force or the
accuracy of the rotation Wow and flutter
or anything like that I’m just going to
listen to it and see how it sounds for a
50-dollar turntable yes everything is
cheap plastic but I gotta say the the
platter itself is pretty heavy it’s
metal and the slip mat actually feels
pretty decent it is a fairly grippy
rubber so this thing normally sells for
a hundred and fifty dollars Canadian I
did look it up on Amazon before I bought
it and like I said that’s too expensive
but I was in a local store who
originally had it for one $49.99 but
then they put it on clearance for 79 88
and then it also happened to go on sale
with an instant rebate brought it down
to 49 88 and that’s when I jumped on it
at that price I figured it’s worth a try
it’s worth listening to if it’s decent
maybe it would make a good gift for
someone that’s just getting into
listening to vinyl records but normally
at a hundred and fifty dollars I
wouldn’t even recommend this you can get
the audio technica LP 60 X for the same
price in fact of the store I bought this
at had both and originally they were
side-by-side at the same price
I wouldn’t even argue that for around
one hundred and fifty dollars or maybe a
little bit more there’s even better
options out there underneath the platter
there is a small switch which will turn
the phone APRI amp on
if you have your own photo preamp or
your amplifier receiver has a phono
level input then you can turn this off
if you’re using this on a modern
receiver or some sort of powered
speakers that doesn’t have a phono level
input then you can turn the phone APRI
amp on alright so I listen to this
entire album this is the darkness I
think it’s called hot mess something
like that I listen to this entire album
on my techniques 202 direct drive
turntable from the late 80s it’s has had
the cartridge changed recently
I think it’s an order fun I needed a
needle the needles for the original
cartridge were too hard to find I ended
up getting a entire cartridge and needle
given to me and so I swapped that on
keep in mind with the technics I am
running through a Behringer preamp
it’s basically necessary the technics
doesn’t have a built-in phonon preamp
it’s going to a receiver that doesn’t
have a phono level input I have to run
it through the preamp first on the Denon
I don’t have to run it through the
preamp and that said it sounds great it
sounds fine it sounds basically the same
as the techniques maybe there’s a little
bit less trouble like the high hats are
slightly quieter but they both have
basically the same amount of bass they
both sound clear to me honestly in a
blind test I probably wouldn’t be able
to tell you which one is which so again
I’m no expert I’m no audio file
I’m not running through the highest end
of preamps and receiver or amplifiers
I’m just running on these Infinity
reference speakers but to me it sounds
considering this thing was 50 bucks hell
even if you paid a hundred bucks for it
the only real complaint I have yeah
there’s it’s all made out of plastic it
feels kind of cheap but like the only
real complaint that I have is there’s no
cueing which kind of surprised me I
thought all turntables had that even the
really cheap ones but there’s no button
or lever to like lift the tonearm up and
the little handle or knob that sticks at
the side of the tonearm that yeah that
you you used to move the tonearm
manually it is tiny this tiny little
thing and it it’s very awkward to lift
the tone arm and gently set it down
where you want to set it down if you’re
just listening to the album from
beginning to end
sure just hit the start button it’ll do
its thing but if you want to manually
set the the the tone arm to like a
certain song it sucks but honestly
that’s my biggest complaint like I said
it sounds pretty good to me
would it make a good gift for someone
who is just getting into vinyl records
definitely for $50 it’s amazing if you
can find it for around a hundred dollars
I would say it’s probably still worth it
but like I said at the beginning around
one hundred and fifty dollars I think
there’s definitely better options so
only get this one if it’s on sale or

Denon DP-29F Turntable Specs

MotorBelt Drive, DC Servo Motor
Speed33-1/3, 45RPM
Wow and Flutter0.15% WRMS
Tone ArmDynamic Balanced Type
CartridgeMM Type
Output Voltage2.5mV
PowerAC 120V, 60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)14-3/16 x 3-13/16 x 14-1/16″ (360 x 97 x 357mm)
Weight2.8kg (6.2 lbs)

Denon DP-29F Turntables

The Denon DVD-RW Multimedia Turntables is ideal for people who use their home DVD or VCR machine as a record player. The Multimedia Turntables from Denon makes it easy to enjoy your audio CDs in better audio quality with better sound effects than the old phonographic recorders. These are made to play the most popular audio formats available on the market. You can record up to two hundred hours of audio using these machines.

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The built-in phono section allows you to plug the turntables into your existing stereo system without disturbing any other devices. This makes it possible to use Denon DVD-RW Multimedia Turntables in your home theatre system. In addition, if you like to listen to your old vinyl records, then the Denon DVD-RW Multimedia Turntables is the perfect solution for you. Many people who purchase the Denon DP-29F Turntables are surprised by its ease of use and high-quality audio files it can play.

Many people choose the Denon DP-29F Turntables over other similar products simply because of the outstanding performance. It’s built sturdy and features a two-year warranty. This warranty gives the customer complete peace of mind that their product will stand by its side and perform flawlessly. This unit comes with many model types, all of which have been meticulously tested for quality and performance. Each model comes with a remote control, multi-effects control, line out and record switch, phase correction and tone control.

With a large variety of models to choose from, you are certain to find the right unit to fit your budget and your needs. There are many top-notch Denon manufacturers such as Alpine, JBL, Logitech, Sony and others that create excellent audio equipment. When looking for a Denon DVD-RW Multimedia Turntable, be sure to take a look at some of the consumer reviews. This way you will be able to determine which one has the best functionality, as well as great audio quality. The Denon DP-29F is available in a wide range of price ranges to accommodate all consumers.

The Denon DVD-RW Multimedia Turntables comes with a very simple set of operating instructions. Even a beginner can operate this unit with ease. These recorders can save up to 90% of the original recording time, so you can enjoy the benefits of better sound and a faster recording time. Don’t forget to have fun with your favorite music on your personal computer!

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. As compared to my 40-year-old Kenwood, which was in the same price range despite inflation, I’m not impressed. It is completely automatic in the sense that the tone arm returns to its resting position (and there are stop and start buttons), but there is no clip to hold the tone arm in place – it simply falls off if the cabinet is bumped. The tone arm in general feels “cheap,” and I don’t think this turntable is worth the $150 I paid for it. I used to think Denon had a decent reputation, but now I’m not so sure.

  2. My old Denon’s motor had fried, so I replaced it with this machine. I got it for a decent price and the only flaw is a tiny crack in the back cover. The only drawback is that there is no tonearm lift system. The cartridge cannot be substituted, however the needle can. It sounds good to me, but I’m not a “audiophile.” BUT IT SOUNDS PERFECT TO ME! I suppose you might call this a starter turntable, but I’m not made of gold. My vast record collection sounds fantastic on it. I’m happy for the price I paid.

  3. When you want to play a specific track, it would be nice if the tone arm could be raised and lowered mechanically rather than just using your fingertips. It should certainly have a function that allows you to raise the tonearm.

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