Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofer Demo

very satisfied with this small subwoofer
had to purchase a cable however it works
well with my yamaha soundbar
space was a bit of an issue for me and
this sits within the bottom shelf of a
i am generally very satisfied with the
performance of my soundbar but for times
when the extra thump is wanted
this works very well and is impressive
for the size
have a bose home theater system and a
den and receiver was never satisfied
with the weak base produced
was looking at the bose base option for
plus and decided it was out of the
opted instead for this yamaha unit can’t
say enough how spectacular this small
unit performs
fills a 44 by 28 space with full rich
excellent purchase i wish i could test
what this woofer is capable of but that
would not be neighborly
i have to limit the volume control to
about a quarter of the way up
even so it produces a surprising amount
of sound
considering that it only kicks in below
100 hertz
it rounds out the sound of my very
capable yamaha ats 1080
sound bar very well
i had to spend some time identifying
where rattles in the room were coming
from but all is settled now
i very much appreciate that this has
separate power and volume controls
there are times when i don’t want the
woofer and it is important to adjust the
bass when i do
most discerning listening only requires
a whiff of deep bass rather than have it
dominate the sound
my home system is complete
i got this yamaha nssw050bl sub today
hooked it up calibrated the system put
it through its paces
this is a fantastic little sub for my
space about 15 by 30 feet
i turned it up to the dhx reference
level and it held its own
none of the drivers in my system sounded
taxed by it
i have the other speakers set to the
roll off at 85 hertz
they’re not dhx speakers but i have the
amp treating them as such for the low
frequency roll-off
everything sounds crisp detailed and
happy with my purchase
okay so just to let you guys know this
may be a very long in my review of the
yamaha nssw050 subwoofer
i’m not an audiophile guy but i can
definitely tell you i love this
anyways it’ll tell you guys the details
about it the performance
this little sub really packs a punch for
its size
from my experience by playing music and
watching movies
i had to turn down the subwoofer level
from my receiver yamaha rx 461
rarely a few times even at night on low
it doesn’t have the crossover frequency
knob on the back where the volume knob
but i don’t mind it at all i put the
volume knob in the middle where it is
it performs pretty well in my bedroom
it’s pretty small
could perform better in a medium row the
frequency response is amazingly nice
i could hear low notes down to 30 hertz
down the hallway from where my room is
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Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofer Specs

Driver8″ cone
Dynamic Power100 W (5 ohms)
Output Power50 W (100 Hz, 5 ohms, 10% THD)
Frequency Response28–200 Hz
Advanced YSTYes
Twisted Flare PortYes
Dimensions (W x H x D)11-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ x 13-3/8″
Weight18.7 lbs.

Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofers

The Yamaha NS-SW000BL subwoofer is an excellent choice for your car audio system. This sleek compact subwoofer incorporates some of Yamaha’s latest high-performance and advanced bass technology including Twisted Flair Port and Advanced YST II (aya surround sound} with discrete amplifier circuitry and exclusive high quality speaker wire. This results in sensational flatulent bass response, which enhances overall musical enjoyment of recorded music and movies. Its compact size and powerful motor drive ensure that this subwoofer is great for mounting in tight spaces. The supplied stands ensure that it can be easily positioned in any direction.

This Yamaha subwoofer is made by the well-known Italian company, Piano Cash. Piano Cash specializes in innovative high-performance home audio product products. Their NS-SW050BL is produced with advanced Yamaha driver which guarantees that you get superior performance from every penny spent. Its powerful amplifier allows you to enjoy music or watch your favorite movies with ease. Due to its compact and robust build, this Yamaha producto is a perfect addition to any home.

The Yamaha NS-SW050BL is perfect for both the home user and the professional sound enthusiast. This subwoofer is fitted with a dual tweeter basket which is capable of handling tweet frequencies as low as 150 hertz. This is very ideal for anyone looking for a perfect blending of exquisite sound with portability. The woofer is designed to work flawlessly in a sealed enclosure which further enhances its durability. With a simple installation and uncomplicated wiring connections, it is assured that you will be getting high quality music or cinema experience from your Yamaha theater system.

If you want to add a touch of class to your surround sound system, you should consider the Yamaha NS-SW050BL. This is because the woofer is featured with a polypropylene cone and is also covered with rubber surround. The woofer is also accompanied with a nylon surround for extra durability. The factory made speaker box is an upgraded version of the Yamaha NS-SW050BL. The factory made box is still one of the best sellers in the market and is compatible with all kinds of amplifiers and sound systems.

Another great addition to the Yamaha NS-SW050BL is its versatile 4-inch polyphonic subwoofer. This subwoofer is perfect for those who have a demanding audio taste. The polyphonic features include high and low frequencies as well as tone control. The speaker can even produce two different notes and blend them in the audio spectrum.

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-performance audio system that you can use to enhance your karaoke and music listening sessions at home, you should check out the Yamaha NS-SW050BL. This subwoofer comes with a factory made amplifier that is compatible with all kinds of audio systems. You can choose to get a sealed enclosure for a more rigid audio system or you can opt for the Kenwood sub-100 which has a pre-assembled design that comes with an audio amp. The Kenwood sub-100 is perfect for the person who is always on the go and for the person who wants to bring their audio system to the next level.

Yamaha NS-SW050BL Subwoofer FAQ

Yamaha 10-inch subwoofer

One of the best speakers on the market today for a car system is the Yamaha car system. The Yamaha 10-inch subwoofer for home theater comes with a new optimized spider-wheel port that allows for an optimal performance from your speakers. This port configuration takes full advantage of the optimum port design of the Yamaha line of speakers, while still providing a deep bass sound that is perfect for any style of car system. The specially designed woofer boxes will send vibrations through the speaker and send them packing deep down into the subwoofers, which gives your home theater experience with the quality sound it is known for.

When it comes to speakers for your car system, you will find that you have many options when it comes to size, style, and quality. One speaker that may surprise you is the new Pro surround sound speakers, which have become very popular for their crisp low tones and powerful mid-range sounds. These subwoofers use a unique double-sided port that allows for deep bass response and enough port so that you will never be bored with the sound from your surround speakers again. Another option you may be interested in is the Shaker series, which use an oversized honeycomb box that will keep all of your subwoofers tightly in place while providing a massive amount of bass extension. No matter which subwoofer or speakers you choose, you are sure to get the best sound for your vehicle out there.

Yamaha 100-watt subwoofer

If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who is a big fan of music or a beginner, a Yamaha 100-watt subwoofer should be one of the first things that come to mind. A piano player can be very fussy when it comes to the type of sound that he wants from his instrument, especially if it is his first time learning to play one. A good piano player wants to hear himself play well instead of someone playing a cheap synthesizer that produces a tinny sound. The Yamaha subwoofer is the perfect choice because it produces and reproduces the right sound that a piano player is looking for.

Yamaha active subwoofer

An active servo processing powered subwoofer has a number of advantages over its less expensive counterparts. For one, they are able to provide better bass extension thanks to their extra motor and cabinet space. This enables them to project louder audio without having the distortion often caused by woofers with poor portability. The result is that an excellent quality amp with a suitable crossover can be used in place of a separate amplifier if desired. A good example of such a combination would be the popular Parrot Zik wireless model.

This Yamaha active subwoofer, which can be found in many leading car audio installations, is perhaps the best example of what a superior model can achieve. It features an amplifier with a built-in tuner as well as phase shifting crossovers for optimum bass extension and power handling. At the same time, it has a number of other high specification details to impress, such as precision engineering dual dome speakers, a precision-balanced dual tweeter, and the often-over-rated quality of its eight-channel sound system. While there is no detailed comparison between the various models in Yamaha’s range, we may note that most use plastic surround or hard basket tweeters rather than wooden enclosures. Only one model, the yst-sw012, has a wooden cabinet.

In our own tests, the Yamaha YST-W012 proved to be the most powerful and responsive of all the models we tested. Despite lacking a box, it had an undoubtedly massive sound that dominated all others. Its strength lies in the fact that it is equipped with a powerful amplifier. In addition, it has a large number of custom components including tweeters, woofers, and so forth. If you’re looking to get the best possible sound from your car audio system, we recommend the Yamaha Active Subwoofer and powered subwoofer 120v models. As always, if you have any doubts about a product, please contact the manufacturer.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I wish I could test what this woofer is capable of, but that would be disrespectful to my neighbors. I have to turn the volume up about a fifth of the way. Even so, given that it only operates below 100Hz, it generates a surprising amount of sound. It perfectly complements the sound of my capable Yamaha ATS-1080 sound bar. I had to spend some time figuring out where the rattles in the room were coming from, but all is now in order.

    I really like how this has different power and volume controls. There are days when I don’t want the woofer, and when I do, I need to change the bass. Most discriminating listeners need just a whiff of deep bass rather than having it overwhelm the tone. My home system is finished!

  2. This tiny subwoofer has exceeded my expectations. I had to buy a cable, but it fits well with my Yamaha soundbar. Space was a concern for me, so this is housed on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. I am generally pleased with the output of my soundbar, but for those occasions when a little more thump is needed, this works very well and is impressive for its size.

  3. For its small size, this little sub packs quite a punch. In my experience with music and movies, I had to turn down the subwoofer level on my receiver (Yamaha RX-461) just a few times. And in the middle of the night at a low volume. It lacks the crossover frequency knob on the back, where the volume knob is, but I don’t mind. I put the volume knob in the middle, as recommended. It works well in my bedroom despite its limited size. Might do better in a medium-sized bed. The frequency response is fantastic. I could hear low notes as low as 30Hz down the hall from my place. Of course, it won’t shake the house (LOL), but it performs much better than I expected.

    You’ll probably notice a different subwoofer when you browse through the photos I’ve taken. That’s right. The Yamaha YST-SW012 Subwoofer is what you’re looking at. So I’ve got two Yamaha subwoofers. Unfortunately, Yamaha no longer sells the YST-SW012 and NS-SP1800BL 5.1 speaker packages, but you can still find a few on the market. Your questions would most likely be: Do they sound different? Is one of them louder than the other? Is the newer model larger? To be honest, I’ve turned them around quite a few times. And I couldn’t tell one from the other. They simply sounded the same. And here’s the good news: I got even more bass with these two. And the height and weight are almost the same, measuring in at nearly 19lbs (18.75lbs). The only distinction between the two subwoofers is the covers that protect the speaker and the ports on the sides. But wait, didn’t the newer model have Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II? They did, in reality. It was also present on the YST-SW012. I have photographed the manuals for each of them in case you decided to look at them. The “Magnetically shielded form” is the YST-SW012. The NS-SW050 is classified as “non-magnetic shielding type.” So, in my opinion, they are nearly identical. And I adore how they both play.

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