Yamaha DXS12 Subwoofer Demo

hey guys a lipoma here from Party Time
DJ services with yet another powered
speaker review today we’re actually
looking at a powered subwoofer from
Yamaha this is the DX s12 powered sub
now the DX s line was actually designed
to be used in conjunction with the DX r
line of power tops and as you know the
DX star line is available with the DX
our 8 to 10 12 or 15 s those are all
powered tops but in the DX S line that
the S probably stands for subwoofer you
have the DX s 12 and DX s 15 so with
12-inch and 15 inch woofers obviously so
today I had a chance to try out the DX s
12 powered sub and for this I’d like to
send out a big thank you to my favorite
dealer here in Sudbury prom music so
thank you very much mad at prom music
for letting me try out the DX s12
now the XS line feature bandpass
enclosure which basically maximizes SPL
output from usually a compact enclosure
this is usually at the expense of
accuracy and frequency response with
bandpass enclosures usually known for
having you know it was a respond
response that to certain Peaks or
certain frequencies where you’ll get
that what some people call OneNote
wonders where be a really strong
response from say 70 to 90 Hertz but
that’ll be really a lot weaker in the 50
to 60 Hertz range that is true for most
bandpass subs but I was pleasantly
surprised with the DX s12 today
I wasn’t expecting too much from it I
knew it would be good because it is
Yamaha and just judging by my experience
with the XR with the DX ours and the DSR
s I knew that there was going to be a
good speaker but I was actually
pleasantly surprised with the DX s12
they actually provided more output in
that actually better low frequency
response than I had anticipated
so just to give you a little quick
rundown the DX s 12 and 15 both feature
600 watt continuous amplifier
amplification that’s listed at 950 Watts
peak maximum SPL we’re going to look too
much of that just claiming hundred 31
DBS but like with most powered speakers
these days these these peak figures you
will never ever it reach in typical
applications DSP 48 bit high definition
DSP anyway all let’s say this is a very
well performing sub let’s have a look at
the back sorry about that there we go
now you can see that the inputs and
outputs are XLR there is no there’s no
built-in the crossover basically because
the DX are tops all have built-in
high-pass filters which actually match
very well with the look at the low-pass
frequencies here eighty hundred and
hundred twenty Hertz I believe that’s
exactly what is available on the DF DX
our tops so probably a good idea to
match the tops with the subs you do see
that they are a fan cooled a good thing
and you have LEDs for limit signal
protection and power and you also have
the option of the disabling the front
LED which is good to have you know when
you’re doing weddings and you don’t
necessarily want to draw attention to
your speakers you can just turn that off
you don’t like it you can adverse
polarity this is where it gets
interesting as the DSP processing where
you can choose three different sound
settings either off which is just like a
stay normal response boost or if you
sent it all the way down you have
extended low frequency as mentioned you
also have the various low pass filter
salary settings and we that’s it car
button ACN now I got to play around with
the different sound modes and often
boost really I found very similar
basically the boost just seems like it
was louder but I didn’t notice any
increase in low-frequency extension or
anything what really impressed me in the
this was with the extended low-frequency
activated this is where I actually
noticed those lower notes that are kind
of missing when you have the subset at
offer at boost with the extended little
frequency actually noticed a much fuller
sound and actually pretty surprising for
for the size of the sub actually the sub
is actually fairly big if I compare it
to Maya I have a Yorkville LS 720p which
I’ve been using for a while it’s roughly
the same size and same weight as the LS
720p finish line is very nice although
it does look like it might scratch
fairly easily or you can even see my
hand prints on there so probably stains
quite easily and can be scratched widely
it pretty much just like the VXR tops
very nice carry handles these are
actually I found the DX s12 easier to
carry than my Yorkville and as for
output wise I found it I compared the my
720p with the DX s12 and basically both
seemed to provide very similar SPL
capability the biggest difference was
the deeper low frequency response which
was at least a little bit better with
the 720p but not really a fair
comparison because the 720p is does have
a 15 inch woofer which is you know
bigger than the 12 in this one but it
was actually surprisingly close I wasn’t
expecting too much from the DX s12 and I
was actually fairly surprised and one
thing that’s impressive is that it was
really really tough to get the limit
liked to blink I just kept cranking and
cranking it and although I didn’t notice
a really big increase in SPL at the end
it did take quite a bit to limit it and
that’s probably due to the very good
processing built into the DX s and as
well as the XR at tops these are
developed in conjunction with the Nexo
and you can really tell the processing
is very powerful in these boxes only
complaint is I find the delimiters kick
in or start blinking a little too late
same thing with the DX are tops I think
they probably wait til the limiting is
really active and you can actually hear
the that the the woofer is actually at
the pretty much limit of its excursion
so I would like to seal and it light
blinking just a little bit before it
actually does in these in the DXF subs
and as the tops is the same thing I’d
like to like the blink just a little bit
before because it seems that by the time
it does like that they’re really
struggling her there you can tell
they’re at the limits of what they can
do but anyway just to let you know I
came I didn’t expect to too much from my
12-inch bandpass powered sub and was
pleasantly surprised with the DX s12
doesn’t go quite as low as my 15 but it
comes surprisingly close with the with
the extended low-frequency activated and
output was very good and what really
impressed me is the fact that I didn’t
see the limit light that’s something you
don’t like to see as DJ’s your subs
constantly and limiting so with these
with these the DX s twelves or even the
DX s 15s probably for DJ DJ us or band
usual model to use the bigger 15 more
lots of deeper low-frequency but the
very surprising what they can do and the
the processing built into these is
really powerful so good job by Yamaha
suggests retail on these down the 12 is
$6.99 I believe in 15 is $7.99 soul
excellent excellent price great Yamaha
quality and I believe they come with a
three-year warranty stereo just a quick
look at the Yamaha DX s 12 powered sub
once again thank you very much mad at
prom music and cyber e for letting me
take this out for a spin
and having a pair of these I can see my
DX are eighths on top of a pair of these
making a really nice compact system and
a pair of these 12s with the extended
double frequency activated to probably a
do I say good two to three hundred
people pretty easily in most the DJ
situations so there you go
feel free if you have any questions or
anything always happy to answer and now
this has been ya Maha’s DX s12 powered
subwoofer review al pulling from Party
Time TJ services have a great day guys

Yamaha DXS12 Subwoofer Specs

ConfigurationActive Subwoofer
Enclosure TypeBandpass Subwoofer
Constant Voltage / Transformer TapsNone
Amplifier Power Rating1020 W Program
Amplifier ClassClass-D
LF Driver18″ / 45.72 cm
LF Voice Coil4″ / 10.16 cm
Frequency Range32 Hz to 120 Hz -10 dB
Maximum SPL136 dB
Gain Range-20 dB to +10 dB
ProtectionsOvercurrent, Thermal
Audio I/O2 x XLR 3-Pin Balanced Line Input
2 x XLR 3-Pin Balanced Line/High-Pass Thru/Output
CrossoverHigh-Pass: 120 Hz
High-Pass: 100 Hz
High-Pass: 80 Hz
Phase Adjustment0 / 180°
AC Input PowerUniversal: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 
AC Power ConnectorIEC
Power Consumption100 W
Mounting1 x M20 Pole Socket (Top)
1 x 1.38″ / 35 mm Pole Socket (Top)
Handles1 x Each Side
Construction MaterialPlywood
Dimensions18.9 x 24.1 x 24.2″ / 480 x 611 x 614 mm
Weight79.4 lb / 36 kg

Yamaha DXS12 Subwoofers

If you are planning to upgrade your car audio system, you might want to consider a Yamaha DXS12 subwoofer. These types of car audio subwoofers have proven to be the best of its kind in the market today. The company has been manufacturing and engineering quality car audio systems for more than 40 years. They are considered as the leader in innovation when it comes to car audio.

The Yamaha DXS12 subwoofers are highly efficient. It offers powerful low end that reaches as low as 44 Hz. The DXS’s full optimized band-pass, low distortion design coupled with its powerful Class-D amp, powerful 15″ subwoofers, and rugged DSP produces a tight, precise bass with impressive power and deep bass extension. With a woofer capable of producing low frequency extension that can bring you closer to the stage sound, you can enjoy all kinds of music at your next concert. Its massive cabinet allows it to fit well into even small areas without sacrificing its size.

The built-in amplifier section of this subwoofer is capable of providing powerful signal levels even with one speaker. This is why it is perfect for use in cars or anywhere else where a reliable and powerful amplifier is needed. It is also perfect for use with any type of car audio. You can rely on it to provide clear and crisp sound with little distortion. Its unique spider-like shape with a textured front baffle helps make it perfect for use in places with tough conditions like subway stations and fast speedways.

The powerful amplifier section features true-to-life bass frequency response with tight treble extension. Other features include precision engineering and precision wiring to make sure that every Yamaha DXS12 subwoofer comes with a sturdy enclosure. This ensures that the sound emitted by it remains tightly supported and is able to produce low distortion. Its powerful output power lets you experience an amazing subwoofers quality in a very affordable price.

A lot of superior technology is combined into a single DXS12 subwoofer. A specially designed amplifier lets you experience true, powerful bass without worrying about high distortion. Its large, unequaled woofer section delivers astonishing power and extended bass frequency. Its powerful tweeter adds an extra touch of brilliance to the sound emitted from this powerful machine. Its sturdy enclosure protects the amplifier from external harm and preserves the life of your valuable audio device.

If you are looking for car audio equipment that is durable, powerful, and flexible, then look no further than the Yamaha DXS12. Its sturdy design makes it perfect for both your home and car audio needs. Its ability to handle extreme weather conditions makes it a wise investment for all drivers. Its cost-effectiveness makes it perfect for every budget. All in all, there’s no doubt that the Yamaha DXS12 is the perfect subwoofer for your needs.

Yamaha DXS12 Subwoofer FAQ

Yamaha 12-inch subwoofer

Yamaha has always been the leading manufacturer when it comes to audio equipment. The company started producing home theater systems more than ten years ago and has been improving them ever since. This is why they are considered the top brand when it comes to high end subwoofers. One of their most popular lines is the “Words of Life” series, which uses a traditional design but incorporates a cutting edge, modern feel. If you want a perfect combination of form and function, this is the subwoofer for you.

You can easily tell that a Yamaha subwoofer is made by putting it next to a pair of books on a shelf. It will fill the room with rich deep bass and plenty of noise reduction. The best way to describe this quality is, it makes you feel like you’re at the concert or rock concert. When you have one of these in your home, you will have people coming over to give you their advice about how good it is. It is easy to recommend these types of speakers to friends because they sound so great. They also have the advantage of being less expensive than many others on the market.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to get the kind of sound that you want out of your music. Most people have never even heard of a subwoofer, much less know what one does. There are even some people who claim not to be interested in bass at all. A subwoofer is designed to send sound waves through enclosures to produce an effect in the room. Many people don’t realize that it’s the enclosure that’s doing the work and not the music or sound level.

Yamaha wireless subwoofer

With a Yamaha wireless subwoofer, you have the freedom to take full advantage of all the latest technology that Yamaha is now offering. With the invention of the new product called the Wireless Performance Subwoofers, many changes have been made in the industry that has led to better quality sound bars that you would be hard pressed to find on other brands. While Yamaha has always prided itself in its sound bars, they have always relied on the standard of wires and connections that were used by all other brands. With the invention of the new “ns-sw40” series, consumers are now able to enjoy even more performance out of their Yamaha sound bars, especially when compared to the quality of the sound that was previously offered.

Most people will immediately notice the differences that are being experienced with a Yamaha wireless subwoofer kit over a comparable system that is purchased from another brand. With the use of an advanced transmitter and receiver, all of the wires that were needed in the past to connect the subwoofer to the vehicle’s audio system have been replaced. You no longer need to worry about running around town trying to find the right locations and connectors for your wires; all you need to do is plug the transmitter and receiver into any standard wall outlet, and voila! you are ready to make use of your newly purchased wireless connection. This also offers you the ability to use your new wireless subwoofer without having to worry about interference from any nearby wireless devices, or poor reception of signals from your current wired connection.

Even with the best-wired audio system, there are times when you just want to take your system to the next level. The invention of the new Wireless Performance Subwoofers has been designed to eliminate any extra wiring that may need to be installed, as well as to eliminate interference from the surrounding electronics that may have caused some problems in the past. One of the most popular models of this kind of unit is the Yamaha Swk-W16, which has a preinstalled tuning port that allows the use of any types of compatible car kits, allowing the Yamaha Swk-W16 to compliment almost any car audio system on the market today. Even if you already have a full system that you feel could use a boost, the Swk-W 16 can be used as a great replacement to give you a crisp sound bar and eliminate any problems you may have had in the past with wire interference.

Yamaha studio subwoofer

The Yamaha studio subwoofers continue to receive positive reviews, usually from professional home studio owners pleased with the upgrades it brought to their overall production process. Sound quality always gets strong praise, and high value for money pays tribute to the quality that has always been a trademark of Yamaha speakers. Many users have come to appreciate the solid response, which remains a trademark feature in all classic Yamaha speakers. Solid build, easy to use controls, and high reliability have also helped to make the Yamaha brand a trusted name in the industry.

One of the newest additions to this long line of established and quality products is the new HS5, with its innovative low-frequency output that will suit the needs of many users. Yamaha has managed to reduce tweet frequencies, which some users had complained about, and bring back more of the tonal qualities of their older albums. There is also a new mid-frequency region, which adds another vital part to the operation of most any studio mastering and recording. The HS5 is also fitted with an output phase control and is compatible with many computers as well as the typical PC hardware. The low-frequency region is particularly useful to those who work with a rather tight recording schedule and would prefer a lower output volume to maintain a consistent tone throughout the music mix.

It is difficult to pinpoint one specific reason why the Yamaha HS5 is selling so well, although it must surely be able to convey some advantages to buyers. Among the best studio subwoofers brands, this one has some real stability. Another important factor for many buyers is its value, which remains very good when compared to other competing brands. This is a brand that will probably continue to be a solid selling solution for years to come.

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  1. This sub is incredible. I knew it was going to be nice, but nothing prepared me for this. The sounds and strength coming from the 12″ are incredible. We used it for our live band event and just had the volume barely turned up, and it completely changed our performance. If you’re looking for raw strength, this Yamaha subwoofer is a must-have.

  2. Very nice and strong. It complemented my two K8s perfectly by adding a magnificent body to the band’s sound. However, it is a little heavy and costly.

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