SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Demo

SVS has introduced the SB 13 ultra a
high-powered yet compact subwoofer that
is the newest and at fifteen hundred and
ninety nine dollars shipped to your door
the least expensive member of the ultra
series being a sealed design the SB 13
ultra box volume can be kept somewhat
small relative to the size of its driver
with a thirteen and a half inch driver
and a 1,000 watt rms amp the enclosure
is a seventeen and three-eighths inch
cube without the included rubber feet
while it’s not the absolute heaviest sub
on the market the SB 13 ultra is
astoundingly dense for its size at
ninety one and a half pounds with the
grill and 106 pounds with all the
packaging after the standard strained
back crushed foot test I solicited the
help of my father to carry it in the
and made sure to use the rolling
technique to free the sub from its
double boxed cloth bagged poly foam
cradle elder audio files may want to
elicit the help of an adult grandchild
all the way through the room positioning
phase the review sample came in a
seamless black oak real wood veneer
which blended nicely with the dark gray
oak of my JBL s 310 2 speakers a piano
black finish is also available both
finishes would make prominent display of
your new subwoofer desirable the grille
is the SV s standard curved and
perforated steel but with replaceable
and more substantial posts than what’s
found on their lesser models the grille
weighs just shy of 4 pounds by itself
and I have no doubt that it could
withstand a golf club attack much less
an errant child’s toy or cat’s claws in
fact I was willing to prove it right up
until I remembered that this sub was
only a loaner provided in no cost for
review thanks to audio holux and needed
to be returned after the review while
the industrial grille seems somewhat at
odds with a high-grade cabinet finishes
it certainly will protect your
investment the sub was placed as far
into the front left corner of the room
as the rear connections would allow a
monoprice coax cable connected to a
non-key otx SR 706 completes the chain
also in the system are JBL s 310 2 mains
and s 38 to Center and control now aw
surrounds the system resides in a 13 by
foot family-room connected to a 19 by 14
foot kitchen with nine foot plus vaulted
ceilings all adjacent to an open hallway
and dining room in other words the
apparent volume of the room is huge and
requires a truly powerful subwoofer to
fill it the 1000 watt RMS amplifier has
few physical controls with a hard power
switch two small toggles that adjust
input level and power on mode and a
single silver knob that adjusts all
other settings through the LCD screen
having been disappointed with the
unnecessary complexity of digital
controls in the past I wanted to see if
SVS had truly created a powerful yet
simple digital control system so I
approach this just as any true home
theater enthusiast would I cast aside
the Quick Start Guide and just started
pushing buttons and twisting knobs at
first I was greeted with nothing poorer
on check twisting knob check pushing
knob check flipping switches check but
no signs of life on the little LED
screen finally holding in the silver
knob for a second or two brought the
beast to life and I was awash in a soft
blue glow of course all this was clearly
detailed in the Quick Start Guide more
twisting and pushing reveals controls
for volume phase and 15 degree
increments high and low bandpass with
frequency and slope to parametric EQs
with frequency and cue and room
compensation both balanced and
unbalanced inputs and outputs are
available that’s a lot of options for
ultimate flexibility in integrating the
SP 13 ultra and singles pairs or quads
even if you’re running a non based
managed processor at the end of the day
the vast majority of us won’t need to do
much with the fancy digital controls
especially if you read the one-page
QuickStart guide the SP 13 comes shipped
with all the standard settings for the
typical based managed setup just plug in
the power plug in your signal cable and
run your AVR Zotto setup routine I did
have to enter the menu to turn down the
sub level by 10 DB as the generous
output of the SP 13 ultra pegged the sub
channel trim on my AVR at negative 15 DB
but that was the only time I needed to
twist the fancy silver knob my personal
sub the SV SP b12 n SD is
eight and continues to impress me but
with the SB 13 ultra when I popped in
one of my favorite torture tracks the
power blackout scene from the last Mimzy
and stepped on the gas the phrase that
immediately entered my brain was oh this
is what head room sounds and feels like
I kept creeping up the volume and the SP
13 ultra kept humping more and more
solid base when the couch started
vibrating in the walls rattle I stopped
the madness but even then the SB 13
ultra felt like it had a lot more to
give we reported subs can create court
noise or chuffing when frequencies
around their tuning frequency are played
at high volumes you don’t have that in a
sealed several room because there are no
ports to chuff with the SB 13 ultra as I
dip down into the 18 Hertz and below
range I not only had usable output
evidenced by the kitchen dishes rattling
in the cupboards but there was no
distortion from the port or driver of
course the benefit of sub 20 Hertz
response is debatable especially when
you have to put isolation pads on your
dishes as apparently I do but if you
desire bass that can only be felt the SB
13 ultra can do the trick have you heard
about the hunger games I have over and
over again no I haven’t read the books
it’s not because I don’t think they’ll
be good it’s just that I’ve been busy
watching movies and critiquing audio
equipment so I’m very glad they made a
movie of the Hunger Games with great
sound a perfect piece of material for
this review a few minutes into the movie
an airship slowly passes overhead
bringing a slow rumbling drone with it
the SB 13 ultra shook my earth
appropriately and conveyed a sense of
size that was much larger than my humble
however the SB 13 ultra is not only
powerful but nimble at the first
cannon-shot signaling the demise of a
tribute the SP 13 ultra springs suddenly
to life with a controlled impact that
can be felt in your chest
Katniss flinches and so do I overall the
SB 13 ultra delivered without compromise
and yes I’ve started reading the books
on Ani DiFranco ‘s knuckle down tod
sycophant vase is featured throughout
without solid low-end reinforcement
string plucks slack body and definition
and the lowest octaves bleed off leaving
a muddy mess lost amongst the guitars
piano and vocals with the SV s SB 13
ultra the bass was able to hold its own
against the more easily reproduced
instruments remaining an individual
instrument and presenting a cohesive mix
electronic music can be very tricky
material with synthetic and distorted
bass instruments low-frequency elements
become larger-than-life
and more difficult to faithfully
reproduce basement Jax’s scars
features copious amounts of low-end that
ranges from distorted and grimy to
unnaturally low both can fall apart
quickly if the subwoofer isn’t up to the
task and either fails to produce the
lowest frequencies or imparts distortion
of its own the SB 13 ultra had no
problem handling the most absurd that
this album had to offer
edy at SBS was patient and helpful as
always and helped me to determine the
best way to measure the SB 13 ultras
response first we have the near-field
response of the subwoofer this was taken
with a Galaxy cm 140 meter about half an
inch away from the driver centre there
is no smoothing on this graph in this
next measurement I’ve overlaid the in
room response from the main listening
position it has 112 octave smoothing and
no user EQ at the end of the day SBS has
given us a relatively compact subwoofer
that is well finished and performs
beyond its stature while those with
exceedingly large rooms will likely opt
for a larger ported design like the SV
SPV 12 + or PB 13 ultra for the biggest
bang for their buck those with more
refined aesthetics or limit
floorspace will find that the SP 13
ultra is short on compromises SBS
continues to set the bar for value in
each price class that it enters and the
performance sealed category just got
some ferocious competition I highly
recommend it

SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Specs

DesignSealed Enclosure
DriverOne SVS 13.5″ High-performance Ultra Driver Optimized for Sealed Enclosures
Amplifier1,000 watts RMS Continuous (3,600 Watts Peak), Class D
MFR20 Hz – 460 Hz, ± 3 dB
Inputs2 RCA Unbalanced and 2 XLR Balanced
Outputs2 RCA Unbalanced and 2 XLR Balanced
Dimensions17.9″ H x 17.4″ W x 20.4″ D
Weight92 Pounds
FinishesHigh Gloss Piano Black or Black Oak Real Wood Veneer

SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofers

If you’re looking for a new car audio system, the SVS SB13-Ultrasound Subwoofers is an excellent choice. The company started making subwoofers back in 1992. The company is known for producing quality, low priced, and easy to install speakers. The SVS name is synonymous with excellent audio systems. The company offers a variety of options to fit your every need. Choosing a car audio system can be a challenging task, but not when you have the SVS SB13-Ultrasound Subwoofers to rely on.

A new SB 13-ultra subwoofer has a 13.5 inch driver that has been equipped with a spider filter. This driver has been specifically designed to cut down on some of the more common deficiencies of sealed enclosures. A strong and vibrant bass is delivered with the SVS SB13 Unleashed subwoofhead.

This particular subwoofers distortion levels are extremely low thanks to its sealed box construction. There is also a compression driver that allows the subwoofer to be optimized for low frequency sounds and this is done through a special combination of low and high octaves. Another important feature that is featured on the SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoof Head is the crossovers. Crossovers are designed to improve upon a speaker’s neutrality and make for a more balanced sound.

One thing I should mention about the SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer is that it comes with a warranty. Sound quality aside, this set of subwoofers is durable and built to last. If you are planning to get an amplifier, this is one set that you should definitely consider. amplifier quality does play a big role when it comes to choosing a sound system. The SVS subwoofers durability and sound quality are what sets it apart from other brands and this makes it ideal for those who want a theater-quality sound at home.

As for the audio equipment of this subwoofer, there are many things you should look for and take into consideration. For one, you should make sure that your amplifier of choice has an integrated function controller. This is an efficient and reliable way of managing the amp elements of your system. There are lots of brands that come with this feature but SVS Subwoofers have integrated function controls so you will be able to find one that suits your needs. You will also be able to use this feature to make adjustments to your bass levels and other audio elements of your music system.

When talking about bass, there is no better brand name than SVS Subwoofers. The company has been in the business of manufacturing bass sound systems for almost two decades now. The company’s reputation for producing high quality subs is unmatchable. They are very confident that their SB series will outdo all of its competitors. There is no doubt that these subs will give you the best bass you have ever experienced from a manufacturer of bass sound systems. So, if you are looking for a SB series amplifier that will give you crisp, clear and powerful bass lines, then you need to check out the SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer.

SVS SB13-Ultra Subwoofer FAQ

SVS 13-inch subwoofer

This article will discuss the SVS 13-inch subwoofer, an ideal choice for anybody who wants to build a solid system that will last for many years. While you might think about buying one from the supermarket, this probably isn’t the best option because of the cost. In addition, most supermarket subwoofers aren’t built well enough to survive long term. Buying cheap subwoofers usually mean that they won’t survive long enough for you to make the most of them, and then your back’s to a big expense.

They’re also customizing your vehicle with the appropriate Subwoofer for it, which takes some of the guesswork out of the equation. This can be great if you’ve got a specific look in mind for your vehicle. A subwoofer isn’t just about adding power and pounding the doors, it’s about aesthetics as well. With a specialist subwoofer in your hands, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll match your car.

The main benefit to getting your custom subwoofers from a specialist is that you know that you are getting an item of exactly high quality. Unlike buying a factory subwoofer, you can be sure that the quality of the item will be exactly what you expect. This is important when you want to protect yourself from any possible problems with your subwoofer later on, so you know that it will be of a good quality.

SVS 1000-watt subwoofer

The SVS 1000-watt subwoofers are the perfect choice for all those who have a need to put powerful bass into their car. It comes with a factory installed pre-amp which has been fine tuned by SVS himself. The amplifier is proven to give you the power that you need for your particular car. You can easily notice this in the way that it is able to power down your other speakers so that you can focus more on the SVS amplifier.

This kind of subwoofer is made with an aluminum frame and a woofer that are durable and long lasting. It has a large subwoofer basket which is filled with sound insulating foam and Neoprene. The basket is then covered with the tough polyester lining that makes it look neat and tidy. As for the structure of this subwoofer, you would be happy to know that it is made from high quality steel and aluminum which makes it highly durable. It also has rubber surround and rubber feet to keep it safe for use.

The SVS 1000-watt subwoofers are really one of the best ones in the market and it comes with one year of free home delivery. You can buy one today at a reasonable price. If you do not know where to buy one from, you can go online and just take some time to browse the different websites. This will help you find a store near you can be sure that it will be delivered at your doorstep in no time.

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