SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer Demo

alright guys so that was the sound demo
of the SB 1000 if you guys have watched
my channel you guys know that never
owned a sealed subwoofer before and let
me tell you it is quite the experience
you guys can see that I if you’ve seen
my other videos you guys know I have the
PB for thousands from SBS those are the
big boys the three ports at the bottom
you can you can seal them of course but
it’s not a true sealed box this is my
first time ever listening to a sealed
box and is really honestly a treat if
you guys haven’t listened to this little
box definitely do that cuz it’s a lot
more impressive than you’d think
so let’s start off with that movie demo
so that was a quiet place and if you
guys have been in here for a while you
guys know that’s my go to movie demo
when it comes to subwoofers because they
put a lot of LFE a lot of bilby at most
in that ending part of that movie in a
really test your system and test your
subwoofers and I had them cranked up a
lot and I’m sorry that I couldn’t do a
longer demo of this I do have three
other people in the apartment so I don’t
want to get any kind of trouble but for
what it is this subwoofer actually
performed very well again this is a 300
watt RMS speaker with seven and twenty
watts of peak so not a lot a lot of
power but a lot of excursion high output
discursion driver and it does it very
well with that seen it sounded very
tight and punchy I can tell that it
doesn’t have a lot to give even in my
small room it’s it’s still struggle to
really really produce a lot of output
but for what it did do was very very
very no notable I was very impressed
with it was able to vibrate a lot of my
room is very very good very punchy I did
feel it in my chest a little bit so I
was very impressed I didn’t know what to
expect going into this review with the
subwoofer but I was very impressed on
what it could do and I mean look at its
size guys it’s 14 inches tall at 14
inches wide and it’s 14 inches deep it’s
a small speaker and I was able to you
know a smile through that whole
performance so I’m that’s very notable I
don’t can’t speak on every sealed box
this is again just tailored towards DSPs
so I’m talking about this speaker only
it sounded absolutely phenomenal even a
sealed box for movies so don’t think
that you can’t get a steel tip over for
movies because you can so let’s go on to
that frequency test that I did
from one hurt all the way up to what 80
or so and I what I wanted to do with
that one was just see its limitations
how hard could I push it not necessarily
listening for too much but how hard
could I push it and I gave it all that I
could I cranked it up maximum on the
amplifier back here and not turning it
up pretty good on the on the amplifier
in the closet the marantz and it gave me
a good amount of output now again I
could see his weak point was its power
it doesn’t it can’t give you a lot of
SPL but it’ll give you enough to make
you happy but I did start to hear
distortion at high volumes that driver
really didn’t have a lot of space within
the cabinet to really move there’s not a
lot of cubic feet within this box so
there is limitations when it comes to
his total output so when I was cranking
and I did hear that driver start to over
ex Kurt meaning when it moves back and
forth it was moving more than its
capabilities at some frequencies but it
did sound very good from one hurt of
course you can’t hear much under 20
Hertz but from one hurt up to 80 it was
a fairly smooth response where wasn’t
really any Peaks or any dips in the
sound it actually sounded a very smooth
across the entire frequency spectrum and
that’s what they boast is an accurate
sound and it sounded very good across
all frequencies it’s rated down to 24
Hertz so I didn’t hear a lot underneath
that but right at 25 and up it really
started to perform and it stayed very
smooth from 25 up to the end of the clip
there I’m so I’m very impressed
again it doesn’t have a lot of power to
give so it’s not gonna you know rattle
your teeth but it will give you some
really good quality sound so the last
two clips you guys saw was the music
demo I didn’t have a lot of time for
this demo because again I have everybody
home for the evening in the department
so I couldn’t I couldn’t turn up like I
wanted to or play it as long as I wanted
to but what I wanted to hear was just
the quality of sound how accurate was
that sound how detailed and punchy was
it I’m so the first song was a jazz
piece and it sounded very very good I’m
not gonna speak about the speakers
that’s a whole nother video we’re gonna
stay focused with the subwoofer here it
was very good very articulate very
accurate this is where it really shines
people say that the s beep or a sub
sealed box is where the
music really comes out that’s what
they’re more tailored towards is the
music so of course there’s only right if
I did a music test and yes it stood up
to that Testament it does sound
incredible for music I’m you guys can
see in the clip when I showed the
subwoofer it wasn’t really moving a lot
and that’s because it doesn’t have to
this subwoofer doesn’t very well up
music this is where its strong suit of
that maybe not so much for movies
because it doesn’t have a lot of power
to give but for music 300 watts RMS is
perfect for music because usually you’re
not gonna crank it up too much so this
does it’s a very musical speaker that
seconds that seconds piece that I play
for you guys the second song that’s
where it really shine it got a little
more bass heavy it had a little more
transient bass in there and it sounded
really really good no complaints with
that that was really where it shined for
me the whole room was filled with really
musical bass and I stressed musical bass
and what I mean by that is that it’s not
just flopping everywhere that’s not it’s
not muddy it’s very it’s very accurate
very articulate very fast very quick and
that’s what you want especially out of a
sealed box is what you expect I’m so
this perform just like I thought it
would absolutely beautiful sound I
wanted to listen to more but of course I
couldn’t but maybe my own time I’ll
listen to some more but sounded very
very good and didn’t have any issues
playing that music any of the low notes
rethink that so hopefully that
transferred over to you guys in the
YouTube video all right guys I hope you
enjoyed my kind of review for this
speaker I do wanna say one thing though
it does have a grill on again if you
guys take a look it has a little bit of
like a brown mark on the top of here and
so that I’ll have to note that is it is
a white speaker so it’s gonna show dust
and dirt a lot easier I haven’t really
touched the subwoofer it’s just been
sitting at my desk since I’ve got it in
for a review and I haven’t really
touched it and it’s still kind of
collected dust so not many people get a
white speaker or maybe not many people
have a white grill but you will collect
dirt and dust very easy or at least be
able to see it very easy but I did have
to note that it’s not a SPS thing it’s
not a complaint ring like that but I
just wanted to note that for you guys so
that’s gonna do it for this demo the
last time you’ll see the speaker will be
in the two point one prime wireless
system that I have in for review we’re
gonna put these together with the small
little bookshelf speakers and see how
they perform but other than that guys
this is my review on the s
p1000 from SBS it is a sub to reckon
with I know this has been around for a
while but I don’t want no bite you
forget about it it’s still a contender
out there even in 2020 so guys if you’re
looking for a sealed box or maybe a
small subwoofer definitely take a look
at SBS’s sealed boxes their small
subwoofers they perform well over their
price point and mic in my cool some of
them do in my and my idea in my opinion
so guys take a look at this guys leave
me a comment down below let me know what
you think about this speaker would you
ever buy a sealed subwoofer or are you
more of a ported person let me know that
in a comments down below leave me a like
if you enjoyed the video and if you’re
not subscribed what are you doing so the
crab already we’ll see you guys in the
next video keep this guy out peace

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Amplifier Power Rating300 W RMS
720 W Peak
Drivers12″ / 30.5 cm
Frequency Response24 to 260 Hz
Amplifier ClassClass-D
Connectivity1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)
2 x Binding Post Pair Input
1 x Stereo RCA Input (LFE)
1 x Stereo RCA Output
Input Impedance47 Kilohms
AC Input Power110 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption0.5 W (Standby)
Dimensions13 x 13.5 x 14.6″ / 33 x 34.3 x 37.1 cm (with Grille)
Weight27.0 lb / 12.2 kg

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofers

With its compact size, the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is a perfect choice to bring extra power to your car system. Like a well-placed stick of dynamite, this subwoofer is extremely easy to hide but its impact is undeniable. When it is time to party, all your music comes alive with pounding bass lines and drum rhythms that never subside. Elegently finished, it just fits into any decor, and yet, it is small enough to conveniently tuck out of the way when you need to leave it out of the way

As with many of the SVS line, the SB-1000 features a ruggedized design and sturdy construction. For supreme sound quality and optimum performance, choose the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer. This subwoofer comes complete with a pre-installed amplifier. When it comes to a perfect choice for rivalling the performance of a full sized car stereo, nothing comes close to the sb-1000.

With its powerful output capabilities and its sleek styling, the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is a perfect match for any vehicle. When installed, it enhances the overall appearance of your car or truck. With its sleek black finish, it will blend beautifully into your current vehicle. With its powerful output capabilities and its amazing range of power, this subwoofer will have you bopping bass lines with every song and every situation. It is guaranteed to please even the pickiest audiophiles.

The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is compatible with most aftermarket subwoofers and bass amplifiers. Its powerful output of more than 300 watts peak power has made it a favorite among audiophiles and car owners who demand the most out of every dollar spent. Built on the same durable and innovative design as the other SVS models, the subwoofer comes complete with an aluminum surround that is perfectly contoured to optimize the bass frequencies. Its dual band powered subwoofers ensure that you get the best performance possible from your subwoofers. Its 12 driver capability ensures that all of your desired bass frequencies are delivered with precision.

Other features of the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer include a low pass filter, which allows the sound to be more refined, a high pass filter, which improves the bass response and overall audio quality, phase splitter, which divides the stereo audio frequency spectrum into left and right channels for better sound reproduction, and a low level fader so that you can control the volume of the low frequencies that will not affect the rest of the music. If you are planning to build your own home theater system, or you just want to install one in your car, you might consider the SVS Low Pass Filter. This low pass filter makes sure that only the low frequencies are amplified without losing the quality of the high frequencies. Another benefit of this filter is that it also suppresses the high frequency output so that you get cleaner sound. Its low level fader is perfect for controlling the volume of songs and other audio that need to be louder.

With a powerful amplifier and powerful subwoofer, you can easily enjoy hundreds of songs and at the same time feel like you are listening to one powerful speaker. So whether you are into loud rap rock, heavy metal, or other loud tunes, you can easily satisfy your ears with the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer and other amplifier combos. You can count on it to provide you with great bass and excellent audio clarity. So what are you waiting for?

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer FAQ

SVS 16-inch subwoofer

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The company has an array of features that makes SVS subwoofers stand out among the competition. You get amazing bass performance with the best enclosure shapes and sizes. You get superior engineering and build quality, along with the best amplifier performance. With all these benefits, you can be sure that you are getting the best sound for your money.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I haven’t had much time with it yet, but I know enough to know that I made the right decision. This sub does not simply blast low-pitched air through a hole, as so many low-cost designs do. It has fantastic tone, in the sense that it sounds like a very expensive upright base. By the way, I’m going to listen to some jazz tonight to test my hypothesis!

    By far superior to the 12″ M&K V176 and B&W ASW608 I previously owned. It is also very strong at higher frequencies, which I need due to the high cross-over point of my speakers (200-250 hz). SVS, you did an excellent job!

  2. I’ve had subs before, but none that improved the music or movies without attracting attention to themselves. This sub simply blends in, adding heft and influence to music without causing too much drama. Its understated appearance complements that performance style. I chose the sealed box over the ported box because I was more concerned with tighter bass for music than anything else, though I enjoy LFE in movies as well. I conducted extensive research, and SVS is consistently valued very highly, especially in terms of value per dollar spent.

    I believe I made the correct decision. I haven’t even finished dialing in the settings (I need to redo the receiver’s Audyssey calibration at some point), but this sub is already blending in with the rest of my device. I have a pair of Polk S55 speakers, and the SVS SB-1000 works very well with them. I had the Polk PSW505, and while it had a lot of power before it died, it wasn’t suitable for music because it was just a huge dumb slab of noise with no nuance at all. I also had a very old (circa 2002) Yamaha subwoofer that was much more nimble for music but couldn’t dig very deep. Both subs simply farted out bass through their ports, drawing attention to themselves in the process rather than providing a smooth listening environment like this sub does. If this sub’s success is any indication, I’m sold on sealed boxes.

    Another advantage of this sub, and maybe all sealed boxes – this is just a hypothesis – is that it might be more neighborly. I assume that less bass would annoy my neighbors with this sub because, as opposed to my other ported subs, there is very little sound if you put your hand on the floor or on nearby walls. In addition, contrary to the two subs I’d been using, I’m no longer hearing areas of exaggerated boomy bass as I walk to other areas of my condo. That means there are less resonances and more bass left in my condo. While I am not a sound engineer, it seems plausible. I do have the SVS special aftermarket feet, which might help, but I had those on my Polk sub as well.

    Bottom line, I believe this sub is providing me with everything I desired and more. This is a smaller sub, but it can provide some good thump when needed. My living room isn’t that tiny either – it’s about 12×20 and has a very high ceiling because it’s loft style. If you have a small to medium device and/or space and about $500 to spend, I believe you’ll be fine with this. If you like bass, or if it’s more for movies, or if you have more room, you might consider the PB-1000 (Ported Box) or the SB/PB-2000.

  3. I did a lot of research on subwoofers in order to replace my nearly thirty-year-old subwoofer. I wanted to add a sub to my KEF ls50 two channel music only device that wasn’t as bulky as my old sub. It was also necessary to have a sub that could keep up with the extremely fast KEFs. I figured my old sub wasn’t up to pacing the KEFs, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I switched on the SVS. I knew the small SVS was a keeper from the start. That was also before I dialed it in. I initially connected it to my Rogue Sphinx integrated with the high level inputs and the KEFs running full range, set the crossover to 80hz, left the step at 0, and adjusted the volume by ear. It’s a huge improvement over what I was using before. The next day, I completed the “absolute” setup with test tones and an SPL meter. I ended up with a crossover frequency of 60hz, a step frequency of 0, and a volume increase of ten clicks. All is fully integrated, and it sounds like a much larger speaker. The tiny SB 1000 keeps up with the KEFs perfectly. What I hear is a powerful wall of sound with a large soundstage (something the KEFs do very well). Although I was obviously hoping for an improvement over my old sub, I wasn’t prepared for the drastic difference that the SVS provides in terms of seamless integration and pace. If you value high-end music sound but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the sub you should check out.

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