SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer Demo

welcome back to new record day my name
is Ron and today folks were taking a
look at the SV SPC 2000 subwoofer if
there is one common thread that binds
together every knucklehead audio
that thread would have to be bass babies
now don’t get me wrong here folks
there’s certainly room for discussion on
what good and bad bass actually sounds
like but it’s been my experience that
when lining up 100 audio files they will
all enthusiastically confirm they all
love bass whether it’s the smack of a
kick drum or King freaking cotton
walking through your living room the
bottom of the barrel octaves elevates a
musical or cinematic moment into a
memorable experience SVS has been laying
down the foundation of these lower
octaves since 1998 and through unrivaled
passion they have emerged as one of the
most popular household names in the
audio industry whether you’re in the
market for a sealed subwoofer for to
channel music or you want to go bananas
with dual subs that will shake the paint
off your walls SVS certainly has you
covered being a huge fan of their
cylindrical designs I sent in the
request for the PC 2000 and they
responded with a water heater filled
with all kinds of base making
awesomeness with an all-new 500 watt
sledge amplifier and a 12-inch driver
this modern design is sure to be the
conversation piece in any room you place
it dropping down to a lovely oh so
lovely 16 Hertz
you better believe this sub is here to
play with the big boys
if 16 Hertz is a concern for you
apartment and condo dwellers one of my
favorite features about this
thoughtfully designed sub is isolation
that’s right these SVS guys know a thing
or two about what happens when a sub is
coupled to a floor since they aren’t in
the construction and demolition business
they actually did something to help keep
the sound complaints at bay with
isolation feet but hey let’s not get
sidetracked with fanboy chitchat before
we hold these guys up to the light in
you what this sub actually sounds like
SVS welcomed a new record day let’s get
this show on the road and see what you
guys are made of
record day the first thing I did is I
plopped down the PC mm was considered my
room options and suggestions from the
SVS Quick Start Guide corner placement
ain’t going to happen as I’m using
panels to absorb unwanted boom having
some home theater and sub placement
experience under my belt I decided to
try dividing my front wall into thirds
and see where things land having
measured my room with re W before and
knowing where the gallows drop off I
tried the subs crossover around 50 to 55
Hertz and the volume right around noon
tossing on Bella flex fly to the cosmic
hippo and hearing the first couple of
notes I thought to myself this PC mm is
far more than just a thunder making jaw
dropping teeth rattling bazooka base
it’s actually quite musical and refined
playing back cosmic hippo over and over
while moving the sub around my room
including the sides and just about every
place possible on the front wall I
discovered my first guests emplacement
work best in my room while the sub
sounded cohesive and glued itself
together with the gallows nicely the
only real complaint I had was being able
to localize the bass this made the right
side of the soundstage a bit heavy and
was distracting so I started to think
outside the box I know I know
I know I might be the very first youtube
video ever to even suggest that you can
get away with tossing a sub in the
middle of the room but let me tell you
it works just fine I’ll gladly take on
the comments from the YouTube peanut
gallery that are sure to follow
trying the track again with the sub dead
center everything snapped into place and
while I needed to increase the subs
volume quite a bit to compensate I was
more than happy with the results it
sounded fantastic with the sub dialed in
it was ready to have some fun so I
kicked things off with a CDC’s highway
to hell even though there isn’t a ton of
super low content living deep in the
grooves of this album I could clearly
and easily hear the difference when
turning the sub off and on
by the time track one came to a close I
was convinced that I could see a real
need for the PC 2000 even with floor
Stander’s kick drum sounded punchier
bass guitars sounded meaner in dynamic
thumps pouring out of the soundstage or
elevated to a new level of authority
switching things up I tried out sir
sli’s gold EP which you can find in the
vinyl review section
unlike highway to hell these tracks had
some seriously deep content with the
lowest of low notes being delivered with
iron-fisted blows all I could do was
surrender to the almighty SVS cohesive
all day long
dynamic holy heck yes deep bass without
sounding bloated glad you asked cuz with
the PC mm depth and clarity are woven
together with elegance and bridge the
gap of what you have been missing out in
based helm so hear me out folks our
entertainment room consists of an LCD up
out of the way spare parts random
speakers and an older Marantz 5.1
receiver now if pressed I could probably
toss together one heck of a Joe Dirt
home theater experience but I’m not here
to embarrass myself or SVS so let’s take
this canon of thunder to my brother’s
house and toss on the Avengers as a
scene opened up and my pops and brother
Jon watched the show I had the vantage
point of making sure the sub was dialed
in and doing its job well cinema has a
lot more stuff packed into the nether
regions of sub octave territories and
this was no exception the difference of
the movie playing with the sub and
without the sub is night and day what we
all agreed was the most impressive thing
about the PC 2000 is how much this one
speaker can affect the entire movie
watching experience
Hulk smash more bombs dropped with more
impact cars being thrown around sounded
more realistic and even the subtle
details coming from the soundtrack
brought more emotion to the party yeah
the PC 2000 is certainly bringing it’s a
game when it comes to watching a good
flick with the backs of my brother’s
chairs shaking apart in walls giving way
to the power tucked inside the SVS the
only thing left to do was to pack up
this cannon abase and head over and
share the love with other family members
playing back the same movie scenes as
before and starting things off with my
parents little tiny cute subwoofer in
the corner we want to see what happens
swapping out the Sony sub for the S vs
my parents were able to hear the clear
difference between a sub trying to be
noticed in a sub that answers the call
while delivering the goods without
breaking a sweat the S vs brought a much
more mature sound of the show having it
dialed in every single surround effect
became more compelling and easier to
believe and enjoy now look I get it
there is an obvious difference in price
here and I’m not going to declare this a
fair fight by any stretch of the
my intentions were to simply have some
fun and when I saw this tiny sub sitting
in the corner I just couldn’t resist as
a movie came to a close the only
question asked was how much is this
thing Ron as I dropped the price on my
parents there was a sigh of relief and
the value of the sub was declared as
more than reasonable for what you get
well folks call it hyperbole call me a
kool-aid drinking fanboy for all I care
I’m going to declare the SV SPC 2000 as
refined as it’s going to get at the
asking price of $800 if you’re in the
market for a powerhouse sub that’s going
to kick the snot out of you when you ask
for it while painting magical
soundscapes of detail rich base at the
same time I wouldn’t hesitate a second
to recommend adding this sub to the
shopping cart and never looking back
well-done SVS now how the heck do I
submit a claim on your website to
rebuild my houses foundation I also need
help finding Sarah I think she’s buried
a few feet under the rubble

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Amplifier Power Rating500 W RMS
1100 W Peak
Drivers12″ / 30.5 cm
Voice Coil2″ / 5.1 cm
Frequency Response16 to 260 Hz
Amplifier ClassClass-D
Connectivity1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)
1 x Stereo RCA Input (LFE)
1 x Stereo RCA Output
Input Impedance47 Kilohms
AC Input Power110 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption0.5 W (Standby)
Dimensions16.6 x 34 x 16.6″ / 42.2 x 86.4 x 42.2 cm
Weight50.0 lb / 22.7 kg

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofers

For the last several years, SVS PC-2000 subwoofers have established themselves as leaders in the audio industry. The company has built upon its solid foundation of engineering and product innovation to continually produce innovative products that please their growing customer base. With the SVS PC-2000, a full range of amplified audio equipment is available to meet the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. The brand has expanded from merely an “amps” line to offer additional performance tools for its customers. At this point in time, SVS is well known in the industry for specializing in high performance home theater systems.

The SVS PC-2000 subwoofer is at the top of its class. The all-new flatbed model boasts optimized factory installed optimized wave forms for unbeatable accuracy and power handling capabilities. The optimized wave shape optimized by the factory eliminates any need for outside assistance and reduces power handling ability by up to 40%. The optimized wave shape also allows the subwoofer to better handle the low frequencies, thereby improving bass extension and lower frequency response. This improved bass will not only enhance the overall stereo sound of your music, but it will also increase the dynamic range of the audio, bringing a greater sense of clarity to the songs you are listening to.

With the optimized waveform design of the SVS PC-2000 subwoofer, you can accurately reproduce the accurate Dolby Digital and DTS audio. With the optimized waveform pattern, the optimized bass notes are maintained and delivered with perfect realism. There is another advanced technology that the SVS PC-2000 subwoofer incorporates to bring better clarity to its sound. That technology is the specially designed and crafted optimized crossovers. What does this mean to you and your listening experience?

Optimized crossovers are another way to describe a speaker that produces the same sound as another brand without compromising on quality. In the case of the SVS PC-2000, the optimized crossover system effectively translates to improved bass response and tonal consistency. By accurately simulating the effect of other designer brands in a home theater system, the optimized crossover system effectively filters out background sounds that may be distracting to the listener. This results in more accurate and crystal clear bass tones from your personal computer combined with the optimized signal path.

The PC-2021 subwoofer also uses an innovative vertical alignment approach to maximize the subwoofer output in a room. The optimized horizontal alignment splits the vertical spaces of the subwoofer cabinet into seven separate vertical zones. Each zone is assigned a particular frequency range to reproduce the wide range of bass tones in your tracks. If you are looking for massive amounts of booming bass that will wake the dawn from a deep sleep, then this subwoofer from SVS is just what you have been searching for.

The optimized subwoofer enclosure is complimented by a compact footprint measured at 4 inches by eight inches long. This subwoofer from SVS comes in an impressive array of colors such as black anodized aluminum and premium anodized black textured aluminum. You are able to rest easy knowing that this subwoofer from SVS will reproduce loud bass lines with precision. The compact footprint is supported by a heavy duty dual box spring design that makes it very well balanced.

SVS PC-2000 Subwoofer FAQ

SVS 12-inch subwoofer

A SVS 12-inch subwoofer is an excellent choice for anyone who has the need for a solid and sturdy subwoofer. This product comes with features that make it stand out from other brands. If you compare other brands like a Sony subwoofer, for instance, they do not come with the best performance and quality in terms of the sound they produce. The sound is not as deep or rich as an SVS subwoofer. There is also less bass response, but this does not mean that you should use an SVS subwoofer for an application that requires a deep bass sound.

One of the SVS Subwoofers features is the Enclosure which is made of lightweight heavy duty materials. This ensures that the subwoofer can handle rough conditions without having to be affected. In addition, the enclosure is protected by an extra layer of foam that is placed on the inside of the enclosure. Most subwoofers that come with this setup are sealed boxes with good sound levels and enclosure. In some cases, there is also an additional horn included which can further enhance the subwoofer’s performance.

The SVS subwoofers are perfect for all your home theater needs because of its capability to handle the quantity of audio and power that you will be placing inside it. You will definitely have an amazing audio experience with your favorite music or videos just by getting a subwoofer from SVS. So go ahead and enjoy your new SVS subwoofer now!

SVS ported box subwoofer

Feel the full dynamics of powerful or subtle mid-range tones with the SVS ported box subwoofer. Its single front-driver is engineered to bring you powerful low-frequency extension up to 26 Hz for better tonal definition, and it allows you to fine-tuned its DSP characteristics through the SVS software. The SVS subwoofers come in a number of beautiful colors that are sure to meet any customer’s styling demands. Its port optimized designs give you a perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. It also comes with a conveniently placed foot control for easy height movement. There is even a built-in lock for a secure and stable fit.

For maximum output power and accuracy, the SVS subwoofers use onboard amplifiers to provide a comprehensive signal to boost performance. It works by boosting amplifier output without affecting important speaker components. It also features an effective low audio RF delay which gives you the opportunity to optimize your frequency response by implementing precise timing control. For a supremely refined and polished audio signal, SVS uses custom-made paper composite woofer cones.

The SVS Ported Box Subwoofers are available in a wide range of color combinations and are crafted to suit most vehicles on the market today. They are very reasonably priced and can be easily purchased online or through your preferred dealer. You can even customize your subwoofers with attractive paint schemes and color finishes. When you choose to build your own sound system, there is no need for a professional as all of the required ports are neatly concealed within the box itself. This feature helps you build your subwoofers more easily and save money on labor costs.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Excellent sub! It was time to replace my aging Velodyne SPL in the family room, which is a huge, open space. I bought an SVS PB2000 for my theater (which is also a fantastic sub), but I wanted something with a smaller footprint because it would be in the living room. My requirements for a sub were for it to be ‘aesthetically appropriate’ (the married guys know what I mean), ‘toddler tough’ (for those of us with young kids), and most importantly, it had to sound amazing! This was the ideal choice. Great quality, the sound/feel is superb, it doesn’t get lost in all of the open space, it’s the same height as the couch and ‘blends in,’ and most importantly, it’s really sturdy, so there’s no worry about it falling over with the toddler running around.

  2. I had a Polk Audio PSW505 that served me well for many years. I figured it was a decent sub, and it was, but SVS’s selection blows it out of the water. To be honest, I had no idea what I was missing.

    I bought two of these, both of which are linked to my Yamaha RX-A3070, and I’ve had them for around four months (as of this writing). Although two are probably overkill for my machine (my wife definitely thinks so), I have no regrets and enjoy the sound they make.

    If you’ve bought them, I recommend visiting the SVS website to learn how to properly calibrate them…it makes a huge difference. It’s not as easy as running YPAO (for Yamaha) and going…you’ll need to know how to fine-tune the changes after the auto-calibration.

    I’ve found that while you’re in the venue, they sound fantastic, wonderfully promoting music and movies….but when you’re not in the room and there’s a wall between you and the sound system, you can hear the wall rumble to some extent and the bass sounds really shaken, if that makes sense. It demonstrates how good their sound quality is to me.

    Some say that they must be tweaked for music rather than movies. I haven’t had the experience, but they sound amazing in both cases to me. I really use them the most for music, and my songs have never sounded better….the bass is just gorgeous (best word I could come up with).

    Many of the films I’ve seen have been equally amazing. I recently saw “Sully” with my dad, and the roar of the aircraft engines was incredible.

    I like the cylinder shape…one of the reasons I purchased this particular design was that I could fit two in my den, while the more conventional sub design could only fit one. I was debating whether to buy two of these PC-2000 units or a single unit that was roughly twice the price. I went for two PC-2000s, and I have no doubt that I made the right choice.

    As a side note, when they arrived on my porch, it seemed as though I had earned a small Stonehenge monument. They arrived in excellent condition.

    In conclusion, I couldn’t be happier with these PC-2000s and highly recommend them. Excellent sound and image quality.

  3. This water heater-shaped subwoofer is ready to rock! It takes some time to set up, and as with any subwoofer, positioning is important due to room dimensions. But man, when it’s in the right place, it sounds amazing. The low end quickly stretches below 20Hz and can shake any base. This sub musical is easy to blend into any established structure due to its precision and multiple phase changes. This sub has always impressed me. If it suits your budget and you like the look, your quest should come to an end here.

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