SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer Demo

hey everyone welcome back to two guys
i’m rob and today we have a pretty
special video for you
we recently had the opportunity to do an
unboxing and overview of the svs pv16
ultra and in that video we promised you
a complete and honest review well after
several weeks of testing and putting the
sub through its paces
it’s time to let you know what we found
out right after the intro
now before we get started i want to
thank svs for sending us this sub for
it was very nice of them and we really
do appreciate it
with that said this isn’t a sponsored
and all of the opinions shown are ours
and ours alone
svs had no say of what went into the
and they didn’t get to preview it before
we published it to youtube
all right so on to the review svs is an
online direct to consumer manufacturer
that sells a huge variety of speakers
whether you’re into home theater or
music it’s more than likely that svs has
you covered
be it subs bookshelves at most height
or large towers they have it all at a
variety of price points
the pb16 ultra is their top of the line
subwoofer and as you can see it’s one
big beautiful sub
with its flawless high gloss piano black
and it’s fiber reinforced 16 inch woofer
it’s a sight to behold
and as i said in the unboxing it’s one
of the best looking subs i’ve ever seen
the good news is this isn’t just a
pretty sub
and svs didn’t originally start by
making great looking subs
but instead they started by making great
sounding subs
in fact the specs for this sub are even
more impressive than its looks
sps started by developing a new 16 inch
with a lightweight fiberglass resin
that is rigid and will never flex under
room shaking low frequency effects
they combine this with a newly designed
8 inch
edge wound voice coil which they claim
is the largest ever used in a consumer
the driver also utilizes four large
ferrite magnets that produce a huge
amount of magnetic force
to drive the speaker to the highest
levels of excursion
and lowest frequency output and here’s a
fun fact
the driver alone weighs almost 70 pounds
that right there shows you svs isn’t
messing around
because man let me tell you that is one
massive driver
to power their new driver svs is using a
high efficiency class d
sludge amplifier with 1500 watts
and an incredible 5000 watts peak output
the amp also employs a sophisticated
audio dsp so you can fine-tune the sub
to match your room and speakers
which we’ll talk about more in a bit as
far as connectivity goes the amp has
rca inputs and outputs a 3 to 12 volt
trigger input balanced input and outputs
a 3-prong power input and an on off
and the last part of the puzzle for svs
was to design a cabinet capable of
withstanding the extreme forces produced
by the new driver
this was achieved by using a double
thick mdf front baffle
and by employing tons of strategically
placed internal bracing
this brought the total weight of the
pb16 ultra to a staggering 175 pounds
the end result was a subwoofer capable
of producing the deepest low frequencies
while being played at reference levels
without any resonance
or coloration from the cabinet all right
i know you guys are dying for us to get
into the testing
and don’t worry we’re almost there but
before we can get started
we need to properly set the sub up for
our room
we did this by using the svs smartphone
which i find absolutely amazing and
honestly i think every sub should have
something like this
because it’s so convenient and it works
so well from the app you have access to
volume control
parametric eq and a whole lot of other
very useful settings
but before we get too far into it let’s
see what the app
actually looks like and how to use it
once you have the pv16 ultra paired with
your phone
using the app is very easy the home
screen lets you control the volume of
your subwoofer
and set which preset you’d like to use
either none
music custom or default using the small
icon in the top right corner of the
you have the ability to go to other
sections of the app
and going down the list the next option
we’ll look at
is the low pass filter which will allow
you to set
a predetermined cutoff point so the sub
won’t produce any frequencies higher
than what you set here
by default this setting is off if you
turn it on
it will be set at 80 hertz which
conforms to thx
standards the next option is phase
this lets you change the phase of the
sub anywhere from zero to 180 degrees
which can be really useful if you have
more than one sub
next the polarity option lets you adjust
the polarity coming out of the sub
which is set to positive by default
moving on
we have the parametric eq which allows
you to match the subwoofer to your room
and your speakers
by customizing any of the three blank
provided by svs this is an incredibly
powerful tool
which will cover more in our svs app
setup guide video
but all you need to know for now is that
it works extremely well
next the room gain compensation setting
will let you further match the subwoofer
to your room
and eliminate bloated sounding bass by
rolling off frequency response below
either 25
31 or 40 hertz next the port tuning
option lets you change the output of the
ultra based on the port configuration by
default this is set to standard but
there are three options you can choose
standard where all ports are open
extended where one port is plugged
and sealed where all ports are plugged
now as we mentioned in our unboxing svs
is currently only shipping the pb16 with
one port plug
but if you want three all you have to do
is give them special instruction to
include them at checkout
and they’ll be added free of charge and
next we have presets
where you can save your own custom sets
of settings for different types of
like music or movies and quickly switch
between them
and finally in the settings option you
have some really useful tools like
changing the name of your subwoofer
whether you want to enable subwoofer
standby the default reading timeout
and the brightness of the display and
you can reset the subwoofer back to its
factory settings
there are also options to contact svs
and tutorials to help guide you through
the app once we had the pb16 ultra set
it was time to hook it up and start
testing we plugged the sub directly into
our processor
and turned off our own subwoofers and
base shakers
also just a quick heads up we tried
three different mics and none of them
actually worked to capture the true
sound of this sub
the first scene we’re going to demo is
avengers end game
this is the part right after the hulk
uses the infinity stones to bring
everybody back
and thanos shoots missiles from his ship
into the avengers headquarters
so keep that in mind and let’s get into
the demo
i think it worked
all right so that was definitely pretty
amazing i could actually feel it in my
chest when the rockets exploded
it’s almost like we have our base
shakers turned on but of course they’re
and like i said the microphones just
don’t do justice for this subwoofer
what you guys are hearing on youtube is
nothing like what we’re actually hearing
it’s really actually amazing alright so
next up
we have elita battle angel this is the
part where she stands up to the
and saves the little dog near the
beginning of the movie
out of the way
outstanding and now here’s a scene from
the movie fury
where they’re driving the tanks across a
big field and being shot at
with anti-tank guns
who’s got eyes on him
got it
and finally we couldn’t call this video
a review without showing you
the very beginning of edge of tomorrow
all right those demos sounded absolutely
but let me tell you the edge of tomorrow
demo was just
unbelievable the energy coming out of
the sub was literally
shaking everything on our walls just
check out this metal movie reel
it literally looks like it’s waving in
the wind but it’s purely from the sound
pressure that’s being produced
out of the ports of the sub and that was
so cool we just had to film it from
another angle
now obviously we’re not going to be
listening to movies at this volume
our goal here is to demonstrate the
capabilities of the sub
trying to do that through our microphone
and then through youtube
it’s really hard for us to convey just
how good the subwoofer is
that’s why we’re putting so much
emphasis on how much impact the sub
has in our room other videos on youtube
have tried this by putting paper in
front of the ports
to show air movement or docking over
or even blowing out multiple candles and
those are all great ideas
but we decided to try something a little
different we want to see if this sub can
actually move enough air to spin this
120 millimeter computer fan
so let’s see if it can
all right so as you can see it actually
did spin the fan
but it had so much pressure it blew it
so we tried it again but this time we
actually taped the fan to the port
and man this thing had absolutely no
problem spinning the fan
to what looks like a pretty high rpm not
only is it spinning the fan
but for a minute there i literally
thought it was going to blow the fan off
the port again
even though it was taped on pretty
all right that was fun but now it’s time
to get back to testing
obviously we’re really impressed with
this sub for movies
but now it’s time to see how it sounds
for music so we started with the track
where we started by lost sky
for all of our music tests we put the
included foam plug in the middle port
and set the pb16 ultra to extended mode
we then continued our testing with
soundtracks from albums like
the hunter by jennifer warren’s brothers
in arms by dire straits
fresh air 3 by manheim steamroller the
wall by pink floyd
and world machine by level 42. we didn’t
include that footage here
because it’s just so easy to get a
copyright strike here on youtube when it
comes to music
now if you’re thinking that’s really not
that much testing the fact
is these are just movies and songs that
we decided to mention
or use in this review we’ve actually
been testing the sub every day for the
last two weeks with numerous films and
so we could properly evaluate its
performance and when it comes to music
this pb16 did not disappoint
now i could sit here and try to wow you
with big audiophile words to convince
you how good it sounds
but i’m not going to do that because
with this subwoofer hearing is believing
and it speaks for itself what i will say
is it’s one of the best sounding
subwoofers i’ve ever heard
and that’s saying a lot coming from me
because i’ve always preferred the tight
and controlled bass that is a natural
characteristic of sealed
subs and that’s what’s so incredible
about the pb16
the fact that it’s ported but it
exhibits the characteristics of a sealed
with the output of a ported sub in fact
if i didn’t know it was ported
i would have guessed it was sealed it
sounds that good
now you might be thinking rob you’re
sounding more and more like an svs fan
and i’d have to agree but let me tell
you why i’m a fan boy
this is my first hands-on experience
with an svs product and honestly i’m
blown away by its build and sound
but the main reason i could be
considered a fanboy is because of
svs calls their customer bill of rights
and the part that i’m most impressed
is their 45-day in-home trial period
this allows you to purchase anything
from svs
try it out at home in your own listening
environment and if you don’t absolutely
love it
or it’s just not what you thought it
would be you can send it back get a full
and they’ll even pay for return shipping
now here’s the real
beauty of this in-home trial you don’t
have to believe a single word i’ve said
in this review
you can try out their products and let
your own ears decide
whether or not everything i’ve said in
this review is honest and correct
so i guess by now it’s pretty obvious
that we love this sub
and i really think it’s pretty amazing
that svs could put so much technology
into a sub
that cost 24.99 now i know that sounds
like a lot
but if you consider you’re getting a
reference class sub
that’s built like a tank has a finish
like a luxury car
and sounds so incredible then i think it
actually becomes quite a bargain
and that’s why it’s going to be such a
sad day when we have to send this back
to svs
i’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to
experience such an impressive subwoofer
and i’ll continue to enjoy it until the
day we have to send it back
and lastly i want to give another huge
thanks to svs
for sending us this sub to review i
really hope you guys enjoyed this video
if you have any questions about the pb16
ultra let me know
and i’ll do my best to answer them if
you already own a pb16 ultra
or if you’re planning on buying one let
us know down below
don’t forget to like and subscribe and
as always have an awesome day

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Amplifier Power Rating1500 W RMS
5000 W Peak
Drivers16″ / 40.6 cm (Front-Firing)
Voice Coil8″ / 20.3 cm
Frequency Response15 to 280 Hz (with All Ports Open)
13 to 280 Hz (with 2 Ports Open)
14 to 360 Hz (with All Ports Sealed)
Amplifier ClassClass-D
Connectivity1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)
1 x Stereo RCA Input
1 x Stereo RCA Output
2 x XLR Output
2 x XLR Input
Input Impedance22 Kilohms
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption0.5 W (Standby)
1500 W
Cabinet MaterialMDF
Dimensions21.7 x 25 x 28.3″ / 55.1 x 63.5 x 71.9 cm (without Grille)
21.7 x 25 x 30.9″ / 55.1 x 63.5 x 78.5 cm (with Grille)
Weight174.5 lb / 79.2 kg

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofers

If you’re looking for an SUV or truck subwoofer, then it’s probably a safe bet that you’re going to go with the SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofer. This is one of the latest and greatest in surround sound speaker designs. If you’ve never seen a speaker like this, then you’re definitely missing out. They’re huge and are completely portable. These guys rival car audio systems because they’re so powerful, yet they’re so light too.

The SVS PB16-ULTRA subwoofer comes in a very handsome box. It’s a full floor model and has all the bells and whistles you would expect. It comes complete with a powerful dual amplifier system. The signal processor inside the amp can manage what you’re sending and what you’re receiving. There is an option to use the built in amp or plug into an external amp, but either way, this subwoofer works perfectly fine on its own.

When it comes to sound quality, nothing can compare to the SVS PB16-ULTRA. The sound that these speakers produce will have people shouting and running towards the speakers. You get great deep bass lines that hit you, which is almost indescribable.

If you like your music loud and you like your music balanced and well educated then the SVS PB 16-ULTRA subwoofer might just be your thing. The tone control dial is easily adjustable and you can crank up the volume to make you feel like you’re at a rock concert. I mean, it sounds like one, doesn’t it? If you want to dance to some heavy metal or rock music, then the tone knobs are the place to put your feet up and enjoy the ride.

In terms of size, these subs are very efficient and if you can manage to fit it in your car, then you’ve got one of the best cars out there. These are made for that specific purpose and they deliver. No other subwoofer on the market even comes close to the SVS PB16-ULTRA. If you’re looking for a custom look, then this is it.

With all of the features packed into one little subwoofer, I’d be hard pressed to find any other product with so many positives. It has so much power that you’ll be amazed by yourself. I know that even my neighbors when they heard it gave me the looks like I was the biggest kid on the block. The SVS PB 16-ULTRA Subwoofer is perfect for every occasion and every space. Go out and get one now!

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer FAQ

SVS 16-inch subwoofer

If you are looking for a new subwoofer for your car or truck and have a tight budget, the SVS 16-inch subwoofer is a great place to start. It is rated at sixty pounds per square inch so it will fit in most vehicles. The subwoofers from SVS are built tough and will hold up to even the worst abuse from your vehicle. Most of the SVS products come with a warranty which should last for two or three years depending on the amount of abuse that the product has been through.

When choosing a subwoofer there are many factors to consider, but durability should be at the top of your list. With so many manufactures making subwoofers, it can be difficult to find one that you are happy with but SVS makes a very popular product. The SVS sixteen-inch subwoofer comes with a mounting kit that makes it easy to install and it comes standard with a rubber surround. You can add a lot of add-on kits that will increase the quality of your sound and you will never have to worry about having to spend more money on additional speakers.

Choosing a subwoofer is a big decision so you want to take your time and choose the right one. Take the time to compare the different brands and features of the SVS sixteen-inch subwoofer. You will have your choice of colors available and you will also be able to choose from a stainless steel subwoofer or one made out of black. There are so many great features that come along with this type of product that you will want to make sure that you take the time to choose the right one for your needs. Remember that quality comes at a price so you will want to make sure that you are getting a great product for your money.

SVS 1500-watt subwoofer

You will find a lot of people buying a SVS 1500-watt subwoofer for their home theater. The best part is that there is an SVS subwoofer that fits in any shape and size and that too at an affordable price. A SVS subwoofer can blend with your existing furniture or it can give a new look to your home theater. There are a number of advantages of getting a SVS home theater subwoofer. The foremost advantage is that it comes with an installation manual which can be used by any person who has no experience at all when it comes to wiring and installation.

Another great advantage of the SVS subwoofer is that it has a factory warranty which covers a very large part of the product and you do not have to pay for the repairs and replacements as long as you take care of the product. The SVS Subwoofers has factory installed bass port and phase adjustments. This makes them perfect for use with lower frequencies. One thing that many people do not realize is that the SVS Subwoofer comes with an outdoor speaker cable that allows you to connect your subwoofers to your outdoor speakers. In addition, the SVS Subwoofer comes with a warranty which covers labor and damages.

A SVS 1500-watt subwoofer can improve the quality of sound in your home theater system. If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable speaker, then the SVS Subwoofer should be your top choice. Once you get a SVS Subwoofer, you will be able to enjoy excellent surround sound and amazing bass without having to spend a huge amount of money.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Pros: 174lbs of Bass Murder.
    Cons: You lack the courage to purchase it.

    Let’s start with the weight, which is substantial. I’m 34 years old, male, and in decent shape. The box has handles, so you’ll be able to hold it with two people while it’s still in the box. I moved it to my upstairs room by myself. I held it in the box and rolled it end over end with no trouble. To get the box in, I had to take the bedroom door off its hinges. It wasn’t difficult at all. I’d recommend using a tiny furniture dolly if you have wood floors.

    I purchased the piano black edition, which is stunning.

    The SVS software for managing the sub has a great gui that is simple to use. It has fairly comprehensive sound-optimization settings. You will need to study what each setting does, or you can simply experiment with the settings to determine what sounds best to you. You can also reset the app settings to normal at any time if you make too many changes and want to start over.

    The amp provides 1500 continuous watts (RMS), but only if you push it to its limits, which I highly doubt you can. A 15 amp circuit breaker is sufficient to power this sub, even if other electronics are also connected to the same dedicated circuit. (Because everyone’s setup is a little different, use the best judgment for your personal setup.) I have a lot of equipment on a 15 amp breaker and I’m not worried about tripping breakers, and I’d even buy a second sub without worrying about circuit breaker issues. This leads me to my final point:

    This subwoofer is amazing, with clean, strong, and room-filling bass. There are only a few other speaker brands that can compete in terms of sound quality. Finally, SVS is well-known for providing excellent customer support.

    I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    Best wishes!

    PS. The guy who says this sub takes a back seat to his $10,000 speakers is being arrogant. I’m listening to music through two Martin Logan 60XLT floor standing speakers and a Bose 130 cinemate soundbar. A Ferrari is not six times quicker than a Corvette, but it is six times more expensive. A higher price does not always imply better results. Don’t listen to that guy; this subwoofer is incredible.

  2. Oh my God! What a big difference. This sub replaced two 8-inch subs, and the difference is indescribable. First and foremost, it’s enormous, so prepare ahead of time where you’ll put it because it’s about the size of a small fridge turned on its side. Second, the results are spectacular. I was watching a scene in which a train passes by. It felt like I was sitting right next to the tracks. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy it; you won’t be sorry.

  3. This sub was purchased to replace a 15-inch Chewin-Vega sub that had failed six times over the years. I also have a 15-inch 500-watt ported subwoofer that I designed myself. I was planning on using two subs because the other one was still running, but after setting up this one, the other sub was no longer needed. Even for the price, this is the best sub I’ve ever heard. This is in a wide open great room with a cathedral ceiling, so it can accommodate larger rooms. If you want a lot of powerful foundation, I recommend using the eq configuration.

    This subwoofer has a lot of strength. I’d recommend having it in its own circle. It dims the lights on the same circuit as the outlet into which it is plugged.

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