Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer Demo

all right what we got here is a poke PSW
111 sub woofer and for home stereo and
the board is fried and these new the
whole sub retails for like 300 and Polk
wanted me to pay 180 just for this board
break here because it’s clicking it’s
buzzing it’s doing all sorts of noises
and if you have one it’s doing it
somewhere in amplifier circuitry here
well it’s capacitor and I don’t know but
they wanted 180 bucks and I said no I’m
not gonna do that sometimes you can get
these on sale like I got this one on the
Black Friday till probably about six
years ago for about 225 or 200 so it was
a good deal but anyway so it works good
the when it worked
but um but now it doesn’t work any any
inputs LFE is what I’ve used as clicking
in and out anyway this is bad so what I
decided to do instead of buy the new sub
is looking at a new panel here amplifier
datin sa 100 and it’s a 100 watt sub amp
and it has all the exact same features
as the Polk original one only
differences here on the LFE input you
gotta use a RCA to Miller Shea – female

  • pinger LFE input in if you’re gonna do
    that and that’s it has the auto feature
    on offer Otto the phasing reverse and
    normal and you can change your frequency
    regain here and your speaker inputs
    anyway has all that it’s a much beefier
    look up look at this thing the exact
    measurements I think are 2 inches deep
    check because I’m the it’s deceiving on
    the website it shows us like for
    interruption which is not so right here
    actually inside going in to see we got
    the speaker wires just kind of set
    that’s that’s deceiving there so we’re
    about two and three quarters to the back
    which when you’re looking here we do
    have to watch for these just unscrew
    pull out and the the speaker wires were
    just stick on connectors to the back of
    the board pretty easy just pull them out
    you see there that’s all there is to the
    inside of a subwoofer speakers up in
    there this is the bottom vented port
    here this is the bottom of the sub here
    the speakers in the face it doesn’t
    protrude the front it’s one of the
    things I liked about this so if so I can
    we have cats and I don’t want them to
    destroy so anyway it will fit in there I
    had to sit it in there could you
    actually have with Mike can you hear me
    state measurement we have about their ex
    from the face so we have about three and
    three-quarters inches so we do clear so
    this will clear the only thing is when
    you set it in here it’s not a perfect
    fit Matt can you put that in there
    okay so let me slide this over here
    tables a little bit saw here so this
    doesn’t quite fit the whole opening
    so see if I can I’d drill two pilot
    holes here with the real tiny bit I’m
    reusing existing pulk screws and I’ll
    see if I can get a good enough fit here
    if not I’m going to retrofit on probably
    a larger piece of something here
    router this outfit I’m gonna try this
    first because it’s not it’s not gonna
    hurt anything on the sub on the
    enclosure itself because if I have to go
    bigger it’s no big deal so I’m gonna go
    ahead and do that and drill them out and
    see how well she fits it’s good I’ll
    pull it back out I’m gonna make the wire
    connections put it back on and plug it
    in and see how she sounds and if I get a
    lot of vibration and base and cuffing
    and all that coming out of here I might
    have to think of something else but
    we’ll check it out here in a minute so
    that went pretty good
    I got him all the to bite so what I did
    is I took a tiny drill bit you want to
    take a drill bit smaller than the about
    half the size maybe a little larger of
    the diameter of the screws you’re using
    four pilot holes
    there’s only fiber board you don’t want
    to screw these in with a you know a
    drill driver and have it crack or
    something there’s not a whole lot of
    meat here
    so I me and the outside ones here I took
    a drill bit and went a little bit of an
    angle the ends I went straight in and as
    you can see I got it pretty much
    centered as best I could and they all
    they all seem to pull down pretty good
    so I’m gonna go and plug it in I just
    got the wires inside temporarily I just
    fit I’ll use a couple of wire nuts to
    put them together on a solder them after
    because if I don’t like this if it
    doesn’t work I’m gonna have to pull it
    apart make another panel and I don’t
    want to
    caught him resolder them and all that so
    if this works out I’m going to go and
    pull this back off solder them together
    and because I don’t have the state comms
    the ones that the ones that are made
    male/female to go together but I’m
    pretty good at soldering so it’ll
    actually be a better connection so
    special with the vibrations so anyway
    and you can see is a much beefier ant
    got the cooling fins and my good reviews
    we’re gonna put the test here in a
    minute with some Bob Marley so we’ll see
    get her plugged in here and get her so
    all right I got a hooked up I got some
    bass sounds pretty good I’m missing that
    for a while
    hi mrs. Macross overs and stuff out of
    my receiver I got my have a keel
    receiver here do some buying up thing
    here I got some new pull in the 60s and
    they’re you know set up here this
    weekend but one thing I want to point
    out this is the wide after gonna need to
    so going into the back here maybe get
    the brightness going
    it’s on your inputs there and left RCA
    jacks left and right this is my sub op
    coming from my my receiver you know a
    lot of it like the old poke the old camp
    that was in here they just went to the
    one channel you need to do this and it
    doesn’t really say that in instructions
    but when you order this if you order
    this date name this is just a media
    bridge I think we get model price media
    bridge ten bucks
    get a good quality one and I don’t see
    anything they don’t feel anything coming
    out here it’s not obviously doing much
    yet here I wanna guess I’m adjusting to
    do but it sounds good so it’s maybe just
    be good this might be the set up right
    here I have to do none except taking
    apart and pull it back out and side of
    them wires anyway he’s caked up about a
    half hour

Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Amplifier Power Rating300 W Peak
150 W
Drivers8″ / 20.3 cm Composite (Front-Firing)
Ports1 (Down-Firing)
Frequency Response38 to 250 Hz
Magnetic ShieldingNone
Connectivity2 x Binding Post Pair Input
2 x Binding Post Pair Output
1 x Stereo RCA Input (Audio/LFE)
Crossover Frequency60 to 120 Hz
Phase Adjustment0 / 180°
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 1.6 A
Placement & Mounting OptionsFloorstanding
Floor ContactsRubber Feet
Cabinet MaterialMDF
GrilleCloth (Removable)
Dimensions11 x 12.1 x 13″ / 27.9 x 30.8 x 33 cm
Weight20.3 lb / 9.2 kg

Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofers

Polk Audio’s top-of-the-line subwoofers are designed for true home theater and bass sound enjoyment. With a stunning eight-channel amplifier system comprised of five high power amps, Polk Audio has you covered whether you’re looking for true low distortion performance or clean high definition clarity. The newly designed VOX speaker enclosures are created with a precision engineered curved shape to optimize space use while optimizing sound quality and power. Perfectly fitted and crafted out of hardwood, laminate or brushed aluminum, each subwoofer is designed with unique tonal combinations and optimized for optimum performance. In fact, even the simplest design variations can be easily heard.

Polk Audio’s newest creation, the PSW111 subwoofer, packs a punch. Powerful, precise and rich sounding bass from such a small enclosure, the PSW111 subwoofer offers incredible, strong and precise bass from an amazingly small package. Small enough to simply tuck behind (or into) adjacent furniture or tuck in behind the car, the PSW111 powerful output will not make you forget it’s there. The dual nine inch woofers coupled with a compact aluminum enclosure provide a punch that is unrivaled in size and power.

The all new, all custom built, polar LP tuned subwoofers from Polk Audio will make any vehicle sound incredible. The all custom woofer combinations use a floating plate and a specially crafted spider web design to maximize low frequency output for the ultimate subwoofer. The spider web design of the LP-tuned subwoofers allows them to better handle the high pressure of low frequencies. The result is not only deeper bass but a firmer feel as well. These subwoofers come standard in Black, White and Graphite.

If you are a lover of deep bass, then you will love these subwoofers from Polk Audio. They feature the new Polygonated aluminum frame which provides them with a solid and stable foundation for optimum performance. Polygonated aluminum frames have been proven to be lightweight and strong and have been used for years by Polk Audio to build their products. A heavy duty motor on each drive unit allows the PSW111 to run extremely quiet while still producing incredible amounts of bass. All of the units are then sealed with rubber surround for added insulation and protection from outside elements. The result is one powerful system that can be used in any vehicle.

If you want to add a little more spice and power to your car audio system, then look no further than the Polk Audio PSW111. It comes with two extra speaker wire baskets so you can place them in the front or on the rear of the vehicle. You get a great looking enclosure with an extremely deep and defined bass that will have all of your friends in awe. A true and quality subwoofer like this one will take your vehicle to the next level. Many have compared the sound from the Polk Audio PSW111 to that of a sound system in a full size stereo.

If you truly want your car to sound its best, then make sure to add in a quality set of Polk Audio Subwoofers. These subwoofers are known for their unbeatable combination of bass, durability and quality. There is nothing else like having a system with all three aspects of a good bass. You won’t find a better subwoofer anywhere else but at Polk audio.

Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer FAQ

Polk Audio 8-inch subwoofer

Polk Audio has made a name for itself as one of the most respected names in high-end audio for their latest line of wireless subwoofers. With their new technologies and designs, they have set the standard that other manufactures are scrambling to match. Their brand is known not only by professional car audio enthusiasts but also by consumers looking for quality in a radio or DVD player. The company produces some very good products, and this latest model stands out among the rest.

Polk Audio subwoofers use their advanced woofer technology and voice coil system to produce the perfect blend of power and refined sound. They are easy to install, and come with a two-year warranty for high quality. A subwoofer must be carefully considered, especially if it is to be used in a media room or stereo application where loud volume is needed. If the expected application does not call for such a high power output, then a low powered subwoofer may be more suitable.

Polk’s subwoofers are available in a wide array of colors, models, styles, and sizes to fit almost any budget. Whether you are looking for a simple or an advanced design, a Polk Audio subwoofer should be a wise investment. The company’s quality speaks for itself, and their reputation is unquestioned. So if you are looking for the best in quality, reliability, and value for your money, Polk Audio is definitely the way to go.

Polk Audio 300-watt subwoofer

Polk Audio is a leading manufacturer and distributor of audio equipment. Their products have won numerous awards, which is an indication of their quality. In addition to the prestigious design prize that they are awarded, Polk Audio subwoofers are also honored with several other industry awards including “Best in Show” at the Musicians Guild Awards and “Best Professional Group Audio” at the Carlsbad Music Festival. This is not surprising when you consider that Polk Audio is a family-run business that has been in business for over a hundred years.

If you are a car or truck enthusiast and you are looking for excellent performance from your vehicle, Polk Audio Subwoofers are among the best on the market today. There is a subwoofer for every type of vehicle on the market today. Whether you are looking for something small and compact for your pickup truck or something large and imposing for your SUV, there is a subwoofer out there for you. This is not to say however, that all of Polk Audio’s subwoofers are of high quality; you just need to know what type of speaker you are looking for, in order to find out if you are going to get value for your money.

The most basic model of a Polk Audio Subwoofer is the one which is called the Single Cup. These are known by their smaller and more discreet styling. If you prefer a bigger, more pronounced subwoofer, you will want to look at the surround sound speakers that are offered by Polk Audio. These are known as surround speakers and they come complete with dual woofers for better sound reproduction.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This subwoofer’s small scale appeals to me. Polk recommends it for use with smaller speakers that don’t have a lot of bass, such as soundbars. Although it doesn’t reach the heights of bass extension, it does a good job of supplementing the bass of my ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speakers in the guest bedroom. Might also be a good match for the tiny Andrew Jones-designed Pioneer bookshelf speakers, small Klipsch models like the RB-10, or even an old pair of Realistic Minimus 7.

    Two-Year Update: They’ve been going strong for the past two years since I bought them. I like them more now than I did before, and I have a pair in my bedroom system. I’m now using them with Monitor Audio’s newer key speakers. A good match for the space and my ear. They sound fantastic together… get a pair of these subs and you should never be tempted to overdrive one unless you lack musicality or have low-frequency hearing loss.

  2. Polk items have captivated me since 1976, when I purchased their excellent bookshelf speakers, which I still use today. I’m impressed with how well this speaker performs, particularly for the price. A good bass tone that isn’t overpowering. The small size is also ideal. The only thing missing is a remote. The volume control and other changes are on the speaker’s backside, and since the speaker is up against a wall, my settings must be correct because I don’t want to get up and fiddle with the controls. The control choice must be my receiver.

  3. For the first five years, this subwoofer performed admirably. I’ll confess that I’m a big fan of Polk products in general (I have several different product lines), but this is the only one that has ever let me down. It’s a decent sub for a small room (under 2000 CFT) and produces a surprising amount of low-end bass for its size and price (under $200 on sale, of course). The subwoofer recently stopped working due to a faulty bass amp. According to what I’ve read on other forums, this is a common problem with some Polk subwoofers. When it starts making a pulse sound even when no music is playing through it, you know it’s gone. Since the warranty is only good for three years, I’m forced to purchase a new sub or pay $140 for a replacement amp. Though I wish it had lasted longer, I’ll take this as an opportunity to update and investigate other brands such as SVS, DefTech, HSU Research, and so on.

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