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Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer, Black
  • The country of origin is China
  • 12-inch spun copper Cerametallic woofer. All-digital amplifier delivers 600 watts of dynamic power
  • Front-firing slot port with exclusive internal flare technology
  • L/R line-level/LFE RCA inputs for compatibility with most receivers. Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth
  • For a simple wireless connection, add an optional Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer Demo

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Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer Specs

Frequency Response: 24Hz-125Hz
Maximum Acoustic Output:  118dB
Amplifier:All digital
Amplifier Power:300W / 600W
Drive Components:12″ (30.5cm) long-throw copper spun cerametalic, front firing woofer
Enclosure Material:MDF
Enclosure Type:Bass Reflex
Inputs:L/R line-level / LFE RCA jack, Wireless WA-2 Port
Height:17.38″ / 41.4cm
Width:15.5″ / 39.37cm
Depth:18.25″ / 46.36cm
Weight:78.75lbs / 22.1kg
Finish:Brushed Black Polymer Veneer
Built From:2014
Features:Gain, Lowpass, Phase, Auto Power
Phase:Switchable 0-180 degrees

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer Review

The Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers are designed to deliver impressive awe-inspiring low bass for today’s movies and music. An optimized speaker enclosure, a high-powered motor drive system and specially designed textured air flow control technologies provide the most accurate reproduction of sound. An optimized front-face IMG tweeter provides the maximum amount of response for the money at a lower price. A specially designed high-power tweeter mounted to a specially designed woofer basket produces a deep, clean, powerful bass sound for your home entertainment system. A combination of these critical components will produce truly amazing results.

The exclusive internal light technology provided by the Klipsch Reference R-112SW subwoofers allows the driver to clearly view the color combinations occurring within the speaker. Colors such as blue, green and purple are superlative colors that coordinate with the superior image quality offered by the Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers. The basket has been specifically designed to enhance the musical accuracy by boosting mid-range frequencies. This process produces better harmonic reproduction than a conventional bass driver and is referred to as exclusive internal flare technology. The optimized shape of the basket optimizes high frequency response and sound phase balance. The result is superior sound quality and extended bass output with minimum effort from the driver.

The all-digital amp design of the Klipsch Reference R-112SW subwoofers makes them the ultimate choice for anyone looking for advanced specifications in a compact, front-facing audio amplifier. With the exclusive internal flare technology of the subwoofer, it has the capability to reproduce extremely accurate levels of bass extension and superior long-range frequency response. In addition, the woofer can handle low frequencies up to 120 lbs. without distortion and is compatible with all types of DVD players.

The Reference R-112SW subwoofers come in a simple two-stage design. It utilizes a polypropylene veneer cabinet to optimize low-profile performance. Also, the cabinet is protected with a dust cover to further prevent dirt and dust from getting to the amplifier. This woofer features a simple one-step operation and comes complete with an instruction manual. The easy to operate controls allow you to precisely control the volume from a remote control.

The Klipsch Reference R-112SW subwoofers are lightweight and well-built. They are ideal for every day use or for entertaining guests in your home or office. The speakers are also highly efficient, as they require very little power to operate. On the other hand, they produce amazingly good bass extension, which is ideal if you want to listen to music during your long car trips or listen to your favorite songs at home. If you own a home theater, then this subwoofer would be perfect for you as it perfectly fits into the subwoofer slots of today’s modern television sets.

Another advantage of the Klipsch reference R-112sw subwoofers is that they come with a warranty. So, if something goes wrong with the product, you can always return it for a replacement or refund. However, the warranty does not cover defects in materials or workmanship. The company only covers damage due to bad workmanship or any accident. In terms of performance, it is hard to compare its competitors. This is because this equipment is designed in a different way compared to other brands that are available in the market.

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