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Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Demo

hey what’s up guys it’s jerome junior
and this week video i’m going to be
reviewing my newest addition to my home
theater setup
uh which is the eclipse r12sw
um if you guys don’t know um this is
the outgoing model of the eclipse
sub line um but definitely
this is a great sub uh right now it’s
currently on so i picked mines up from
costco i don’t know what’s going on if
in costco made a deal because they
definitely have a large inventory
i’ve seen it on costco website and
they’re all in all the different
but let me jump right into it um this is
12 inch front firing
subwoofer um the frequency response if
you guys was wondering this thing will
down to as far as 29 hertz
and respond all the way up to 120 hertz
but you guys should be really crossing
um your saw work your subwoofer from
your floor standing speakers if you have
some at like 80 hertz which you guys
should know
um power handling on this thing this is
200 rms
and uh 400 uh max
on wattage uh so yeah it definitely get
this is a big boy so don’t be mistaken
this thing weighs about 33 pounds and
um height wise it sits 16 inches high
and the depth is 18.5 inches
so it’s pretty deep but if you have
floor standing speakers from clips lines
and you know how long they are it’s just
as long um
actually a little bit longer so up here
this one was produced
from like new from like 2014 and up
but the finish on it uh it is black but
considered it’s called a breast black
polymer veneer i really like the way
the cover on the subus
if you guys don’t know
clips start doing this type of
cover where they actually have the
prongs in the actual subwoofer
so it’s cool because this style is
definitely a lot more sturdy and durable
and is less prone to breaking let me
move it so you guys can see it here
and as you guys see this up is finished
in that golden or
rose gold whichever way you want to call
it or copper
is what they call it finish
which is really nice the one thing
i will say about this particular model
is with the cover on you can kind of see
through it
so you are able to kind of see
the actual sub color so if you’re
a different series um floor standing
like me i run the uh kf-28s which are
actually silver
or you like to run covers off on other
um not subs but other speakers either
your center
or anything like that and you was gonna
go ahead and pick this up and just run
the cover you still can kind of see
the color um behind it
some of you guys i might be a deal
breaker some of you guys it might not
like me i don’t care
um so on the front you do have the power
indicator that lights up when the sub
is on um the cool thing about this
sub is inside of the
box not only did it come with you know
your typical
manual and everything it actually came
with a set of
dual rca cables and these are some good
rca cables
i ran to sub on these while waiting for
the my preferred cables to come from
and no humming no
no like injected noise through the line
like these are some really good cables
and it’s free that comes with the sub so
if you
guys want to go ahead and pick up a sub
that come with cables and
you don’t have to go out and purchase
any cables go ahead and pick these up
go pick this up up it comes with them
wherever you guys go this
is the rear of the
sub right there in the corner i just
noticed even say
r12 sw costco so there must be
something going on where eclipse is
partnering with costco and they’re kind
of releasing these
discontinued speakers back out
i don’t care if they are it’s a great
so here’s the port um definitely there
is no point noise
guys with this sub no matter how hard
you push it
which is nice amp also stays
nice and cool no it does not
at all get warm when you run in it
um so it’s really nice with this
particular sub the wire stays attached
the outlet cable on the newer model
which is the r120sw
is the one you guys are recently
you can actually unplug it unplug the
power cable
from the actual sub the unit itself
which is nice
because you might just want to move this
up out of the way to clean or whatever
it is
you don’t necessarily want to have to
chase your wire
if you do wire management like me just
to get it out of the way
so that’s one thing to note guys but
here’s the back panel
um you know it has the gain here
and then it has a low pass filter right
if you guys are running a receiver that
actually has the low pass filter
building you will gonna go ahead and
turn this all the way over to the right
uh and it actually on this particular
cell which is nice even
says low pass
right there so that’s pretty cool you
know not that many subs do that
you usually have to read in the
directions to figure it out
uh so right beside that is your on and
off switch and also the auto
auto turn on and off i will say the auto
wake up on this particular sub is quick
this up comes on darn air instantly
and it works really well next that you
have your phase
switch um your choice between zero you
know 180 phase
and then obviously your line in and once
it does a great job at labeling things
that usually you have to read in the
instructions you can see if you’re going
to run
a single cable it even tells you right
lfe so this is cool
um really really nicely labeled now this
is the sub
that can show you guys on the
length of it uh so i’m gonna go ahead
and switch over to the demo for you guys
hear how i sound alright guys um this is
part of video where i’ll go ahead and do
the demo of the sub and go ahead and
copyright free music uh or beat
um if you guys are wondering the
receiver is okyo’s
tx and 686
the floor speakers are clips
kf 28 and the center channel
i just picked that up recently um good
ass deal brand new
is the eclipse r52c
um so yeah if you guys want to be on
that you got to let me know down below
and i’ll go ahead and review how that
center channel
is anyways uh over here this is where i
haven’t had this up
at um yes you do see two
reason why you see two is this is the
newest one you can get which i did a
review already on
um the s this is the 120sw
uh so check check the channel if you
haven’t watched it already the video is
um but yeah this is the baby right here
this is the 12
sw that we’re going to run right now
it’s the only one on as you see
this one’s off comparison video coming
okay stay tuned and subscribe for that
that’s coming up next week
um go ahead and stop that i think that’s
long enough for you guys to kind of get
a feel for how it sounds
um yeah definitely
uh it’s loud as you’ve seen i walked
over to the sub
it’s not even it’s not even working hard
uh it’s it’s chilling um it’s definitely
played a lot louder um as you see
already off the bat
it has enough power to go ahead and
shake a window
um so um yeah i mean
it’s overall a really good sub
i recommend it especially right now that
it is um
on sale you can get it from costco like
i did
i got this from costco lee was i got a
day how to sell
in the store where it was 189 but online
i think it’s like 249 right now
um there’s other a couple other places
that for some reason
have a large inventory of them
so uh definitely pick it up
uh why not uh it’s definitely a great
even though it’s the last generation of
the eclipse reference
12 line um in my opinion it sounds
damn just as good just as good
it’s just the look is completely
different um but yeah guys
definitely stay tuned subscribe to the
channel comparison is
coming soon uh between this
uh 12 sw i just opened up well i
have had for like a month now versus my
baby over there that i have for some few
months now
uh the 120sw um if you guys liked what
you guys seen
go ahead please uh hit the like button
go ahead let me know you enjoying it and
subscribe and stay tuned drop a comment
down below
i’ll get to it guys drum jr out

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Specs

Frequency Response29 Hz -120 Hz (+/-3 dB)
OutputMaximum: 116 dB
Amplifier TypeDigital
Amplifier PowerRMS: 200 W
Dynamic: 400 W
Driver Size12″ (30.5 cm)
Driver TypeHigh excursion, IMG, front-firing woofer
Inputs1 x Line level
ControlsVolume, Lowpass, Phase
PhaseSwitchable 0 – 180°
Auto PowerYes
Enclosure TypeBass reflex
Dimensions (HxWxD)Without Feet: 16.0 x 14.0 x 18.5″ (40.6 x 35.6 x 47 cm)
With Feet: 16.5 x 14.0 x 18.5″ (41.9 x 35.6 x 47 cm)
With Feet and Grille: 16.5 x 14.0 x 19.2″ (41.9 x 35.6 x 48.7 cm)
Weight33 lb (15 kg)

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofers

The Klipsch R-12SW subwoofers are the perfect partner when you are looking for a powerful and precise low frequency sound. For more than thirty years, Klipsch has been a leader in the subwoofering market with their award-winning subwoofers. The innovative R-series combines unbeatable performance with an easy to drive design. You can choose from three colors, which include a Black Carbonated Aluminum frame, a Silver Plated Aluminium frame, and a Stainless Steel Aluminium frame. The R-12SW subwoofers come with an easy to operate remote control.

If you are looking for a powerful subwoofer that can handle low frequency ranges up to about 75 hers then the Klipsch R-12SW subwoofers are your answer. The R-10 SW subwoofer is designed for those that wish to add low frequency performance to their existing home theatre system without the need for an additional amplifier. This amplifier allows the vehicle to send bass frequencies to the amplifier which boosts the speaker’s output. The high performance klipsch r-12sw subwoofer offers excellent placement flexibility as well as deep bass extension thanks to its dual front firing driver.

The main features of the Klipsch R-12SWS subwoofers include a polypropylene cone, dual pivot stator, high-quality shielded plywood surround, and rubber surround mounts. This unit has an optimally-shaped basket, which optimally suits the profile of many subwoofers. The surround produces deep bass effects and adds an impressive impact to the sound. In addition, the optimized basket allows for proper positioning to ensure optimum subsonic and far-field responses. The amplifier also incorporates an effective onboard programmable filter so you can adjust the overall response of the speaker to suit your listening preferences.

The amplifier has a very tight low pass crossover. The low pass crossover enables a smooth transition from bass to mids and highs. An added advantage of the low pass crossover is that it helps limit resonances from lower frequency sources. The R-12sw is designed with an efficient amplifier because of its dual high-power woofer and tweeters, providing maximum performance both in terms of bass output and low frequency handling.

When reviewing a klipsch r-12sw subwoofer, it is important to determine whether the subwoofer will fit into your vehicle’s parking position. Some manufacturers allow for a specific positioning of their audio components, but not all. For vehicles with rear-facing seats only, make sure the amplifier does not conflict with your rear-view mirror or your windshield. The same goes for any other installations that might be in your vehicle. You don’t want your new car subwoofers to be an accident waiting to happen.

The Klipsch R-12SW review concludes with an important nugget of information. The subwoofers have an excellent warranty, so be sure to check that out before you buy. If you are going with a brand that has a long track record in the marketplace, they should stand behind their product just as much as anyone else would. If you feel the manufacturer did not cover an important aspect in this Klipsch R-12SW review, let us know about it so that we can provide you with detailed recommendations. Like anything else, you get what you pay for and in this case, you get quality.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer FAQ

Klipsch wireless subwoofer

Add enhanced home entertainment to your entertainment center with the Klipsch Wireless Subwoofer Kit from Klipsch. This two-piece set has both a receiver and transmitter unit for optimum performance. The powerful bass extension utilizes fewer wires to eliminate clutter around the house. The Klipsch Wireless Subwoofer Kit comes with a minimum of three channels for optimal performance.

One advantage to the exclusive Klipsch technology is the subwoofer’s portability. The lightweight aluminum woofer cabinet are designed with a lightweight remote control, perfect for traveling and auto-listening. A durable construction keeps the speaker from warping even on the hottest summer days. No wires are required for a simple install that merges high sound quality with easy portability. Enjoy your new wireless subwoofer in your vehicle or your favorite room of the house.

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This simple, but powerful, subwoofer is an excellent choice for your home theater or you perfect vehicle system. You’ll love the clean sound and the refined bass that come from this pair of speakers. This easy-to-use, easy to operate subwoofer makes life so much easier. Give your room a cinematic experience with Klipsch Wireless Subwoofers.

Klipsch 400-watt subwoofer

Klipsch has been a trusted name in the audio industry for over a century. It is a brand that offers you nothing but top notch quality and a wide selection of subwoofers. If you are in the market to buy a subwoofer, this would be a great place to start your search. You can start by checking the manufacturer’s website. You will be able to view their entire line of subwoofers and get a good idea of what they have to offer. Once you know exactly what you are looking for, you can begin to browse the options on their site to find it.

Klipsch subwoofers also offer free shipping and free return if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This is a big bonus when you are buying a large-sized subwoofer. They also have a wide range of amplifier brands that you can choose from, so you can get a good deal as well.

No matter where you end up getting your Klipsch subwoofer, make sure that you check out the box. This will help ensure that you get the best possible sound from your new subwoofer. Remember that you want a system that will last you for years to come, so take your time when finding a deal.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I had to repair a 10″ Klipsch Synergy down-firing subwoofer that had died. Both were far too noisy, but this one is far more musical. This was the last of my system’s speakers that I updated to the reference side. My initial fronts were KG4s from the lower end of the Heritage Line in the 1990s, so they weren’t technically upgraded on the fronts, but they were in the system. The old Synergy was a hop with a varying speed “thump.” The R12-SW adds a dimension to each instrument’s musical clarity that extends all the way to the bottom end. I’ve been collecting music since I was 13 years old, and I’ve gone through 8-track, vinyl, CD, and digital formats, and I’m hearing a lot of it for the first time with this sub. Of course, since this line is higher in pitch than the old Synergy line, it should sound better. I understand that, but I was still surprised by how big the distance was.

  2. First and foremost, I use this sub for home theater. My current device is a Bose Acoustimass Series IV. I’ve had it for years and thought it sounded amazing at the time because I didn’t know any better. I discovered some significant gaps in the low, mid, and even high end frequencies. Since I don’t have the time or money to replace anything, I figured I might contribute to the bottom line. I have a Denon AVR-X4000 receiver, and since it supports a second subwoofer, I decided to start there. I chose the Klipsch because the price was right, the looks are appealing, a 12″ woofer is more than enough in my 15LX15WX10H space, and there are a lot of good reviews. Positive feedback can be found anywhere, not just here. My setup was a little complicated, but my receiver did the majority of the job. Audyssey handled much of it, but Bose doesn’t play well with anything, so that was to be expected. However, once I dialed in the LFE and frequencies on my receiver, this thing rocked. I have the gain knob set to about 20%, so I am certain that this sub can fill sound in a much larger space than mine. Furthermore, I’ve set it to more than 50% and haven’t seen any distortion. The sound is crystal clear. Anything over 20% began to tremble my house and frighten the dogs. I tried this on several movies, but my favorite scene to test my subs on is from The Dark Knight Rises. It’s when the Bat emerges from the alley and flies over all the cops who believe they have him cornered. Simply incredible sound! The Bat seemed to have flown over my house. I’m sure the neighbors did as well. This sub expends a lot of energy. Adding this sub to my current setup accentuated the gaps in my current Bose device. It’s not to say that having this subwoofer hasn’t improved my current home theater experience; it has! I’ll almost certainly add more Klipsch speakers to round out the 7.2 experience. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.

    PROS: Amazing Price-to-Performance Ratio (I paid a lot for my Bose System), Very cool to look at, Tons of Power!
    CONS: The size isn’t really a con, but it might be perceived as such by others. Don’t try to cheat physics; if you want to live like a caveman, you’ll have to pay a price.

  3. I am a Klipsch fan and still have a package of floor speakers that I bought in the 1980s when everybody else was buying Bose speakers. I liked and still like the extra base they had. So, when I was searching for subwoofers to round out my surround device, I began with Klipsch and obviously ended there as well. I’m not a technophile, so I know what I want in terms of sound and quality.

    I’ve had my surround system for a while but never used it while I was married…interesting. Things have changed, and I am now able to fully appreciate my surround system. This subwoofer also packs the punch I was looking for. Along with the Klipsch floor speakers, I have two Sony tower speakers in front and a Sony center speaker, all of which are connected to a Yamaha receiver with 120 rms watts per channel, which is more than enough to power anything. Watching a good movie on Blu-Ray is a completely different experience.

    This is a very well-made, solid speaker, as I would expect from Klipsch. It’s not small by any way, but it’s also not excessively large. I use the given grill, but the gold colored cone is pretty cool if that’s your style. The controls and configuration are simple to grasp. My receiver has an optimization setup that helps to balance the performance of the speakers depending on your speaker positions relative to where you sit, so that helped. I did, however, switch the subwoofer around a little to get the sound just right, which I suggest. I’ve had no problems with clipping or strange vibrations…just a clear, clean foundation.

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