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Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer
  • 10" spun-copper Cerametallic woofer
  • All-digital amplifier delivers 450 watts of dynamic power
  • Front-firing slot port with exclusive internal flare technology.
  • L/R line-level/LFE RCA inputs for compatibility with most receivers
  • For a simple wireless connection, add an optional Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer Demo

this is just going to be a quick review
for a subwoofer i just purchased
the klitsch r 110 sw subwoofer
uh this thing is a beast and
if you happen to live in a small
you’re going to tick off a lot of people
this thing is overkill
it is uh 47 pounds and some change
the box to it is huge it uh
it’s got a little grill here that goes
on the front of that
which is kind of neat i like the uh
copper look
it’s good a nice copper color going on
here uh
the first song that i tested out was um
beastie boys intergalactic it’s a
gonna love that and the bass is insane
luckily right now the neighbors that are
around me are family
and they won’t come shooting at me
another good thing is i live out in the
middle of the woods
away from civilization so it’s not a big
for me to be cranking this thing now i
had an
audio engine subwoofer i believe it’s
the s8
which is 250 watts and at the time i had
that thing
i thought that was basic but this one’s
450 watts
i mean it’s like overkill had a baby
named overkill
and invited friends over and they were
all named overkill like
it’s crazy this thing is nuts but
it uh it definitely sounds very nice
it’s very clear
i got them hooked up to the
audio engine hd3s over here
and of course everything’s you know on
my computer
so yeah that’s that’s what that is
um amazing amazing amazing product
very very happy with this i picked it up
on amazon i got it on sale for 200.
it uh is back up to 300 as of this
this is my first product by klitsch
i know that they have a reputation for
making some really
cool items and i want to give them a try
and this thing is
absolutely bonkers in terms of
just how bassy it is and
wow yeah it’s it’s definitely worth the
it’ll put a hole in your chest like it
is insanely
bassy like it is deep uh but you can
adjust that there’s a couple
knobs on the back where you can adjust
just how big of a hole you want in your
so here we have the back of the unit
it’s got a very clean
veneer over mdf i’m assuming that’s what
it is
and mdf if you don’t know is that cheap
particle board stuff that you find
uh for most walmart type furniture
desks and things of that nature here’s
your hole puncher
knob things so you can adjust
just how much of a hole you want to put
in your chest
i’ve got it hard wired here’s a
wa port where you can insert the state
of washington uh
and your voltage adjustment
thingy that’s an official statement
i’m sure that’s uh that’s in the manual
if if not i’ll dispute it uh you can
actually put in the wa port is
is uh for a wireless receiver but i’ve
heard the
hardwired is better uh so yeah that’s it
this thing is um it’s pretty cool high
quality veneer it’s
it’s not cheap it’s not going to peel
off as far as i know but
don’t put any harsh solvents on there
just you know
get get some good old-fashioned lungs
going and
you know blow that dust off of there or
wipe it down whatever you prefer
all right i just wanted to add i don’t
know if you’ll be able to pick it up
with your system or not
um i just wanted to add some
an idea of just how basic this thing is
it’s on low i don’t know if you can pick
that up or not
this is i believe it’s called captain’s
control it’s by pogo
he does a lot of um a lot of
awesome tunes on youtube and um
they’re for it’s free music he does all
this stuff himself
so give your give your ears uh some
and go check that dude out but
uh yeah anyways
all right have fun

Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer Specs

RMS Power Output200W
Maximum Power Output450W
Frequency Response27 Hz to 125 Hz
OutputMaximum: 114 dB
Amplifier TypeAll-Digital
Driver Size10″ (25.4 cm)
Driver TypeSpun copper front-firing cerametallic woofer
Inputs1 x L/R Line-level RCA jacks
1 x WA-2 port
ControlsGain (volume), Lowpass, Phase
PhaseSwitchable 0 – 180°
Power Requirements100 – 120 V / 220 – 240 V
50 / 60 Hz, 3 A with 0.5 W standby
Enclosure TypeBass reflex
Dimensions (H x W x D)16.30 x 14.75 x 15.80″ (41.40 x 37.47 x 40.13 cm)
Weight39.2 lb (17.8 kg)

Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer Review

The Klipsch R-110SW subwoofers are engineered with extreme power and perfection to deliver world-class sound quality. With a compact and stylish design, the R-110SW subwoofers from Klipsch are perfect for those who love the best of everything. These premium performance subwoofers feature a dual voice coil for superior tone control and precise bass delivery. They are extremely efficient and will produce high volumes without boiling the subwoofers. Standard in every Klipsch subwoofer, the R-110 series makes sure that no matter what your audio taste, you can trust in the quality of these items.

The Klipsch R-110SW subwoofers are engineered to deliver awe-inspiring bass for the movies and music lovers. A precision spun-coil digital amplifier powered by an optimized front-firing IMG subwoofer makes for a crisp, clean and accurate bass sound. There is a special distance control that allows the listener to adjust the subwoofer’s response. This helps to bring out each and every note in the music or the movie.

If you are in the market to replace or install a Klipsch R-110SW subwoofer, consider the easy installation process. A pre-built subwoofer body with wiring is included in the package. A remote control is also included. However, a car kit is also available, which allows you to install it on your own.

In addition to its remarkable features, the Klipsch R-110SW subwoofers are one of the most durable and cost effective subwoofers in the market today. In fact, if you look around, you will see that they are manufactured by some of the top brands in the audio industry such as Alpine, Sony, Fostex, etc. They come in different colors, sizes and color combinations. The color combinations vary as well, ranging from black and silver, to red and blue, green and yellow, pink and white, brown and silver, among many others.

Klipsch R-110SW subwoofers can be easily installed by using the subwoofer instructions that come along with the product. In order to properly set up the subwoofer, it is important that the vehicle’s factory sound wire is not disconnected. Otherwise, if the subwoofer is connected to an amplifier instead of the speakers, then the speaker output will not be appropriate. In addition to that, the amp’s power should be left on. Finally, make sure that the subwoofers’ screws are tight and secure and that there is no visible damage to the subwoofer.

For those who want to take it a step further, Klipsch R-110SW subwoofers can be connected to a computer and uploaded to the system through its Ethernet port. This way, owners can program specific settings and use the speakers as they are meant to be. This not only gives owners a greater degree of control, but also makes it easier to update the subwoofers as technology changes.

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