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JBL Professional SRX828SP Portable Dual Self-Powered Subwoofer System, 18-Inch
  • Premium JBL Transducers
  • Rugged, versatile enclosures
  • Tunings available for Crown amps and DBX signal processors
  • Fully supported in Audio Architect
  • Power Handling: 3200W Peak, 1600W Program, 800W Continuous

JBL SRX828SP Subwoofer Demo

hey youtubers I’m going to give you a
quick video review of the PA speakers
I’ve been deejaying with for the past
few months they are JBL’s SRX 835 P and
JBL’s SRX 8:28 SP and recently within
the last month I’ve added a second 820
SP and the reason for that is the 835
easily overpower one eight twenty eight
when set to be used with a subwoofer
music quality on these is outstanding I
was not able to find one flaw until I
had them for two months actually and it
wasn’t a flaw with the tops the tops
have excellent response excellent range
and they sound absolutely amazing the
issue is with the 8:28 and it’s not a
big issue and I thought it was just a
fluke actually when I had the first
wonder the second one exhibited the same
quality the frequency response graph on
JBL site is actually I’m not going to
say unreadable but it’s pretty pretty
crowded and it’s very small so it
doesn’t give you a really accurate
frequency response chart or graph the
issue I was having with the 8:28
together they sound absolutely amazing I
was not expecting this
elet e of a sound this much punch this
much power honestly I came from QSC
k-series the K 12 s and kW 181
subwoofers and these just put those to
shame I recently sold those simply
because that this is the end-all for PA
speakers for me in all honesty yes they
are larger but I have the means to
transport with a pickup these all fit in
a pickup that nicely or the fit in a
trailer with all the stuff I could take
to a gig so it’s not that bad of a deal
anyway on to the issue with the 8:28 as
far as frequency response goes for some
reason when set – SRX top or any of the
presets they fall flat right around 48
Hertz and I could not figure out why
luckily using the audio architect
software you’re actually able to bump
that flat spot up and make it fill in
but it was really obvious I was noticing
a lot of a thicker bass lines
EDM hip-hop rap etc what it was doing
was it sounded punchy but it didn’t
sound full like you could tell there was
a hole there for some reason I could not
could not for the life of me determine
what it was until I ran a frequency
sweep over it with a decibel meter and I
was like oh wow that’s interesting 40
between I want to say
52 and like 46 or 44 Hertz those whole
very noticeable whole and you can’t tell
this from JBL’s graph so what I did was
I set the EQ and the audio our tech
architects software i had set that up to
fill in that hole basically where the
decibel meter said it was falling out
it’s just the i wanna say i eq did it 48
plus 10 decibels with a cue or bandwidth
of I think it was 20 or 25 not filled it
in perfectly why that 48 Hertz hole is
there I don’t know but luckily they were
able to be eq’d out and now it’s flat
across the entire range if not the base
being a little more thick and rich which
really is what I was looking for and it
was odd I didn’t notice this until like
I was saying the second month it tells
that you know something that the music
sounds awesome but something is missing
for some reason so if any of you have
that issue if any of you have any
questions regarding I can kind of walk
you through the process it was really
simple it’s literally just going into
the software bumping up the 48 Hertz
range and then calling it a day
aside from that I could not be more
impressed with these speakers
I said audio quality is absolutely
outstanding build quality is outstanding
the finish on them I really like that
it’s a line X finish you only deal with
the finish is that it does say if you’re
carrying it around or you move it it
doesn’t show scuffs but as you can see
right here it shows a dirt dust quite
readily not sure why it is plug it’s
kind of like a derivative of vinyl or
something like that they’re easy to
clean off there’s a little damp damp
microfiber cloth they clean up really
nice they haven’t chipped it all
anything like that the grilles I’ve got
a couple not dings on them but a couple
spots so I’ve had to fill it in with a
black paint marker just because for I
mean I haven’t hit the grill but for
some reason it seemed like it was
chipping no idea why but like a little
chunk would come off so I just filled
into the paint pan I can’t even tell
where I did it now not that big of a
they look great sounding great I
couldn’t be happier with them that the
only thing like I said the tops just
absolutely blew me away in and of
themselves they can hold their own
honestly with the 15 inch woofer when
set to main mode if but I’m a bass head
so I needed to need the thumps set those
two main mode and you can really crank
out a backyard party you know issues
what server yeah the whole neighborhood
other partying or complaining one of the
two but you add one eight twenty eight
it’s a game changer you add two it’s
just literally
a wall of sound and the way I usually
set these up now is I’ll have the right
now of it so they’re all stacked up
saving space in my garage but I’ll party
here and it a you know safe space but
usually I’ll put one 8:35 on top of one
8:28 one on the left side one on the
right side maybe keep the 8:35 s angled
straight if not a little bit inward they
have a wide enough coverage word so you
don’t really have any gaps unless you’re
literally standing right at the front
but you can angle them in and that
solves that problem
but literally with all the features
these have the raw power the clarity the
fidelity you cannot go wrong with these
granted yes they are a little pricey but
in all honesty you get what you pay for
in my opinion in my experience so I
would say these are definitely a buy if
you’re in the market for a new set of PA
speakers the biggest downside to them
they are freaking bulky I can maneuver
them and transport them myself but large
size large sound so you have to make
some sacrifices yes they do make the SRX
8 12 8 15s and those are a little more
portable but in all honesty I would
still go with these it’s just plain and
simple just power power and clean sound
I mean there’s no there’s no hiss coming
out of the no audible hiss coming out of
the high-frequency horns if you get up
right next to you can hear the slightest
of white noise and that it regardless
that is the quietest I have ever heard a
pH anyway I’ve been rambling for a while
these definitely get my stamp of
approval I know that doesn’t say much
but for what it is these are absolutely
outstanding units and I would not
hesitate to buy them again and in fact
I’m thinking about possibly adding more
speakers to this but we’ll see time a
quick view of the back panel here it’s
pretty self-explanatory you can see what
everything is as I go down in here
nothing really to explain
they’re off right now otherwise this
light would be on in the screen would
have something displayed if you look
another side of the speaker if you can
make this out nice same finish the
actual fitment of the grille to the
enclosure itself is spot-on you know up
here you got a little bit of walking
that’s going on but it doesn’t you know
it doesn’t protrude doesn’t snag on
anything it’s really really clean
installation the grille it fits really
well handles nice and beefy you can grab
them from below above doesn’t really
matter they have like a rubberized feel
pretty nice and I’m not going to play
any music for this review because
honestly this cell phone camera wouldn’t
do these things justice if you can demo
these or find somebody with them
my recommendation is listen to them feel
them feel they’re just power that’s
that’s the only way I can describe it
for for a speaker with a built-in
amplifier you would be amazed

JBL SRX828SP Subwoofer Specs

ConfigurationActive Dual Subwoofer
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex Subwoofer
Total Power Capacity2000 W Peak
1500 W Program
Amplifier ClassClass-D
LF Driver2 x 18″ / 457.2 mm Woofer
LF Voice Coil3″ / 76.2 mm
Frequency Range29 Hz to 150 Hz -10 dB
Frequency Response35 Hz to 150 Hz ±3 dB
Maximum SPL141 dB
Max Input Level20 dB
Gain RangeLine Input: 0 to 21 dBu
I/O ImpedanceInput: 40 Kilohms (Balanced), 20 Kilohms (Unbalanced)
SNR103 dB
Audio I/O2 x Combo XLR-1/4″ TRS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line Input
2 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Line Thru
Network I/O1 x etherCON (Control) Input
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi
Crossover80 Hz
Parametric EQYes
Alignment Delay2000 ms
Phase AdjustmentYes
AC Input PowerUniversal: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 
AC Power Connector1 x IEC
Current Consumption120 VAC: 2.2 A (1/8 Power), 5.6 A (1/3 Power)
Construction MaterialPerforated Metal Grille, Plywood, Steel
Dimensions26.7 x 47.4 x 22.5″ / 67.8 x 120.4 x 57.1 cm
Weight145 lb / 65.8 kg

JBL SRX828SP Subwoofer Review

The JBL SRX828SP subwoofer is an ideal vehicle to complete all your home entertainment needs. With its optimized amplifier control, it is the perfect complement for any home theater application. The powerful onboard Subwoofer System with Sub Control enables precise Bass extension and massive Mid-range clarity.

The JBL SRX828SP subwoofer is engineered for optimum audio performance. The exclusive JBL Subwoofire DSP engine precisely controlled by advanced signal processing equipment produces powerful bass response and true-to-life sonic impact. A full suite of Audience Response Optimization (ARO) controls provide precise signal processing solutions to control the tonal balance and overall expression of each speaker in your stereo system.

The latest JBL Subwoofire DSP engines are fitted with superior high sound quality voice coils to ensure that you get maximum performance from your invested money. There are also optimized crossovers that effectively join the woofer to the tweeter for supreme audio performance. When coupled with JBL’s cutting edge front-end drive core technology, the result is an unbelievably realistic rendering of any music that you want to hear. JBL SRX828SP subwoofer system comes with a pre-foamed rubber surround designed to reduce external noise and produce amazingly clear and accurate sound.

Engineering It’s essential that a subwoofer system must possess excellent sound engineering capabilities to deliver clear and accurate output. To this effect, the JBL SRX828SP subwoofer system incorporates a number of advanced sound processing components including an optimized amplifier, custom crossovers and a superior audio amplifier. The amplifier not only pumps out clear bass and balanced sound, but it does it in a manner that is completely undetectable to the human ear. Custom Crossovers optimizes the sounds coming from each speaker in the JBL SRX828SP subwoofer system so that every sound is delivered precisely and flawlessly.

Powerful amplifiers play a vital role in the performance of any audio device. The JBL SRX828SP subwoofer system has a number of innovative features such as optimized signal processing circuitry, dual banana port amplifiers with crossovers optimized for optimum bass response, phase clipping diaphragm optimized signal path, phase locking crossover with precise signal rejection, and low distortion. The result is a range of powerful audio solutions suitable for a wide variety of performance situations. The SRX828SP is also fitted with a precision engineered LCD screen which allows users to view their performance in a variety of different sizes.

The JBL SRX828SP contains a number of advanced technology features such as a standard Toshiba drive core, an optimized compressor section, and a precision tuned DSP unit. The drivecore of the JBL SRX828SP incorporates a new spider driver which is designed specifically to enhance deep bass response. Precision tuned compressor optimizes power saving abilities while simultaneously providing superior output levels over a wider frequency range. A specially designed DSP unit precisely tunes the DLP driver output for superior clarity and tone control. Lastly, the optimized DSP unit minimizes power requirements by utilizing a high precision output filter.

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