JBL ES250P Subwoofer Demo

so this is the es 250 PW subwoofer from
this is sandals you can see it inside
the speaker and the subwoofer pipe and
this is the box that is the electronics
fitting so this is the electronics of
the subwoofer there on the bottom left
corner you can see the faulty part of it
it’s a plus and minus 15 volts power
supply and it’s already fixed they can
see that the copper I think I was made
for them because this part of this power
supply is overheating here I have to do
some job you can see it’s a little bit
burnt so this is the electronics from
the printed circuit board side this is
the power supply this one is the 15
volts power supply you can see the
problem is it’s get burnt the reason is
because on the other side there is two
transistors doing the plus and minus 15
volts and they have no heatsink on it
and that’s why the board is get
overheated the problem with that one the
pets going to be separating from the
printed circuit board because these pets
are not through-hole so the transistor
doesn’t hold very well anymore for the
printed circuit board the the cause of
it because one is no hate hinting on it
the other one is there is no real
standby mode it means the power supply
is always on Oh
the only thing what the subwoofer does
is muting the input of the subwoofer so
it takes a little bit less current but
still the power supply is on so I advise
anyone who has this kind of soft offer
please don’t leave it on it never goes
real standby mode is just muting the
inputs and so your 15 volts power supply
is always on and it causes overheating
and burns the printed circuit board the
fixing what I was doing I was putting
more solder for the joints I was little
bit scraping off and making bridges to
to make more study of the a the
soldering and on the other side sorry
about it I going to lose focus because I
have a macro lens on my camera just one
and I’m going to be back on focus okay
now this is the heatsink I was putting
on to the transistors you can see I was
using special washer special not only
plus I was using thread Locker just make
sure it doesn’t fall off and I had to
glue unfortunately if you can’t see it
I had to glue the transistor onto the
printed circuit board because the pets
were already separated so it wouldn’t
hold for long especially in a subwoofer
so these are the modification I have
done to them I hope it’s going to stop
the noises coming out after one hour
half an hour in the subwoofer
we will see it’s definitely a problem so
please guys don’t use your soul
subwoofer on when you are not using it
switch it off there is no real standby
mode on these subwoofers

JBL ES250P Subwoofer Specs

Frequency Response25Hz – 150Hz
Crossover Frequencies50Hz – 150Hz; 24dB/octave, continuously variable
Amplifier Power (Peak)700W
Power RequirementAC 120V~60Hz 2A
Amplifier Power (RMS)400W
Low-Frequency Transducer12″ (300mm) PolyPlas
ControlsCrossover frequency, Level, Input, Phase
ConnectionsLine-Level/LFE Input
Depth (mm)428
Depth (in)16-7/8
Weight (lb)43
Height (mm)502
Height (in)19-3/4
Weight (kg)19.5
Width (mm)400
Width (in)15-3/4

JBL ES250P Subwoofers

The JBL ES250P subwoofer is the perfect subwoofer for adding real life to your movie-watching experience. With state-of-the-art technology developed especially for the JBL Professional series, the ES250P takes luring movie cues to a whole new level. Equipped with a well-assembled JBL polyps subwoofer, the ES250P brings high-definition audio to your home theatre system. With powerful amplifier power, your favorite movie scenes are crystal clear and loud, without unnecessary boom or distortion.

The JBL ES250P subwoofers are built to perform, every time. Whether you’re watching high definition video or you’re listening to rock and roll or top 40’s music, you know that it comes across loud and clear. Its lightweight construction ensures that it can fit into most locations, giving you maximum portability. The convenience of having it in one place makes it the ultimate convenient addition to your home theatre. And if you ever need to move it, no worries either; the built-in carry handle makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

In order to truly enjoy your movie or music experience in the safest and most effective way, you must have a good home theatre system. Unfortunately, not all systems deliver, and when they do, there are many things that can interfere with your enjoyment. However, the ES250P subwoofers set the bar for what a home theatre system should be. Built to work with any speaker setup, these are engineered specifically to work with any car sound system or even a DVD or home theater television. There is no need to worry about compatibility issues or speaker placement because these come with a variety of adapters so that you can use other speakers of varying types and sizes with it.

For superior performance and clarity, nothing beats the JBL ES250P. It’s like adding another component to your vehicle. For added durability and functionality, go with the double basket sub woofers. You can put them in and out of the car with ease, thanks to their strong design. Made with rubber, these woofers are tough and efficient at getting the job done and delivering the best quality sound from your home theatre system.

For durability, you can count on the sturdy metal frame to keep the ES subwoofers safe. The ES series by JBL offers sturdy construction, high quality performance and supreme engineering. The durable alloy frame makes it possible to get great performance for many years to come. With its thick mounting set, you can also rely on its stable installation to prevent movement or avoid twisting and knocking.

If you’re ready to build your home theatre system, get the most value for your money with the JBL ES250P. You can trust these subwoofers to deliver powerful performance that will have you and your guests talking for months to come. They make fantastic floor speakers and back speakers, so they can fit into any size decor and room. This is the perfect addition to an entertainment system, a complete home theatre system or as a spare to increase your home theatre enjoyment. No matter what your music tastes are, you can be sure to find JBL ES250P subwoofers to suit.

JBL ES250P Subwoofer FAQ

JBL 10-inch subwoofer

The JBL 10-inch subwoofer is designed for durability and performance. With this amplifier, you get a strong voice coil that is extremely durable. You can expect the amplifier to stand up to heavy use for a long time. The voice coil is constructed of copper and is very thick. This will ensure that there is plenty of power and energy for all of your favorite songs, and that your amp does not wear down easily.

Another feature that is offered with the JBL 10-inch subwoofer is that it has a sealed enclosure. An enclosure like this will help to keep all of the powerful musical sounds from getting thrown out due to external environmental conditions. There is a high level of accuracy with a sealed enclosure so you are going to be able to get clean and crisp frequency response. The low frequencies will not be affected by outside noise and will not be overly affected either.

A powerful bass is critical when listening to rap or hard rock music. When you are looking at home audio amplifiers, you need one with an unbelievable amount of power. The JBL 10-inch speaker is rated at 120 watts, which is a lot of power for such a small speaker. When you purchase this amplifier, you will notice how powerful the bass is as it is capable of sending powerful vibrations through the enclosure. You can feel the vibrations through the speakers and will hear the music through the speakers as well as the sub-woofers.

JBL home theater subwoofer

The JBL home theater subwoofers are the best in the market when it comes to performance. The company produces different models that can be easily matched with different kinds of furniture, wall coverings and so forth. The JBL subwoofers are truly the best ones to use when you are looking forward to build a home theatre that is beyond your expectations. These subwoofers are known to produce better sound quality and that too at a very low wattage.

The JBL home theater subwoofer comes with a cinema board that is calibrated for optimum performance and acoustic damping that ensure that you get the perfect cinema experience. The board uses a dual diaphragm to ensure that the low frequencies are sent through the speaker cones in an effective manner. The cinema board produces the exact and real cinema quality sound waves and produces a sound that is beyond your imagination. When you are looking forward to have a fantastic movie watching experience, then you can simply consider getting the JBL home theater system.

These speakers are available in a number of designs and are well known for their durability and reliability. You can simply get these speakers by ordering them online or from the retail stores. You can always find the specifications and user info on the Internet in case you are not clear about any feature. The user info will also tell you about the warranty and how long it will last.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. My surround system consists of two B&W front speakers, two Bose rear satellites, and a Sony front channel. The Harman Kardon amplifier and Pioneer BF51 blu-ray player are both Harman Kardon. I had a Boston Acoustic 7″ 150W subwoofer that I found in the house I purchased.

    The cross over on the sub I had was set to 80Hz, but it still vibrated excessively.

    The cherry wood finish on the JBL 250 gives it a very plush appearance. I put it in LFE mode and used the digital filter of the blu ray (80HZ) and the results are fantastic, particularly with the blu ray movies that have a lot of bass.

    There is no vibration, and it completes the speaker kit. I highly recommend this sub because it does not look cheap and sounds fantastic and solid.

  2. I’ve had a Yamaha 100W powered subwoofer for many years, but when I connected it to my system, the entire room came to life. We’ve wondered if there are jets flying at roof level because there’s so much low-frequency power in the room. The cherry is lovely… With this sub, I felt like I got a great deal.

  3. I bought two of these subs. They sound good for the price, and the cherry color looks amazing. One is for my Energy FPS/LCR home theater setup, and the other is for my Klipsch Cornwall II speakers in a two-channel configuration. Yes, there are better subs available, but for the price, these sound and look fantastic. The sound is warm and spacious, not as tight as I would like. These are a ported design, not a sealed one. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about JBL.

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