JBL EON618S Subwoofer Demo

hi there Robin here from expert on today
we’re going to be talking about the JBL
eon 6/18 subwoofer we’re gonna do a
sound test on it we’re going to look at
all the features on the back side we’re
gonna see how it works with their other
Eon speakers and we’re also going to
talk about the app that makes this whole
thing work and why you should be getting
it probably in the first place so from
here let’s take it on to the actual
sound test and then we’ll go from there
and cover the features oh right so here
we are we’ve got the e on 618 setup down
below here eight cubic feet of subwoofer
absolutely amazing 18 inch driver
thousand watt speak 500 RMS a very
conservative number I have to say and on
top of that we’ve put the JBL Eon 612
now why do we do this well one they’re
both JBL which is kinda obvious – we
wanted to make sure we were using the
app that comes included which is one of
the big reasons to buy this sub or this
top so we’ll give it a listen – we’re
gonna listen to the sub the top the top
alone the sub alone and see what it all
sounds like absolutely like I said very
conservative number sounds incredible
let’s play it thank you
there we go
so now we’ll just hear the beats and
again we’ve done all this through the
app so this was easy to do and we’ll
bring the top back top bring the top
back but at the same time we’re also
going to set it up we’re gonna turn it
from mean to the sub mode
all right so why is that bass incredibly
solid if I was described it’s it’s a
solid low roll so if you’re looking for
something that just carries a really
really good bottom end this is
definitely gonna be that kind of a
subwoofer so what we’ll do is we’ll take
you from here we get a closer shot at
the back see what’s going on especially
when it comes to the app interphase and
how all those features work and how we
actually had it plugged in here today
all right well see in a second all right
so what we have here is the back of the
JBL Aeon 618 s now here on this side
we’ve got four buttons the top one is
going to be part of our Bluetooth sync
which we’ll get to in a second and the
reset button down here then we’ve got
our EQ options which again is all part
of what we’ve done with the processor or
the app in this case on our phone or
tablet and then we can change the
polarity of the speaker so this way we
can either set it for for compression or
a rear compression and that’s what our
polarity is gonna do for us on this side
we’re now gonna have our master volume
output and we’re gonna have our two
inputs which are combo Jack’s that means
3 pin XLR or quarter-inch bounce
unbalanced connections here and then we
have a 3 pin output they call it the
through which is really an important
part of the feature because some
equipment this is modified by what’s
going on up here
or some settings that are built into it
with this unit here unless we actually
choose to be that way this is gonna be
exactly what happens on top so what
comes in to the sub is what’s gonna come
out of the sub if I’ve modified it going
in it’s gonna be modified coming out if
it’s unmodified it’s on my afraid so
this can be used so this way we can link
up other speakers or other subwoofers
all through this system here now if I
have two tops and only one sub I would
bring them both down to here just in
case my balance on my mixer or my
controller is set a little different
between left and right or the channel 1
channel 2 inputs on the back of the unit
here so that’s very important now when
we look at the actual Bluetooth app that
we have on our tablet or phone that’s
going to be involving these guys here so
you’re going to want to turn that on
it’s going to find your phone and your
apps gonna be turned on you’ll be able
to control from there now remember this
button is very important because if
you’ve changed the game volume because
you can change how loud the actual
digital volume is inside the amp plate
so even though I have this up to maximum
I can go from zero to a hundred on the
app now if I set that at fifty because
that’s particularly what I’m doing at
that point in time and then I walk away
leave turn off the app come back the
next day or whenever I use the equipment
again even though the unit’s not on if
this is off and I haven’t even bothered
picking up my tablet and checking the
settings on my app because the eq+ is on
it’s basically whatever I’ve done on the
app the last time I use it it saves it
in memory now that will affect if you
turn down the volume and you forget that
will affect what your maximum volume is
so always check by turning it off
listening to your setup and then turn it
back on
now remember if you’re going to play
around with that turn down the gain on
it so we don’t you know kill ourselves
with volume or bass in this case and
then you’re all set and running remember
when you do power this on it does take
about five to eight seconds for it to
cycle through all the lights will be
blinking the computer will be resetting
all of that’s going to happen while the
unit’s being restarted this very last
button at the end that is for our front
display light so we have a light that
tells us the units on and it’s actively
working that’s what’s going on there so
again outside of that the the way the
box is built the way the whole system is
set up to maximize the power now it’s a
it’s 500 watts RMS a thousand Watts peak
but I’ve seen subwoofers that are that
have a 650 or a 750 watt amp plate and
this for some of them this is going to
generate more bass like I said it’s much
more of a low rumbling sound and it
could be because the overall size of the
box and the way it’s designed to large
ports in the front and huge Plus that 18
inch driver which is really designed
well to carry sound so that’s for the
back part let’s take an overview of what
the whole subwoofer is gonna do for us
and we’ll be all set then okay so well
here we are we’ve got the cover off
if we’re gonna look at the front we’re
gonna look at it without the cover on
same thing with the 12-inch I just
thought you know since this video is
primarily all about the subwoofer but we
had the the EON 612 here as well so I
figured to take the cover off that give
you a proportion when we’re looking at
but really when it comes out in the
subwoofer this is it 8 cubic feet so
it’s roughly 2 feet by 2 feet by about 2
feet when you put that all into math
that you’re gonna get 8 cubic feet now
that really tells me the driver is meant
to really it move I mean that’s what
it’s all about there’s no there’s no
resistance really behind this driver the
ports are huge not just one but two huge
ports which is why the box is so wide
this is allow a ton of air to travel
through it the whole design cardboard
fabric design here which is really good
so no rubber no sponge those are things
that really aren’t going to help you
creating more sound now this is all the
way through its ridged all the way
across and that’s to give the actual
driver a ton of stability while still
being very very light and by being made
out of cardboard it’s going to generate
the best bass sometimes we see
especially in car audio or in heavy
application subwoofers they’re made out
of out of a plastic material with some
fiberglass part that weighs it down it
takes away from the overall performance
of the actual subwoofer but it adds a
lot of rigidity and and you know that’s
what some companies are looking for it
but in this case definitely it’s all
about the performance it’s a very very
well designed system it’s designed to
have a ton of travel which is really
what it’s all about I mean I can just
tap on it and we can see how well that
does for us that’s what it’s all about
so I get JBL JBL design they didn’t
cheap out one bit on having a series of
this level I think they’ve actually
stepped up the game and kept it up a
real high level by doing all of this so
the only downfall it is a big box so
what’s good about it it’s a big box
what’s bad about it it’s a big box but
that’s really I mean the whole purpose
of it right it’s a subwoofer so if it’s
in your price point it’s definitely
worth the money I mean it does cost a
little bit more than all the other ones
that we’ve compared so far or in this
price range but definitely well worth it
remember you can add more it can stack
them you’ve run to you can run for you
can run as many things appropriate
something that JBL does mention on their
videos and on their product sites is the
handle the handles extraordinary I mean
I can’t say anything bad about it it’s
got a good rubber grip to it it’s built
solids built bolted right into the
actual system there’s no background
noise at all there’s no vibration
nothing when you’re playing it so all of
those things are a big big plus so there
we go
I’ve got nothing bad to say outside of
its a big box and I mean that’s the
intention right so there we go
JBL Aeon 618 series subwoofer worth the
buy definitely if you haven’t downloaded
the app I can’t say it enough
download the connect app it’s called the
JBL Eon connection or connect and that’s
definitely gonna be what you’re looking
for to really sell you on the subwoofer
outside of that remember don’t be stuck
on the number 500 watts RMS I wasn’t
watched peak because of this driver
because of this box
it’s an incredibly efficient system that
generates a ton of bass without having
to throw a ton of power and behind it so
ignore that look at the DB level
definitely saw it definitely for big
large applications you know if you’re if
you’re gonna DJ you know and you’re
gonna have to them and you’re doing 150
in a wedding party or in any type of
settings like that to them are
definitely going to give you what your
customers looking for what you’re
looking for what the audience is looking
for all right so we’ll see on the next
video at this point in time there’s
definitely a circle here somewhere
saying hey look at the palm tree hit
subscribe some new videos will be there
you might see this video here which is
going to be one of our next videos
coming up and that’s going to be for the
6:12 and we’re gonna get to talk to you
about what’s going on here why does this
look like that and why is the horn and
what’s the material and all that great
stuff so look for that video coming up
next bye now

JBL EON618S Subwoofer Specs

ConfigurationActive Subwoofer
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex Subwoofer
Total Power Capacity1000 W Peak
500 W Program
Amplifier ClassClass-D
LF Driver1 x 18″ / 457.2 mm Woofer
LF Voice Coil2″ / 50.8 mm
Frequency Range31 Hz to 150 Hz -10 dB
Frequency Response42 Hz to 150 Hz ±3 dB
Maximum SPL134 dB
Gain Range0 to 36 dBu
I/O ImpedanceInput: 22 Kilohms (Balanced)
Audio I/O2 x Combo XLR-1/4″ TRS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line Input
2 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Line Thru
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth
Crossover80 to 120 Hz
EQ3 x Presets (User)
Parametric EQYes
Phase Adjustment0 / 180°
AC Input PowerUniversal: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 
AC Power Connector1 x IEC
Current Consumption120 VAC:
1.14 A (1/8 Power)
1.71 A (1/4 Power)
2.03 A (1/3 Power)
Mounting1 x M20 Pole Socket (Top)
Handles1 x Each Side
Construction MaterialSteel, Wood
Dimensions26.3 x 25.4 x 22.9″ / 66.8 x 64.5 x 58.2 cm
Weight78.2 lb / 35.5 kg

JBL EON618S Subwoofers

The JBL EON618S subwoofer is a versatile powered PA subwoofer designed to offer an incredible performance in various uses supporting EON 600 and other high end systems. A lightweight, very useful enclosure enables the subwoofer to be conveniently carried and installed where ever low frequency reinforcement is required. With the JBL EON618S you can enjoy a quality high performance subwoofer that adds fantastic value to your recording studio setup. The EON Landing Subwoofers is perfect for bands that like to travel and enjoy themselves whilst they record.

The EON Landing subwoofers are extremely light, so even a student or amateur musician can transport the unit without problems. They are made in the United States and are compatible with almost all popular home audio amplifiers and receivers. When choosing your JBL EON618S subwoofer, make sure it has a minimum of 300 watts RMS to ensure maximum sound quality. They are perfect for performing as a complete system or by themselves. With the built in fuse box the subwoofer is protected from damage even if an amp is accidentally neglected.

JBL EON618S subwoofers are extremely popular as a kit with most home theater systems due to their flexibility. Whether you want a standard or a custom subwoofer, the EON Landing Subwoofers is available. You are able to add some additional hardware such as cabinets or a tonneau cover to customize the appearance of the unit. The cabinets are manufactured to fit the original JBL enclosure, which can also be found online. If you are looking to build your own custom enclosure you are able to choose the wood or aluminum that suits your needs best.

The JBL EON Cousins is great value for money. They come in a variety of colors including red, black and silver. They provide clear, high quality sound from any position in the enclosure. Unlike many other subwoofers on the market, the EON Cousins incorporates a rigid core that is specially designed to enhance low frequency response. These bass speakers have an optimized woofer basket which is extremely effective at controlling mid-range frequencies. This not only helps to increase the subwoofer’s efficiency, but also improves the overall quality of the sound.

If you want to upgrade your existing speaker set-up, then the JBL EON618s subwoofers are ideal. There are a wide range of designs and features available from this product. Whether you are looking for something that matches the decor in your home or something that is ultra modern, then the JBL EonSubs are the perfect choice. With so many different varieties, it’s easy to find the perfect subwoofer for your needs. So no matter what your budget or your likes and dislikes, there is a JBL EonSubs subwoofer waiting just for you.

As mentioned earlier, the JBL EonSubs is perfect for both new and old owners alike. They provide the classic performance and reliability. So if you’re in the market for a new surround speakers, then don’t worry go with the Eon Cousins.

JBL EON618S Subwoofer FAQ

JBL 12-inch subwoofer box

The JBL 12-inch subwoofer box will fit nicely in the trunk of your car. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it is a bass enclosure that is rectangular and typically has at least three shelves for a set of speakers. In addition to serving the ultimate sound system for the car, the JBL box serves as the perfect foundation for other audio equipment like your iPod or even some home theater equipment. Some people who use the JBL system have found that it can also be used with their computers. This is due to the fact that the JBL system comes with an easy to install subwoofer enclosure that can be quickly and easily attached to the computer by means of its convenient clamping system.

The JBL subwoofer boxes come in a number of different colors and some of them are even made of carbon. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you intend to use the car for any other purpose besides driving, you should invest in a color that will not clash with the interior of the car. In fact, it would be preferable to choose a color that blends in nicely with the interior so that you will be able to use your JBL system without having to constantly adjust your seating or making your head fiddle with the steering wheel. It should also be noted that if you intend to use your JBL system in conjunction with some of the other component speakers, such as your LCD screen, that you may find that the color scheme of your car interior will interfere with the brightness of the monitor, resulting in a glare that is very difficult to tolerate. This is why many people who have purchased a JBL vehicle find that they need to purchase a separate subwoofer enclosure in order to accommodate both the monitor and the other audio components.

As you can see, there are quite a number of options available when it comes to the JBL subwoofer box. Of course, there are also quite a number of advantages that come with owning one, which makes this purchase well worth your time and effort. However, if you do decide to buy a JBL subwoofer box, it is very important that you carefully consider the options that are available so that you can make the best possible decision for your needs. From materials, to color schemes and even to the specific instructions that go with the installation, there are a number of things to consider before making this purchase.

JBL 8-inch subwoofer

When it comes to the best subwoofers for your car or truck, JBL is on top of the list. The JBL Pro M Series subwoofers are known for their cutting edge technology that delivers deep bass, clear mids, and balanced tweeters. In fact, this company is so advanced when it comes to their subwoofers that they have actually outfitted some of their newer cars with these extremely efficient speakers. In fact, one of their newest offerings is the JBL 8-inch subwoofer. This super subwoofer can fit in the trunk of many cars, and it has a sound that rivals that of much larger speakers.

While many of the competition makes use of in-built or modified subwoofers, JBL’s subwoofers are built to the highest standards possible, packing them with features such as true dual band direct drive, which lets the woofer handles sound at two frequencies. This feature reduces distortion and improves bass response. Additionally, the woofer uses a true wave propagation design, resulting in an extended frequency response. There are also a number of technologies that are used by JBL, including optimized capacitor systems, low impedance output capacitors, and high voltage output caps.

In addition, some of their more advanced JBL subwoofers are built using a low-level amplifier that outputting louder output than their full size counterparts. This amplifier runs all of the speaker components at full output, thereby letting each component produces its own sound. The result is an amplifier that sounds great and can handle loud music without clipping. If you are in the market for a great subwoofer, take a good look at JBL.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I’m not a DJ, and I’m not using it in a professional environment. It was given to me for use in my living room. It’s connected to my 11.2 home theater system. It is very powerful, but it does everything a subwoofer of this size and class should do. While I didn’t feel the need to change anything, I did use the trim control to adjust the volume when my wife scolded me for knocking stuff off the wall and shaking the building. The only disadvantage, which I was well aware of when I purchased it, is its size and weight. The weight on the box said 110lbs, and after carefully rolling it up two flights of stairs to my front door, I can confidently say that it is exactly that weight. However, once installed and linked, it left little to be desired, except maybe a simpler way to switch it off and on.

  2. I bought a single sub for a gig at a venue with high ceilings and a lot of square footage because I thought the bass response from the 615’s would be insufficient. I contacted JBL to ensure that feeding both main speakers into the single sub wouldn’t overdrive it or cause phase cancellation. To cut a long story short, the subwoofer performed admirably and provided the required bass response. It was smoothly incorporated into the device through the Pass-thru port (XLR) off the 615’s, but you would have had better power and balance if you had a subwoofer OUT from a mixing board or controller.

    1) The machine arrived from the manufacturer one week before my gig in a flimsy box. The speaker box had dents and scratches when it was opened. I went with it and checked it for proper operation because I didn’t have time to trade it. Fortunately, everything worked, but who wants to pay for a broken-down product that was supposed to be brand new?
    2) Due to the size and weight of the items, I needed to have someone assist me with loading and unloading. This somewhat defeated the intent of the EON series, which was marketed as lightweight, portable units. Whereas the 615s only weigh 38 pounds each, the sub weighs about 78 pounds but feels much heavier due to its sheer size (especially for one person).

    Bottom line, I would always recommend it as a great compliment to any main speaker, but due to its size and weight, there were some shipping problems, and be mindful that if you are a solo DJ like me, you would need help loading and unloading.

  3. It’s a little heavy for one person to drive about, but it’s not as heavy as it seems. Excellent sound quality and durability. I’m hoping it lasts longer than some reviews suggest. Only time will tell. So far, all is going well. The bass has faded out significantly over the last year. I started at 1/4 and am now at 3/4 on the dial to get the same pitch.

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