Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 Subwoofer Demo

hey guys it’s me Metro back to another
video today I’m doing a video on the
definitive technology super cube 8000
subwoofer I have here this is on volume
14 and yeah it’s going to be playing the
movie it this is a scene where they’re
on the girlish so here we go play right
take a second to warm up get to the park
so yeah as you can see it moves a lot
lots of bass make sure you put on
headphones for that thanks for watching
and have a good day

Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 Subwoofer Specs

US Voltage110 volts A/C
International Voltage220 volts A/C
Power CycleSingnal Sensitive Auto On/Off
Manually OverridableYes
Fuse Type6.2 amp 250 volt
Audio InputsLFE (Filtered)
Stereo Line Level – (2) RCA
Pair (L/R) Analog RCA
Speaker Inputs(2) Pair of Speaker Cable – na
Amplifier ClassHD
Primary Protection CircuitryMultiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO)
Total Frequency Response12 Hz – 200 Hz
Filter40 Hz – 150 Hz, Slope of 12 dB per Octave – variable in 5 Hz increments
Phase Settings (Locked)0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°
Height16.25″ (41.28 cm)
Width15.25″ (38.74 cm)
Depth16″ (40.64 cm)
Driver Complement(1) 11″ (27.94 cm) d (Round) – Subwoofer
(2) 12″ (30.48 cm) d (Round) – Bass Radiator
RemotePerformance Optimizer Remote
Remote TypeInfrared (IR)
Remote FeaturesVolume +/-
Night Mode On/Off
Low Pass Filter
Included Accessories(4) Removable Feet
(4) Carpet Spikes

Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 Subwoofers

Defining a superior brand and a subwoofer that perfectly match the needs of its users is the mission of Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000. The latest in high-tech audio equipment, this brand produces quality components and has earned a great reputation and followers in the industry. With a long history and a proven track record, this company produces products that are backed by superior engineering and creative approaches. The latest in high-tech audio equipment, the SuperCube is guaranteed to provide you with a precise, deep bass and hightened sound reproduction.

When it comes to quality and performance, there is no brand like the Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 subwoofer. With a sophisticated combination of cutting-edge technology and cleverly put together design, the SuperCube delivers a perfect blend of intelligently compact enclosure and powerful portability. These attributes have made the SuperCube an uncompromised choice for anyone seeking a bass performance that can’t be beaten. Let the SuperCube 8000 easily dominate your proceedings.

If you are in the market for a new car stereo system, you cannot go wrong with a system that features the innovative Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000. Its eight woofers are engineered to perfection and include a suitable amplifier to cater to your audio needs. And because this system is compatible with most portable and in-dash types of vehicles, you are certain to receive the kind of bass performance you’ve been looking for. With a clear output that reaches down to a dangerously low frequency, you will definitely experience a unique type of sound that has been made possible by the latest in hi-tech bass speakers. A superior product that promises to provide you with class HD sound with high-class clarity, the SuperCube is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The eight speakers of the SuperCube are manufactured using the most advanced signal processing technology known to man. This ensures you get precise bass performance and clear audio so you won’t have to strain your ears after listening to it for long. A clear voice projection combined with an authoritative punch ensures your system has something to live up to. So when you add the most innovative and precise bass performance available on the market in a very compact enclosure, you get a system that packs a wallop. You could say it’s a no brainer – the Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 is the ultimate.

Amplifier delivers low distortion along with maximum power and accuracy. With a frequency response that comes in just a few octaves, it has the ability to reproduce sound at various volumes to create a realistic effect. So whatever the source, the SuperCube always sounds fantastic. And with a precision crossover to bring each speaker into its optimized volume range, you get the most precise and pure sound for all your mixing and mastering needs. This is what you call bringing your rack to life.

The Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 Subwoofer is an excellent choice for any level of musician. With its powerful output and clear reproduction of sound, it is the perfect addition to any home studio. It gives you all the power and versatility you could ever want for an understated, compact design.

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