Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 Subwoofer Demo

hey there guys so today this is a video
I wanted to make that I’ve been meaning
to make for a while
because I haven’t seen much information
on it or many reviews on this subject
online or in the internet anywhere so
today I wanted to talk about speakers
with built-in subs and as you can see
here this is a some speakers that I own
and this is from my personal experience
what I’ve experienced dealing with them
these are MIT those STS that I bought I
want to say approximately maybe 2010 to
2011 give or take a year and I was
fascinated by the thought of a speaker
with a subwoofer and I can go over the
speaker as we as I make the video so
it’s got a you got your drivers up here
you your sub here and some bass
radiators on the sides so this is a 300
watt amplifier that that pushes that
little sub so this speaker packs quite a
punch for its size it’s it’s it’s a good
size it looks smaller than it is here’s
here’s my hand here so you can see it
it’s got a good amount of size and the
speaker’s got a good amount of weight to
it as well here’s the buttons in the
back you plug in and then you can
control the bass with that knob there
and I have a magnified all of these I
have them amplified with a external
amplifier power arm with the emote Eva
XP a 5 so each speaker gets 200 watts so
that being said I’ve got a maxed out
around this 200 watts then it’s got a
300 watt so for for built-in which
sounds amazing so the speaker all
together in my opinion is a well-rounded
speaker doesn’t excel at any one thing
that’s good at everything but it’s not
the I wouldn’t say it’s a pinnacle of
speakers or make it sound like it’s a
greatest thing on earth but everyone who
is heard in my home throughout the years
and it’s been quite a view quite a few
people who have heard them
very very impressed but that being said
my problem with the speakers that I’ve
encountered about four of these mythos
SES as I had them and a 9.4 system at
one time when I was in Colorado and also
when I was in Hawaii and now because of
size constraints I’ve gone to a three
point two system that you can you can
currently see here and also have a two
point one system in my bedroom chop my
system down and broken it into a few
parts and and all what I have discovered
from having my system down in two
different different sizes is that I
ended up preferring stereo sound most of
all for movie and music and it’s a
beautiful simple easy setup to point to
as is my my favorite setting up anyways
getting back to the speakers with
built-in subwoofers now what I recommend
speakers with subwoofers no I would not
recommend speakers what’s up with
woofers and here’s what three out of
four of the subwoofers on these speakers
I have have gone bad the subwoofers not
blown I don’t I don’t turn it more than
it can handle
but these speakers went out within
probably about a year and a half on
three of the speakers so now now I have
this big old speaker it’s heavy heavy as
hell which I don’t mind I don’t move it
often but now I have this big old
speaker and basically I just have
tweeters and drivers up there tweeters
and mitts
so the rest of this is for nothing I
while I was in Colorado I did take one
to get repaired they ended up having it
for about three and a half weeks and it
didn’t even get repaired I ended up
having to go back and get it because I
was about to move I was in between
from Hawaii from Colorado to Hawaii so I
had my speaker out of my system for over
a month and that’s pretty frustrating if
you’re into your audio although I didn’t
have a ton of time on my hands to listen
to it but it was really frustrating
having that speaker missing for three
weeks so I had to change up the stereo
preset so I didn’t have all the speakers
on and and I’m not not going to speakers
because I have had in quite a while I
have had quite a while but the issues
that I encountered were all within about
a year of having them like I said today
I it’s probably just one speaker that
works if that that that one might gone
out too as well I just quit fidgeting
with the base after a found out dated
the amps had gone out inside eventually
one day I’ll get around to having them
all repaired but I don’t know what it is
with these speakers these amplifiers and
these speakers but they go out for some
reason fairly quickly and I’m sure that
that’s not it I’m sure it’s pretty much
the same with all speakers with built-in
not to mention that year your location
is kind of limited where you can put
these as well
remember you have a subwoofer usually
you go to the walking method when you
want to set it up now I didn’t do it
with these because I don’t have the room
I’d like to but wherever you plop the
speaker is where your speaker’s stuff
and that’s where your subwoofer stays
plus you have a cord which isn’t so bad
you can stretch the cord out you can add
extension a thick central core to it so
you’re not you’re not limited by where
you can place the speaker because of
your board so since it does have a
amplifier you have the power that
amplifier with the electro violet it’s
not a bad bad thing not not a deal
breaker but up if the amplifiers didn’t
go out so quickly on the speakers that I
bought I would definitely say hey I
recommended paid these these speakers
are basically the total package
well-rounded speaker
beautiful sounds beautiful highs
reproduction of voices beautiful the
speaker’s reproduction is beautiful the
amount of bass they put out it’s great
for its size it’s like having a small
small you know 8 inch 10 inch woofer in
your in your stereo system now again
like I said it bottom line in my opinion
I would not recommend buying speakers
with built-in uh amplifiers because mine
went out so quickly and getting them
repaired isn’t impossible but it’s a
hassle and then like I said my
experience that happened to me was I had
it out of the system three weeks to a
month and it didn’t even get repaired I
ended up just going and grabbing it
because I had to get it shipped off to
the next place I was moving to again
these speakers MIT those STS is I can’t
remember what I paid maybe around
thirteen to fifteen hundred dollars for
for each one I did get a deal because I
bought a large amount at one time I
think about all four at once plus plus a
center channel unit as well and some
surrounds and in subwoofers so I could
get a deal overall and I would say that
worth it if the amplifiers didn’t go out
if I could redo it I would buy some
different speakers without a built-in
amplifier and I probably go for a really
powerful 2.2 stereo system a bigger
amplifier bigger speakers I can handle
more power some actual drivers and it
may be maybe eight to two tens possibly
because I don’t want something that’s
too big or bloated the thing I do love
about these speakers is their size their
footprint is small they are heavy for
their size but their width is small so
that it’s deceiving the people people
people see that okay it’s a small you
know then speaker then they’re blown
away by the sound one a third of the
clarity and the volume the bass because
of my actual subwoofer is happy
and I don’t know what it is with what
subwoofers don’t know if I mentioned it
earlier or not but for some reason
subwoofers and big supple your big box
subwoofers last for decades I don’t know
why I don’t want to jinx myself but they
last and they last and they last me last
and I have seen a mentality of the
mythos sts because I figured the
subwoofer which is last there would be
no problems and boom you know within
about a year and a half three of the
subwoofers weren’t working and it’s
probably four by now but I just gave up
messing with the bass because it was
just you know what why mess with the
bass if they’re all out or you have one
working again if the Hanson go out they
be awesome speakers give them a freakin
eight out of ten but with ant problem I
would put these speakers probably about
approximately four and getting them
repaired probably not too expensive but
it’s just a hassle and who wants to be
moving their stuff around but anyways
guys I’m probably blabbering already I’m
probably repeating myself probably
getting tired of it but that is just my
experience with speakers with built-in
subwoofers so woofer in that amplifier
lasted forever I definitely recommend it
but in like my case that that was not
worked out so anyways you guys got any
questions comments or input let me know
and I definitely like to hear you guys
opinions if y’all dealt with speakers
with built-in amplifier

Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 Subwoofer Specs

Total Frequency Response14 Hz – 200 Hz
Amplifier ClassHD
Primary Protection CircuitryMultiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO)
US Power CycleSingnal Sensitive Auto On/Off
International Power CycleSwitched & Signal Sensitive Auto On/Off
US Voltage110 volts A/C
International Voltage220 volts A/C
US Fuse Type6.2 amp 250 volt Slo Blo
International Fuse Type4 amp 250 volt Slo Blo
Filter40 Hz – 150 Hz, Slope of 12 dB per Octave – variable in 5 Hz increments
Phase Settings (Locked)0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°
Audio InputsLFE (Filtered)
Stereo Line Level – (2) RCA
Pair (L/R) Analog RCA
Display TypeAlpha Numeric (disappearing)
Driver Complement9″ (22.86 cm) d (Round) – Subwoofer
10″ (25.4 cm) d (Round) – Bass Radiator
Height12.88″ (32.72 cm)
Width12″ (30.48 cm)
Depth13″ (33.02 cm)
RemotePerformance Optimizer Remote (Included with Subwoofer)
Remote TypeInfrared (IR)
Remote FeaturesVolume +/-
Night Mode On/Off
Low Pass Filter
Included Accessories(4) Carpet Spikes

Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 Subwoofers

If you are looking for a car audio system that will blow the doors off your neighbors then you need to get a Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 subwoofer. This particular product has so much to offer that it’s hard to describe here. What I can tell you is that this is the car subwoofer you have been looking for. You can get this system at the best price possible. In fact, it’s priced so low that many people can’t afford to buy it!

So what does this subwoofer have to offer? First of all, it has a brand new factory made subwoofer which is identical in every way to the ones you’ll find in high end car audio shops. Second, the Supercube has a brand new amplifier that boasts of everything there is to know about high performance. Finally, it comes with a special remote control.

Now, if you are looking for the best subwoofer for your money, you should definitely get the SuperCube 6000 from Define Technology. This is by far one of the best subwoofers on the market. The color combinations alone are enough to make you go “Holy Cow!” and “Wow!” It’s so vivid and colorful that I almost forgot to take pictures of it. The colors are so intense that it almost feels like you’re inside them.

The Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 comes with a subwoofer that will easily blend into any exterior setting. It has an optimized crossovers for optimum sound projection and a patented amplifier that guarantee loud bass. In addition, you get a subwoofer with one touch volume control that allows you to change the tone of the sound in no time at all. This is perfect if you like having some music while you work or want the full effect of a rap beat.

This subwoofer from Definitive Technology is the best bang for the buck. If you’re a casual listener, you might not get the booming bass that you would get from one of the bigger, more expensive subwoofers on the market. This is perfect for all styles of music, not just rap. This subwoofer rocks and makes an amazing subwoofer. It is perfect for any style of listening.

This subwoofer is a must have. If you are a rap fan or a rock fan, this is definitely one of your must haves! The SuperCube 6000 can hold a lot of bass, so even if you don’t like bass, you will still like this subwoofer. This is an incredible subwoofer that will blow your mind when you first get it in your car or home. It has an optimized crossover that will let you hear all the instruments and sounds clearly and not miss a single note!

Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 Subwoofer FAQ

Definitive Technology 11-inch subwoofer

This article is about the Definitive Technology 11-inch subwoofers. There are various models of subwoofers available in the market today. The size of the subwoofer depends upon the type of application it is required for. A sports car would need a different size of the subwoofer as that required by an ordinary family car.

In the case of sports cars, you can expect that the subwoofer must have great strength and it should be capable of handling the powerful vibration generated by the wheel. In the case of an ordinary vehicle, you can go for a less powerful subwoofer, which will still perform properly. The quality of the sound that the subwoofer emits will also depend upon the quality of the amplifier that you use.

You will always find that there are many good subwoofer manufactures in the industry. You just need to look for the right one so that you get the best. Choose the one that has a reputation of producing good quality sound. You can find information about subwoofers on the internet or by asking friends. Subwoofers tend to accumulate dust after being worked on, and this will affect their performance. When you are finished using the subwoofer, you should put it back for drying. Direct sunlight is not good for them as well.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I have over ten years of home theater installation experience. By far my favorite portable subwoofer on the market. I actually splurged and bought it, and I just love it. It’s really fast and accurate with any music I throw at it. The bass in movies shakes my kitchen windows, doors, and dishes. I’d like to point out that this sub replaced a 12″ Infinity Sub from a tss-750 device. This is a huge improvement! I’m re-watching action movies to get a taste of the bass I’ve been lacking.

  2. I own a Meridian HT (look it up, very high end).

    I needed a smaller sub, but I also wanted something that could go low enough to make a real difference.
    If I liked this sub, I was going to run two. But I stopped at one because it works so well.

    I crossed it at a very low level. The frequency is 40 hertz. All of my speakers are set to 35Hz or 30Hz, and I like to get as much bass as possible distributed.

    My Preamp is doing the crossover, and I’m using the LFE input (which I believe bypasses the Low Pass Filter in the sub).

    Setting up subs requires extreme caution. If not properly configured, you can end up canceling Bass from other speakers or subs.

    It is extremely difficult, in my view, to properly install any sub without the use of anything like REW software (free). When you use REW, you can quickly see when the Phase is set incorrectly. Also, keep in mind that the distance setting in your preamp might not be accurate because the Sub has some additional delay due to its DSP. As a result, you will need to set it closer than it is. Some preamps use chirps to calculate distance and will solve the problem. Some preamps require you to manually set the distance.

    The sub specs are overrated, but it is still very decent for its size. It went down to around 25Hz, which is very impressive for a 9″ sub and a sub in this price range.

    I wish they made a one-inch-larger SC-7000. The SC-8000 is physically bigger, but I’m confident it’s a fantastic sub. When it comes to the size and price of the SC-8000, however, there is a lot of rivalry. The SC-6000 is priced and sized appropriately for the market.

    You won’t be sorry if you try one. If it sounds horrible, I believe you are doing something incorrectly. This thing blends well and shakes the house.

    For setup, the remote was useful. However, once set up, I do not intend to use the remote.

  3. I bought this sub-woofer because I was searching for a sub with better “music” output rather than the muddy sloppy sound of my $200.00 Polk. This was a big decision to spend the money on, but this sub delivers on what they promise. First and foremost, I have large tower speakers, and a local retailer told me that this is critical for this sub to fit in properly, and I believe that statement is very valid. The clean and tight bass note was the consistency I think I paid for. I’ve got the crossover set to 95hz, which my Polk couldn’t do without being insanely boomy. What this higher crossover does for my machine is expand the overall sound level. The upper bass range provides me with very punchy bass drum notes as well as very clean mid-bass that I have never had before. This feature, I believe, makes this sub blend in extremely well; I can’t even tell there’s a sub; it just sounds like my mains are all that’s in the place. The deep bass is simply stunning! There are some notes that simply shake my couch, but not so much that you can hear them. This will keep up with a double bass drum note all day without sounding messy. In reality, it reminds me of listening to a car stereo; with enough sound pressure, you can feel the drum beats in your chest. This is not a sub that you can simply turn up because you want more bass; it must play in the manner in which the track was recorded; it becomes very clear if you force a track that isn’t packed with massive bass. As a result, some of my recordings have slightly less bass than my Polk, but the clean mid-level and impressive lows offer it a very deep, complete tone. When you have a track with a ton of bass, this delivers with a punch that is mind-blowing given its scale. I had it set too hard, and as everyone claims, it “shakes the house.” A serious description of this is that my photographs, walls, and patio door shook with no distortion.

    My only gripes are mild in nature:
    1. I dislike the “auto on” feature. If I’m just listening to music (stereo plus sub), I have to crank up the volume to get this thing going. At low volumes, it turns off, perhaps because I still want to hear some deep bass, but you have no choice.
    2. Ignore the equalizer settings; they’re a waste of time. They, like all other “preset” environments, serve no practical function, particularly if you have other high-quality components. Finding the right crossover is all that is needed. I haven’t changed the crossover frequency since I first set it up; 95hz will work for both movies and music, with a preference for music.

    If you have the money, there is nothing better at this price point. It’s so tiny that you can put it almost anywhere; I keep mine behind my TV. There’s absolutely no contrast to what I was used to with my Polk; this addition has improved the tone of my entire system.

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