Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Subwoofer Demo

hey guys it’s me Mitchell back to
another video this is a video on this
definitive technology super cube 4000 8
inch subwoofer comes with a double stack
magnet very nice
pull piece ventilation on here for a
good ventilation on the driver itself
literally like holes all the way around
here to 1/2 inch voice coil nice spider
it’s still a little bit stiff
nice tense leads going all the way Sonia
do not beat it or sewn in very nice
pretty stiff yeah just all around a
nicely built driver I’ve weighed the
driver it weighs 12 pounds itself very
nice so yeah here we go any noise you
hear that sounds like chopping or
anything it’s cuz of the vent and pull
piece on the bottom of the driver magnet
so here we go
very like it’s pretty strong magnet
lots of motor force
very nice
very controlled very
fast driver
probably has something to do with the 8
inch of it so yeah it’s pretty nice
are you yeah just very nice very very
strong loader please very strong in the
lower frequencies this is higher
frequencies of course but yeah so the
end of the song pretty much enjoyed this
video please hit that like button please
tell me if you when they’re doing with
this sub so yeah thank you for watching
and have a good day

Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeSealed
Amplifier Power Rating1200 W
Drivers1 x 8”
Passive Radiators2 x 8”
Frequency Response16 Hz – 200 Hz
Connectivity1 x RCA Input (Audio)
AC Input Power110 to 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Floor ContactsCarpet Spikes
Dimensions11.88″ x 11″ x 12″
Weight45.6 lbs (20.68 kg)

Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Subwoofers

If you are looking for a new high end speaker system, then the Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 subwoofer is a good choice. The company has been around since 1974 and has developed many excellent low and midrange speakers. They are quite popular with top radio stations and rock bands as well as those who like to listen to rap or hard core metal. This is a great subwoofer for the discerning listener.

This brand of subwoofers is ideal for any style of music. Bass is not your only concern when you use these speakers. You can also get surround sound capabilities from this line of subwoofers. This enables you to put together music you enjoy listening to and a few that you may not have thought about listening to in a group. These can be used in a home or at a party. There is an option of having the surround sound features on or off.

This brand of subwoofers also make a large variety of styles. You can choose from glassware and various colors that will match your decor. They are quite popular with people who like to customize and create unique looking combinations. This is another reason why many people purchase these types of speakers. They allow the owner to add a little bit of their own input into the mix.

Another nice thing about this brand of subwoofers is that you can choose one that has a short or long coil. This is an important thing to consider when you are looking for a good sound for your vehicle. There is also something called a quick reversal amplifier. This will allow the owner to change the volume of the subwoofer quickly in the event that you need to increase the sound during an interruption in a game or your job. There are also a number of features that come with this product. It will allow you to control the volume of the bass and mids as well as the treble.

This company has spent a lot of time and money on the technology that is included in their subwoofers. This is why it is always easy to contact them if you have any questions or concerns. There is also a good warranty that they offer. Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 is durable and reliable and most people who buy it love the sound it gives them. This is a very popular type of subwoofer because it is known for being able to handle loud situations effectively. You can feel confident that you will be getting a high end, durable subwoofer.

If you are looking for a great subwoofer then look no further than Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000. You will not be disappointed in the sound it gives you or the price. This is also a perfect subwoofer if you are planning on building your own home theater. You will not have to worry about external amplifier placement since the SuperCube 4000 is so small. It can easily fit into a tight space and you will not have to worry about sacrificing sound quality. They also come with a mounting kit and quick set up which makes it easy for anybody to use.

Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 Subwoofer FAQ

Definitive Technology 1200-watt powered subwoofer

If you are in the market for a new subwoofer, then the Definitive Technology 1200-Watt Powered Subwoofers is perfect for you. This company specializes in creating quality subwoofers for your car. In particular, they specialize in building bass and trunk powerful subwoofers for all of your needs. They have a full design team that is dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you are looking for. The company has four different models for you to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend. All of the models come with their own unique styling, as well as the specific brand name.

When it comes to building subwoofers, there are plenty of different companies out there who can help you out. However, many people find it difficult to make a decision between all the options. Luckily, with the company that we are talking about above, it should not be difficult at all. Instead of allowing someone else to decide which company they want to use, you can do it yourself. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your subwoofers, you will find that this particular brand will be the only one that is worth selling to you.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to choosing the Definitive Technology subwoofers. First of all, you will not be stuck with one subwoofer, but a whole new arsenal. Instead of just having a standard factory-installed subwoofer, you will have an entire spectrum of low end, mid-range, and high end subwoofers. This will allow you to have a great sound, regardless of what type of music you listen to. So, whether you like rap, country, or rock, the technology will take care of the rest. In addition, you will not be stuck with old factory installed subwoofers anymore, but new ones that are worth buying.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I had one SC4000 set up in a surround setup with a 65-inch 4K TV. This is also connected to a desktop computer, which also has a 4K monitor. The room is 4,200 cubic feet, and although the single SC4000 did a good job, I read an article about how two subwoofers would fill a space more effectively, and hey, it was Christmas, so what the heck. When the second SC4000 arrived, I ran the Audyssey software on my receiver, and the results were fantastic! Excellently balanced sound that fills the room. I’m really pleased with my purchase.

  2. It gets remarkably low for an 8-inch sub, but not at 14 Hertz; I believe the -3db point is closer to 30, which is still very good for its size. It’s also not 1200 watts, but it has enough power for good control and tight bass at low to moderate volume levels. I use this in the kitchen with an SVS soundbase and some good bookshelves for casual background listening, and it fills in the low end beautifully. My key listening and movie area has three Klipsch 15-inch subwoofers, so I have a clear baseline from which to determine this. At 600 dollars, you can get much better low-end extension, cost, and volume from many manufacturers, including SVS, PSA, and even Klipsch (I would have purchased internet direct subs if I had known about them when I bought my Klipsch 15’s). I’m using the SC4000 on my kitchen cabinets where nothing else will match, and I’m very impressed with it for its size. If you start pushing it, it quickly becomes blurred and will be very underwhelming in a medium-large space and at higher volumes, but it works very well at lower volumes.

    Bottom line, it’s a great sub if you absolutely need something this small, but if space isn’t a problem, there are many better subs in this price range.

  3. I was not disappointed by the tone, which is fantastic. A good subwoofer is expected to produce the very low range, say down to 20HZ or even lower, as well as some of the bass above 20HZ to about 150 HZ, give or take. That is exactly what this little powerhouse will do, and it will do it cleanly. At first glance, its scale will make you think, “No way can this thing do what it claims.” We live in an apartment, and I can assure you that if we wanted to, we could create a slew of complaints and search for a new place to live. For all we know, we might be bothering them already and they just haven’t told us. I think it’s the scale of it in comparison to its capabilities that initially takes my breath away, but in the end, it’s the sound. We are so pleased with this little cube that if we were to lose it due to a thunderstorm, etc., we would replace it with the very same model. This sub will work well if you have a small to fairly large listening field. A very large area will necessitate the next model up. Since purchasing the Definitive Technology 4000, we’ve purchased some other Def Tech speakers, so you’ll find feedback for those as well. When it comes to home speakers, we’ll stick with Definitive Technology. They simply sound fantastic. Having them as part of your audio video system will make you want to sit down and listen to your music collection or watch a good movie. We have a lot of fun listening to them.

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