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Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 - High Output Compact 300W 10" Powered Subwoofer | Heart-thumping Sound for Home Theater System | (Single, Black)
  • 300W RMS for a THUNDEROUS SOUL-SHAKING BASS RIGHT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM – ProSub 1000 is equipped with a high excursion 10" front-mounted direct-radiating woofer pressure-coupled to a 10" low bass radiator
  • BRING HIGH DEFINITION MUSIC TO LIFE – Infinite Power Source Amplifier, Discrete MOSFET output devices, and a unique radiator design provides 39% greater radiating area than a single 12-inch woofer so you can enjoy deep impactful music anywhere
  • CREATE A FULL HOME THEATER SYSTEM – For an immersive cinematic experience, pair this sub with the ProCenter 1000 center channel and ProMonitor 800 satellite speakers or just add it to your existing setup for extra boom and punch
  • ADJUSTABLE FEET FOR BETTER STABILITY – The ProSub comes with four integrated feet with rubber tips for secure placement on any hard floor. You can even adjust the height, if the floor surface is uneven
  • ENDLESS CONNECTIONS AND EASY INTEGRATION – Connect this sub to any stereo or multi-channel audio system using the wide range of Line-Level & Speaker-Level Input & Output connections. It is very convenient and quick
  • THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT TO ANY AUDIO SYSTEM – Backed by Definitive Technology's relentless engineering, superior cinematic effects with ultimate musical realism and the award-winning design makes it the MOST SOUGHT-AFTER POWERED SUBWOOFER OF ALL TIME

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 Subwoofer Demo

in this video i’m going to
show how to remove and replace a blown
amplifier from a pro
definitive technology pro sub 1000 which
i’ve had for quite a long time that
the amp blew so i had to buy a new one
and i just got this today and i’m going
to show you how to replace it
the first thing you want to do is remove
the amplifier module itself
let’s do that
remove the last two screws
oh this is really hard away
and i’m going to try prying it out
so i had to kind of like use the pocket
knife to even
pry it out trying to like minimize the
damage to the wood but it’s kind of a
what actually worked was gravity itself
i just kind of tilted it on its side
and used the actual weight because this
thing weighs
it is not light this is a very high
quality amp
so here i got it out
here it is man that is heavy
hard to get a look in there but you can
see there’s connectors right there
on the speaker speakers in the front the
passive radiators on the bottom
i’m a little surprised that there’s no
phone uh
like deadening material but i already
pulled off the negative
uh i’m gonna go ahead and pull out the
positive wire
now for this volume knob here i guess
it’s more like the gain
which is on the side of the sub and it’s
connected to this
little white connector there right here
i’m just going to pull it out
there we go there’s the wires
here comes the old one look at the size
of this
this transformer it is heavy
whatever they advertise the power is i
think it’s like 300
300 watts i believe it because this
thing this has got away like 15 pounds
this little thing it’s all on that that
it’s all on this transformer look at all
that copper
here’s a new unit
it’s all wrapped up i won’t bore you
with all that
so now you’re going to basically do
everything in reverse
you’re going to connect the wires back
on to the subwoofer
with the red wire being the positive
wire being on the left side
of the subwoofer as shown in this
picture and the black wire on the right
side which is the negative wire
and then you’re gonna place the
amp module back slide it back into the
body of the subwoofer and
start screwing all the screws back in
basically that’s it it’s just what what
what it took to
probably just a lot easier to do um you
just want to
might want to be a little careful uh
when you actually make
making the wire connections on the
subwoofer make sure you got them in good
and taut before you actually you know
screw everything back in you might
actually want to just screw a couple of
screws on and then
test out the amp and the subwoofer and
make sure everything’s working correctly
before you actually finish
screwing all the screws back in so
that’s just a quick little tip
i hope you enjoyed the video i know it
was kind of quick and random but
it was something that actually happened
i thought might be able to help somebody
out there
take it easy

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeSealed
Amplifier Power Rating300 W RMS
Drivers10″ / 25.4 cm (Front-Firing)
Passive Radiators1 x 10″ / 25.4 cm
Frequency Response18 to 150 Hz
Connectivity1 x RCA Input (LFE)
2 x Binding Post Pair Input
2 x Binding Post Pair Output
AC Input Power120 VAC, 60 Hz
Placement & Mounting OptionsFloorstanding
Dimensions12 x 14.4 x 17.9″ / 30.5 x 36.7 x 45.4 cm

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 Subwoofer Review

Definitive Technology ProSUB 1000 Subwoofers in Home Theater Review! This home theater review will cover the flagship model of this popular brand of speakers, the ProSUB. This high-performance subwoofer produces an incredibly deep but tonally smooth sound. Its powerful audio amplifier and powerful electronic crossover help to produce clean, precise, and powerful bass.

The Definitive Technology ProSUB 1000 subwoofers are truly a unique product. They are one high-quality, one color, one tone, and one styling all in one. This home theater subwoofers from Definitive technology have it all! It has one high-frequency driver with two surround speakers that are polycarbonate and each is driven by separate magnet motors. It also has a one-touch control for the bass response.

One of the best features about this subwoofers from Definitive technology is that they use a very unique and advanced woofer and crossover assembly. The woofer and crossover are made of extremely durable polypropylene and rubber composites. This way, you will know that you are getting the best quality product that you can. Other speaker components such as the balanced dome drive woofer and high precision acoustical board are also featured on the subwoofers from this brand.

With such a powerful speaker system, you will definitely want to optimize it through powerful amplifiers. The Definitive ProSUB 1000 amplifiers will handle the audio needs of your entire home theatre. You can connect this subwoofer to your main stereo system or send the sound through a DVD player, computer monitor or even an iPhone to share the music. If you connect the amplifier correctly, your favorite songs will come alive in your home theatre system and you will be able to hear every low bass ripple and thump that your favorite music makes.

The amplifier portion of the ProSub 1000 subwoofers is what sets it apart from other manufacturers. It has a full-range frequency response that can handle low frequencies as well as high frequencies. What other subwoofers from other manufacturers can’t offer you is a full bass response with a long frequency response. A 300 watts amplifier is also featured on this subwoofer so you can get the power you need without having to worry about putting a lot of power into the vehicle.

The Definitive Technology ProSUB 1000 subwoofers have a nice easy to use interface. You will find that you are immediately greeted with an LCD screen that explains the features of the subwoofers including frequency response, power requirements, amplifier wattage, THD, IMD, Zoning, and more. This LCD is easy to read and offers a wealth of information that will allow you to make an educated decision about which subwoofer will work best for you. You can also use the SubWoof Web site for any troubleshooting issues that you may have regarding your new Definitive ProSUB 1000.

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