Dayton Audio SUB-1000 Subwoofer Demo

hearts Express the number one source for
audio video and speaker building
components hi this is Joe with Parts
Express today I’m here with the new
Dayton audio series of subwoofers the
sub 1200 sub 1000 and sub 800 we’ve got
three sizes to fit any room and any need
you’ve got for deep bass as you can see
they’ve got a nice matte black finish
really cool new high excursion woofer to
move more air and a downward firing port
that’s flared to cut down on port noise
if we turn the sub 1000 around here we
can see the amplifier the heart of the
unit you can see there’s line level as
well as high level inputs you’d use
these if you got a line level signal the
LFE or subwoofer output of a home
theater receiver would go into the red
plug here or if you got a stereo signal
you can use both the red and white plugs
if you’re using a subwoofer with a
two-channel stereo that doesn’t have
subwoofer outputs you can run the
speaker wires right in through here and
then back out to your speaker’s here you
can see three controls here they’re
going to help you blend this subwoofer
in with your home theater system first
and foremost you’ve got the crossover
point this decides how high the sub will
play it’s variable tween 40 and 140
Hertz most of the time you’re going to
keep it somewhere in here between 60 and
100 Hertz the game knob here controls
how loud the sub plays as a general rule
of thumb you want to turn this gain
control down right up to the point where
you can’t hear it and then bump it up a
little bit that’s going to depend a lot
on the source material you’re using as
well you might want to turn it up higher
for movies or lower for jazz music the
last control we’ve got that you need to
worry about is this phase switch you can
turn the phase to normal or 180 degrees
inverted basically just switch it around
to what sounds best with your speakers
and your room
lastly you can see the power switch
we’ve got three settings on the right we
have off on the left we have on and in
the middle we have auto that’ll only
turn the subwoofer on when it senses a
signal otherwise it puts the sub into
standby so you can set it and forget it
most of you will be feeding these subs a
signal through the LFE or subwoofer
output of your home theater receiver in
that case installation couldn’t be
simpler just take the RCA and plug it
into the red connector for those of you
sending a signal to the subwoofer via
stereo RCA s perhaps
a preamplifier or from the analog
outputs of your television all you have
to do is plug your right RCA into the
red and your left RCA into the white
those of you who don’t have RCA level
outputs for your subwoofer aren’t left
out you can go ahead and run your stereo
speaker wires in here then you’ll go
ahead and hook speaker wire up to your
speaker’s here the subwoofer will filter
out the bass frequencies going to your
satellite speakers allowing them to play
with lower Distortion then you’ll go
ahead and hook speaker wire up to your
speaker’s here okay now we’ve got this
sub set up and playing pair of satellite
speakers and a home theater receiver
first we’re going to adjust the
crossover knob the more we turn it up
the more the subwoofer and the
satellites are playing over the same
frequency range and it sounds a little
bit bloated in the bass maybe not quite
as clean as it should be so back off on
the crossover knob until the subwoofer
just starts to come in where these
speakers start to roll off
that’s nice okay now we’re going to play
with a game not a little bit this can
control the overall volume of the
subwoofer we turn it up and of course
it’s going to start to overwhelm the
speaker’s so we’re gonna back it down I
can’t quite hear the sub before now so
we’re going to do that volume control
just a little bit get a little more game
yeah right there now let’s switch the
phase now
can you hear any difference I’m not sure
it’s gonna be severe we’ll go ahead and
leave Bay’s at normal zero degrees as
far as subwoofer placement goes a good
rule of thumb is to start with the sub
facing forward in the front of the room
near one of the corners you may find
that moving them around a little bit
helps out but low bass is
omnidirectional so placement isn’t as
critical as it is with a lot of speakers
a lot of you only have one or two really
good places in living room to put a sub
and that’s okay these subwoofers have
all the contemporary styling performance
and value we’ve come to expect from
Dayton Audio we really like them cruise
your browser on over to parts to check them out while
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hooking them up or just have any
questions check out our live web chat or
call our tech support line at 1-800
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Dayton Audio SUB-1000 Subwoofer Specs

Amplification Typeactive
Speaker Driver Diameter10″
Nominal Output Power100 Watt
Frequency Response30 – 140 Hz
Crossover Frequency40 – 140Hz
Audio Amplifierintegrated
Connectivity Technologywired
Controlspower on/off, subwoofer cut frequency, subwoofer gain, subwoofer phase
Nominal VoltageAC 120 V
Frequency Required60 Hz
Power SourceAC power adapter
Typeaudio line-in, speakers input / pass-through
Connector TypeRCA x 2
Product Height14-3/4″
Product Width14-3/16″
Product Depth15-3/4″
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.)32.9

Dayton Audio SUB-1000 Subwoofers

A Dayton Audio Sub-1000 subwoofer is perfect for any home theater system. The amplifier is built around a newly developed “power module,” delivering precise bass and powerful sound reproduction. Unlike many low wattage subwoofers on the market today, the Dayton Audio Sub-1000 comes with a new and clever technology that makes it powered by an audio amp/processor and not an amplifier. In other words, there’s no need for a dedicated amplifier. This subwoofer is perfect for a one-room setup, or a small surround sound speaker set up.

If you want to enjoy a good sound while you’re driving, the Dayton Audio Sub-1000 subwoofer is designed with sound quality in mind. It has an advanced phase switch which allows it to be turned on and off in one simple step. There is also an auto-surround sound feature so you can adjust the sound level for any situation. An extremely convenient feature, the sub-1000 comes with an easy to read user manual.

If you like having the option to build your own home theatre system, the Dayton Audio sub-1000 is the subwoofer package for you. This powered sub features a preamp as well as an amp with onboard controls. You have full control over the volume, bass response, low-frequency response, treble response, and even an equalizer. There is also a brand new Wireless Subwoofer Package (WSP) available from this brand. With the included transmitter, the Wireless Subwoofer Package allows you to connect your system wirelessly to your computer.

In addition to its high quality audio output, the Dayton Audio sub-1000 subwoofer also has two options for adding a power amplifier to increase its power. One option provides an all or some of the speaker’s power through a single line of capacitors that are wired to power all of the speakers in one amplifier. The second option provides a single line of capacitors that will provide power to only the subwoofer. Either way, the power output of the speaker is increased greatly. These speakers are also loaded with features to handle high and low frequency ranges, as well as high and midrange frequencies.

The powered sub features a new innovative flanged port design which allows for optimized bass and low frequency response. Port noise is eliminated by utilizing a low-impedance port which is stiffened at the front of the speaker. The result is a precise and clean response that is free of excess noise that is commonly associated with flanged port designs.

The other feature that the powered sub features is its optimized dual surround capability. The dual surround capability of these subs allow them to be used in combination with each other. In other words, you can use one powered subwoofer for the lower frequencies and then another powered subwoofer for the upper frequencies. In addition to all of the above features, the Dayton Audio Sub-1000 subwoofers are also designed to properly handle and install speaker wiring with ease.

Dayton Audio SUB-1000 Subwoofer FAQ

Dayton Audio 10-inch powered subwoofer

Dayton Audio is a well-known manufacturer of car audio and home theater systems. Their line of Dayton amplifiers and speakers will not only fit your budget but will also serve you in the long term. It is their commitment to audiophiles that makes them the top choice of many. The Dayton Audio brand has built a reputation for high-quality, affordable audio products.

A number of online stores sell Dayton Audio products but some are better than others. Be sure to choose stores that offer a warranty and also offer free shipping. If you need to send your audio equipment in for repairs, be sure that you know where they ship it and how fast they will deliver it. This will help you determine whether you will have to pay more for shipping or not.

Dayton Audio subwoofers come in a wide variety of styles and prices, so finding one to fit your needs shouldn’t be difficult at all. Once you’ve found a subwoofer from Dayton Audio that suits your needs, you’ll be able to enjoy the great sound that it produces. They have made use of the latest technologies to bring you the best possible sound for your media. If you’re ready to upgrade your home theater or add a new sound system to your existing setup, you can count on Dayton Audio to give you what you want. Their subwoofers and speakers are sure to please you and the rest of the family.

Dayton Audio 100-watt low-profile subwoofer

Dayton Audio is a leading maker of audio and lighting products of excellent quality. Their most popular line of speakers is the Dayton Audio 100-Watt Low-profile subwoofer. The Dayton Audio 100 watt is one of the most advanced low-profile subwoofers on the market, featuring an optimized woofer cone for deep bass and powerful output that won’t break the bank. Its optimized shape eliminates some of the more pronounced high-frequency response that can be found in some of the cheaper subwoofers. A highly optimized voice coil lets Dayton Audio sends its audio waves out clearly, so you get accurate sound that’s perfectly balanced without being overly loud or dull.

Other features of the 100-watt low-profile subwoofer include an aluminum woofer basket and polystyrene surround that are designed to withstand wear and tear from time to time. There’s also a rubber surround that prevents low-frequency sounds from bleeding into other areas, which lets you install the subwoofer with ease and confidence. A front bumper lets you mount the subwoofer easily, and an easy screw on finish lets you easily change the grills for a personalized look. And since these low-profile subwoofers use a single drive unit, you never have to worry about interference affecting the sound of your music.

Dayton Audio is known for making quality sound that’s truly out of your reach. With their 100-watt low-profile subwoofers, you’re sure to enjoy crisp audio that reaches your ears and fills your home with powerful vibrations. With its optimized shape and powerful bass, this subwoofer is a match made in sound heaven. And because it’s an audiophile-quality speaker, you can count on it to bring you great bass without worrying about low-frequency sounds bleeding into other areas. With its rugged build and easy installation, the Dayton Audio Low Profile Subwoofer set is a must-have. Your friends will be asking you where you got your amazing custom speakers from!

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The device performs admirably, has plenty of bass and thump, and is simple to use and set up. It was 6 inches by 25 inches without the included legs to stand it up for vertical mounting, not 9 inches by 27 inches as the specifications indicate.

    Yeah, it expands as you add the additional feet for vertical mounting. The 6 inch by 25 inch size is provided by the included mounted feet for horizontally standing it on the concrete.

    The auto-off function works flawlessly. Because of previous negative posts, I tried it right away. Mine turns off the amp after around 2 minutes of no amp signal, not 5 seconds as some have said. My assumption is that they altered the template. The unit turns on immediately after the stereo sends a signal, with no pop, snap, or anything else.

    I have this in my motorhome and it makes no noise while the engine or generator is running, there is no humming, and there is no charger intrusion.

    Dayton Audio SUB-1000 does not fill the sound space as well as my Bose Sub woofer, which I was attempting to fit into a space where it would not fit. This device is adequate, but not quite as full-sounding. Aside from that, I’m really happy.

  2. This subwoofer’s sound quality is good, particularly for the price.

    The main reason I bought this sub was because of its low profile dimensions, and it delivers on that without compromising anything in terms of bass response. I keep it under a cabinet on a wooden floor and think the foundation is fine.

    The performance can be tailored to an individual’s preferences. I don’t like a lot of bass, but the Dayton sub is definitely capable of providing a lot of bass with minimal distortion if that’s what you want 😉

  3. This subwoofer did exactly what I needed it to do: provide good sound while fitting in a small room.

    – I used the included brackets to hang mine on the wall. The drywall anchors that came with it are adequate, but I needed some extra power, so I used toggle screws. The fit was fantastic. It is really close to the wall. I didn’t think it would fit on the brackets, but it did just barely. Amazing resistance management (or maybe I just got lucky)!
    – I’m not an audiophile, but the sound quality seems to be excellent.

    – I should have thought of this, but the tight fit against the wall (or on the ground if you install it that way) would necessitate some 90 degree RCA adapters. If you only use straight links, the cables will be smashed.
    – It’s a minor quibble, but the instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a pamphlet that folds out. It’s fairly simple to install on the wall (though I’m fairly mechanically inclined), which is good because the directions are vague. There are some foam parts that came with the kit that the directions do not mention. I believe they go on the various brackets to hold rattles down, but there is no mention of them anywhere.

    Overall, I enjoy it. It fits perfectly behind my television, out of sight and away from the kids (my 2 yr old constantly put stuff down the port of my old sub). I was quite pleased with how well it fit against my wall, which leads me to believe it would not rattle. I haven’t had a chance to turn it all the way up yet, but the sound is nice and simple.

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