BIC V1220 Subwoofer Demo

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model v12 to zero here is the driver
that comes with it it’s four ohms not
eight as they claim and we’re gonna be
sending it okay we’re just gonna be
adjusting the gang knob and watching the
amplitude of the wave that comes out as
soon as the way becomes dis formed at
its arch or valley is when we know
distortion occurs
backing off
this is what we’re reading
whoo now movers better
smelling nasty
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back clean
is what we’re getting
what this is capable capable of it 80

BIC V1220 Subwoofer Specs

DesignDown-Firing, long-throw 12″ subwoofer & tuned Venturi vent.
Amplifier FeaturesAdjustable crossover (bypassable when adjusting crossover through a digital receiver), adjustable volume control, auto on/off with LED indicator and automatic signal sensing, gold-plated high level inputs, both Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/DTS LFE inputs.
Frequency Response23-180 Hz variable (adjustable crossover)
Sensitivity90 dB
Drivers12″ heavy duty long-throw woofer
Gold-Plated TerminalsYES
Recommended PowerBuilt-in Amplifier Power – 200 Watts (430 peak)
Impedance8 Ohms
Dimensions18 1/2″H x 17″W x 14″D, Carton Dimensions: 22 x 19 x 22
Weight41 Lbs. Each, Carton Weight 44 Lbs.
Warranty7 Year – Parts on Driver, 2 Years on Amp & Associated Electronics.

BIC V1220 Subwoofers

BIC V1220 subwoofer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for great value for money in a home-theater speaker system. The new BIC subwoofer series features one of the industry’s smallest subwoofer models, yet is still powerful and precise. The company’s mission is to deliver a subwoofer with superior performance that is affordable to all. When you are searching for a new home theater speaker system, it is imperative that you take into account size, power and performance – but this is where BIC surpasses many of its competition.

The BIC V1220 subwoofer is one of the leaders in today’s high-performance speaker market. The V1220 boasts of being the most powerful single-woofer on the market. It combines a powerful 12″ long-throw long-driver and a long-range long-driver amplifier (designed by BASH technology) along with a heavy-duty, precision-tuned long-tube surround. The patented “Ventura” vent eliminates all port noise (usually heard from other subwoofer brands), which in turn ensures optimum performance. And the speaker’s built in equalizer gives you superior sound reproduction regardless of what you are listening to.

If we were to compare BIC V1220 subwoofers to some of the leading brands, such as Alpine, Acoustics, JL audio, Marzocchi and Kenwood, we would find some dissimilarities. However, they each have two very distinct advantages that set them apart. First, BIC subwoofers feature a distinctiveively simple styling that is easy to produce and employ. Second, they employ advanced technologies that help to make them easy to install and maintain.

When installing your BIC V1220 subwoofer, it is important to get a suitable mounting system. Many people prefer to mount their speakers on their vehicles’ OEM mounting points, but this may not always be the best option. The best way to ensure optimum performance and longevity is to mount the speaker at the factory mounting point, which will ensure it is correctly aligned and secure. However, if this is not possible, there are factory mounts available for each subwoofer in the BIC line.

In keeping with the times, BIC now designs its own custom crossovers for each of its models. In designing their own subs, BIC takes into consideration the shape of its speakers as well as certain characteristics present in each model. A unique advantage of this is that BIC can adjust its speakers to better fit into the precise dimensions of the car without compromising the quality of sound. Another advantage is that BIC innovates a new crossover for each model at no extra charge; allowing its pioneers the opportunity to continue developing the features that have made BIC the premier subwoofer brand in the world.

A BIC V1220 subwoofer is sure to please even the most demanding audiophile. BIC takes great pride in its product because many of its early pioneers began working on this product while they were still in college. By using innovative techniques, BIC ensures that its speakers will last for years to come. For owners who want to experience a true home theater sound, owning a BIC V1220 is a must.

BIC V1220 Subwoofer FAQ

BIC America 430-watt down-firing subwoofer

For anyone that has ever owned or wanted an American auto alloy subwoofer then it is time you looked for the BIC America 430-watt down-firing subwoofer. You may ask why the need for a powerful speaker when all your songs and most of your favorite videos are recorded with a compact disc. Well, the answer to this question lies in the fact that compact disks do not have the power or capability to reproduce high quality sound. When you listen to music or watch videos on such disks you are not hearing a true sound reproduction quality.

Thus, to get the best sound you need a powerful subwoofer that is capable of reproducing the true sound. The BIC America 430-watt down-firing subwoofer is capable of reproducing an accurate high wattage output and it comes with a subsonic filter that minimizes destructive distortion that is caused by other external disturbances such as factory over-heating, extreme vehicle speed, and even excessive bass. It is also equipped with a large surround speaker for the ultimate in sound projection performance. The amplifier’s power is further increased by a neodymium magnet, which is able to optimize the amplifier’s voltage requirements.

One thing to remember when purchasing a BIC America subwoofer is to make sure you know the size of the speakers you plan to use so that you can get the right subwoofers to fit. Many people mistakenly assume that all subwoofers are the same size; however, this is not the case. If you purchase a set that is too big then the sound they produce will not be that crisp and accurate. If you purchase one that is too small then the volume they produce will not be loud enough for comfortable listening. BIC America subwoofers are truly a great addition to your audio system and can make all the difference in your sound.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This subwoofer looks great and appears to be well-made, but it can take up a little more space than some of the competition. However, the sound is much louder. I was blown away by the amount of puch this brought to my surround sound right out of the box. I liked it so much that I ordered another one for the family room stereo within a few weeks. Sounds great for music, movies, or just adding a little bass to your favorite show; when turned up, it will definitely add rumble to your stereo. I can rattle the whole house when paired with my two 15″ speakers. I hooked two of these up to one stereo for a day and it was amazing but almost too much for me, and I’m a basshead.

  2. This subwoofer is simple to install and, like all BIC items, of high quality. I had a BIC V-80 8 inch 100 watt for around a month before purchasing this one. My main reason for purchasing this sub was the much lower frequency response—[23 HZ’s] which truly allows you to feel the footsteps of that T-REX walking across the screen! If you have an older receiver with no LFE sub out output, this sub is very simple to connect to. On the rear of this sub, there are also [3] pin switches that monitor the phase from 0-180, off-auto-on, and receiver type-digital or surround. If you have an older receiver that does not have an LFE sub output, set the switch to surround and the crossover frequency knob to 80Hz—a decent starting point for getting the frequency just right. If you have a digital receiver [most have an LFE output], you can set the switch to digital 5:1,6:1,7:1 and skip setting the crossover frequency. The digital side handles it, and the crossover frequency knob has no impact. I started with a volume knob setting of about 4. It’s half volume at 5 and blends really well.

    For music, I set it to 6, which gives a great feel and tone. Furthermore, the amps in these subwoofers—models V815, V1020, and V1220—do not get hot at all. The fuse in the back serves only as a surge protector, according to what I was told. So I’ve wired mine into a surge protector socket.

  3. The BIC America V-1220 was placed in a remote corner of my theater room. The port is facing the corner. My front stage has been reduced to 100. My two-way Polk towers have some mid bass, and the sub adds some low and mid bass fill. On the crossover, the sub is cut to 80 and will be shifted when the sub brakes in. My back surrounds and middle are both cut at 75. Using the IASCA 2005 Official Sound Quality Reference CD to determine the accuracy of the subwoofer’s output. 20Hz to 55Hz, 30Hz to 65Hz, and 40Hz to 75Hz Moving air from 20Hz to about 30Hz, but you can sense it at -20DB. The sub comes alive more at 35Hz. Your house begins to shift at 42Hz and higher. I didn’t want to overdo it because I hadn’t broken it in yet. But all I can say is, 200 watts RMS… no way! There’s more. The location of a sub will affect how it performs. I’m running 864+watts RMS on two 12inch subs clean in my car, and this BIC is just as sweet. This speaker enclosure is great, but I’ve never been a fan of vinyl wrap wood grain speaker enclosures. And the 12 inch driver isn’t flashy, but since it’s facing the floor, it’s probably not a big deal. However, due to the port location and the size of the enclosure, the 12 inch driver outputs with the BASH TECHNOLOGY POWERED AMPLIFIER, and this works and works well together.

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