BIC PL-200 Subwoofer Demo

well welcome to home theater on a budget
we got to talk about this subwoofer I
wasn’t gonna do it at first because I
had some reservations that I had to get
over and some thoughts I really had to
think about I got to do these bad boys
big acoustic PL 200s roughly 275 on the
wattage and they say max a thousand but
we know everybody’s watts are kind of
crazy let’s just say for $2.99 and here
it is on Amazon this is a big-ass
subwoofer for $2.99
I’m gonna recommend it but I want to
give you some cautionary tales for a
second for being on a budget this is a
badass subwoofer
you’ll see on Amazon that if you search
for it a big acoustic PL 200 the Bose
12-inch will come out – also $2.99 let
me tell you why I didn’t get that one I
bought a couple of Bose before I’ve
never liked the build quality I don’t
like the range of the Bose subwoofer
this sucker gets very very low I mean
I’ve got it I’ve got it down fairly
close to say 19 pretty easy I thought I
even got it to 18 before on how low it
would go and one of the things that I
really like about it is I want to
subwoofer that is good build quality
good amp on the back and say three or
four years down the road you gotta
replace the speaker or the amp is the
Box solid can you replace the amp can
you replace the speaker and I’m not
saying I’ll have to do that within five
years because the the warranty on this
sucker is a beast but I look for all
that the piano black finishes on the on
both of them I think they look really
nice but I will say no one touches this
they scratch really easy but let’s look
at this bad boy real quick
12 inch long throw subwoofer pretty firm
doesn’t push down real well but you look
on Amazon look at all the big subwoofers
they’re all almost 5 stars you get what
you pay for and this sucker look at all
the professional reviews it’s really
really its review really really good
they say for large rooms but I’m
reviewing it not for you probably know
it’s already a good subwoofer for $2.99
but you notice this white right here on
both of these you’re gonna have this
possibly on your subwoofer because
there’s other people on YouTube that
complain about it too what you get these
are loose in here and when you first get
the subwoofer oh my god you’re gonna
love it it’s gonna be everything you
want then possibly after a couple of
weeks you’re gonna hear some port noise
and these suckers have two big firing
ports that’s what gets it down below 20
on the Hertz so what I had to do was
take out the speaker we pull both of
these out they wiggle down fairly easy
and then I took Gorilla Glue and I put
gorilla glue around these and these
suckers are still tight now so that’s
kind of a cautionary tale for $2.99
you’re getting a real good subwoofer but
Vic has admitted and they apologized to
me they no they did not use enough glue
on these so it’s nothing they’re trying
to hide it’s just they know that they’re
loose and I’ve talked to him about it
they said easy fix and while it was and
when you take it apart you get to see
the guts you get to see how good the
suckers bill um I don’t know I really
don’t have anything much more to say
about it I do change it up quite a bit
so this is the loudest it’ll go
in this configuration here this is the
lowest it’ll go but some people say
there’s no such thing as a a good ported
subwoofer a non ported subwoofer sounds
better most of the time I don’t care if
you get the $900 subwoofers or two $1200
subwoofers most people will tell you you
get a non ported subwoofer it’s the best
of both worlds all the time so what I do
I just shove this in here I put the
thing back on I put the front back on
now the subwoofer it’s not going down to
below 20 on the Hertz anymore but oh my
the sound is very very tight I could
turn it up louder I get so much it’s I
don’t know it’s amazingly clean but for
the power this is I get away with that
really easy and I could do it both but
lately I’ve been summertime so as you
know on one of my other videos
the neighbors you go big or go home
and sometimes I want that clean noise
most of the time I want these wide open
something else I might build it I don’t
know how well you’ll see this and it’s
not real heavy
I know you can’t see this very well but
you got on and off an auto is 0 to 180
volume crossover and crossovers always
max my volume is always straight up and
down down here I got to set your
receiver verses sub and these are inputs
and outputs so pretty generic
configuration you just plug your RCA in
here when you have a receiver and that’s
it I don’t know I can highly recommend
it just because just because I bought
two of them and if you don’t like one
like I had to glue the port’s on the
first one and I thought well that’s kind
of crazy but then I glued the port and I
went six months I mean I went six months
and that’s when I finally had to start
isolating subwoofers because the
neighbors were calling the cops on me
because I was shaking I was shaking
their pictures in their house and now I
got two of these bad boys so I don’t
know just a quick little heads-up very
good for $2.99
better than the bose goes lower build
qualities better this sucker has a life
after the life of this speakers over so
you want a good stuff so far it looks
good the bose has a long port at the
back on the bottom it’s just a long
vented port like on the back the Bose
has a little port going across right
here it’s a it’s a good subwoofer it’s
accurate for movies but I don’t want I
wanted low I wanted I wanted that to go
really low I wanted the build quality I
wanted the bill to pop out the speaker
if I had to I wanted just everything
about this and all the reviews I thought
deniable the way it looks the
cleanliness the only problem I do have
and this is a valid this is a valid
this sucker moves an obscene amount of
air I give a little dust ring right
there and if I just take a wet washcloth
bring it out and just wipe across the
front that goes away but here you go
Bick acoustic PL 200 I am recommending
it if you’re on a budget you might have
to glue two ports don’t be afraid of
that if you have to do that you can open
up your subwoofer and look inside it you
get a understand how good everything is
I wish the speaker was a little beefier
but a lot of people have already changed
out the speakers but no this speaker you
know the warranty on this is eight years
I think so no issues but give it a try
tell me what you think I got two of
these and I got zero complaints took a
little bit of work but there you go

BIC PL-200 Subwoofer Specs

DesignFront-firing 12″ long-throw powered subwoofer with dual flared front ports and state-of-the-art 1000-watt dynamic peak power BASH amplifier. AMPLIFIER FEATURES: Adjustable crossover (bypassable when adjusting crossover through a digital receiver), adjustable volume control, auto on/off with LED indicator and automatic signal sensing, gold-plated high level inputs, both Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/DTS LFE inputs.
Frequency Response21Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)
Sensitivity110dB @ 30Hz
DriversHeavy duty 12″ poly-injected woofer with high power magnet and long excursion surround.
Gold-Plated TerminalsYES
Recommended PowerBuilt-in-state-of-the-art BASH Amplifier, 1000 watts Dynamic Peak Output, 250 watts RMS Continuous
ImpedanceNot Applicable for powered subwoofers
Dimensions17 1/4″H x 14 7/8″W x 19 1/2″D. Carton Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 21
Weight46 lbs. (20.87 kg.)
WarrantyExtended 8 years – parts on woofer, 5 years on amplifier and associated electronics

BIC PL-200 Subwoofers

For top performance in a variety of media, the trusted name in digital media arm amplifiers is the brand found in RCA channels with the BIC PL-200. With its stylish design and advanced technology, the BIC subwoofer offers all the features sought after by today’s top audio enthusiasts. BIC pliers are an indispensable part of your audio equipment arsenal. RCA specializes in professional grade audio and video components for the home, office and commercial markets.

With RCA’s reputation for supreme quality audio and visual products, BIC PL-200 subwoofers by the brand are ideal for your home or professional entertainment system. The PL-200 is an excellent performer driven by a high-class audiophile sound system capable of pumping out up to 1000 Watts dynamic peak output. With excellent control over bass volume and treble range, the BIC PL-200 subwoofer delivers high-performance performance with a sleek, refined look. BIC subwoofers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match any decor. In addition to its compact and inexpensive size, the big subwoofer is an ideal choice for smaller spaces since it is very easy to install.

Installing a BIC PL-200 powered subwoofer is very easy and this makes it a perfect solution for a new installation. The amplifier helps keep your factory installed subwoofers in great condition with easy to follow installation instructions. A high-performance amp helps keep your existing sound system in great condition while adding extra bass and cutting excess noise. The amplifier’s preamp output features a sharp low-frequency filter to cut back on unwanted feedback.

When you are ready to upgrade your car audio system or if you just want to add some new features, a BIC subwoofer is an ideal addition to your vehicle. Installing a BIC Acoustech PL-200 powered subwoofer in your vehicle will increase your vehicle’s performance as well as give it a whole new look. The acoustics of many vehicles are difficult to control and many owners find it necessary to replace their existing speakers. With a bic pl-200 subwoofer you can increase the bass levels without having to worry about damaging your existing speakers.

BIC subwoofers come with preamp outputs for all your audio components such as the head unit and the amplifier. The preamp output provides a signal that can be sent to the head unit or amplifier. BIC subwoofers use different types of signal processing depending on what type of subwoofer they are used with including linear control, wave-shaping and crossovers. BIC subwoofers have been designed for durability and long lasting performance.

There is no need to replace your existing speakers when you install a big subwoofer. These are specifically designed to work with most car audio systems including factory installed amplifiers. You can enjoy better sound from your vehicle audio system and gain a brighter and crisper tone without the hassle of wires or drilling holes. Installing a BIC Acoustech PL-200 powered subwoofer in your vehicle will make a noticeable difference in the sound of your music. Installing a powered subwoofer will make any enclosed space sound incredible.

BIC PL-200 Subwoofer FAQ

BIC Acoustech platinum series subwoofer

For those who are searching for the best subwoofers in the market that would fit all their needs, BIC Acoustech Platinum series is a perfect choice. This particular model from Acoustech comes with features such as its polypropylene cup for better bass response, sturdy frame, sturdy wire frame, rubber surround, and aluminum cone. With this kind of combination, you are sure to have the most precise and accurate tone that would really bring out all your music.

There are a lot of advantages that one can get from using the BIC Acoustech Platinum series subwoofers, which is why it is always worth it to look into its features. Compared to other subwoofer amplifiers out there, these have a tighter and focused sound. You can be sure that you will not miss out on any of the slightest notes or beats when you are listening to any of your favorite songs or music.

With a BIC Acoustech amplifier model, you can be assured that it can deliver the best quality sounds every time. If you want to experience great sound and music that will captivate all your guests, then it is important that you get yourself a BIC Acoustech Platinum subwoofer. You will have the best in terms of quality and performance, which is the main reason why many people always go for this brand. It may come at a price, but you can be assured that you will never regret spending your money on this brand. In fact, you can be sure that you will get the most ideal subwoofers that were ever made, which is why a lot of people prefer them. With the BIC Acoustech Platinum series subwoofers, you get to experience a completely new form of entertainment that can only be provided by this particular brand of amplifier.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I recently purchased a Klipsch R12SW 12″ 400W Powered Subwoofer. It was a faulty part. During the heavy bass stages, it had a “knock.” I felt the bass should have been stronger than it was. It wasn’t a bad subwoofer at all. It had a strong “boom” but not a great “blast.” It may be faulty in that respect as well, but I returned it. Following some testing, I purchased the Bic Acoustech PL-200. It was like night and day. The bass is very heavy and shakes the walls and windows, but it is balanced and has a quite good sound effect. If you are debating between the two or any other product in this price range, I strongly suggest the Acounstech PL-200. I’m really pleased with it. I’ll buy this one again if I need a subwoofer or two for my future media space, which I’m planning.

  2. As an F12 user, the Bic Acoustech PL200 II subwoofer was a letdown. I bought it primarily because of the published price range. Room EQ Wizard and a calibrated mic tests revealed a significant drop off at 50hz. We experimented with several crossovers, phasing, room locations, and sub orientations.

    You can see that even with absolute EQ, we couldn’t really pull up the low curve. When we increased the low end, the device began to drone and sound boomy; it also has this issue with some music when not boosted. Some say that this is a better home theater subwoofer; this may be valid. Overall, it did not meet the requirements of my listening space.

  3. After investigating the best subwoofers for the money for over a month, I settled on the BIC Acoustech PL-200. I was ecstatic with its success after receiving and installing it… until it unexpectedly stopped working after a few months. Having read previous reports complaining about bad customer service, I expected my positive experience with this subwoofer to abruptly end when I attempted to get it diagnosed and serviced. This, however, was not the case. I dialed the tech support number and left a message. I got a call back the next day and was guided to a nearby repair facility about 20 miles from my house. A defective speaker link was discovered in the device. A brand-new speaker unit was delivered overnight to the repair center, where it was assembled and tested. My device was returned to me within a few days. I’ve had the machine for over a year and it has always worked flawlessly. As others have said, the sound reproduction improves with use. The unit is still brand new, and the high standard of construction is evident. Even after a year, the device is still as solid as it was when it was fresh, with no loosening of bolts or screws with their telltale buzzing that occurs so often in inferior units over time. And this unit is used for at least two to four hours a day.

    Too often, one reads reviews written by people who have just recently obtained items and are reviewing them after having spent so little time using them. I’ve seldom found a review from someone who has owned and used a product for an extended period of time. So, I waited a year before writing a review to ensure that the unit’s initial problem was completely resolved and to report on the product’s consistency after reasonably long-term use. And I’m overjoyed to tell you how happy I am with the PL-200. This subwoofer outperforms anything under $1500 (more than three times its price)! And, whether for movies or music, its LFE reproduction is, in my opinion, just phenomenal, with every low note full, rich, and sharp, and no muddiness or cheap “boom”-iness (yeah, it’s not really a word, but you get what I mean). This machine is also extremely strong. If the PL-200’s volume knob is turned past around halfway, it can simply overtake all other frequencies, becoming an LFE monster vibrating chachkis and other items off shelves in the building… not to mention what it can do in vibrating the Human body itself. Even at half volume, it vibrates the walls in the house as well as you in your seat! And for those who don’t have a subwoofer or have cheaper models, watching movies and listening to music with a subwoofer of this caliber is like seeing it all for the first time! I’m still watching my vast movie collection again and again, only to enjoy all the greater dimensions of experience and enjoyment made possible by this incredible subwoofer. Yeah, I’m a big fan of this subwoofer, as are all the people who come here only to hear it! I’m glad I choose this one over the many lower-quality units available for up to twice the price or more.

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