AudioEngine S8 Subwoofer Demo

yes it’s very good but now i sell it
because i will go back my country
two hundred dollars you can contact me
if you like my email
sujat1201 at
i should preface this with the proviso
that the s8 is the first subwoofer i
ever bought independent of a
pre-packaged five
one or two one tip system i bought it to
supplement a pair of recently purchased
audio engine a5 plus speakers
the a5 plus itself produces a hearty
base down to 55 to 60 hertz
enough to suffice in an airfield desktop
setup where a listener is sitting a few
feet away with speakers at air level
however in a home theater slash living
room setting the a5 plus s requires a
subwoofer to fill in the base and
rhythms in low end
below 55 to 60 hertz in order to blossom
i researched lots of subs and settled on
the s8 because i’m so very impressed
with the a5 plus sound quality
and to put it mildly i couldn’t be
happier with my s8 plus a5 plus two
one home theater combo the seven
speakers work together seamlessly
like an orchestra producing excellent
sound quality
compared to my logitech 5 one z 5500 and
all tech lansing too
one acs 495 speaker systems
both of which have great sound my audio
engine setup is in a completely
different league
quality wise i’m no
audio file but have to say it’s audio
file quality
once you dial in the proper phase
crossover and volume controls
the s8 is a perfect match for the a5
refer to picture of my s8 subwoofer
setting for reference
i’m very pleased with this setup
i have four along with five sets of the
audio engine a5 plus speakers
asympto five say six boo audio engine a5
plus premium powered speaker pair
carbonized solid bamboo formerly i was
using the bose companion 20 speakers and
obviously the audio engine blow the bows
i also have quite a few of the bose
soundtouch 30 20 intense and i prefer
the audio engine a5 plus
in a small bathroom i use the a5 plus
speakers without a subwoofer
if you share a wall with a neighbor you
might not be able to use the subwoofer
without the subwoofer in my small
bathroom the base is so-so but for sure
not strong enough for my taste
it’s much better with the subwoofer as
you can see in the pics it’s a bit much
to fit on my master bathroom counter but
i wouldn’t be happy with less
two small downsides on the subwoofer a
i made a white mark with a white sharpie
asian b0026h l1ao sharpie extra fine
point poster paint marker white
other products picture that i recommend
adjustable standing slash sitting desk
ace and boo3 v5g crank adjustable set to
stand-up desk with heavy-duty steel
60 inches silver frame slash blob
15 by 15 single unit audio engine
desktop speaker stands
asympto 5 silk audio engine ds2 desktop
speaker stands
pair this thing is battle ready
this ain’t no pinata from paper plate
alley sonically correct
infinitely adjustable probably over kilo
fall it’s used for his bomb blasts and
car crashes
this thing handles the back line the low
stand up base by porgan some weird
woodwind i’ve never heard
that’s what this thing is really good at
and if you want a rock your neighbors
will salute you
with the middle finger that is unless
they are well prepared
the package they picked up with their tv
at target will not protect them
you could dial it down a bit and just
set it to sun or you can turn it up to
11 and send them scattering
click link in description for more

AudioEngine S8 Subwoofer Specs

Subwoofer TypeActive
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Amplifier Power Rating125 W RMS
250 W Peak
Drivers1 x 8″ / 20.32 cm (Down-Firing)
Ports1 (Front-Firing)
Frequency Response27 to 180 Hz
Amplifier ClassClass-D
Magnetic ShieldingYes
Connectivity1 x Stereo RCA Input
1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input
1 x USB Type-A Output (Bus Power)
Crossover Frequency50 to 130 Hz
Maximum SPL88 dB
Input Impedance10 Kilohms
SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)95 dBA
Phase Adjustment0 / 180°
AC Input Power110 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption8 W (Standby)
Placement & Mounting OptionsFloorstanding
Cabinet MaterialMDF
Dimensions11.2 x 11.2 x 11.2″ / 285.7 x 285.7 x 285.7 mm
Weight23.4 lb / 10.6 kg

AudioEngine S8 Subwoofers

AudioEngine S8 subwoofers are among the best audio subwoofers available on the market. Excellent performance not only for audio movies, and videos but for personal consumption as well. The S8 is a perfect compliment to any music system or as an enhancement to any audio source. Super lightweight, sleek and efficient size.

When it comes to home theater audio, there are few brands that offer such excellent range as AudioEngine S8 subwoofer. The features and benefits of this product make it stand head and shoulders above all the others. In fact, it has even outdone its competition by offering excellent bass performance in its smallest size possible.

For optimum performance, it is necessary to use the best subwoofer or audio engine powered speakers in your car. AudioEngine subwoofers are renowned for their precise definition and smooth tonal balance. With an effective set of crossovers, the driver is able to optimize bass output and subwoofer range. The ideal subwoofer is always one that will blend well with your vehicle’s features such as the factory speaker mounting structure.

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a subwoofer is its RCA connections. Good quality AudioEngine subwoofers employ RCA inputs to easily adjust the subwoofer’s low frequency response. The rCA connection connects the amplifier to the speaker. If it is a good set, it will have a separate feedhorn so that the amp can easily adjust the frequency range as needed without having to affect the connection to the speaker.

You should also keep in mind that the AudioEngine subwoofer uses a powerful amplifier that is often found in luxury vehicles. You may be required to pay dearly for this powerful machine. However, the difference in sound quality can be surprisingly good. If you are going to spend so much on your vehicle, it would be advisable to get the very best.

To get the most of your audio system, you need to build it efficiently. The AudioEngine S8 has an efficient amplifier coupled with a precision-tuned crossover that will ensure you of excellent sound quality. With a brand like AudioEngine, you will know that your subwoofer is the finest of its kind.

Other features that make the AudioEngine S8 subwoofer an excellent choice include its durable and lightweight build. It also has an efficient amplifier. This makes it perfect for all driving conditions. With a built-in crossover, you can always be sure of getting high quality sound. A rear-ported design means that the amplifier is well positioned so that it can handle maximum bass levels.

On top of all the advantages, the AudioEngine S8 subwoofer comes with a two-year warranty. That is more than you would find from other brands. Its compact size makes it perfect for any vehicle. Finally, you will have your choice of colors including black and silver.

AudioEngine S8 Subwoofer FAQ

Audioengine S8 premium powered subwoofer

Audioengine S8 Premium Subwoofers is known for their features and durability as well as, of course the quality of sound produced. Most people tend to think that a car audio needs to be extremely loud to be effective. Audioengine however, have found a way to use their latest technology and produce some of the most precise and powerful subwoofers ever made. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their products and these days they’re bass control is second to none. They have developed new crossovers that not only give a precise bass response but also bring out all of the other speaker elements in the sound such as treble, mids and highs.

When you look at an Audioengine S8 premium powered subwoofer you can clearly see that it is different from most others on the market as it has a completely rear-ported design. The reason they chose this particular design is that of the superior power handling capabilities. With an externally braced enclosure, Audioengine have been able to use powerful optimally crossover amps which allows them to provide a very accurate sound without worrying about overloads. In addition to the superior power handling capabilities, the use of a rear-ported design means that there is more space in which to insulate your speaker and cabinet. This insulating properties improve the bass extension and lower frequencies which enhance the overall quality of sound produced.

If you have grown tired of hearing the same old boring music that you hear on the radio or over the internet then perhaps you should consider upgrading your system to one of the Audioengine S8 premium powered subwoofer. With so many features including onboard EQ and bass management, you will definitely be able to enjoy your new set of speakers. You may even consider getting some bass shakers as these help to ensure that you get the maximum amount of low end audio.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The majority of reviewers have matched the S8 with the A5+s and the Audioengine DAC – and are overjoyed. I bought the P4s when I was moving into a new house for a ceiling-mounted device in a big rc space that never happened, and I ended up using them in a study with a Topping VX1 “2x25W T-AMP Tripath Stereo Hi-Fi Power Subwoofer USB DAC US Digital Amplifier.” The Topping was purchased because it has a subwoofer output. I’ve been interested in and using high-quality audio since the early days of hi-fi, as have many of the other reviewers. My experiences are close to those of the other reviewers: first-rate recording, high-quality build and finish, and excellent musical reproduction. The P4s are fantastic, but I have a subscription to the Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall, and something was obviously lacking. Not any more. The music quality has improved since the addition of the S8, including the cellos, organs, and string basses. I put on organ sonatas with a lot of pedal notes to show off the subwoofer, and the bass is enough to scare the weak of heart, particularly when the room begins to vibrate without booming.

  2. If you’re an audiophile, this isn’t the sub for you. Purchase a sealed sub. This one’s bass is a little loose. The port noise from the sub is certainly audible. At high decibel levels, the noise is intolerable. I’ve even got it set up on an Auralex Subwoofer Mat. I doubt that the people who are giving this sub positive feedback have ever heard a strong sub. I suggest that you purchase the SVS SB-1000. It’s not much more, but the result is ten times higher. I really wanted to like this sub, but after hearing other subs, I realized it couldn’t compete with other subs in this price range. At medium to high speeds, I can’t get past the muffled port noise. I’m not sure about the other comments, but I prefer clean, tight bass.

  3. I’ve noticed an alarming trend of Audioengine speaker failures. About 2010, I purchased a pair of A5 speakers for my living room, and in 2011, I purchased the S8 to boost the bass. In 2013, the amplifier in the A5 speakers failed first. This was obviously a known problem, as Audioengine seemed unsurprised and offered to let me pay $80 to upgrade to the A5+. All was fine until 2017, when the S8 created a constant broken-capacitor buzzing sound whenever it was switched on – regardless of power outlet, even when no audio sources were plugged in. I removed it from my machine and attempted to debug and repair the issue, but to no avail: it failed after the warranty period had expired.

    Bottom line, Audioengine appears to make some fine sounding hardware, but IMO they have low, volatile lifespans as compared to speakers I’ve purchased from other companies.

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