Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Subwoofer Demo

all right this is my acoustic audios
review I’ve just received this
go and I’ll be doing a review on it this
is black ash 8-inch 300 watt powered
subwoofer in the back here we have all
the connections we have phase zero
degrees 280 degrees
we have on/off power switch there we
have the gain crossover left right
inputs high level input a little output
2 speakers and foaming up fire and then
we have the rest of the caution all down
the back and then the power cord coming
out there now flip it on its back here
sit down firing subwoofer here’s the 8
inch 300 watt subwoofer here and put
that great sound
I also going to show you if you don’t
have stereo that uh you can connect this
directly into like mine you can do what
I have right here I have it plugged in
obviously and then I have this cord
right here left and right down there
plugged in there and it goes to a 3.5
right there and then I bring this over
to here and plug it in this connector
right here and that will play through my
star speakers here and through those
little homemade speakers right there
that I made myself out of speakers in
the amp know that this is a great puts
out great sound and I’m not really going
to turn on for you because there’s
really no point you can’t hear what it
does through whatever you listen to
through it and uh great sod will
definitely give you the power that you
let’s hear like something like blow up
the house or something
this was $100 or $80 on eBay it is now
it raised to 100 I don’t know why the
acoustic audio on powered sub and hope
you liked my review

Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Subwoofer Specs

Driver Units 150 W
Frequency Response 26 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Standard RCA inputs easily connect to your home theater receivers dedicated Sub Out
  • Integrated High Efficiency Power Amplifier with 300 watts peak power
  • Frequency response of 26 – 250 Hz with 97dB sensitivity at 8ohm
  • 8″ Down Firing long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA Treated cone
  • Signal Sensing Auto ON/OFF Control and 0 – 180 degree Phase Control Switches
  • Gain/Level Control and 40 – 140 Hz Crossover Control Knobs
  • Low Level standard dual RCA inputs for standard home theater receivers
  • Hi Level raw wire inputs and outputs for stereos will bypass the internal amp
  • Bottom Slotted Port for a full Deep Bass Effect
  • Bass Reflex cabinet design with vibration absorbing feet and black ash finish
  • High Quality CARB Compliant MDF wood cabinet with stability added internal bracing
  • Standing sub with feet size is (H x W x D) 12.4″ × 9.4″ × 10.2″
  • This Powered Subwoofer is NOT LFE Compatible

Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Subwoofers

The Specialty Series powered subwoofers immerse you right in the action of your favorite fast-paced videos and musicals. Add powerful bass to your all-time favorite songs and powerful impact to your best films. Its sleek, refined design and supremely powerful speaker capability make it an intelligent addition to any house theater. Its sophisticated cherry wood finish imparts refined beauty and a sophisticated, balanced sound. It comes with a super-fast, rechargeable battery, high-power amplifier and an electronic control panel with full-range sound and tone control.

The Special Edition of the Acoustic Audio PSW-8 subwoofer series brings a new look to an already sleek and formidable collection. They are made with a classic and sleek appearance, guaranteed to please even the fussiest of users. With their compact size, you are able to effortlessly place them on your furniture, on walls, and practically anywhere else you can imagine. The eight driver design ensures that each subwoofer delivers accurate performance and maximum power at all times. Its optimized drive system is able to project music in full effect from all sides.

With the latest technology in subwoofers, Acoustic Audio has improved the PSW-8 Subwoofer by adding a new, longer-throw driver, larger spring, and optimized high and low frequencies for better power handling and performance over a broader range of frequencies. Now it has a long throw of about three inches, which allows it to deliver the power and performance of a more complex design at a lower wattage. That extra push makes a huge difference when you are pushing that music hard. The PSW-8 subwoofer also has an optimized spring arrangement, which boosts efficiency and sensitivity without cutting back on power. This is what makes these speakers so desirable; they need less power but deliver twice that thanks to their optimized drive system and powerful output.

If you take a good look at the prices of its counterparts, you would agree that Acoustic Audio has done a great job in creating a very competitive product that still manages to maintain a price range that most customers said they can easily afford. In fact, some of its competitors have gone up in price, but the PSW-8 Subwoofer range has remained stable, and its durability and reliability are still second to none. Some people also say that the build quality of the audio equipment is top notch, and most customers said that it feels extremely well put together and sturdy. Most customers also mentioned that the color and design options are excellent. You can get the PSW-8 in any color imaginable, and many customers said that this is one subwoofer that looks good but performs like no other.

So what have all of these people were listening to when they have had the opportunity to sit behind the Audiobhan subwoofers and hear them? The general consensus is that all of the customers say that the PSW-8’s sound quality is unlike anything they have ever heard. They were all very impressed with the level of bass the subwoofer provides, and the overall quality of the sound that comes out of it is top notch. Of course, there were a few people who pointed out a minor issue that they said is related to the power rating of the unit, but in general, all of the customers said that the PSW-8 subwoofer rocks.

When you have made the decision that you want to upgrade your home theatre system, then you should start looking at all of the different Acoustic Audio PSW-8 subwoofer models that are available today. You should do a little homework as well, before you buy a specific subwoofer model. In fact, you might be surprised to know that there is a specific model of subwoofer that is ideal for many different types of home theatre systems. Keep in mind, some models will work great with your existing home theatre speaker system, and some won’t. If you take some time to learn about what you really need before you buy, then you will be able to get an Acoustic Audio PSW-8 subwoofer that will work well with every system you have.

Acoustic Audio PSW-8 Subwoofer FAQ

Acoustic Audio 8-inch subwoofer

If you are looking for something that can provide you with great sound quality while you are listening to your favorite music on the subway, bus or airplane, then it is time that you looked at purchasing an Acoustic Audio subwoofer. With the current advancement in technology, subwoofers have become more compact and lightweight compared to before. They can now easily fit in a small spot where there is no room for bigger or bulkier speaker systems. This makes it easier for people to bring their favorite music devices while they are traveling on the train or flying.

One of the most convenient ways to use these audio iPod products is when they are placed inside your car. You will be able to listen to your favorite music while you drive around the streets and highways. It is also possible for you to use them in your car if you do not want to place them on your car stereo or you have the wrong type of speakers installed. There are now products that feature built-in cup holders so you can easily drink your coffee or tea without having to place your cup down into its holder.

Acoustic subwoofers are not only made for sound quality but also for looks. The latest designs that you can find include sleek and elegant designs. There are now models that come in different colors like black, brown, silver, and others. If you are really considering buying one, it is best that you check out online shops because you can get to see many different designs and models before you make your final decision. There is nothing worse than being stuck with a subwoofer that does not suit your taste.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This was purchased to supplement some Klipsch R-14M bookshelves on my machine.

    I was already looking for a new sub and dreaming about boxing it up within the first 10 minutes of turning it on. I had the volume all the way up and nothing was coming out.

    But I decided to deal with it later and just let it be for now. After a few hours of music playback, the volume rose dramatically as the subwoofer relaxed. I ended up turning the volume dial down to 75%. The low pass crossover knob has no effect on the indicator below about 100Hz. However, going too far will result in an overly boomy sub.

    It’s a good subwoofer if you’re going to be about 6-8 feet away from it. A lot of the bass fades away until you’re about 10-15 feet away. It’s only 5 feet away from me because it’s under my computer desk, and it has plenty of bass for my tastes.

    Although I’ve never heard of Acoustic Audio, I am familiar with its parent company, Goldwood. I’ve been a Part Express customer for 20 years, and they’ve always carried Goldwood drivers. So I have some confidence in Goldwood. The amplifier plate looks EXACTLY the same as the plate amplifier on the Dayton Audio (Parts Express brand) 10″ SUB-1000. Their version is rated at 100 watts RMS, while this one is rated at 200 watts RMS. The Dayton figure is possibly more accurate. The Dayton 12 is mine “subwoofer and have been pleased with it, so that gives me more trust in this brand, particularly because they appear to be manufactured by the same company.

    The Polk PSW-10, which is available for a very reasonable price here, is likely to compete with this subwoofer (older generation though). It’s a ten “Acoustic Audio subwoofers, like this one, have a ported design. I chose this model over the Polk because the Polk is only rated for 50 watts, while this model is supposedly 200 watts, but 100 watts is possibly more accurate (just my guess though). Also, I was looking for this because my small children had been placing all sorts of things inside the front facing port of the previous subwoofer I had on my phone. Both the subwoofer and the port on this model face down to the deck. So there will be no more random toys and things inside the subwoofer!!!!

    I ultimately chose the Square Trade warranty. I spent about $6 and got several years of hassle-free coverage.

    Overall, I am pleased with this product after some break-in time. There aren’t many options at the $100 price point. Polk is a well-known brand, as is Dayton Audio. This is a different-looking Dayton Audio that can be shipped the same day, in my opinion.

    It’s a decent product if you need it for a small room and just want some “boom” for your small speakers.

    The feet, by the way, are 2″ tall hard plastic cones. If you plan on placing this on hardwood or tile, you may want to get some rubber or felt bumper feet/pads to stick on the bottom. As a result, it does not rattle or roll.

  2. I bought this sub to replace my bigger, 10″ Yamaha sub that I had installed with my home theater system. The Yamaha is fantastic, but the large port started begging the kids to put their tiny toys in it. Because of the downward facing speaker and slotted (rather than open) port, I decided to replace it with this one. In theory, this is a fantastic concept. When I set it up, however, it couldn’t compete with the efficiency of my current (similarly priced) sub. It does not seem to like theater sound. It’s too boomy and bottomed out quickly at modest volumes, with too much action. It was incapable of handling the rumbling lows of explosive or thunderous bass. My receiver was re-calibrated. I experimented with different input choices, but nothing came close to matching the output of my current sub. So I swapped it out and replaced it with my Lego collection. I was about to pack this up and send it back when I wanted to hear how it sounded in my office.

    My home office is relatively small (approximately 10’x12′). I have a 2.0 system that includes a high-quality receiver and Polk Signature bookshelf speakers. This setup is fantastic, and I have never had a single complaint about it. They also manage low frequencies well enough that I never felt the need for a subwoofer. When I set this up, it took my already 9-out-of-10-star system and elevated it to 10-out-of-10 stars. By allowing the sub to bear more of the load from the lower frequencies, it allowed my speakers to shine beautifully, bringing my system to near-perfect audiophile standards. I’ve been an audiophile my entire adolescent and adult life, and this is the best result I’ve ever had. My office has the feel of a professional recording studio.

    To be clear, this sub will not magically give you the same experience I had, but if you already have a fantastic setup, this might be the perfect sub to round it out and take it to the next stage.

    I couldn’t use it for what it was meant for, and I’m also searching for a theater sub without a Lego receptacle.

  3. I required a small subwoofer to suit the room and expand the bottom end bass of the new Sony Core SSCS3 speakers I’d just purchased. This subwoofer met the specifications, was reasonably priced, and was simple to install. I used my smartphone’s Audiotool software and a tuned microphone to fine-tune the changes for better bass extension without sounding boomy. The 150W RMS amplifier complements my 80W stereo amplifier well.

    New owners should be aware that the down-facing woofer under the cabinet lacks a protective grille. When picking up the cabinet, take care not to poke a hole in the woofer cone with your fingertips. Having realized this, I pick up the cabinet by the sides.

    An installation tip: If you have the option of putting this subwoofer in various positions around the room, you can use a technique known as the “subwoofer” crawl to find the best spot. Connect a long wire to the subwoofer so it can be placed at ear level, where you will be listening the majority of the time. Then, play some low-bass music and crawl around the venue, looking for the position with the loudest and smoothest bass at floor level. This is the perfect location for your subwoofer.

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