Acoustic Audio PSW-12 Subwoofer Demo

hello again this is ravi chair i’m going
to do a video review of the subwoofer
that is manufactured by a company called
acoustic audio this is the sub 6 or the
PSW 6 and has a new control right there
is a crossover adjustment on the
low-pass and 40 to 140 hertz high level
inputs if needed trial of output line
level inputs left and right views under
20 volt peak us a plug and a 6 and a 6.5
inch woofer which is down firing poly
zirconium cone looks pretty nice the
amplifier is a hard 25 watts RMS and the
Class A Class B amplifier and efficacy
ranges 30 to 200 Hertz sensitivity is 97
decibels at 1 watts and 1 meter
interventions are 11.1 by 9.25 like
10.04 it also comes with RCA cables that
is the left and right cables so that you
could connect the right in the left
there and this looks like these cables
are what’s about 10 feet long which is
fine that comes with a little Y adapter
case your surround system because there
are only one subwoofer output you can
usually do
cables to go into this input right here
the unit also comes with a installation
owner’s manual which has the
specifications in here as well as some
recommended connection diagrams with the
optimal ones are the less optimal ones
are want to point something else out
they have the power switch turned on and
they have the gain control all the way
up and then right by the speaker and
once you hear how quiet it is there’s a
wind outside that you’re hearing but
there’s virtually no hits and no noise
which is great now one of the nice
features about this is that you have
several nice features it has a 0 or 180
degrees phase switch so you can see
which one gives you the optimal base it
has an auto on function in the center
and then a full on the left and then off
and what that will do is it will sense
the input whether its high level or line
level and turn the unit on to the six
and a half inch mover and this of course
is a to import you can see right here
it’s got a port on the bottom that’s
where the base comes through little
frequencies that enhances certain
frequencies of this the actual
construction of this very nice very
solid heavy unit and actually we have it
already and it’s a very nice quality the
veneer on here with the name acoustical
audio on the front right tire side of
the experiment setup here I have the PSW
put on auto power phase zero Enya
three-quarters across over 250 Hertz I
have a DB in the air I have a line input
signal that I recorded of the test tone
that goes from 20 Hertz to 300 Hertz and
we can look at the vegetables here when
hit played Trebek 20 there’s the
is rising expecially the frequencies
good luck – 85 86
so that’s the Roloffs after 250 Hertz
which is within the spec they say that
goes from 30 to 250 Hertz now you can
see it Peaks out at about 90 and as you
know varies and that depends on the room
environment but it shows that it was
pretty flat and of course you could
change the cross over here so let’s do
that again and let’s follow the lower
frequencies we’re changing the cross
over here you can tell because it now
it’s much lower around those lower
so the bottom line is you’re going to
experiment with both these knobs of the
gain and the crossover to get it to
sound as flat as possible so I wanted to
show you where I’ve got the symbols
replaced is behind my monitor on my pc
to help these creative t 40s to the left
that work so hard with their bass driver
so after a little bit of balancing with
the levels I got it just right so it’s
relatively flat so it really helps with
movies so what’s more alcohol in Parsons
of the PSW is fixed by acoustic audio I
like the speaker it’s in a very low
price range and you get a lot of quality
for that price that it is the auto turn
on function seems to work perfectly I
tested that pull level signal kick down
even the signal that was at 30 Hertz I
like to control the gain crossover if
you have a nice rubberized feel to it
the quality the gold plating on the
connector is everything out here is very
good quality they sell blufor itself is
really six and a half inch smooth and
thoroughly coated got a lot of nice
movement to it they have rubberized leg
here to prevent vibration so I’m going
to give this speaker the subwoofer a
full 5 star rating on my channel I hope
this video helped you with your buying
decisions thanks for watching

Acoustic Audio PSW-12 Subwoofer Specs

Driver Units 250 W
Frequency Response 24 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Standard RCA inputs easily connect to your home theater receivers dedicated Sub Out
  • Integrated High Efficiency Power Amplifier with 500 watts peak power
  • Frequency response of 24 – 250 Hz with 98dB sensitivity at 8ohm
  • 12″ Down Firing long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA Treated cone
  • Signal Sensing Auto ON/OFF Control and 0 – 180 degree Phase Control Switches
  • Gain/Level Control and 40 – 140 Hz Crossover Control Knobs
  • Low Level standard dual RCA inputs for standard home theater receivers
  • Hi Level raw wire inputs and outputs for stereos will bypass the internal amp
  • Bottom Slotted Port for a full Deep Bass Effect
  • Bass Reflex cabinet design with vibration absorbing feet and black ash finish
  • High Quality CARB Compliant MDF wood cabinet with stability added internal bracing
  • Standing sub with feet size is (H x W x D) 13.8″ × 13.4″ × 14.6″
  • This Powered Subwoofer is NOT LFE Compatible

Acoustic Audio PSW-12 Subwoofers

One of the best loudspeakers made by Polk are the new Acoustic Audio PSW-12 subwoofers. This series of loudspeakers represents the latest technological advances in audio. With so much to offer, you will be delighted with this brand of audio. The brand name, “Polk”, has long been renowned for its durability, performance, and quality.

The “monitoring” term is especially special to Polk Audio. The original Polk Audio Monitor series, produced some thirty years ago, set the standard for high-performance and value for money by setting the standard for audiophile performance. The original Monitor series is the first line that made Polk Audio renowned for its straightforward, sturdy build, crisp sound, effective bass extension, and superior imaging all in a simple, affordable package.

When the new Acoustic Audio PSW-12 subwoofer came onto the market, it represented an improvement over the original models. It had the same sleek styling and great performance that had made the original models so popular. Compared to its predecessor, the new audio subwoofer from Polk made some significant improvements. The new model incorporated an optimally-shaped tweeter for better response and deeper bass, a six-stringed guitar-style tower for the perfect source selection and power handling capability, and an efficient crossover.

Sound systems are designed to reproduce the sound of external noise. If you have ever tried to install your own sound systems, you will know that they can be quite a chore. Especially if you don’t have a professional builder with you or don’t live in an area with sufficient access to high quality wiring, then you may need to install your system yourself. As anyone with basic electrical knowledge can tell you though, it’s very difficult to get that perfect, deep bass all through your home system unless you install your own subwoofers. As a matter of fact, the perfect deep bass can only be achieved with a Acoustic Audio PSW-12 subwoofer.

There are some features however, which make it easier to install and tweak your own sound system. Firstly, the subwoofer can be adjusted in height. Subwoofers tend to have a certain shape where they mount to the back of the speaker enclosure. You can adjust the Acoustic Audio PSW-12 subwoofer to have a smaller or larger profile. This adjustment allows you to customize the subwoofer to suit the shape of your enclosure, thereby improving the quality of sound produced by the subwoofer. You should also take into consideration the spacing between your speakers when you set up the subwoofer and make sure that it is placed accordingly.

The next thing to remember about your Acoustic Audio PSW-12 subwoofer is that you will need to use your amplifier correctly. In other words, make sure that your amplifier is able to provide the correct signal level for your theater’s sound system. Amplifiers usually come with signal level indicators that allow you to set the correct amount of signal that your amplifier requires. However, if your theater’s power output is not set correctly, you may need to use a signal booster. There are various types of signal boosters on the market today, so be sure to shop around and test the different brands to find one that works for you.

Acoustic Audio PSW-12 Subwoofer FAQ

Acoustic Audio 12-inch subwoofer

A 12-inch subwoofer is an excellent choice for bassheads and those who enjoy rumbling. There are many brands on the market, but Acoustic Audio is a stand out. Acoustic Audio subwoofers are known for their tonal accuracy, richness, definition, and the pure power that they bring to any music. Acoustic Audio subwoofers come in many different models and styles. If you’re looking for an affordable bass with powerful output, then Acoustic Audio subwoofers are the way to go.

If you’re interested in Acoustic Audio subwoofers, you have quite a few options. Acoustic Audio subwoofers are found in the floor-standing variety, as well as the theater and soundboard speaker varieties. Acoustic Audio subwoofers come in numerous different colors, including black and blue. The colors are thought to be particularly effective in accentuating the true color of the music. For some people, color has a direct correlation to emotion, so it makes sense that the more vibrant the colors are, the more intense the emotions will be when listening to the music.

Whether you’re shopping for a subwoofer for your personal music or for professional use, Acoustic Audio has a subwoofer that just might fit your needs. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is proven. Acoustic Audio subwoofers can be found online and in local stores in your area. Make sure to shop around and see which subwoofer will fit your tastes, your budget, and your requirements.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I was concerned about the quality of this sub because the number of reviews was low, and this unit is less expensive than the unit with the most reviews. In addition, I prefer a down “firing” sub. This unit arrived yesterday afternoon, just four days after I placed the order. There was no loss and everything was really well packed. It was sent from Kentucky to my home in Arizona. The subwoofer comes with a cable as well as simple, easy-to-follow instructions. I connected the device this morning and was enjoying excellent base within ten minutes. I should note that my surround speakers are 6″ ceiling mounted and the space is 18′ x 14′; however, my home’s open floor plan connects the living room, kitchen, and dining area. As a result, the audio is enjoyed in a space that is twice the size of the TV viewing room. My floors are all ceramic tile. I recommend this unit to anyone who has a standard surround sound system.

  2. Let’s start with the complaints:
    1) There is a humming noise…even when the machine is turned off. Is it important to me? No, because I only hear it when I move my head 3 inches away from the cabinet, which is not how I listen to music.
    2) Low/weak output: yes, but only if you set the crossover point based on the specifications of your speakers. My recommendation is to ignore the statistics. Set the gain to half-way, then change the crossover point until you hear the desired bass reinforcement. Then lower the gain until the sub only begins to “disappear” from the sound stage.
    3) The auto-off feature is buggy, which renders it useless; however, I use an auto-switchable power strip for all of my electronic devices, so it’s not a big deal.
    4) Inadequate vibration isolation: The plastic feet are too rough to offer any dampening on hardwood floors. I put four small squares of cut-up yoga mat underneath them. The issue has been resolved.

    The fact that the manufacturer hasn’t addressed these problems for as long as the product has been on the market is obviously unacceptable, but it doesn’t distract enough from the fact that this sub works well for my needs and my budget (Klipsch R-15M near-field on a computer desk with minimal space, hi-level inputs from a TPA3250 mini amp). It sounds fantastic and offers more than adequate bass reinforcement for my low-budget rig.

  3. I’m having trouble believing this sub is even the 250 watts RMS it claims to be, let alone 500 watts. To get any sound out of it, I have to turn the gain all the way up. My previous sub, a Yamaha YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer, completely destroyed this one. I was so excited when I ordered this because I thought I’d have to keep the benefit below the halfway mark, but now I’m just disappointed. And don’t bother calling Acoustic Audio. If you have any concerns or need customer service, you must e-mail them. And this is coming from a 38-year-old with a background in music, sound, and audio applications, so I’m no slouch. What is my advice? If you want consistency, stick with a brand like Yamaha.

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