Acoustic Audio PSW-10 Subwoofer Demo

okay guys I’m doing a review of the
acoustic audio HT sub 10 this is a 10
inch subwoofer okay
so here it is and just to remind you
this is an old video for a little six
months old or so I wanted to do a review
after owning this offer for a while and
just just to know bit bias or anything
so I’m gonna say that this is probably
the only the only thing in my whole home
theater setup that I’ve noticed the
difference the difference right away
before this I was using the Logitech C
5500 you know the whole setup and later
on I got a receiver I get this woofers
and I got some speakers I’m gonna have
videos for those later on so as you see
this is the light maple this is the
cheaper that hat because the other ones
the world sold out and they only had the
bigger sizes but this subwoofer came you
know really decent packaging actually
has two boxes no

  • this one yeah but I really like about
    this so goofy was how tighter and deeper
    it was compared to the logitech it’s
    it’s night and day difference and I
    notice it right away even more than when
    I replace these speakers eventually I
    mean six months now I mean I won’t want
    to replace him but not because it’s bad
    but just because I want something better
    and you know you know then once you get
    something you always want something
    better but this is a really nice offer
    and if you’re starting a set up
    okay just better out the box really
    heavy by the way I don’t I don’t know
    how much it weights but is very heavy so
    yeah you see it has double box the foam
    this bag I mean they did a really nice
    job on the packaging
    after we did that you that was me just
    recording the voice girls the microphone
    my camera is really bad so as you can
    see looks really nice it has good its it
    feels a little hollow so it’s not super
    solid but it’s too nice
    I mean if it feels hard you know your
    steak is just when you tap it the
    you can hear it it’s hollow inside you
    know really really nice here in the back
    it has you know it doesn’t have a leafy
    but you can connect to the left and it
    does the same thing here’s compared to
    my C 5500 subwoofer you know it’s a
    little bigger
    the both 10 inches but the HD sub 10 has
    a bigger cabinet yeah the the C 5500
    feels a little more solid I’m gonna say
    that just a little more dense let’s do
    the AC sub 10 sounds better maybe
    because of the bigger cabinet I don’t
    know you know the box you get these RCA
    cables really cheap I eventually bought
    better ones you know the premium from
    mana price that come this kit was cheap
    and is not very long
    and it also comes with this to RCA to 1s
    here adapter the very used to connected
    to my receiver since she only has one le
    fee so by the way this thing broke so I
    ended up buying a single cable so buffer
    so if you plan to use two cables just by
    its different adapter because that adapt
    is really cheap
    it broke like within one month you know
    just wait the weight of the cable itself
    is going to break it really cheap so the
    only thing worth it and the whole box is
    the actual subwoofer the cables are
    really cheap so yeah at the end I’m
    gonna show you some pictures you know
    right next to the C 5500 so Wolfer I
    hope you like it thanks for watching

Acoustic Audio PSW-10 Subwoofer Specs

  • Standard RCA inputs easily connect to your home theater receivers dedicated Sub Out
  • Integrated High Efficiency Power Amplifier with 400 watts peak power
  • Frequency response of 25 – 250 Hz with 97dB sensitivity at 8ohm
  • 10″ Down Firing long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA Treated cone
  • Signal Sensing Auto ON/OFF Control and 0 – 180 degree Phase Control Switches
  • Gain/Level Control and 40 – 140 Hz Crossover Control Knobs
  • Low Level standard dual RCA inputs for standard home theater receivers
  • Hi Level raw wire inputs and outputs for stereos will bypass the internal amp
  • Bottom Slotted Port for a full Deep Bass Effect
  • Bass Reflex cabinet design with vibration absorbing feet and black ash finish
  • High Quality CARB Compliant MDF wood cabinet with stability added internal bracing
  • Standing sub with feet size is (H x W x D) 12.4″ × 11.4″ × 12.4″
  • This Powered Subwoofer is NOT LFE Compatible

Acoustic Audio PSW-10 Subwoofers

For audiophiles and fans of excellent audio, nothing is more coveted than a Acoustic Audio product. The company’s history, as told by those who love it, is a story of many success and near misses. When it was first introduced, the company called its speakers “monitor speakers” because they were designed to be used with a computer monitor. Although the original models sold well, Acoustic Audio quickly learned that their quality products could also be used in home theaters and other audio applications.

It is common for people to incorrectly assume that just because a product has a high wattage that it will produce superior sound. However, the frequency response of an audio product is just as important to the listener as the power of the amplifier. An excellent product will allow the listener to get a pure and accurate representation of bass without any frequency distortion. The typical recommended range for a frequency response of 40 watts to eight watts is obtainable for all speakers in a good home theater system. Of course, the more powerful the speaker, the lower the frequency response, but even the most powerful speakers will not reach these levels without some type of crossover or equalizer.

The PSW-10 subwoofer contains a specially designed tweeter that reproduces sound at a much higher wattage than the typical speaker. While some manufacturers make speaker systems that only employ a single tweeter, such products will not reproduce sound as well as a dual tweeter design. The dual tweeter design will reproduce sound at a much louder level, but it will also produce a much smoother frequency response, which makes the speaker more forgiving to mistakes in reproduction.

Unlike many other products, the Acoustic Audio PSW-10 subwoofer is equipped with a rubber surround that will help to surround the speaker while it is operating. This unique characteristic helps to ensure that there will be very little noise or interference from outside sources. This feature will help to optimize the output of the audio system. In addition, there are a number of built in features that will make the overall system much easier to operate. A volume control can be made automatically by using either a remote controller or the vehicle’s built in remote. There is also a built in bass reflex system, which will improve the accuracy of the sound produced by the subwoofer.

One of the best features of the Acoustic Audio PSW-10 subwoofer is its “one-touch” switching capability. This feature allows you to easily switch between different speaker configurations, without having to manually change each one. If you have a large room and need to reproduce a high quality sound, then the PSW-10 subwoofer is perfect for your audio system. The built in signal conditioning system will allow you to enjoy your favorite music or your favorite video at full volume without having to crank up the volume to unacceptable levels.

In order to provide you with the best bass performance possible, Acoustic Audio PSW-10 subwoofers are equipped with a specially designed spider cone. The spider cone allows for optimized cooling for maximum efficiency. The result is an increase in overall efficiency as well as improved bass sound. This is a subwoofer that will not disappoint in terms of performance. Acoustic Audio’s popularity has been growing since their inception and with so many features on this unit, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase for many years to come.

Acoustic Audio PSW-10 Subwoofer FAQ

Acoustic Audio 10-inch subwoofer

You need to understand that you will never get a high quality sound from an ordinary 10-inch subwoofer. These are just used as accessories to make the audio quality better and the look better. You will never get a good sound from one of these subwoofers because the cones are not dense enough and they are too narrow. So, your subwoofer is just a glorified speaker that is supposed to look nice and not perform well. If you want to get the best sound quality and the prettiest looking subwoofer around then you need to get yourself a good set of audio amplifiers.

The sound quality of most car commercials has already been enhanced by using amplifiers. If you want the same effect then all you have to do is look for a good set of amplifiers. It is all about finding the right one for you. If you are looking for a simple solution then you should get yourself a high-end speaker that comes with a preamp and a tweeter. However, if you have money to burn then you can opt for a satellite radio with a woofer.

If you are into home theatre or you have a big music and video fan in your family then you will need to invest in high quality home theatre speakers and amplifiers. For the perfect sound you will need to get yourself a system with four speakers including a subwoofer. You can choose to use a true dome or a flat top speaker and a mid-range speaker to produce the best sound. You also have to consider the size of the room where you want to put it so that you know how much power you will need.

Acoustic Audio powered home subwoofer

A new model of Acoustic Audio powered home theater subwoofers have just hit the market. Its a new design and its different from the ordinary audio subwoofers that you can find in the market. This one has a special feature called Ductless Intercooler Technology which makes it a unique product to look at. What is Intercooler Technology? Well, this is the technology that allows air from one side of the speaker to enter the speaker from the other without an extra box or any boundaries.

The most important thing about this new model is that you will not need any subwoofers or center channel speakers to support the bass. This is because all the amplification in the home theater set up will come from the one large audio speaker. That makes it a perfect solution if you want to save space. These Acoustic Audio powered home theater subwoofers come with a brand new flat rubber surround that is specifically designed for these type of speakers.

It comes with a precision engineered silicone surround with a D-cup which is an optimum design for a theater speaker. If you are planning to buy one of these for your home theater, be sure to get the right size speaker wire that fits the speakers perfectly. Make sure also that you have the right termination wire so that you can hook it up properly. If you’re not sure of how to do it, check out the online tutorials and instructions and you should be good to go in no time. The Acoustic Audio powered home theater subwoofers can be yours at a very low price if you search and shop around.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Underneath the box are four tiny legs. The legs are tied to a flat piece of plywood. What do you think? It did not remain in place on a flat granite countertop. The box sagged by about 1/16 inch. I have no idea how they did it. You take a flat board and four similar legs and join them… and one of the legs is shorter? Anyway, five minutes with a file resolved the issue.

    The cable was the next thing to appear. An RCA cable is included with the subwoofer. Of course, I used it to attach the subwoofer to my AVR. And then I heard a low-pitched, low-volume sound. I could also “measure” the frequency. The sound was gone when I moved the cut-off lever below 60 Hz. Interference with the electrical wiring of the building! At the very least, the cut-off knob is well balanced. True, the “humming tone” is mentioned in the Troubleshooting chapter of the User’s Manual. “You should also invest in a collection of quality RCA cables that are protected from electrical interference,” it recommends. I purchased a Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable for $10. There will be no more humming. ten dollars! Why couldn’t they have anything useful in the box? Granted, it will raise the price of the sub by 10%. So, why did they install any cable at all? They could make it 3% cheaper if they left this piece of garbage out!

    At the end of the day, the sub appears to be a decent inexpensive audio component, with the exception of the “non-essential” material, which made me feel awful for several days before the new cable arrived.

  2. I planned to install a 3.2 channel system in order to eventually upgrade to a 7 channel Dolby Atmos system; my budget was about $1000, and I was determined to remain under it. I decided on dual subs and spent a lot of time searching for different subs, particularly anything inexpensive. My first option was the Polk Audio PSW10s or the Polk Audio F12s if I spent another 140 bucks, but I came across these PSW15s for under $180 a piece and I really spent some time thinking and reading different reviews, looking around reddit, and didn’t find anything on YouTube. But, for some reason, I ended up buying these; after all, it’s a prebuilt ported enclosure for a 15, with a plate amp. I knew right away that the rated 600 watts would be too good to be true. But I had my hopes up. And they were right, but I was also impressed more than I thought. I’ve spent the last week fine-tuning and breaking these 15 rules “I’m in. So, for anyone who knows something about audio, I’ll get straight into the details: the enclosure is impressive, made of high-quality MDF rather than cheap plywood. Now let’s talk about sound quality. “You get what you pay for” plus a little extra in that department.

    The amplifier must be the same amplifier used on all woofers from 8″ to 15″. The woofer is yelling for more steam, which got me thinking.

    I assume this 15 is right “The woofer has a peak power rating of 600 watts. And not the amplifier. I’d give the amp a decent 140w, and that’s being generous.

    When tested at 45hz, the amp distorts the woofer at 40% gain and 0db input.

    Again, the amp is to blame, not the woofer. I can easily tell that this 15” can handle a lot more capacity.

    HOWEVER the thing is, these babies play DEEP. and it will be felt by your sofa and walls. They certainly have the ability to pound your chest. But it’s limited, and another thing I’d like to mention is that the enclosure makes the woofer incredibly BOOMY… but that can be fixed with a fixed amount of polyfill if you’re willing to put in the effort. But, in more detail, this setup was designed for my wife’s living room to improve my tv experience when I come hang out and watch movies with her; otherwise, I can just go to the man cave and get a true Dolby atmos reference THX certified experience.

    But, in either case. She doesn’t like things that are too noisy in the first place, so I saw this as an opportunity to make this an upgradeable project. I want to install a more powerful amplifier, such as a bash500, as the next upgrade; I want to push the woofer to its limits. I’d like to replace the woofer with an ultimax 15 or do another sundown sub project like I did with the main home theater system once I get surrounds and some atmos or height speakers. Overall, while they do not get noisy, the experience becomes enjoyable after some fine tuning and time spent adjusting the woofers to your listening position. I’d strongly advise someone willing to pay a low price to upgrade in the future!

  3. We are overjoyed with this purchase. I have a 20-year-old wall-mounted stereo designed by a now-defunct company. It can play radio, CDs, and has an AUX plug-in, but the similarities with a stereo stop there. The sound quality was poor, but it did provide music. For the first twenty years, it was in a smaller, carpeted family space, but I recently moved it to the kitchen, a room three times the size with a lot of hard surfaces. Perhaps worse, the sound quality was deplorable. While cleaning it one day, I found a subwoofer plug-in on the back side. I had no idea subwoofers existed back then. I started pricing subwoofer speakers and was shocked by the high prices, but this one was a fraction of the price. I’m glad I decided to take a chance on this speaker. This unit has the depth of sound, fullness, and bass that my old crappy one lacked. They have the sound quality of top-of-the-line stereos that cost thousands of dollars when combined, but I only have around $115.00 in mine. It came with all of the required wires and connections. It took about five minutes to set up, including fine-tuning and volume adjustment. The case has a nice dark wood grain look to it. This is the sub for you if you want to update an older, subpar stereo!

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