Polk Audio T30 Center Channel Speaker Demo

guys so decided to upgrade my little
home theater I have with some Polk Audio
speakers they all polk audio i had on a
couple some pioneer on some pioneered
tower speakers that i had i mean they
was finding all but absolutely that’s
time to upgrade or whatever so i picked
up the arm
the t-34 the center channel the t54 the
two front I mean the two of the rarest
around back
I mean the surrounding left in the
surrounding right is a t-50 and I picked
up the T the old are fifty for the front
because I heard that they’re ready so I
kind of feel like I kind of took them
out of the box already just to see how
some of them sound and the our fifties
do sound louder and um they sound louder
and have more bass I don’t know because
this is a ported box supported me
enclosure but it does sound better than
the T fifties so um it’s kind of weird
because the T 50s have three speakers
even though two of them the two bottoms
are not really speakers they’re just
based they’re called base reflectors or
something like that something like that
just give you more base so it has on a
Twitter made the mid and low range
speaker and two base reflectors unlike
the ar-50 now it has two dedicated
speakers and a tweeter so I decided to
use the are 50s for my front and the T
fifties for my back and the t-34 my
Center so let’s go ahead and open
whatever let me just kind of open one
because I already open all the rest
so just gonna open that one for you guys
so to the left speak over to the left
that’s the t-50 and it’s bigger to the
right is the ar-50 um the two bottoms
that’s on the left on a t-50 those two
are not connected to anything they’re
just a shell speaker shell as you may
just speak a shell also the arm r50 is
way heavier than a t-50 even though they
are 50 years older than the T 50 quick
note on the arm on a T 50 these things
are kind of flimsy see kind of broke on
me focus on you just pulling it off
you’re kind of cracked see want to be
careful when taking off this thing I
don’t think it was really built that
durable as domed r50 but yeah I paid
like $100 for each speaker I don’t know
if that’s a ripoff or not but it’s $100
I didn’t get the T 15 because these are
bookshelf speakers here in the basement
so I have both chef’s upstairs but
that’s really not my little man cave
area so
everything all stuff how to do it me is
down here so decide the box so once you
remove it up the box you have nothing
down just more styrofoam for protection
so this is what you’re greeted with we
take it up
this is basically it it’s pretty light
actually it’s not really that that heavy
compared to the are like what I said
before gotta be very careful when it
comes to this thing
kind of stuck now the heck that the t-50
like I said I tried them before they’re
pretty loud for the price they sound
really good for the price but the ar-50
sounds a little bit better to me these
are kind of like mid-range and entry to
mid to mid-level price point from from
coke the ours are older but they’re in
the mid range these are entry level mid
range the ours are mid range
now I picked this one up because it was
on sale
also they got paid maybe 80 bucks I’ll
show you what’s inside the box so just
listen inside the bus basically all the
same thing there’s two styrofoam
I think it’s built just like it is
imported box
unlike the t-50 I think maybe imported
comported boxes a little bit better
see supported comes with two five and a
quarter and speakers and the Twitter
like a big brother
meet us the vocals and that I want need
it so bad but that’s basically it that’s
the unboxing on well that really did t30
the t-50 and the t30 and not the our
it’s basically what’s in the box nothing
more just run some tests so far they
something wonderful but once intestine
see what’s going on with these bad boys
alright guys take care and also that on
the other vision picture said it’s
coming up shortly so you guys take care
of it peace

Polk Audio T30 Center Channel Speaker Specs

Height6.5″ (16.51 cm)
Width19″ (48.26 cm)
Depth8.5″ (21.59 cm)
Driver Enclosure TypeVented
Driver Complement(1)  1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) Silk Dome, Wave Guide – Tweeter
(2) 5.25″ (13.34 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance – Mid/Woofer
Peak Power Handling100 watts
Total Frequency Response55 Hz – 24,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance86 ohms
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 metre)90 dB
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits82 Hz – 20 Hz
Speaker Inputs(1) Pair of Binding Posts – Gold Plated

Polk Audio T30 Center Channel Speakers

Polk Audio T30 center channel stereo speaker is designed to bring high quality sound from your personal music device to your home entertainment system. This brand of speaker offers an affordable solution for enhancing the sound of your favorite audio devices. Polk Audio manufactures a wide variety of speaker models suited for any type of media player. If you are searching for a reliable and durable product that can withstand years of heavy use, then Polk Audio T30 center channel speaker could be an ideal choice.

Polk Audio T30 center channel speaker is designed to deliver high quality sound directly to your television or home theater system. They are perfect for both listening to your favorite audio tracks and watching movies with your family. These speakers are made with an acoustic design that provides deep and rich bass. The speaker has a large speaker cone for powerful bass effects. This is one reason why they are considered as one of the best speaker systems for your audio device.

Polk Audio T30 center channel speaker come in two different formats. There are floor-standing speakers that are perfect for smaller rooms. And there are also portable speaker that can be easily carried around without the need for additional stands. Both of these types of speakers are loaded with advanced technologies that ensure superior sound quality.

Polk Audio T30 speakers are loaded with digital signal processing technology that delivers clear and smooth sound. You can experience premium-quality sound from your speaker system without worrying about signal interference. The company uses state-of-the-art circuit boards and woofer cones to provide excellent audio performance. Polk Audio T30 speakers use voice coil separation for superior sound accuracy and low distortion.

Polk Audio T30 stereo subwoofers are engineered to provide you with great bass effects. They are manufactured using a number of innovative new technologies to meet the demanding needs of a home theater enthusiast. You can count on these speakers to reproduce low tones while maintaining high clarity and high quality sound. This company has spent a lot of time and money to fine-tune their product so you will get the best performance possible. You can count on the durability and performance of these speakers.

For a perfect home entertainment or plug-in speaker system, you should always consider the best available options such as the Polk Audio T30 center channel stereo. You will get the quality and performance you need for your sound system while saving money at the same time. This is why you should take a closer look at this product.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Excellent bass response, as well as clear mids and highs. I think these are great for movies/TV (probably because I don’t care about surround sound) and music. The room I’m in is 13×19, with hard wood floors and high ceilings that absorb sound. They’re paired with an Onkyo A-9050 stereo receiver. I’m glad I took a gamble on these.

  2. I used to have a soundbar, but I traded it in for a pair of these and a Yamaha RX-V383 AV Receiver. Since I live in an apartment, I just need two speakers for the time being. I looked for reviews and found one on YouTube from Glenn’s Speed Shop who praised these speakers after reviewing a higher end model of the same brand and praising these just as much…SOLD! These are on par with other labels I’ve owned in the past, such as Sony and JBL (Sony Headphones and JBL Bluetooth speakers). I do plan to finish my home theater if and when I move out into a location where I can blast the music, and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with the Polk brand and this series of speakers. I’m no audiophile, but if you’re on a budget or just starting out, these are excellent speakers to start with.

  3. I did some research on various bookshelf speakers. The reviews for these were positive, and now that I have them, I can see why. They’re fantastic. a loud and clear sound When you look at the price, you may think they can’t be that good ( get what you pay for) They far exceeded my standards with these. It is highly recommended that you use speaker wire, which is not included. To save room, they can also be hung on the wall.

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