Polk Audio Signature S15 Bookshelf Speakers Demo

hey guys welcome back to the channel
today we’ve got the Polk Audio s15 that
we’re gonna review I bought these off of
Facebook marketplace for about 125 bucks
used so I’m pumped to have them here
I’ve always wanted to get my hands on
them because if I’m being completely
honest I’ve never owned a pair of polke
Audio speakers and they’re kind of like
the American hi-fi brand like polk audio
clips these companies have been around
for so long and i just wanted to check
out their stuff i thought this was a
good looking speaker so we got it here
i’m gonna take you through the specs
some pros some cons the treble the mids
the bass some listening impressions and
then we’ll wrap it up okay I’m starving
so I’m gonna try to make this quick
because I have food waiting for me after
so they got a frequency response of 50
Hertz to 40 kilohertz a one-inch
terylene tweeter five and a quarter inch
polypropylene woofer the height width
and depth is twelve inches by seven and
a half by ten and a quarter they weigh
13 pounds each they have a keyhole mount
on the back they’re 8 ohm 88 decibels
sensitive good for a hundred watts have
five wave binding posts they come in
black or walnut and right now they are
about a hundred and seventy two hundred
and seventy two dollars on websites like
a Crutchfield which are authorized
dealers and I believe you have a 30 to
60 day in-home trial something like that
so the treble these are on the brighter
side no doubt they’re not incredibly
revealing or textured though and and it
just is what it is right some people
would say this is a lively speaker a fun
speaker that’s not incorrect that’s
another way of saying they’re on the
brighter side of neutral it just is what
it is these are gonna be best for people
who prefer a livelier presentation the
mids can be recessed or veiled with
certain music but they’re not muddy or
have like a big V curve by any means
right then moving on to the bass there
rhythmic fast tight and responsive the
50 Hertz that they quote that they can
go down to if they’re saying it’s 50
Hertz with room gain then I’ll say yes
that’s accurate if they’re saying their
frequency response goes down at 50 Hertz
plus or minus 3 DB without room gain
personally I don’t believe that that’s
just my experience in my room what else
do we have here so the these have a bit
of technology on them it’s called the
power port I’ll show
it’s on the back of the speaker right
and what this is is it’s essentially a
piece of plastic that extends the port
length I experimented with removing it
to see what that would do and this is
what I noticed for what it’s worth if
you like a little bit of midbass bloat
removing the power port gives you that
however it is at the expense of a little
bit of low end extension so the longer
port gives you the little bit more
low-end extension what else do we have
here I don’t know if this is if this is
because of the power port or not I think
it is but the position of the speaker in
relation to your front wall does not
affect bass output which I found very
strange because I own a lot of speakers
I’ve had a lot of speakers here and the
closer you move them to this front wall
the more bass you get and you know of
course many times you know you get too
close it’s it’s bloated it’s muddy it
doesn’t sound good but closer to the
wall you have more bass further away
from the wall you have less space but
it’s cleaner and tighter and so on if
you’re in a situation where you’re kind
of forced to put these up against a wall
you’re not gonna have that increased
bass nor bloated bass or it’s just it’s
gonna be okay
so I thought that was kind of cool and
worth mentioning um
like most bookshelf speakers that they
are gonna need a subwoofer if you want
full range sound and full range bass it
just kind of is what it is you know
that’s a $200 speaker without a sail
essentially it can only do so much you
know so let’s go over some pros and cons
so pros this is without a doubt the
best-looking vinyl wrap I’ve ever seen
on a speaker okay it is really really
good-looking the camera doesn’t do it
justice pictures don’t do it justice
it’s one of those things you have to see
in person to really appreciate I
appreciate the hell out of that I’m a
huge fan of a real wood veneer at this
price point I can definitely forgive a
vinyl finish though and this looks great
I like how the look of the speaker can
go from mild wood the grill on very
normal-looking traditional to super just
wild and aggressive and in-your-face
without the grill they’re two totally
different kinds of looks
it’s nice to have the option of flavor
in my opinion the fit and finish was
excellent they sound good at low volumes
bass rhythm and articulation are very
good not bloated nor too punchy and the
power port allows for flexible placement
moving on to the cons the forward sound
without being revealing or giving you
more detail was a bit of a letdown I
understand that at this price point I
can’t expect any kind of like real
detail retrieval or a micro detail macro
detail whatever you want to call it but
when a speaker is on the brighter side
my brain naturally expects more detail
and it not being there did bother me a
little bit
the only other con I listed is they
could be fatiguing out louder volumes
for me louder volumes on this speaker
men over 70 decibels which isn’t that
loud now you know a note on things like
fatigue or being bright these things
really are personal to some degree now I
think a lot of us can agree certain
speakers are bright certain speakers
aren’t but at some point it really
depends on your hearing a lot of audio
files like to believe they’ve got the
golden ear and they’ve got perfect
hearing and fail to realize as you get
older your hearing just diminishes just
like your eyesight does it just happens
right so I believe if you’re a little
bit older you might not think these are
that bright you might find them to be
neutral or if you’re young and you’ve
gone to a ton of concerts and really
destroyed your ears you might find these
to be neutral and a speaker that I feel
is neutral you might think is totally
dull now you might be wondering how do I
know my ears aren’t damaged or you know
how do I know I have good hearing well I
know I have good hearing because my
whole I have really really worked on
protecting my hearing my grandparents
growing up were deaf so you know like
hearing us something I always valued a
lot and I really did my best to like
take care of even when I listen to like
loud music in my car I never listen to
more than one song at a time out loud
volumes because hearing damage has to do
with the decibel level and over time how
long you do it typically over four
minutes or so is when it starts to
become damaging at a certain decibel
anyways I digress I don’t have the best
hearing in the world but it’s good I’ve
tested blah blah blah believe me or
don’t I don’t care
impressions so at 65 to 70 decibels they
sounded best for me any louder and I
started to become fatigued or didn’t
really enjoy the presentation as much
base quantity was okay the emote Eva B 1

  • sounded more natural with fuller base
    but the pole cast 15 had more rhythm now
    I reviewed the inlet Eva Airmotive B 1 +
    about a month ago now I still have them
    here because the coronavirus I can’t
    really send them back just yet I will
    send them back as soon as I can but yeah
    that’s my little comparison there I will
    be reviewing the PSB p3 soon which is
    another speaker that’s in the $200
    category and once I’m done with that
    I’ll do a little trio comparison because
    I’ll probably still have the MOT of
    every one if v1 plus is here I’ll
    definitely still have these here because
    I bought these and I’ll definitely have
    the PSB P 3s because I bought those too
    anyways moving on ultimately these were
    not a good fit for me I didn’t find
    myself wanting to leave them on the
    stands the same way I did with the emote
    Iver motive B once when the review for
    those work done I left them on the
    stands for about a month I believe I
    just continued to enjoy them and that
    wasn’t the case for these and I think
    that you might Eva b1 + is just overall
    I don’t want to sit here and say it’s a
    better speaker for me it’s a better
    speaker though it just is the you know
    if we look at it like food for example
    the flavor is something I enjoyed a
    whole lot more right the performance of
    it is just more suited to me
    another thing else I might get some crap
    for saying this but these to me we’re
    kind of like a poor man’s Dynaudio m10
    so if you’ve always wanted that speaker
    or you’ve got your eye on it and it’s
    just way out of your budget
    check these out and the reason I say
    these are a poor man’s Dynaudio have
    antennas because a lot of the things I
    didn’t like about the Dynaudio m10 this
    has now those things I don’t like mic
    that might be things you love so try to
    like let go of me not liking them I’m
    not the end-all be-all
    I just noticed a lot of similarities
    between the two speakers now the die
    Audio antennas a lot more expensive and
    so a lot better of a speaker it’s a lot
    more or fine it has better bass more
    detail retrieval and so on but I felt
    like there was some similarities what
    else do we have here we have nothing
    that wraps it up let me see there to
    think if there’s anything else I want to
    add it’s a good-looking speaker it
    really is I dig it I think they killed
    it with the polished block here and the
    they use Allen he’s up here for like all
    the screw holes just fit and finish
    really is good
    yeah look guys that wraps it up there’s
    not a whole lot else to say so if you
    have any questions ask them in the
    comments below if you disagree with me
    that’s cool too and one last thing if
    you already own these speakers and you
    came and watch this review because
    you’re looking for some confirmation
    that you made the right decision don’t
    do that that’s not a good thing to do
    after you buy something stop looking at
    reviews and just to enjoy your gear
    honestly I’d do that too sometimes and
    it’s not a good thing it’s not a good
    habit to have so I’m sorry if I couldn’t
    confirm that I liked them also and give
    you that validation but if you have them
    and you like them that’s all that
    matters because at the end of the day
    the reason there are so many different
    speakers is because people are different
    and have different tastes if we didn’t
    there would only be one speaker brand in
    the world and everyone would buy that
    speaker anyways thanks for tuning again
    and I hope you guys have a great day

Polk Audio Signature S15 Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Recommended Amplifier Power20 to 100 W
Drivers1″ / 2.54 cm Terylene Tweeter
5.25″ / 13.34 cm Polypropylene Woofer
Frequency Response50 Hz to 40 kHz
Impedance8 Ohms
Wired Connectivity5-Way Binding Post Pair Input
Crossover2.5 kHz
Sensitivity88 dB
Placement & Mounting OptionsKeyhole(s)
Cabinet MaterialMDF
Dimensions7.5 x 12 x 10.2″ / 19.1 x 30.5 x 26 cm
Weight13.0 lb / 5.9 kg

Polk Audio Signature S15 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio has been a trusted name in home theater speaker design and installation for over 35 years. Their growing audio specialty in television entertainment accessories and home cinema systems is continuing to soar with each new generation of electronics. You can depend on Polk Audio to deliver quality audio equipment that is engineered, designed and installed to offer you the ultimate surround sound experience. It is also known as a great manufacturer of home theater components. With their vast range of audio components, Polk Audio has a one-stop shop for all of your audio entertainment needs.

Built on the company’s tradition of excellent audio engineering, the Polk Audio Signature Series continues this proud tradition with an improved bass capability with unalloyed fiberglass cone shells. The resulting speaker designs are flat-panel high-efficiency cabinets optimized for high-definition video and audio display. With added subwoofer output terminals, these specially designed cabinets allow the addition of multiple surround sound speakers without complicated wiring or routing. A perfect partner to Polk Audio’s other high-end speaker lines, these speakers let you enjoy supreme surround sound performance.

Polk Audio has expanded their lineup of high-performance speakers to include the new S15 bookshelf speaker series. Polk has built upon its reputation for building state-of-the-art speaker systems by adding bookshelf speakers to their lineup. It has developed a distinctive line of bookshelf speakers that are suited for both home theater speakers and home theater presentations. The S15 bookshelf series is designed to reproduce sound in its truest form – crystal-clear highs and solid lows.

Polk Audio has succeeded in designing bookshelf speakers with woofer cones that are stiff enough to avoid External Acoustic Control issues. This ensures that your movies or music will never be too loud or distorted when played through a home theater system. With its aluminum woofer frames and rubber surround channels, Polk’s S15 bookshelf speaker is the ideal partner to your movie and audio equipment. Other bestselling speakers include the S12 bookshelf, the S6 bookshelf, and the XS Speakers.

Polk Audio also offers surround sound speakers that use a revolutionary new technology called SurroundBar. Its simple, single-frame design allows the surround bars to overlap one another in an almost infinite number of ways to offer a completely natural effect. This means that each speaker in a home theater system will play different notes at the same time, lending a truly realistic feel to the sound experience. The result is a movie that sounds as though it was created for real life – the same stereo effects used in real-life theaters. Using SurroundBar technology on the speaker front end, Polk Audio has lowered the costs associated with creating a great home theater experience.

Polk Audio has many options for people who are looking for the perfect bookshelf speaker. Polk S15 Dynamic Speakers is engineered for true sound accuracy and realism, while minimizing undesirable effects such as feedback. This company also offers Subwoofers that uses a patented technology called “maidan” which utilizes two silver channels for each driver. This driver is able to handle low frequencies much better than regular speakers can. For those who love the bass but not the rumbling feel of high-end speakers, Polk Audio also offers subwoofers with a fiberglass surround designed to give you the ultimate sound in any situation. Its products are known for being innovative and the S15 Dynamic Speakers is proof of that.

Last update on 2021-07-30 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I won’t claim to be an audiophile or something, but I know how I like my music to sound. I waited a few weeks to study them so I could break them in, and these s15s are great for my house; I live on the 17th floor of a tower complex, and I can tell you my neighbors already despise me; I matched them in a 7.2 setup with the s50, s20, s35, and hts 10s x2. I can hear sounds in music that I never knew existed before. I’ve played a wide range of songs, like Paint It Black, Kashmire, Stand By Me, To Keep It Mellow, and a lot of deadmau5. When combined with my Yamaha receiver, the machine sounds fantastic. If you want incredible sound quality with amazing highs, mids, and lows, these are for you. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

  2. I was concerned about the low end output of these, but I seldom listen to loud music. These sound fantastic! The bass proved to be unimportant, but if you wanted more, you could always add a Sub. At this price point, I’m very happy with the audio quality. I was initially going to go with the TSI100s, which received rave reviews, but changed my mind at the last minute. I’m really happy with these!

  3. I’ve had the S15 for a few weeks and I must admit that I’m very impressed. They’re a decent size, and they have a significant feel to them when you carry them. They have a very complete sound, with excellent clarity and a great bass response. I use these for my rear surround channels, along with an S35 center channel, as well as a pair of S20s for my front L/R and a pair of Bose 302s for my L/R surround channels. I am very pleased with the sound that these speakers make. They have a really simple and balanced voice. If I hadn’t found such a good deal on a pair of S20’s, these would have been my primary front L/R speakers. They are highly competent. Simply brace yourself for the size of these speakers, as you would for any other speaker in the Polk Signature Sequence. Because of the “Power Port” on the back, they are very deep. Anyway, these are fantastic speakers, and the entire Signature Series line has wowed me.

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