Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Bookshelf Speakers Demo

hey guys here’s a short clip on dolby
atmos speakers made by pioneer these are
designed by Andruw Jones and big name in
the audio industry model number is B as
22 a LR a stands for Atmos and L or for
our left and right okay so here are the
speakers there you go here is a top
firing atmosphere and they usually offer
at once and it’s got dual binding force
the top one’s called the Atmos you hook
them this to your our receiver front
Heights and this is just your friend
so Pioneer released this model after
their highly successful BS 22lr
bookshelfs they just put two drivers on
top of their bookshelves and called it
Darby Atmos these go on around 140
dollars on sale so that’s a pretty good
deal for Atmos enabled surround speakers
or you know depending on how we use like
for $70 apiece for true Dolby Atmos
experience you have to go with ceiling
mount speakers if that’s not an option
for you then they stop mounted our
speakers might work they simulate a
Dolby Atmos by reflecting sound of the
ceiling even though they come with the
4-inch Traverse they to sound good it’s
pretty surprising given the volume of
the speaker enclosure they went with a
four inch travel the grilles are pretty
basic given that these are budget level
I have wanted ceiling so the Atmos and
is not gonna work for me so I’m just
gonna short these two and just use as a
star on speaker
I will play a demo clip in the end but
don’t go by YouTube sound quality I hope
this helps thanks for watching

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Speaker TypeSurround/Rear Channel Speakers
Enclosure typeBass Reflex
Frequency Response180 Hz – 20 kHz
Power80 Watt
Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm)4″ textured surface woofer
Tweeter1″ high efficiency soft dome tweeter
Impedance6 Ohm
Sensitivity85 dB
Product Dimension (H×W×D)376.8 x 181 x 214.3 mm
Product Weight5.1 kg

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Bookshelf Speakers

From renowned speaker designer Andrew Jones comes an exciting collection of speaker products that bring true professional-quality sound right to your living space. These are the latest line of speaker products from the award-winning designer Andrew Jones. The highly-acclaimed bestselling series of speakers from world-renowned audio specialist, Andrew Jones, engineered by award-winning speaker engineer, Mark King. These high-quality speakers feature precision-tuned drivers and woofers and include a subwoofer enclosure with a spider-web pattern that provides an accurate and powerful enclosure without an overly-large footprint. They are also equipped with the most modern technology for a smooth and seamless fit in your home.

Speakers like these will take your entertainment to the next level. The revolutionary surround sound performance is powered by a pair of Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer enclosure. This sophisticated system allows you to enjoy your favorite audio without having to surround yourself with expensive equipment. The result is that you can listen at a higher level and not worry about hurting your back or ears by sitting so close. You will be able to fully appreciate your favorite audio no matter where you are.

If you need good sound for your home theater or office setup, look for the high-tech loudspeakers manufactured by this innovative company. These technologically advanced products will help you enjoy the best in surround sound performance while still getting all your speakers included. With a subwoofer enclosure that covers your entire hearth, your other speakers will not be destroyed in the process. A pre-amplifier is also included, which helps the sound to come through smoothly.

In order to get the very best sound for your home entertainment needs, you should select the best speakers that you can afford. The bookshelf speaker system from the Pioneer Company is one of the most impressive systems on the market. Not only does it contain superlative audio quality, it also comes complete with a subwoofer that is engineered to work well with even the most challenging sound system. When powered with the optional battery pack, the woofer takes on all the power that your regular speaker system needs to provide you with excellent audio quality. At only two watts, the SP-BS22A-LR bookshelf speakers will handle low-level audio and ensure that you don’t get feedback that could ruin the effect. The subwoofer will also handle low-frequency sounds and help ensure that the bass response is as strong as possible.

If you are looking for an excellent set of speakers, you can count on the SP-BS22A-LR bookshelf speakers manufactured by this manufacturer. They feature a number of innovative features, such as an aluminum woofer basket, a spider gear suspension system, and dual-balanced dome drive tweeters. These speakers are designed to work well with a wide range of operating systems and are able to handle low and medium frequencies. With a nominal impedance of six ohms, these speakers can handle both low and midrange frequencies at high volumes.

If you want your audio system to have powerful output, you should look for the innovative Smart Speaker technology offered by this manufacturer. The Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR series features smart speaker technology that lets you choose individual soundbars for each input source. You can then assign different soundbars for the left, right, and surround sound system, so that you get the most appropriate sound for each input source. With the use of a specific software program, you can even manage your personal preferences, such as controlling the volume and the balance of each individual soundbar.

Pioneer SP-BS22A-LR Speakers FAQ

Pioneer car speakers

For many people, who consider quality in their car, Pioneer car speakers are one of the best brands available. The company has a long history in manufacturing car stereos, and has been in business since 1930. As a result, they have a great reputation for producing speakers that work well. When you are considering a new system, you will want to make sure you are getting an item of high quality, as there are many competitors making low-quality products. Luckily, when you are searching for car speakers, it will be easy to find reviews that will help you choose the best options.

Some of the factors that will play a role in the final choice of car speakers include the power handling of the item, its impedance, as well as its sensitivity. Power handling is measured in ohms, and it refers to how much weight can be supported by the speaker at full output. The higher the Ohm rating, the greater the power handled by the speaker. One of the advantages of using high-powered speakers is that they will produce louder sound effects and have greater impact once they are turned on. However, it is important to remember that most high powered stereo speakers will require additional power handling capability, so be sure to check how much power each model requires before purchasing.

Another factor that will influence your final decision is the type of amplifier you will use with your speakers. If you want to minimize electrical interference, you will want to go with the a-series amplifier. However, if you do not want distortion or a lower quality sound, you may prefer the home-a-series speaker systems. Generally, the a-series speaker systems are recommended for lower-powered home theater systems and CDs.

Pioneer tower speaker

The latest models of the best selling T.S. microphones with a superior performance level is the T.S. microphones from Pioneer. It has the exceptional ability to handle high volumes at a reasonable price. Providing the customers with versatile mounting options to suit proper orientation of the microphones for both the front and rear channels of a car stereo system.

With the superior sound quality that is produced by the tower speakers it is no wonder that the company is recognized as the “Best in Audio”. This company uses the latest technology to provide superior sound quality and has made great contributions towards the field of engineering. In order to improve the performance of their products they use the latest innovative techniques and high end components. Using digital technology, they are able to achieve a very good reproduction of sound and make a system that is perfect for any application.

The T.S. series is designed by using high-grade parts and employing the most advanced techniques which give them the ability to produce the best audio quality. One of the most important features they possess is the ability to reject low frequencies. By doing this the audio will be refined and enhanced to create the perfect sound for each particular application. By utilizing the powerful signal flow control feature, they are able to keep the volume at a consistent level and prevent any unwanted spikes that can ruin the sound during the audios.

Pioneer DJ speaker

If you are looking for a new DJ mixer or sound system to improve on the one you already have, then look no further than the Speaker. DJ Speakers from Pioneer is some of the best out there, and for good reason. Their products are designed with today’s top DJs in mind. The fact is that they are engineered to put out the very best sound for a given situation. In fact, if you are into EDM and want to get the very best signal, then you will not want to miss out on getting one from a manufacturer as trusted as Pioneer.

A lot of DJs that have had experiences with DJ Speakers from Pioneer say that they are some of the most reliable and functional out there. Of course, there are plenty of other brands that manufacture sound systems and mixers, and it’s certainly not impossible for one of these to surpass a DJ Speaker. However, most of the time, DJ Speakers will not have the same level of quality as one purchased directly from Pioneer.

This is because a company as large as Pioneer does not just throw out a product simply because it doesn’t meet up to their standards. Instead, they take the time to make sure that the product they release meets up to the highest standards possible. In fact, this even extends to the audio components. After all, most of us who use DJ Speakers will want to ensure that the music we hear out there on the turntables and in the mixes sounds as clean and clear as possible. With a system such as the Pioneer DJ Speaker, you are going to get exactly that.

Pioneer home theater speakers

When looking for a quality set of home theater speakers, you’ll undoubtedly find that Pioneer home theater speakers are among the highest quality available. There are several reasons why this is, and we’re going to quickly go through them. The first thing that you need to realize is that technology is constantly advancing, and so are speakers. Even as recent years have shown an increase in the number of high quality models available on the market, there is still more technology that has been developed in the last decade than there has ever been before. This means that every manufacturer out there is working hard to find new ways to make their products better and more advanced.

So, having said that, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the manufacturers are better than one another when it comes to making high quality speakers. In fact, many times they may be even better than one another. One of the best home theater speakers that has recently been released is the Pioneer home theater speakers and surround sound system, which include the very popular seven-inch speaker called the Focal Clearaway 5. The other top rated model is the Focal RSVP 5.

The other thing that makes the Pioneer home theater speakers and surround sound system stand out from others is that they use what’s known as DTS audio formats. These are digital signal formats which have been standardized by the Digital Audio Standards Association. This is important because it means that not only are the speakers able to handle surround sound effects, but they also have the ability to handle Dolby Digital and DTS audio as well. There is a difference between these two different types of formats however, and this is something that we’re going to explain in more detail below. However, for now you should know that if you want to watch a movie with true surround sound, then the lower bit rate format such as the DTS format is what you need to use.

Pioneer floor standing speakers

There are many factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing floor standing speakers from a reputable manufacturer such as Pioneer. These speakers have been tested and rated for their performance. With that being said, there are also many accessories that you can get with your purchase such as car kits, home theater system pieces, and most importantly, an owner’s guide.

The SP FS52 Home Music Floor standing speaker is an excellent option if you are looking for a high quality floor standing speaker for your home or business. They are very compact and very durable. It has five wired speakers in each channel, which is what makes it so efficient. The sub woofer is approximately two inches long, making this speaker very manageable as well. The amplifier portion of the SP FS52 is located on the front of the speaker and plugs into an appropriate outlet in your vehicle.

As far as the sound stage of the speakers goes, this speaker does not fall short of any expectations. You can clearly hear the instruments from both the front to the rear. If you are looking for a good floor standing speaker for a small to medium sized room, then the SP-fs52 is perfect for you. Its sound stage is very clear and it delivers clear mids and bass frequencies.

Another feature that is very popular with these speakers is that they contain an in-dash receiver. In other words, you can plug your iPod directly into the speakers so you don’t need to use an amplifier. If you want to connect other electronic devices to the SP-fs52 speakers, all you have to do is utilize the home theater wiring available with these speakers. The in-dash receiver allows you to control the volume of the speakers, switch songs, etc. – all from the convenience of your car.

Pioneer surround sound speakers

The Pioneer surround sound speakers are a great addition to your home theater. If you love movies and television then you probably already know just how great it is when the sound is that good. The sound speakers that are produced by Pioneer have been known for having a deep and wide sound that is made to make watching all of your favorite shows and movies even more enjoyable. You can get these types of sound systems in two different formats, one is the car version and the other is the surround sound format. Either way, the speakers are amazing and you will be very happy with them.

There are not many people who do not like to watch videos and plays on their televisions but if you have surround sound then you will have a better experience. You will not only enjoy the movies and TV shows that you watch on your TV but the surround sound will give you even more of a thrill because you will feel the sounds of the movie or play right in front of you. There are not many things better than being able to set up shop in your backyard and have the TV and movie playing on the big screen. With a surround sound speaker system, you will be able to do this even better.

You might think that the speakers would need to be plugged into a television in order to work but they are not, you can plug them right into your TV. There are not many home electronics stores that carry the surround sound speakers so you will have to look for them online or in some cases you might be able to find them at a local store near you. Just remember to keep an eye out for one of the sites that has the speakers and you will find what you want.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Although the tone of the speaker is subjective (for example, different people prefer different genres of music), they are excellent speakers! You can’t beat them at this price, particularly because they have built-in, upward-firing (Dolby Atmos compatible) speakers. I’d hear sounds that I hadn’t heard before with other speakers.

    The speakers are sold as a pair (you get two). There are four posts on the back of the speaker (two positive/negtive for the “standard” speaker, two positive/negative for the upward (Dolby Atmoscompatible) firing speakers) that you can use to either insert speaker wire (bare) from the side, screwing down the threaded top onto the speaker wire (very secure), or (by removing a black or red plastic plug – pliers required) by inserting your banana plug.

    Overall, excellent speakers that I would strongly suggest unless you need higher wattage/extremely loud speakers. In an indoor environment, I considered it to be sufficiently noisy for any situation.

  2. I’ve used these as my primary LR lenses for a few years now and I really adore them. The soundstage is fantastic! I watch TV, play video games, watch movies, and listen to music on these, and I have to remind myself, particularly when listening to music in a 2.1 setup, that I’m only using two speakers. I always hear musical instruments off to the side of where the speakers are! Furthermore, my TV app, PlayStation Vue, is just stereo, no surround, but you’d think the dialogue was coming from the middle speaker if you didn’t know any better.

    The tone is neutral, but not clinical. All sounds just as it should. In several cases, these speakers “disappear” from an audio perspective. I don’t really hear sound effects from a single speaker, such as aircraft overhead or bullets whizzing by, but rather sound coming from all directions. For my tiny apartment, I have the full Andrew Jones speakers and two subs, which are more than adequate.

    If you have a small space or rent and are unable to install speakers in/on the ceiling, these are an excellent purchase.

  3. These speakers replaced my two front speakers from my 5.1 JBL surround sound system. The JBLs are excellent. Even without the Atmos top-firing speakers, these sound better as the front set. Rich, punchy highs, with a distinct mid and high range. At high volume, there is no discernible distortion. The Atmos top speakers perform admirably, despite the fact that I’ve only had them for a few weeks and haven’t yet watched much content with 7.1 Atmos audio. I’m looking forward to having my hands on an Ultra 4K blu-ray player and an action film with Atmos audio to put it through its paces. My setup consists of a Pioneer Elite receiver, an Onkyo subwoofer, JBL surrounds, and these at the front.

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