Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers Demo

sup guys today we’re talking about these
babies these are the Micha PB 42 X’s
they are the powered version and these
things are phenomenal
I mean these things are incredibly good
they have a couple quarks and I’ll go
over those but in general these things
are just a fantastic pair especially for
the money all right I’m gonna go over
the build really quick and then I’ll get
to the sound in a second basically you
have a soap dome tweeter and a four inch
woofer carbon fiber woofer at the bottom
there they are wood that’s wrapped in
vinyl the back has a volume knob up
there a 3.5 millimeter input RCA inputs
left and right power button power input
and then the speaker water outputs that
go to the left speaker this one is the
right speaker now quick little tip what
you can do if you have a 3.5 millimeter
input is get an adapter that goes to the
RCA left and right and if for some
reason you need the power brick on the
left hand side which is like what I do I
just switch the orientation of the RCA’s
and it switches the sound and then
something else kind of small to note is
that when the power is on there’s an LED
that’s actually pretty bright and it’s
red it does actually shine in the wall
behind where these are sitting so if you
that annoys you there’s no way to turn
it off that I’ve been able to find all
right there’s one pretty big cork that I
don’t really like about these even
though it has two inputs only one of
them can play at a time and the 3.5
millimeter takes priority and it won’t
play the RCA’s after that so if you have
the RCA is plugged in any plug in a 3.5
millimeter it won’t play anything that
plays through the RCA so it just doesn’t
come through it only plays a 3.5
millimeter even if there’s no sig that’s
something that I wish had kind of been
changed and then something that I wish
they would add to the next rendition is
Bluetooth something that these so
happened though they have little cheap
adapters but I feel like it’s relatively
easy to build in nowadays and they
should have done that
other than that though these things are
are just simply exceptional if you have
them properly set up they have some
Imaging that have ever heard on on a
headphone on a speaker anything they are
just dead center in the middle and they
want to be dead center if you watch a
video and you just listen you close your
eyes then you pause it you can point to
where that person is gonna be standing
and they will be standing right over
there it is extremely impressive for
gaming it’s really beneficial as well no
these things are not really going to be
built for for home theater they they can
get loud enough but they start to lose a
little bit of the detail at the upper
end the how I start to pop up a little
bit more than the base and you can kind
of tell that you’re pushing it a little
too much what I use these for and what
these are perfect for is desktop
speakers and and for the place that I
live they have the perfect amount of
bass it’s not overwhelming at all but it
definitely is present and it adds that
level of of texture and quality and
depth to the music without base there’s
no depth to anything and I feel
especially when you’re getting into like
the reference sound quality and the
bookshelf monitors and things like that
you start to lose this lack of depth and
these don’t have that these have a very
good amount of bass but it’s not
overwhelming it’s not like a dedicated
subwoofer at all obviously because it’s
only a 4 inch tweeter and it’s also
something to where you can use it in a
tight environment like an apartment
where I live
I have model with cable speakers
underneath those micro speakers and
those I do use a lot and I really do
enjoy those as well but I can’t use them
at night and so at night I’ll switch
back over to the Micah’s or when I’m
editing I switch back over to the
Micah’s because it gives me a better
representation of where things are at
then those model that speakers do and
I’d rather keep my optimal sound level
the same and just switch over to
something that has a little bit better
imaging a little bit better soundstage
actually but a lot less bass and isn’t
gonna be like bubi and disrupting my
neighbors and pissing everybody off and
getting me ultimately kicked out of the
apartment don’t want that it’s not
lacking see I only use the the model
list because they’re a much higher end
speaker and unfortunately they needed an
amplifier and all these things but but
these the powered Micah’s are just a
phenomenal option they have very good
vocal isolation which I was really
surprised to hear from a speaker
especially one that’s that’s so small
and the highs aren’t super crazy over
the top they’re not trying to
to blast you with highs to give you this
false sense of clarity it’s not like
that at all they just are very clear and
very textured in both the base and the
highs and in the mid range just pops up
it’s kind of like a loose equivalent to
like HD 600’s in the the sound signature
on how the mids pop up it doesn’t sound
like HD six hundreds obviously but it
kind of gives you an idea of how this
sound works and I tried a lot of other
speakers I tried Edifier speakers I
tried I tried Mackay
I tried audio and jitter I even tried
some cheap-ass Logitech speakers and I
just wasn’t finding the sound quality
and the sound texture and the sound
signature that I was looking for and
these for me you really hit that nail
right on the head they were the right
amount of everything without being too
much of anything and they were able to
satisfy my needs for both editing video
and listening to music because I
listened to a lot of music and that
helps me do my reviews and things like
that and I don’t want anything that’s
fatiguing or difficult to drive or
complex but these are very simple
they’re just a simple clear this is what
you get this is what they do when they
do it wonderfully they’re just that type
of speaker and I’m not saying that I
want them to do this because I do
appreciate that mica does make some
really high-quality products for not a
really high price especially the origin
Gen 2 if they were to put bluetooth on
these and charge 300 bucks for these I
would pay it I think they’re that good
but they’re not $300 they’re 129 120
somewhere on there they’re really really
cheap and the non powered versions which
you would need a dedicated an amplifier
for but only like 80 or 90 bucks and
that’s a screaming deal I think the
power versions are worth it especially
because a lot of lower end amps that
you’d probably pair this with may not
have as good as isolation as a dedicated
amp on here does and that’s another
I’ve noticed that on the lower end
speakers that have built in amps are not
very good I feel like the amplification
isn’t very strong and these it does a
wonderful job it doesn’t get to the
level of like large room what would be
considered loud we did have them with
our TV in our front room a couple weeks
ago and they did a phenomenal job and we
have a pretty big room but for home
theater and like a house or something
where you can get a little bit louder I
would definitely
recommend a 2.1 set up so two speakers
and then one subwoofer or even a 5.1 or
12.1 if you want to go really crazy and
part of why I like these so much is that
if they’re orientated correctly if
they’re at the right distance from each
other at the right angle from you these
things just sound incredible and they
can hit that imaging dead center I also
know that if you do have a 5.1 surround
I’ve seen people use these as two rear
speakers and I’ve heard that they do a
really really good job four rear
speakers but but for studio speaker use
for like desktop speaker use I think
these things are just incredible like I
really cannot say enough about I’ve used
them personally for about six months and
of course they were sent to me or
anything like that I bought them myself
and I looked around a lot for something
that I liked and while I appreciate the
Edifier sound signature and I know a lot
of people like how to fire an audio
engine I just it just didn’t do it for
me and I tried upwards of 300 to $400
desktop speakers and I feel like these
do a better job they’re not as good as
those K bosses though but those are a
whole different beast and those are made
for a different type of customer but for
what these do in the right application I
don’t think that there is anything at
this price point that can beat it at
least nothing that I’ve tried I’m gonna
go over my two desktop here and show you
kind of how I have them set up all right
so right now I have them hooked up to
the ship full of two down here and
they’re just on the the top of these
monolith k-boss speakers and I have them
angled they are exactly at the height of
my ears and I’ll do a little bit of a
sound test for you I’m not sure how well
it’s gonna pick up there you go so these
things are definitely pretty good and I
really really like them I think they’re
they’re really really high quality
speakers and the sound just is way above
their pay their but their price I don’t
normally review speakers so this is kind
of new for a speaker of you I do listen
to a lot of speakers but I don’t review
I normally to review headphones if you
want me to continue to review speakers
definitely let me know in the comments
down below and I will I’ll definitely do
that until next time my name is Josh and
thank you very much for watching

Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Woofer4″ Carbon Fiber Cone with Rubber Surround
Tweeter0.75″ Silk Dome
EnclosurePorted Cabinet
Frequency Response60Hz-20kHz (Typical In-Room)
Input3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack and Stereo RCA
Power15Wx2 RMS, <1% THD+N
Dimensions9.5″ (H) x 5.8″ (W) x 6.5″ (D)

Micca PB42X Bookshelf Speakers

The Micca PB42X bookshelf stereo speakers are great for those of you who love to read and do theater and music listening. The PB42X is a five-in-one stereo speaker system including sub woofers, tweeters, and cabinets. It has a polypropylene cone that has a deep, rich bass. I would say that the sound is balanced on all levels, even the most sensitive ones.

Micca PB42X bookshelf speakers as reviewed by myself. Speakers with a silk dome black wood finish. They are powered by four diodes and come with a grounded cabling system. The cabinets are made of black plastic with a textured texture. My assistant detected them when we moved our hands over them and they were easy to handle.

The speaker cones are covered in velvet, which enhances their radiance and radiate warmth which is great to use in your rooms. The speaker units are featured with Micca’s PB42X technology. This is a new innovation which makes use of diamond studs mounted at the rear or at mid-range of the product group. Other technologies mentioned on the Micca PB42X bookshelfs include Hypersonic and Enhanced Loudness Control.

The Amazon Link product group features speakers that can be connected to your TV so that they can be enjoyed even without use of the DVD player. This is very good news as it enables you to watch movies and music even while you’re relaxing on your couch. A great feature of this product is that it is very easy to connect and use. It has a standard RCA input as well as several choices for connecting to different components. It has the option of being used with a television or can even be used on an internet TV.

You can purchase them at an affordable price using various online stores including Amazon link. The decoding circuitry is said to be accurate and it will also decode Dolby Digital Surround Sound. The speaker units have five speakers in total, one pair at the front, two at the back, one at the mid-range and one at the surround. The sub woofer is also a separate unit and it has an optimally tuned frequency.

The Micca PB42X bookshelf loudspeakers are extremely compact, so they can easily be placed on your bookshelves or your desks. They look great with a plain backdrop and will blend in perfectly with any decor or design. They are very flexible too, since you can add the connection of additional speakers if you wish to. The Amazon links website has details of all the products in the product group and you can read them. You can always go for the best product if you follow the specifications mentioned in the Amazon reviews. It is very easy to locate them because they are available with discount schemes with different retailers.

Micca PB42X Speakers FAQ

Micca in-ceiling speakers

Micca in-ceiling speakers are known by the name of such renowned manufacturers as M.C. Technology, K&N, and IE. These brands are well renowned for their quality and performance. These speakers are manufactured by using the best of the wood materials such as maple, walnut, ash, cherry and basswood. In addition, the speaker units are engineered to cater to all types of audiophiles.

The top of the line model, the M.C. T.I.S.S. is engineered to cater to the demands of any type of consumer. The in-ceiling speakers deliver excellent sound quality at low volumes. The tweeter of these Micca in-ceiling speakers delivers exceptional performance and delivers clear and vibrant tones. It also features a woofer made from the finest quality wood.

In addition, the T.I.S.S. offers a subwoofer with a polypropylene cone that is manufactured to maximize the output. This ensures that the user will be able to enjoy high quality sound from each of the components of the m-8c and the in-wall speakers.

The Micca Wall Mountable Audio Processing System guarantees excellent clarity and performance. In addition, the speakers have high quality components that are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting performance. The Wall Mountable Audio Processing System is available in a variety of sizes to cater to individual requirements of different rooms. For example, if the user wants to add some space to their bedroom, for example, it is possible to get the speakers according to size. Hence, the Micca Wall Mountable Audio Processing System is the perfect choice for providing high quality sound to any room in the house.

Micca powered speakers

Micca powered speakers are perfect for travelers, those who love loud music and those who are constantly on the go. These handy and portable speakers have all the features that you need in your bag without cluttering your space. When it comes to traveling, there is nothing more annoying than having a huge case that needs loading and unloading from the car because your amplifier is not powerful enough to handle it. On the other hand, with these devices you never have to worry about that because they are well powered and can run quietly even when you are on the move.

The MICCA built-in speakers are perfect for people who love loud music and the best bookshelf speaker systems that are available today offer stellar sound output even when running at full blast. You can choose from small earphones or larger speakers depending on the kind of environment that you are going to be working and whether it will be used for presentations or music. When you are looking for a good quality portable device, do not forget that you get what you pay for. Thus, it is always advisable to spend a little more but ensure better value.

You also need to ensure that you are getting a durable and reliable device because although it offers outstanding performance, it is a portable device and needs to be ruggedly carried around. Thus, if you are buying a small portable device, the Realingtons R 1080bt is your best option. These speakers are built quality and come with an earphone so you can carry out conversations with ease and comfort. With this tiny little device you can carry your MP3 players, laptops, I-pods and other audio/video accessories with you like never before. Thus, the built quality and the powerful sound output make the Micca Retingchel speakers the best for your budget-conscious needs.

Micca compact speakers

Micca compact speakers are not a name that comes to mind when talking about mini speakers. They are a brand that is more known for other types of speakers and not miniature speakers. The compact line of speakers from Micca are known for their durability and quality. They are great for anyone who needs a speaker that will last through many uses and ones that are great at performing the specific functions that you need them to do. Micca is known for their mini speakers as being smaller than some of the others on the market today. This allows these speakers to be used in places that normal speakers would not be able to go.

Micca makes sure that the mini speakers that they produce are very efficient. They take all of the time that is needed to make the best possible speakers and put it into their models. They work hard on every aspect of making these speakers so that you will have the best possible sound for your money. If you want high quality speakers that can go where ever you need them, then there is not another company that can come close to Micca.

Micca compact speakers are a great investment if you are someone who likes the smaller speakers but does not want to pay the price that you would like to. These mini speakers are durable and will stand up to anything that you could throw at them. Micca also stands behind their products with a 60 day no question money back guarantee.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Keep in mind that these are low-cost speakers that you can enjoy. Expecting Audiophile sound would leave you very disappointed. These are near-field speakers, not ones designed to fill an entire living room. Ideal for a computer setup or a small room.

    Tank-like construction.
    There is no cabinet noise since the cabinet is very solid.
    Speaker materials of the highest quality.
    The built-in amplifier is hiss-free.
    There are numerous link options.
    It’s really thin.
    Excellent sound for the price.
    The volume is appropriate.
    Excellent customer support.

    CONS: (knew before purchasing)
    There is no Bluetooth link.
    There is no subwoofer output.

    Overall, whether you’re looking for a low-cost desktop speaker or one for a small space, this is a good buy. I’ve never seen a speaker so well-made. You’ll be blown away.

  2. The sound was smooth, even, and simple. You might tell it’s precise. They were also projecting the sound of an LP circling a turntable. I’m not a speaker specialist, so I’ll let those who are speak to the specific credentials that go into first-rate speakers speak for themselves. I’m just a regular Joe. But I know what sounds amazing, and these fit the bill. One thing you should know: I’m going to buy another pair of Klipsch speakers. I just have one complaint about these speakers: I turned up the volume and it just wasn’t there. They have the ability to fill a room. If you’re looking for something a little more, it’s just not there. So going loud is out with these bookshelves. They are not, however, pretending to be something they are not. They advertise as bookshelf speakers for a bed, albeit a small one. Often you need so much volume that you have to lift your voice to be heard. It ain’t happening with these. That’s what I want from time to time: a collection of speakers to dance to, whisper under, and chat over. If you want that occasionally, look elsewhere (if you’re interested, I found the Klipsch R- 51 PM, which is also sold here). If you want just enough, these are excellent speakers that will not disappoint. I will strongly recommend them to everyone. It was just not what I was looking for at the time. But there’s something else you should know: I held them and gave them to my granddaughter.

  3. These speakers are incredible! Songs that I’ve listened to for hours on end now sound fuller and smoother. It was as though I had taken off a pair of earmuffs. They worked so well that I discovered songs that were not properly recorded because popping sounds that were lurking in the background were brought to light when I used these speakers. When I checked this with my old speakers, they were undeniably present.

    So, now that everything sounds new, it’s fun to listen to everything on my playlist again.

    As an aside, when you turn on the speakers, the Powered Speaker’s Switched Mode Power Supply (the power brick) can produce coil whine. It’s not an unusual issue with these high performance power supplies, and they may need some time to settle down. However, since it is audible, it can disrupt your listening experience. As for whether your electronics are healthy, if you’re just hearing a whining noise, it’s irritating but not an issue. However, if you hear hissing or whistling, you can replace it as soon as possible, just like any other power supply with that condition.

    I emailed Micca, and they promptly sent a replacement. I did, however, discover a simple hack. I tossed it into an empty luggage case, and the noise went away. I took it out a few hours later. The moaning is slightly lighter, and the speakers continue to sound fantastic. Repetition. It is possible that it will take a few weeks to stabilize or fully die down.

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