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Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)
  • Balanced woven carbon fiber woofer for enhanced transient and impactful bass
  • High performance silk dome tweeter for smooth treble and accurate imaging
  • Highly optimized 18dB crossover with Zobel network and baffle step compensation
  • Ported enclosure delivers extended bass response with low distortion
  • Dramatically transformed sound signature that is incredibly open, balanced, and dynamic

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers Demo

this is Josh today I’m just going to be
doing a quick video review of my Myka MV
42 crossover bookshelf speakers now
these are about nine and a half inches
in height and they have a depth of about
six and a half inches no mic it does
make another style called the MB 42 but
those are not crossover and for the
price difference I highly recommend
getting the crossover style now these do
have a magnetic grill which is really
just slaps on there I like to leave them
off a lot of times but you don’t have to
and the cool thing about that is you’ll
see that there’s a logo right there I
can flip it upside down and it can go
either way and as you’ll see I have my
drivers actually on the top standard I
think most of them come like that
but I like to have mine like this you’ll
notice on the bottom too that it does
come with some rubberized feet so you
can take those off and put them on the
other side if you want they come on a
package so that you can put them on
whichever side you prefer see here is
the 4 inch carbon fiber woofer I think
it looks really cool you can see that
it’s got that shiny metallic look to it
just as you’d expect a carbon fiber say
a car hood to have you’ve got a
three-quarter inch tweeter turn it over
on the back and you can see here that it
is ported now unlike the MB 42 the MV 42
X crossovers have a black flat matte
finish to them the 42 is I believe had a
black wood grain texture to them and I
actually like this a little bit better
than the wood grain myself see here that
they have a pretty good quality weight
to I’m weighing in at just about 4
so now for the purpose of this review
I’m going to be using just an
inexpensive Bluetooth receiver here for
home audio I’ve got my left channel
speaker here and my right channel
speaker here I do have a center channel
but I have the volume off on that so
that will not be contributing to our
test today
alright so I’m just going to go ahead
and I’ve got these hooked up to
dongle on my computer here and we’re
just going to go ahead and I’m going to
give you some different samples of
different music so here we go
so as you can tell the sound overall for
about any different genre sounds very
good now I am gonna do just a little bit
of a song that has some bass to it just
to show you that it does move some air
however you’re not gonna really be able
to tell the quality of it obviously from
my iphone here but here we go
well guys that pretty much wraps up my
review hopefully this gives you a little
bit closer to look at the speaker before
you actually purchase up if you have a
question feel free to leave me a comment
and thanks for watching

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Detachable GrillesYes
System Components2 speakers
Amplification Typepassive
Crossover Channel Qty2-way
Frequency Response60 – 20000 Hz
Nominal Impedance4 Ohm
Sensitivity85 dB
Connectivity Technologywired
Recommended Placingbookshelf, desktop stand
Nominal (RMS) Output Power75 Watt
Frequency Response60 Hz
Input Impedance4 Ohm
Connectivity Technologywired
Crossover Channel Qty2-way
Driver Typetweeter driver, woofer driver
Driver Diameter0.75 m, 4 m
Driver Diameter (metric)102 mm, 19 mm
Driver Materialcarbon fiber, silk
Width9.5 in
Depth6.5 in
Height5.8 in
Weight3 lbs

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers Review

Not even if you decide to buy the Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers. This is easily one of the best-reviewed products on Amazon, with an amazingly high rating. And this just means one thing: they really are worth looking at. You might think that a product like this will lack in the bass department, but you would be mistaken because even with the subwoofer sections, the sound is really quite good.

The Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers come with two main features: the voice coil assemblies, which makes for an incredibly realistic tonal quality and inner workings of such speaker units. What’s more, the woofer section is also furnished with a balanced-woven carbon fiber woofer. The result is that all the components come together to provide a wonderfully detailed and realistic stereo sound. The performance is very good all around, despite being a bit on the high side sounding. The midrange sounds are great and the treble region is well extended. It’s not as smooth sounding as some bookshelf speakers, but then again, it doesn’t have to be.

The other main feature that distinguishes the micro mb42x bookshelf speakers from the others is the voice voice-coil construction, which makes use of silk-dome tweeter for that distinctive audio sensation. They are extremely well built and do not easily break even during extended hours of use (which explains why they are so popular among audiophiles). The construction of the actual speakers is rather impressive too: the basket is made of high quality material and the surround is covered in silk. In fact, there are even rubber surround panels that can be used if required. So, you get a whole range of advantages here, not just good build quality.

As far as the actual sound of the speakers is concerned, it is not too refined, but it does contain a nice mid-range tone. It might not be very deep or low, but it contains enough warmth so that you don’t feel like you are listening to something beneath the base zone. They lack that much power and thumping bass, which can be a pain at times. However, the Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers are highly efficient and that makes all the difference. If you are looking for a bookshelf speaker that contains a good quantity of slam, then these won’t come close to it.

The real beauty about these bookshelf speakers is their compatibility with older receivers and amps. Since they use an advanced amplifier design, they can easily be used with almost any receiver and amp. The new silk dome tweeter contains a woofer that produces very low noise. This makes it compatible with old tape players and even obsolete record players. They are definitely a step up from simple speakers.

Another great characteristic of these bookshelf speakers is that you can add sub-woofers and tweeters if required to deepen the bass. Therefore, you get a well-rounded speaker system that contains excellent bass extension, deep bass extension and powerful mid-range notes. A pair of these can easily replace any other brand of speaker, due to the superior performance and value for money. If you want to add some powerful deep bass lines to your home theatre system, then this brand of speakers would be an excellent choice.

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