Martin Logan Motion 35XT Bookshelf Speaker Demo

when Gail Martin Sanders and ROM Logan
Sutherland formed Martin Logan in 1980
they probably had no idea how successful
their startup would eventually become
over the next 40 years their see-through
electrostatic panels have amazed
listeners for years with an effortless
sound that is totally free of any
coloration now while electrostatic
speakers offer incredible sound they are
out of the reach of many music lovers as
it costs a good deal of money to make
one that sounds great
that will also last for years to come
now in 2010 Martin Logan came up with
the solution in their motion series
lineup of speakers these used a new
tweeter they developed that offered most
of the advantages of an electrostatic
speaker without the price tag now the
subject of today’s review is actually on
the older version of the motion series
the motion 35 XT a Martin Logan released
the newest motion series a little sooner
than they had expected and as a result
we purchased a truckload of the 35 XT
and have the ability to offer them to
you at an incredible price we have
always felt that the motion 35 XT was a
stellar speaker for the money and
because of this unique situation they
are now an even better bang for the buck
the 35 xt is a medium-sized bookshelf
speaker fit and finish on these are
top-notch and they come in both a
beautiful black high-gloss finish and a
cherry wood as you see here they also
include metal perforated grills that
attach magnetically to the front panels
now the cabinet is not a perfect
rectangle which does two things first
manages looks cool and more importantly
the non parallel cabinet walls help
reduce cabinet resonance now it cost
more to make a non-square speaker and
it’s a technique that is used in higher
performance speakers while you can put
the 35 xt on a bookshelf you’ll get the
best performance if you stand mount them
there are about thirteen and a half
inches tall by seven and a half inches
wide and almost twelve inches deep and
at close to 20 pounds each you’re gonna
need a substantial speaker stand or
table to support them now when you
rotate around to the rear of the speaker
you’ll see some ultra high quality dual
binding posts for by wiring and a very
solid connector should you choose just
two single wire them and one of the big
deals that makes the 35 XT sounds so
great is the motion tweeter which is
roughly a two and a half inch tall by
four inch wide piece of very thin super
lightweight film edged with a conductive
material then folded up like an
accordion it is put in a neodymium
magnetic field and the current causes
the accordion-like film to squeeze in
and out reproducing high frequencies now
you get the benefit of a very
lightweight electrostatic driver with a
lot of space and cost savings plus the
surface area of a single X T motion
tweeter has roughly the same surface
area as ten conventional dome tweeters
the end result of this design is a
tweeter that is super low mass with far
less distortion than a conventional
driver the speed at which the motion
tweeter can respond to audio changes is
faster than a conventional tweeter as
well in Martin Logan couples this great
XT tweeter with a six and a half inch
aluminum cone woofer the rear ported
cabinet uses a low turbulence port as
now both the woofer and tweeter czar
decoupled from the 3/4 inch thick MDF
cabinet with a solid aluminum panel once
again this is something you see in much
more expensive speakers and Martin Logan
spared no expense to make sure the
quality of the crossover in the speaker
matched that of the drivers the
high-quality crossover and output power
of the motion tweeter and aluminum cone
woofer enabled this speaker to come out
with a very high efficiency rating for a
modest sized bookshelf speaker the 35 xt
is rated at 92 decibel sensitivity which
means they are very dynamic and able to
bring real life into your music as you
can tell this is not your ordinary
bookshelf speaker every single component
of its design has qualities you would
normally see in much more expensive
speakers now for testing we paired the
motion 35 XT up with a cambridge cxa80
integrated amp and Arreaga p 6 table for
our listening tests now first they have
one of these sweetest top-end
presentations that you will find on the
market the design of the motion XT
tweeter allows for a very controlled
dispersion pattern not only do you get
blazing fast and clean highs that are
never harsh you also get a huge wide
soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and
the bass tones reach fairly low for a
modest bookshelf as well Martin Logan
specs them out at 50 Hertz plus or minus
3 decibels which is very impressive for
a box this size and we love the fact
that they went for a fast and tight bass
character over that big boomy bass type
of sound you can listen to these for
hours without any fatigue and just get
really drawn into the music now after
spinning all kinds of different music
the thing that really stood out to us is
how well they present
natural sound stage with this total
effortless quality the motion 35 XT is
one heck of an incredible bookshelf
speaker and we have loved them at audio
advice since their introduction they
were already a great speaker for the
money but with our special pricing
they’re almost a no-brainer and now they
can be the cornerstone of a great system
for to channel audio and should you want
to use them for home theater Martyn
Logan has a perfectly matched center
channel to go with it if you are a home
theater buff and you’re already using
some of the motion towers for your
fronts you should pick up a pair and use
these as your surrounds or rears which
will give you a seamless
three-dimensional surround sound stage
it thanks for watching this video audio
advice is an authorized dealer of high
performance audio products from great
brands around the world if you have any
questions or need audio advice you can
chat with an expert at audio advice

Martin Logan Motion 35XT Bookshelf Speaker Specs

Speaker Design2-Way
Drivers1x 1.25 x 2.4″ (3.2 x 6.1 cm) Folded Motion XT transducer with 4.5 x 2.75″ (11.4 x 7 cm) diaphragm
1x 6.5″ (16.5 cm) aluminum cone woofer with cast polymer basket, non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format, and rigid-structured dust cap
Sound Dispersion80 x 30°
Sensitivity92 dB/2.83 V/m
Recommended Amplifier Power20 to 250 W
Impedance4 Ohms, compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers
Crossover Frequency2200 Hz
Frequency Response50 Hz to 25 kHz ±3dB
Terminals5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts
Dimensions (W x H x D)7.6 x 13.5 x 11.8″ (19.2 x 34.3 x 30 cm)
Weight18.5 lb (8.4 kg)

Martin Logan Motion 35XT Bookshelf Speakers

The Martin Logan Motion 35xt bookshelf speaker is an ideal way to add true home theater functionality to your abode. If you have a big-screen HDTV, a soundproofed room, and the budget to spare, you need to check out this affordable speaker system. This is one speaker system you’ll not want to miss when you go for a good movie marathon at home. Let’s take a look at this new addition by Martin-Logan.

The ultimate single loudspeaker stereo surround sound system from Martin-Logan Motion 35xt comes with five-Channel Surround Sound with subwoofer output for the best bass response and supreme clarity. The built-in tweeter adds high definition audio clarity. Three high-definition foldable tweeters, two woofers, and one amplifier give you the ultimate performance in home entertainment. Each is specially designed to work with the latest speakers and most movie and music software programs. Its lightweight design makes for easy transportation and storage.

The surround speakers incorporate a folding media player with a built-in rechargeable battery. It also includes a convenient carrying case. The convenience of rechargeable batteries means less cords and more sound quality. There’s also a built-in media manager so you can easily find and select your preferred sound sources. The built-in speakers accept all kinds of amplifiers including those in the Audio amplifier section. One of its many advantages is its noise cancellation capabilities, allowing you to watch movies and listen to music without having to subject yourself to annoying background noise.

The speakers are housed in a durable glass casement design with a rubber surround. It comes with a deluxe carrying case. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and versatile enough to be placed in a corner or on a bookshelf. The extended boom helps increase the sound stage. The bookshelf speaker is perfect for those who love listening to classical music. If you’re planning a romantic evening with your significant other, the soft whirring of the bookshelf speaker will bring romance to your home.

Another great thing about the Martin Logan Motion 35xt bookshelf speaker is that it has an intuitive interface that allows you to use it quickly and easily. Even kids can operate the controls. This is because the on-screen instructions are animated. For example, when the character Marlow, from the animated movie The Mask, is talking, various dialogue options appear on the screen. Kids can make use of the arrow keys to point at the appropriate sound effects.

In addition to providing audible bookshelf speaker entertainment, the Martin Logan Motion 35xt bookshelf speaker also provides visual pleasure. When the movie begins, several short, slow moans will be heard. These moans represent the action that is occurring on the screen. Kids will love being able to interact with the movie and will be enthralled by the lively sound effects and the moving pictures.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Bookshelf speakers that sound like full-size tower speakers. Highs that are super crisp and simple, good and strong mids that most speakers miss, and nice lows. What a separation! These were purchased for rear surround speakers, but they could have also been used as front mains in my 9 channel surround system. These speakers look as good as they sound and add a pleasant touch to any space. All day long, it’s worth the price!

  2. Outstanding speakers. Woofers are decent, but they pale in comparison to tweeters. These tweeters are more detailed than some speakers that cost 4-6 thousand dollars. It’s not really dynamic, and it’s almost harsh. But the attention to detail is incredible. All recordings are exciting to listen to, and these make even the worst recordings sound amazing. Beautiful cherry finish, shiny but not obnoxious. The binding posts are excellent. The grilles are the best I’ve seen on a speaker under $1,000. Definitely worth the expense, but be cautious when selecting amplifiers. An emotiva amp would most likely provide the best bang for your buck.

  3. I am a qualified audio engineer with extensive experience in live mixing. As a result, I prefer bookshelf 2-way speakers for the near-field effect, and I’ve been doing so since the 1970s. Of course, as time passed, I had to hire a sub. (A separate analysis of the ML Dynamo 1500 can be found here.)

    My musical tastes range from medieval lute music to steam metal and everything in between. My favorite music to listen to is classic rock and true jazz.

    I’ve been in the business of selling high-end audio and video equipment for a while now. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the best audio gear available.

    Although I am a fan of Martin Logan Electrostatics, they are no longer feasible for my use now that we have downsized to a more manageable size home. The ML35XTs perform admirably in comparison to speakers costing nearly twice as much, such as the Bowers & Wilkins CM6s. (However, I adore the B&W 805D3s, which are five times the price of the MLs.)

    (I put them on my Sanus metal stands, which have a corian foundation, spikes, a neoprene mat between the speaker and the stand, and are packed with OO, 8 GA, and bird shot.) I’m using an Adcom GFA555MkII – the Nelson Pass built unit, a GFP555 preamp, and a Marantz CD6006, all connected with Audio Research Hyperlitz interconnects, AudioQuest Rocket 88 speaker leads, a Martin Logan Dynamo 1500 Sub connected with a pair of AudioQuest Boxer sub cables [preamp doesn’t have LFE out], and all secured by a Furman Elite 15PF power center.

    I pulled out four discs that I had used for demos thousands of times. Mary Black’s “No Frontiers,” Chris Whitley’s “Living With the Law,” Roger Waters’ “Amused to Death,” and AC/”Back DC’s in Black” for the acid test, and played a pick from each with the speakers straight out of the box for a baseline. They sounded “OK,” but I knew they’d sound better after some break-in time.

    I used my XLO test disc and ran the sweeps through the “burn in” track, which was 15 minutes of white/pink and brown noise.” There was a clear change after the first pass, as well as after the second pass. After the third run, there was little or no difference. (I HIGHLY recommend this test disc because each 15-minute pass of the burn-in track equates to approximately 100 hours of playtime.) This is something I do for any new piece of equipment or cable I get.)

    Bottom line, Mary Black’s voice was as clear as a bell over the stand up bass, each individual instrument and vocal was easily recognizable and in perfect soundstage, and the AC/DC cuts were as concise as intended. I did note one peculiar feature of these speakers. Though conventionally produced albums sounded fantastic, “Amused to Death” failed to live up to the hype. The album was recorded in Q-Sound, which allows sounds to be placed artificially far off the axis of a pair of speakers. Though standard albums imaged well, the off-axis Q-Sound-effect did not spread as far as it did on other speakers I auditioned. You should not be concerned if you do not own any Q-Sound records (there are not that many Q albums in any event.) Bottom line, this is one of the best speakers under $2,000.

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