Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker Demo

what’s up everybody trying to do your
techno dad here I’ve got a short video
for you today I got my center channel
speaker the clips are p250 see so we’re
going to install that and do some cool
sound isolation and decoupling you don’t
know what that means we’ll find out
right at the jump so I’m super stoked to
get on with my home seat or upgrade
upgrading pretty much all my speakers
here just put in the new surround sound
speakers you guys might have seen that
in the last video now it’s time for the
center channel got a bigger wider
beefier center channel with dual five
and a quarter inch drivers so the box is
downstairs in the studio so let’s go
down there and unbox it
another huge port there that’s a plus
and minus connections here
nice beautiful ebony finish here quality
stuff that’s a dual logo so if you want
to keep it with or without the grill
you’re good to do that this looks
awesome I can’t wait to get it set up so
I’m going to go upstairs and start
moving things around because this is a
lot wider than the center channel I have
now and yes well let’s go upstairs and
I’ll start doing that my wife’s going to
be watching TV so I’ll probably have to
just be roll it and get the audio later
so it’s been a couple of days now and
we’ve watched a few movies watch a good
amount of TV and even my wife said the
first thing she noticed where the vocals
clear crisp and they stood out a little
bit more so all in all this upgrade to
the 250c definitely is a huge bonus the
one thing I did notice is when I cranked
it I would get some rattling from the
glass that it’s sitting on it actually
is noticeable because it wasn’t there
before so it’s thinking about what can I
do to isolate or decouple the speaker
from the glass and I was like aha
went down to my music studio and checked
out what I’ve got sitting underneath my
studio monitors and what do I have there
I’ve got a pair of oral looks mopeds so
I went ahead and bought a pair of those
I think they’re about $30.00 a little
less than $30 on Amazon all the
vibrations from the speakers get
absorbed through the foam and that
vibration does not interact with the
shelf so my thinking is it should work
great for the center channel speaker as
well so here’s what I’m talking about
they come in two pairs actually for two
speakers so you get four of these things
so you can make a level or you make a
four degree incline or decline or an
eighth degree incline or decline
considering our Center speakers not at
year level I’m going to go ahead and try
the four degree incline let’s do it
so I got the aura looks foam underneath
the speaker yeah doesn’t look the
greatest but I actually just rewatched a
scene in John wick where they’re
shooting up in like a nightclub or
something like that
there’s a lot of loud gunfire coming
from the center channel and that was
originally what was kind of vibrating
the glass that speaker sitting on so now
I just re-watched it and it’s just
awesome there’s no more glass vibration
and everything is a bit louder because
now the center channel is angled up by
four degrees just ever so slightly let’s
go to some b-roll of me sitting on the
couch looking right at the speaker and
now it’s looking right at us so now I
think at the perfect level I think eight
degree incline would have just been a
little too much but this four degree is
it sounds great no vibration it’s all
good in the hood so I would recommend
this this little $30.00 purchase would
help your sound system out greatly if
your center channel speaker is sitting
on a shelf whether it’s wood glass metal
whatever put some of this foam
underneath it you’ll get rid of any kind
of vibrations and this is also great if
you want to add maybe four degrees down
eight degrees down if your speaker is
higher than your listening area if your
speaker is lower than your listening
areas as in our cases go with a four
degree incline or eight degree it all
depends on your room and how far away
your couch is and all that kind of stuff
so that’s it for this video today if you
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don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
it should be the button in the center of
the screen there and once again my name
is Jonah D I’m your techno dad and I’ll
see you next time

Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker Specs

Frequency Response ± 3dB60 Hz to 25 kHz
Sensitivity96 dB @ 2.83 V / 3.3′ (1 m)
Power HandlingContinuous: 125 W
Peak: 500 W
Nominal Impedance8 ohms compatible
High Frequency Driver1″ (2.5 cm) Titanium LTS tweeter with hybrid Tractrix horn
Low Frequency DriverDual 5.25″ (13.3 cm) Cerametallic cone woofers
Horn90 x 90°
Crossover Frequency1800 Hz
Enclosure MaterialMDF
Enclosure TypeBass reflex via rear-firing Tractrix port
Inputs1 x binding post pair
Dimensions (W x H x D)18.5 x 6.81 x 9.96″ (47 x 17.3 x 25.3 cm)
Weight18.4 lb (8.35 kg)

Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speakers

The Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker is designed to bring clear and crisp quality sound from the front speakers to the rear speakers in your vehicle. The Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker offers theater-quality sound in a small, flat, lightweight package ideal for installation in or on your vehicle’s stereo system. This vehicle system component will fit seamlessly in any vehicle. Installing a new system will offer enhanced sound quality, increased bass impact and a more dynamic sound stage.

The latest in small-canister speaker design, the RP-250 is highly optimized for its class-leading sound quality. It has been optimized for its power efficiency and comes with an impressively long warranty. When it was first available, it set a new record for overall tonal purity as well as refined over-all volume control. It is designed for those who enjoy listening to rap or rock music. In addition, this speaker can be used in any application that requires powerful, crystal-clear sound.

The dual-woofer technologies of the Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker make it the perfect solution for adding a powerful secondary audio source. The powerful speaker features twin woofers with an individually adjustable bass response along with a tweeter for enhanced output. It provides true stereo performance and has a deep, rich bass effect. It is designed to outperform all competing brands and to provide superior sound quality for any application.

The RP-250C also offers a powerful subwoofer with individual high-output woofers. A tweeteter that can be independently controlled is another important feature of this speaker. A woofer with a dual-fire output allows the woofer to send tones with more energy to each speaker in stereo. It produces stronger, broader, and better-defined sound effects than single-woofer systems. This ensures that there will be no noticeable ‘bump’ in sound when one woofer is turned on and another is turned off.

There are other advanced technologies found in the Klipsch RP-250C center channel speaker. It is powered by an amplifier that features a patented Direct X technology. This new technology produces super-thin distortion for even quieter output than ever before. And the amplifier delivers all of its power through a dual band amplifier system. That allows the amplifier to handle booming bass notes without clipping the signal or producing an excess amount of power.

The dual horn-loaded tweeter is one of the most innovative and exciting new technologies that are being used in today’s modern audio systems. It provides a smooth and precise response that is beyond comparison. Imagine the incredible quality and performance of this dual tweeter speaker. With such precision and performance in such a compact design, the Klipsch RP-250C is a truly unique and state-of-the-art speaker.

Last update on 2021-07-30 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. We considered the sound quality of this center channel speaker to be outstanding as the dialog speaker in a 5.1 surround device. Our previous surround speakers were the Klipsch Quintet III, which were small and portable. The middle had two small midranges and a tweeter, but the sound was muddy and had a narrower frequency response (using the same AV receiver). This RP-250C is rich and absolute, with simple and easy-to-understand dialog.

    The form and single leg for tilting are the only drawbacks. It is deep and boxy, so double-check the dimensions against your available room. (I considered putting up the next model, but it is very large.) If the speaker is on the floor, the single leg allows you to tip it upwards towards the listeners. However, without a good foot to hold the weight, the leg is nothing more than a bolt. It works, but it has a cheesy feel to it and can dent softwood floors.

  2. As an audiophile, I spend all of my money on stereo rigs that include tube amps, high-current ss amps, phono stages, mc carts, and so on. I’m not very into home theater and don’t need the biggest and finest, so I’ve only used really average consumer gear – don’t need the latest and greatest – 5.1 is perfect for me. My amplifier is simply a Yamaha RX-V375 – you get the idea. The Yamaha NS-C310BL was my center tube, and it was always the weakest link in my scheme. Also with the amp’s voice enhancer turned on, those gentle and quiet conversations in Dolby Digital or DTS movies were still partially incomprehensible. After snagging a great deal on this center channel speaker from Sound Distributors, I eventually decided to upgrade. The issue has been resolved! Evening and day. “Everything” is audible, including whispers. I don’t have to use the amp’s dialogue enhancer anymore. However, I’d like to warn you about something – this center channel can have too much top end, i.e., sibilance, particularly on “s.” This occurs on some television programs, but it is not a problem while watching a BluRay. I may reduce the volume on the TV shows by using a DSP sound field. Even, after a little break-in, this can become more tame. Watching movies with this core is where it really shines, and there is simply no better value for money.

  3. I also purchased the Kipsch RP-160M speakers to replace the top, left, and right speakers in my surround system. At any volume, these speakers provide clear and accurate sound. I watched Master and Commander, and even with all the cannons and fires, you could clearly hear the sounds of wood pieces hitting the deck and all the conversation. For the first time, I’m re-watching some of my favorite movies. This is highly recommended with matched Klipsch on either hand.

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