Klipsch RB-61 II Bookshelf Speakers Demo

hey i’m randy i’m a cheap audio man
here the cheap audio man we don’t feel
like audio equipment should cost as much
digging a well for a village so that
they can have fresh water
so today we’re talking about the clips
click i’m just saying it clips
uh rb61 mark ii
it’s been out for like uh 11 years but
guess what you can still buy it new and
it’s a
it’s a heck of a deal uh so grab a cup
of coffee
sit down let’s talk about the clips rb
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prince albert prince albert crimp
cut long burning pipe tobacco
and cigarette tobacco we’ve been causing
cancer since the beginning
prince albert owned by the rj reynolds
still comes in a metal can after all
these years
so what are these big behemoths
these are some big old clip
speakers precursor
to the rp rp-160m
which was the precursor to the rp
600m which is a very well regarded
as is the rp 160
m they’re big i’m gonna show you how big
they are
compared to the rp 600m i’m gonna turn
i’m not throwing my back out again
just about same height a little bit
about the same depth
don’t hold your breath when you’re
i held my breath
not as young as i used to be anymore
back in the day i’d be able to pick up a
three-month-old calf and throw it over
my shoulder
all right front ported
a one-inch titanium titanium one-inch
one inch titanium dome tweeter mountain
mounted in a horn six and a half inch
sarah metallic
beautiful copper woofer
bronze copper or bronze goldish color
they’re rated at
40 you know what
those are the only ones i could find
actually like the 1.0 readers
are like the best for me those are like
and it’s just too much so i’m going to
make it work
45 hertz up to 24k 95 db
easy to drive 8 ohms
okay let’s talk about soundstage i had
these placed
six inches from the wall from the back
of the speaker because you can’t place
them six inches from the wall if you’re
measuring from the front
anyway six inches from the wall slightly
towed in
also tested them basically against the
wall pointing straight out since they’re
front ported you can do that
i found about just a little bit of
breathing room from the wall
slightly towed in they sound staged and
the best beat it by michael jackson
very good song the beginning is
super wide quite good
every day is the same by nine inch nails
it feels at the beginning of the song
there’s a crescendo
and i think i don’t know what they did
but it sounds like they recorded
something and then they ran it in
reverse because it just sounds
like all the matter in the room
is being sucked out and it’s quite good
on some speakers
this speaker was quite good at that
more human than human imaging the
beginning of the song
little electronic noises going back and
forth i could pick them out
right in the middle of the speaker where
they were
very good something in the way
nirvana off the mtv unplugged
the beginning of the speaker over to the
there’s a cough coming from the audience
this one did it right inside the left
speaker and way
behind the speaker very impressive
uh drive in drive out the beginning
should be recorded step back and down
and behind the speakers perfect
yep that’s it that’s it
in a nutshell they’re very good here’s
the deal
this is like a diamond
dwarf dale diamond 11.2 deal okay
now get this out of the way at the
beginning this speaker was originally
500 or more retail msrp
it’s 250 right now okay
it’s discontinued so you can still get
new stock
now at 50 of the price
that it was when it was new okay
i like this speaker if not love this
we’ll get to it in the final thoughts
but i’m just telling you right now
if you’re thinking about the rp 600m or
you’re thinking about the rp
160 give these a look 250.
let’s talk about bass
bass is it’s tight it’s present
it’s quite good balanced with the rest
of the
mids and highs which means it doesn’t
sound anemic it doesn’t sound
overtly bassy or bloated or warm
it’s just good uh intergalactic
beastie boys that song goes
way down and when you’re just running it
through speakers
without a sub it should still give an
idea of the enormity
of how low that base goes i’ve heard
but overall the base
dumb by nirvana
mtv unplugged a lot of
thickness and weight uh to the base
in that song very good
very good not overly booming
quick tight quite pleasant
let’s talk about mids mid-range
awesome shoot to thrill uh
one of the hardest songs in my opinion
for speakers to do right
the initial guitar comes in from the
right speaker it should be crunchy
it should have some weight to it as well
and although it should be step
back it should still be clear
and these did it uh as well as any
speaker that i’ve heard
very good uh sad but true
the guitar should have weight and it
should have
metal and it should be
crisp quick and visceral
um no no no they
did that really well really well
ride the lightning metallica
you ever eaten and you just kind of have
to sit
that’s good have you ever done that well
that these speakers did that with ride
the lightning
yeah they sure did
i already i’ve said the drew on here
twice apparently it made that big of an
i have palpable the mids are palpable
that guitar is just
yummy alainis marsette
uh uninvited mtv unplugged
brilliant very good she that song
there’s some sibilance in that song
you can hear it a bit on this speaker
but like this speaker did it as
as well as most speakers
better than most speakers yeah
and hello by
adele when she there’s
when she gets the word free she really
holds that
note for a long time and just the little
you know when she’s just holding the
note but just
it was just really good let’s talk about
rim hits on higher love by steve winwood
sounded in the room in the room
just super accurate you could see the
the hit the stick hitting the rim
of the snare oops
uh so what miles davis uh
kind of blue record symbols great decay
also um sad but true
that whole record the black album
if a speaker doesn’t do uh treble well
the uh and that records recorded
really bassy and run that bassy really
punchy and then really
crisp on the top end a speaker that is
great on the top end it’ll sound
in your face and unpleasant a speaker
has some finesse in the treble
region and handles it really well that
will sound
accurate present and accurate instead of
just like
like symbol crashes just sounding like
the white noise piped in at the right
quick there and kind of okay that’s a
this you’re like when lars was
it was just something else
these are really really good
and then uh at the the beginning intro
of sad but true
it ends with a cymbal crash and then a
little bit of silence
and man that symbol just
and that’s a hard record to do if the
is on the brighter side this speaker is
not on the bright side
at all
oh the snare hits too it’s one thing i
haven’t heard before
is it or it’s never really jumped out at
me how accurate
the snare hits are on a sad but true but
this one
great great
okay so i think this is
just a incredible
zen laughing he’s buddha laughing
because people are overpaying for
this is if the wharfdale diamond 11.2s
were ying this is the yang to that
i think this speaker will be
more desirable from the majority of
people out there and if you’re just
getting back into hi-fi
i would recommend this one over the
wharf dales the wharf dales
is more i wouldn’t say an acquired taste
but it’s more
okay i’ve been listening to some
speakers for a long time this is a
different flavor and i i can appreciate
the differences
this is
really good i don’t think anybody could
listen to the speaker and just be like
oh my gosh i hate it
i hate it this is the worst speaker ever
can’t imagine that i just can’t
if you’re looking at the rp 600m and
you’re like man i can’t afford that
but i’ve got 300 bucks to spend buy
if you’re looking at the rp 160m and you
don’t have
i think it’s 330 bucks to spend buy
at 250 dollars this
i can’t say smokes
it kind of does it’s better than
the sub 300 shootout and i didn’t
include these because this is kind of
this is an older speaker
and i didn’t even have them i just
kept liking the speaker more and more
for most people this is going to be a
jaw dropping experience i think the rp
is slightly more refined and a
tich more revealing and maybe
the mids are just slightly better
but at 250 dollars you’re getting
90 or more of what the rp 600 m
is i haven’t heard the rp 160 so i can’t
comment on that
but everybody says the 600m is better
than the
160 or 150.
oh this also plays great at louder
great it’s a big speaker this is going
to fill a room
easily without breaking a sweat all
so i couldn’t possibly recommend this
at 250 it’s an absolute absolute steal
and if you’re looking at this or some
elax or whatever the elax is that
this b6.2 on the eloc is it’s great
it’s more finicky than this speaker oh
interestingly enough this speaker didn’t
like the anthem
integrated 225 which is a very powerful
amp and i think it was because this
speaker is just so efficient that
i don’t know if i wasn’t getting enough
into them i don’t know or
the it was so low anyway they didn’t
like it they didn’t image well they
didn’t sound staged well with the anthem
put them back on the emotiva ta100 drop
awesome put them on the sony the two
channel receiver that’s like 120 ish
awesome awesome this could anchor your
uh for a long time
and just because they’re old just like
the pulp tsi 100
doesn’t mean they’re still not good
better because they’re cheaper and you
get 90
percent or more of the same sound
so i’m randy i’m the cheap audio man
don’t take my word for it
listen yourself uh listen to my test
playlist listen for the parts where i
talk about it
use your own songs i’m just a guy with
an opinion you’re the one that
makes the decisions you’re the one that
matters if you want to listen that
playlist though you can
sign up for amazon music unlimited hd
for free
click on the link scroll down to the
bottom of the page hit try hd if you do
that i get a dollar
another thing i want to do there’s been
a lot of folks signing up for that
make your own playlists and then share
them with me and then i’ll put them out
doug’s playlist it’ll be fun
it’ll be a lot of fun so anyway with
that i’m randy i’m the cheap audio man
if you like uh this video
like it if you want to subscribe
subscribe i’ve got a patreon
if you like what i’m doing and you want
to contribute contribute
and uh maybe watch some of my other
videos and with that i’m randy i’m the
cheap audio man

Klipsch RB-61 II Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Frequency Response45 to 24,000 Hz ±3 dB
Sensitivity95 dB at 2.83 V / 1 m
Power Handling100 W RMS / 400 W Peak
Nominal Impedance8 ohms compatible
High Frequency Driver1″ (2.54 cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to a 90 x 60° square Tractrix horn
Low Frequency Driver6.5″ (16.5 cm) Cerametallic cone woofer
Crossover1500 Hz
EnclosureBass-reflex via front-firing port
InputsDual binding posts / bi-wire / bi-amp
Dimensions (H x W x D)15.4 x 8.5 x 12.3″ with grille (39.1 x 21.6 x 31.2 cm)
Weight35.2 lb (16 kg) per pair

Klipsch RB-61 II Bookshelf Speakers

The Klipsch Research Center is proud to introduce its two new bookshelf speaker models, the RB-61 II and the RB-600. The RB-61 II sports the sleek and streamlined look of a modern-day media room speaker, while the RB-600 is larger and deeper than its predecessors. Its six drivers produce superior sound quality through a number of technologies including Wide Dispersion Enhanced Throw Technology (WDET), High Definition Audio (HDAC), and Dolby Digital Multi-channel decoding (DMC). Like all Klipsch speakers comes in two series: the RB-61 Reference and the RB-61 II. Like many other Klipsch speaker models, the Reference series offers great value for money while still being designed with today’s most advanced technology. However, its biggest advantage is that it can be used as a floor stand or mounted on a stand.

The RB-61 II series features two-way high-frequency speakers. This allows you to place them on your table top or in your entertainment center. If you want the sound to come from behind you, then you can opt for the surround-sound feature. Two of the speakers are designed with Klipsch’s proprietary tractrix horn technology to offer the best possible performance. The powerful horn produces superior sound quality that is ideal for adding a cinematic feel to your listening experience. With its large sound stage and powerful subwoofer section, the RB-61 II bookshelf speakers can handle all your audio needs.

Like the Reference series, the Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers feature two-way high-frequency response. They have also been crafted to accommodate the best bass response available, thanks to its powerful subwoofer section and its low-frequency handling abilities. You will also appreciate the smooth frequency response, extended frequency response and excellent power handling capabilities that help this bookcase take you to the next level of audio enjoyment.

With its flat, oval-shaped mid-range drivers, the Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speakers have impressive midrange sound quality. It has low noise distortion and powerful bass output, making it perfect for any home entertainment application. It also offers an extended frequency response with a smooth precision and powerful bass extension. This allows the subwoofer to create realistic deep bass sounds. Its travel suspension system offers superior accuracy and stability while transmitting power from the dual binding posts to the speakers.

This superior subwoofer section features two-way gold-plated port valves for accurate bass transfer. Its large woofer basket and optimized motor system make this subwoofer system capable of producing deep bass response. Its dual-sided port optimized wave surround lets you maximize subwoofer placement performance. Its precise and stable response and precise acoustical modeling contribute to the fact that the Klipsch RB-61 II of bookshelf speakers are the perfect choice for your media and home theater applications.

The combination of a powerful subwoofer and an optimized horn technology provides the ultimate in both frequency response and power handling capability. These Horn enabled speakers make it possible to reproduce sound waves with even greater power than the dual port, dual horn enabled bookshelf speakers. This allows them to handle dynamic music scenes with much more energy and authority than their subwoofer brothers. When it comes to performance, the Klipsch RB-61 II bookshelf speaker series is unrivalled.

Klipsch RB-61 II Speakers FAQ

Klipsch computer speakers

The Klipsch computer speakers are a new addition to the world of electronics and surround sound systems. These speakers are not only made for sound, but also for looks. They are designed in such a way that they will make your entertainment system looks stylish as well as perform to the fullest. And this is just the beginning, because not only can the speakers make your entertainment system look great, they can also make it perform better. And if you have a good one in your home or office, you won’t even be able to tell the speakers were once just an ordinary set of speakers.

The speakers from Klipsch are great for many types of music but especially for driving long trips and loud environments. It has excellent bass, mids and highs, and a great noise reduction. If you love listening to rock music in your car or at the front seat while you are driving, then these speakers are exactly what you need. You can listen to all types of music without having to crank up the volume, which means that you’ll get the best sound at any time. Not only that, but because the speakers are so efficient, you will save on energy as well and you’ll barely notice it is there.

Klipsch outdoor speakers

Klipsch Outdoor Speakers have long been considered the brand to own for your next outdoor audio system purchase. Best of all, they’re just as good–if not better–than many of the high-end stereo manufacturers that produce subwoofers for car audios and home theater systems. The durability of Klipsch’s outdoor speakers is unrivaled, and you’ll be able to fully trust them for years to come. Whether you’re putting together a complete home theater system or you just need to add some basic speakers to your patio, there are several great options in the Klipsch line of outdoor speakers.

You don’t have to choose only one style of outdoor speaker, however. With Klipsch, you can enjoy the benefits of two-channel sound and true bass extension so you can get the most out of your outdoor living space. Best of all, these outdoor units come with the very same rugged acoustic design philosophy as their more traditional indoor counterparts: namely, that all Klipsch outdoors speakers are designed with an emphasis on extended response and superb sound quality over optimal size and weight. This ensures that you get maximum performance out of your outdoor speakers while adding minimal weight and a streamlined form that are as easy to carry around as it is to store.

If you enjoy music and your outdoor area is large enough, there is no reason that you shouldn’t invest in a portable speaker system that includes a powerful subwoofer with a built-in mounting bracket. With this addition, you can enjoy music and videos in complete surround sound quality no matter where you decide to set up your outdoor speakers. While you might enjoy the idea of adding a portable music player to your outdoor entertainment system for those times when you want to bring your music along without having to fight the elements, portable speakers are not the best choice for a system that will be used in a large open space or a parking area. With a built-in mounting bracket, you can choose from a variety of designs including classic and contemporary, modern and traditional, and any other type of outdoor speaker system you might desire.

Klipsch in-wall speakers

With the innovative design of Klipsch in-wall speakers, homeowners are given the chance to improve not only their current audio system but their whole home as well. Klipsch offers a wide variety of speakers designed to fit any need. From the smallest model designed to fit on the wall behind your television to the largest floor standing speakers available, Klipsch in-wall speakers have something for every application. The sleek design of the In-Wall speakers allows you to position them anywhere you want in your home, giving you a full range of sound that covers all corners of your home.

If you are looking for true performance from your in-wall speakers, look no further than the in-ceiling models. The sleek design of the Klipsch In-Wall speakers is sure to make the perfect addition to your home theater. With high quality components and an optimized crossover network, In-Wall speakers will produce top-notch sound for all of your listening needs. Not only does the In-Wall speakers allow you to mount them on the wall, they also come with a variety of options to handle all different types of media. The simple install design makes this a very versatile option for any homeowner, and an easy upgrade for anyone interested in high quality sound.

Many people assume that with the larger models, like the In-Wall loudspeakers and the larger dual woofers, that they will be much more difficult to install. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While larger in-wall speakers can take some work, the overall effect of the sound produced is highly optimized for the installer’s needs. Whether you are looking for a simple surround sound experience or the sophisticated home theater experience offered by a full range of Klipsch speakers, the in-wall option will fit your needs perfectly.

Klipsch wireless speakers

If you’re in the market for Klipsch wireless speakers, you’ll be happy to know that there is a wide range of options available. Klipsch itself manufactures both consumer and professional grade speaker systems, so you should have no problem finding something suitable to suit your needs. The company also offers a few different configurations, including Floor standing speakers, Surround speakers and Wireless speakers. No matter what your audio needs, there will most likely be a model that will meet them.

As with all portable devices and technology, Klipsch wireless speakers are equipped with a number of different control functions. One of those is the built-in Klipsch remote control, which provides access to many of the features of an audio mixing console. Some models will also feature built-in headphones, so you won’t even need to plug these into an external source. Other input devices, such as optical digital outputs and USB mini-amps, allow users to enhance their audio experience.

The floor Tom in a Klipsch wireless speakers will take up the entire left and right channel, while the center channel will take up half of the left and right speakers. The powered subwoofers are positioned on either the left or right side of the room, depending on where you’re going to place them. The surround speakers are mounted on top of the walls, and they’re meant to handle the sounds from multiple sources. They’re capable of handling high and low frequencies, as well as sounds that are reflected off of surfaces, like the walls.

Klipsch in-ceiling speakers

The Klipsch in-ceiling speakers allow you to take your home entertainment to the next level. With state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use interface, you can easily adjust and personalize your sound through a variety of controls. The company’s reference speakers also help you enhance the brightness of your room by automatically brightening it when the lights are turned down low or on. In addition to this, the wide range of features and accessories that these speakers come with make it easier than ever to find just the right kind of accessory to suit your needs.

If you have decided to get Klipsch in-ceiling speakers, it is advisable to buy them according to the size and shape of your room. Remember that the speakers you buy should not be too large to leave a lot of empty space. Furthermore, they must also not block the doorway or the windows. To help you with this task, all Klipsch models feature in-wall expansion ports that allow you to expand the number of speakers without replacing the existing ones. If you have a projector or television, you may expand the number of speakers to five or six without any problem at all.

However, if you have a surround sound system in place, ensure that you do not install the speakers too high up on the walls as this could cause some distortion. This is why the manufacturers of Klipsch in-wall speakers provide the model with adjustable elevation knobs. The elevation knobs can be easily turned so that you can choose the appropriate height for the speakers. Finally, just like all other systems offered by Klipsch, the in-wall speakers provide you with a host of audio enhancements such as bass boost, subwoofer output enhancements and so on.

Klipsch car speakers

The Klipsch vehicle speakers are an extremely popular option for listening to audio while driving or in other open driving situations. The sound quality from the vehicle speakers is excellent and they also are quite useful in an enclosed environment. The vehicle speakers don’t only make the great sound but have a great dynamic range. They have low distortion and also a great bass response.

You can use the Klipsch speakers to listen to either music or to your stereo and never lose sound quality. If you want to listen to your stereo with the best stereo effects, then the speakers are the best choice. These are also extremely durable and long lasting. The speakers can be used on any type of car – truck, sedan, SUV, etc.

The drivers can adjust the volume of the speakers so that it will suit the sound requirements of their cars. These speakers have been designed by professionals so that the sound produced by the speakers are perfect. Klipsch is a renowned company that has been making car stereos for decades. These speakers will surely fit into your car. You will not regret buying them.. The price range is quite high but, they are worth the price. You can also buy these speakers online. You can check out the customer reviews to see whether the product has positive feedback from the customers.

Klipsch home speaker

The Klipsch Home Speaker brand was developed to provide people with their perfect sound system. This company was started by J.M. Klipsch, who is a renowned designer and musician. This company strives to provide the best home audio system inside the market. They are known for their wide array of speaker systems including subwoofers, satellites, and speakers.

Many people are wondering what makes the Klipsch home speaker so different than other brands. One of the most unique views that a customer can have about this company is their custom-made designs. These are views that are not provided by other companies. These designs will give people a chance to design the speaker system that will fit in their living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in their house.

Klipsch wall mount speakers

If you are searching for affordable and high quality Klipsch wall mount speakers for your home cinema or media room – you will easily find the best Klipsch wall mount speakers from Joomla – from 4 to 80 dollars. A wide assortment of colors in catalog: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Chocolate, Multicolor, Black Coffee, Golden, Green, Brown. They also have a couple different sizes available. The most commonly seen size is the slim line version, while other sizes are more common like the standard and giant versions. The speaker can be easily adjusted from high to low. There is even a remote control option in some models.

Klipsch is known for their innovative and stylish designs. They have incorporated some of the latest technologies like USB, DVD players and satellite radio to give you a better sound. This kind of product has a long shelf life as they are built tough and can withstand harsh environments like an apartment without tearing or cracking. These wall speakers are easy to install and have a slim profile that blends well with any decor. They are especially nice if you are looking to mount them in corners since the design is minimal.

For a perfect home cinema or media room setup, Klipsch offers the best quality speakers that are suited for these kinds of settings. They can mount on most flat surfaces including wood, metal and glass. So if you want to make your home theater and home music room look stunning and impressive, then choose Klipsch products. And once you buy these products, you can enjoy hours of entertainment from these premium speakers. You will never get bored in your home.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Oh my God! The sound of these speakers has completely blown me away! The sound is rich and wet. They also have excellent bass. The price was also very fair, particularly considering the quality. Klipsch has a customer for life, in my opinion. I’m still lusting after the 10-inch subwoofer! I am blown away by the consistency and will almost certainly never purchase another brand. If you’re on the fence about trying Klipsch speakers, go ahead and do it; you won’t be disappointed… They were purchased specifically for my turntable and have surpassed my standards.

  2. This is the forerunner to the RP160m, which came before the RP600m. These are exceptionally well-balanced speakers with a very simple and exciting midrange and top end. I also have the RP600M, and one gets roughly 90% or more of the 600M for half the amount… give or take. It can fill a room and play loudly without breaking a sweat. When combined with a sub, you’ll have something truly unique.

  3. Klipsch discontinued the RB-61 ii bookshelf speakers, which were replaced by the RP-160M and the RP-600M. According to my study, the primary distinction is in the tweeters. Another distinction is that the RB-61 speakers have a front firing port, while the newer models have a rear firing port. Since I want to mount the speakers in a bookcase on either side of a 65″ TV, the front ports are more appropriate. Timbre matching is done with the RC-62 ii center channel speaker. In addition, I have a Klipsch subwoofer. I have a Yamaha receiver that levels out the frequency response of the receivers using DSP. The speakers are for a home theater in my great space, which has 18-foot ceilings. The speakers quickly fill the room with awe-inspiring music.

    These speakers are a significant improvement over the older Bose speakers I had been using. The old Bose 501 V speakers have been repurposed as side surrounds. The newer Premier series may have been a better improvement, but the price would have been slightly higher since the discontinued versions were discounted.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.