JBL Stage 120 Bookshelf Speaker Demo

hello and welcome to my first ever
review on YouTube today I will be
talking about the JBL b15 s that are
pictured directly in front of us the JBL
be 50 s are actually similar to the
arena 120 s the only difference is that
the B 15 s the JBL logo itself is black
and the grill trim is black versus the
arena 120 s where the JBL logo on the
120 s are silver and the trim around the
grille is silver frankly my personal
opinion is I do prefer the the black JBL
logo with the black trim I think it
looks works a little better with the
it gives that kind of utilitarian kind
of look which I appreciate and it’s one
of the reasons why I’m compelled to
share this review to begin with because
I think it’s a pretty underrated speaker
so right out of the gate the moment you
pick DB fifteens up they feel extremely
solid despite its small dimensions are
actually quite heavy clocking in about 8
pounds each if I wrap my knuckles on
them versus the 40 p12 ease in the
background the B fifteens exude a higher
pitch knock just kind of gives the
impression of the solid nature of the B
15 s the waveguide feels really
high-quality has a soft touch rubber
material to it like wise ass around to
the woofer has the same kind of rubber
feel the surround itself looks to be
rubber not foam and the cone looks to be
paper overall really pleased with the
build quality of the speaker in other
aspect of the speaker worth mentioning
the fact that the speaker itself is
completely sealed
unlike the ported speakers that are
flanking to the left and right of the
b15 given that sealed nature it kind of
reminds me of the Yamaha and his 10 MS
and the ATC SEM 7s and the SEM series in
general of speakers please bear in mind
that I actually paid a hundred US
dollars for the pair of the JBL v 15 s
which is
stark contrast to the ATC SEM sevens
which are about two to three thousand
dollars a Canadian for the pair and the
JBL be 15s are also a fraction of the
cost of what you would pay for a Yamaha
a used pair of Yamaha and s10 M the
going rate for the Aniston’s are about
400 Canadian give or take depending on
the the condition of them so in overall
do JBL be 15s in my opinion presents a
terrific value now to the most important
aspect of speaker and that’s the way
they sound
to me they sound quite similar and sound
signature to the ATC SCM sevens both
speaker feature a sealed cabinet with a
soft dome tweeter and roughly the same
size woofer the ATC however has a much
larger enclosure
although sealed and weigh much more but
sound quality wise the B 15 s sound kind
of similar to the SEM 7s in effect and
how they image the audio I find that the
stereo image is very stable so vocals
are presented plumb right in between
speaker and instruments are placed
surgically in the the soundstage so
overall the and also the the vocals
themselves are very creamy on the B 15s
although the specs were to be 15 say
that the before the extensive with her
and a hundred Hertz I actually find that
they go much lower when I run a test
tone through them everything to around
70 Hertz could be audible have roughly
the same volume level anything lower
actually rolls off quite quite much but
interestingly enough when you play just
normal music normal volumes given the
lively character of the b15 sister image
actually don’t really miss the the
really really sub-base too much they’re
very live the D fittings are very lively
even the mids a good volume I could kind
of feel it tingle on my shirt so you
know overall you know for what you’re
getting and depending on what your uses
are I’m using them for you know late
evening listening movies and games in an
apartment setting and they’ve worked
perfectly for that application because
you can tell them I’m a huge fan of JBL
d 4406 is for 43:12 ease to be 15s and
not showing RDL 16 decades and another
pair of 4312 aids elsewhere and also
heard the ls3 hundreds and the 4350 aids
which are monster speakers so you know
they all sound a little different and
also the 4311 bees that I’ve heard so a
whole line of I’m a huge JBL fan and
yeah I think the bee 15s are great they
sound different they sound modern they
sound again quite similar to a PTC SCM
is very creamy the vocals are very
smooth in comparison to 4312 ease the
highs and the lows they do extend a
little further the bigger speaker but
the vocal bit rendering in the forty
twelve ease have a bit more grained
a bit more harshness to it 4406 is
however a very smooth they sound very
similar 4312 a z’ the the highs go high
the lows are nice and punchy the
of the B 15s are quite similar to before
406 maybe a touch less but still
respectable as that JBL lively character
to the to be 15 and a best of all they
look awesome
I think the utilitarian look of them is
great I think JBL should really expand
on this visual s visual language so
overall a great speaker great value yeah
again while they last
while the the black label still lasts

JBL Stage 120 Bookshelf Speaker Specs

Speaker Configuration2-Way
Recommended Amplifier Power20 to 125 W
Drivers1 x 1″ / 25 mm Aluminum Tweeter
1 x 4.5″ / 114 mm Polycellulose Woofer
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Frequency Response60 Hz to 40 kHz
Impedance6 Ohms
Crossover3.2 kHz
Sensitivity86 dB
Dimensions6.7 x 11.2 x 6.7″ / 170 x 285 x 170 mm
Weight8.4 lb / 3.8 kg (Each)

JBL Stage 120 Bookshelf Speakers

For anyone who enjoys high performance, the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker is a solid addition to your home theater system. The JBL is a professional-grade set of speakers and there are several features that set these bookshelf speakers apart from others on the market. In addition to a vast number of features that make these speakers great, they also happen to be built using one of the best materials in the business. The material they use is lightweight but extremely strong and durable at the same time.

If you have ever wanted a real performance car sound, then the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker series is the vehicle that makes that happen. They feature two woofers that can be adjusted individually for more or less boom or emphasis. Each woofer includes an aluminum tweeter as well, giving you the best of both bookshelf speaker worlds. A two-way dual 4.5-inch woofer is standard, but a three-way model with a five-inch tweeter is also available.

Just like its bigger cousins, the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker also has a few unique features. You can get a simple flat rack with locking down the front so you don’t have to worry about things sliding out of place. You can also get models that have a convenient storage basket on the bottom, rather than having shelves installed. Finally, some speakers have the option of a carry handle, which allows you to transport them without worrying about damaging them. The ability to fold the speakers in a compact way makes this edition even more convenient.

There is also an option for an aftermarket subwoofer. There are many different manufacturers that make aftermarket subwoofers, and if you decide to add a subwoofer, you should make sure that it comes from one of the quality companies that make the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker. This is a very popular enclosure. There are several manufacturers that make enclosures made specifically for the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker; among those are Alpine, Focal, and Eclipse. If you decide to go with a pre-built subwoofer, you should expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the quality of the enclosure and the manufacturer.

Finally, if you would like some added comfort, you can find a number of cushions made especially for the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speaker. These cushions are available at your local drugstore or department store. In addition to providing extra cushioning, they also look nice and add a bit of style. They are also made of a durable fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them cracking or wearing down soon after purchase.

With all of these great features, the JBL Stage 120 bookshelf speakers are highly recommended for any listener. While the cost may put some people off of these bookshelf speakers, they are well worth the money. When looking for quality speakers, you have to keep in mind the durability, as well as the style and design of the speaker. JBL makes speakers of every price range. If you can afford a higher priced speaker, then go for it!

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2 verified buyer reviews
  1. Excellent value for money. It sounds better than the Klipsch speakers of similar size. They’re very loud, and you don’t need much strength!

  2. For the price, these speakers sound fantastic. With the 4.5″ motor, they provide crystal clear highs and mids as well as a substantial amount of bass. Not to mention the volume at which they can easily spit. I highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a low-cost audiophile system.

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